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Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology

HSP 3C0 Summative Assessment 2017

Throughout the course, you will be compiling artifacts in your creation of an anthropological portfolio. The goal is
for you to choose a society and provide a detailed summary of its culture and most notable rituals, its major
institutions and groups that influence the society. You cannot choose a Canadian or U.S.A. society (excluding
Aboriginal societies) or a society from your family heritage. BEFORE YOU BEGIN your research, you must get
approval on which society you have chosen.

There are 3 parts to this final assessment; therefore you will submit 1 artifact for each part for evaluation. You may
choose any medium for your submissions (written, oral or visual). You will also be required to submit a
Bibliography of your sources in APA format with your final submission.

Part 1 – Defining the Culture Due Date: Monday November 13th

 Where is the society located? How long has it been in existence?
 Basic description of the society’s culture and its philosophy.
 What is important to this society?
 Symbols, Signs, Sanctions related to this culture (e.g. tribal scars)

Ideas for Artifact:

 News article
 Letter to the editor
 Diary/Journal Entry
 Information Paragraph
 Ethnographers Journal Entries
 Participant Observation notes

Part 2 – Agents of Socialization Due Date: Monday November 27

 Choose one of the agents of socialization (family, school, media, religion or the workplace)
 Provide information on the agent (how it functions, major contributions to socialization of an individual,

Ideas for Artifact:

 Word Collage
 Mind Map
 Timeline
 Summary
 Information Paragraph

Part 3: Social Institution - Marriage Due Date: Monday December 12th

Section 1:
Describe the role of marriage in the society
 How are mates chosen?
 Engagement period?
 Describe the ceremony and discuss any rituals performed (e.g. breaking of glass, jumping of broom etc.)
 Costs? (i.e. dowry, bride price, reception, honeymoon etc)
 Divorce? (laws, rates)

Section 2:
Present a marriage ritual from your culture. You may solicit help from your classmates to assist you in the
Ideas for the Presentation:
 Video
 Skit
 Wedding Album (include any appropriate legal documents, photos etc)
Criteria Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Knowledge Artifact is lacking in Artifact demonstrates Artifact is detailed Artifact is thorough, detailed
detail, examination or some detail(s) Demonstrates and insightful
clarification Demonstrates some considerable knowledge Demonstrates thorough
Demonstrates limited knowledge and and understanding of knowledge and
knowledge and understanding of content in the unit understanding of content of
understanding of content in the unit the unit
content of the unit
Application Does not make Makes connections Connections are made Connections made to course
connections to course with moderate successfully; concepts & materials
concepts/ materials success; demonstrates (visuals), show an excellent
and/or visuals demonstrates understanding of understanding of how
selected do not match understanding of elements & how they fit elements fit & work
ideas elements but does not or work together; together; expands on course
expand on them attempts to expand on ideas within the unit
Bibliography not in ideas within the unit
APA format Bibliography included
in APA format but Bibliography included in Bibliography included in
with many errors APA format but with APA format with extensive
minor errors research.
Thinking Analysis and Analysis and Analysis and Analysis and interpretation
interpretation is weak interpretation is interpretation is sound is strong
Little evidence of satisfactory Considerable evidence Thorough evidence of
planning and research Some evidence of of planning and research planning and research
Limited effort has planning and research Facts and ideas are Ideas are organized with a
been made to Some effort has been organized logically high degree of effectiveness
organize facts and made to organize facts
ideas and ideas

Communication Weak written Fair written Good written Excellent written

(written) communication skills communication skills communication skills communication skills
Little evidence of Some evidence of Writing has been edited Proofreading is highly
proofreading/editing proofreading/editing and/or good visual evident
And/or visuals and/or not all visuals selection and/or excellent visuals,
selected do not match match ideas 5-10 errors very appropriate
ideas 10-15 errors 0-5 errors
15 or more errors
Communication Limited success with Satisfactory Good presentation skills Excellent presentation skills
(oral) presentation skills – presentation skills – – needs to work on – volume, enthusiasm,
needs improvement but inconsistent – not knowledge of material knowledge of material
with volume, comfortable with and/or enthusiasm Little to no use of notes
enthusiasm, eye material