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Benbow Street, Deptford, London SE8 3HD Invicta Road, Blackheath, London SE3 7HE

Telephone - SE8: 020 8692 9157 Telephone - SE3: 020 8858 3831
Email address: Email address:

Dear parents and carers, 
Happy new year to you all! Welcome to our Spring newsletter, which as always, is designed to let 
you know about the topics for this term and to inform you about homework, trips 
and the school routine. 
This term our learning will be focused on preparing Year 6 for the upcoming SATs 
tests. Whilst PE, swimming and music remain on the timetable, afternoon lessons 
will focus on consolidating the children’s knowledge and preparing them for exam 
questions and conditions. See the timetable below for more information about 
these changes. 
In English, we are looking at the topic of migration, focusing particularly on the 
experiences of refugees. To support this work, we will be reading Benjamin 
Zephaniah’s moving and exciting novel, Refugee Boy. We will also be exploring 
some other fiction and non-fiction texts relating to this topic. 
As a Google school, we will continue setting our homework through Google Classroom. If you are 
having any problems please visit the letters page of our website where answers to Frequently 
Asked Questions are posted. Homework in Year 6 is of​ high importance​ and the expectation is that 
it s​ hould be completed every week​ as below: 
Each Friday the children will receive English and Maths homework which will need to be handed in 
by the following Thursday. 
Reading- ​Please ensure your child is reading at home ​every day​. They can borrow reading books 
from school if they would like to but they need to ask permission from their teacher.  
Maths - M ​ aths will consist of an activity sheet that will review what they have covered in the 
current week and give children an opportunity to explore some of the concepts further. 
English - E ​ nglish homework will be a mix of reading, writing and SPAG activities. Your child has 
been given a Spelling Handbook with a different practice activity to complete each week (a digital 
copy is available on Google classroom). They will be based on what we have been learning in 
class or preparing the children for what they are about to learn.  
*Pupils are also expected to log on to Read Theory and Exemplar Education for additional and 
bespoke learning as much as they are able to. (Logins can be re-requested from class teachers if 
Time tables 
Here is a basic timetable of things that happen each week. ​Please note- some of the timings of 
the sessions are are subject to change. 
Grainger Class timetable 

Scull Class Timetable 

Chinese New Year- O ​ n Friday the 9th of February we will be celebrating 

Chinese New Year- the year of the Dog - at Invicta! we would really like to 
make this a special day for all the children. We ask that your child wears red or 
gold (to symbolise good luck), or your culture’s traditional outfit for celebrating 
or they can even dress up as a rooster. If you have any ideas to help us to 
celebrate Chinese New Year speak to your child’s teacher. 

And finally… 
We are looking forward to seeing you at parents’ evening on Wednesday 
31st January or at another convenient time that week. You will be able to 
book an appointment via Google Appointments, further instructions will 
As always, if you have anything you would like to discuss at other times of 
the term please make an appointment. Alternatively, you can email us at 
the addresses below. 
We look forward to an exciting term. 
Ms Seal-Jones and Mr Clutterbuck