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Entrance test Date: 06/08/2013.

I. Reading text (15 p)
Cats as Pets
Cats make great pets. Many people love them. They are easy to take care of. They are also very
helpful. On farms they keep away mice and rats.
Cats are very friendly and bring happiness to their owners. They are very playful and smart too!
Cats always know what they want. They are usually not mean.
There are 63 million cats in America today. This means there are more people who own cats than
who own dogs.

Answer the questions below.

1. You have just read about cats as .

2. Cats keep mice and away on farms.
3. There are million cats in America today.
4. Cats are to take care of.
5. Cats are usually not .
6. Cats are very to farmers.
7. In America today more people own than own dogs.
Whales are mammals. They breathe air like us. They rise to the surface of the water to
breathe. They live in the oceans of the world.
There are many different kinds of whales. Some are the killer whale, humpback whale, sperm
whale and gray whale. They are some of the largest animals. The largest whale is the blue
whale. It can grow to be a hundred feet long and weigh as much as 15 elephants. It is the largest
animal on earth.

Whales leap out of the water. They also dive and roll. Whales dive to get food. Some whales
can dive more than a mile down!
Some whales are found in zoos, public aquariums, and entertainment parks. These whales live
in large glass tanks. They learn things very easily. They are trained to play with ball, leap, and
dive down deep for certain objects.

Answer "Yes" or "No"

1. Whales are fish.

2. Whales live in oceans and amusement parks.

3. A whale breathes air.

4. The largest whale is the blue whale.

5. Whales are too big to leap out of the water.

6. Some whales can dive two miles.

7. Whales dive and roll.

8. There are many different kinds of whales.

II. Grammar (14 p)

Answer the following questions by circling the correct answer.
1. How old are you? 2. He went to the Stadium..... .
A. I have 27 years old A. with taxi
B. I have 27 years B. by taxi
C. I am fine C. on taxi
D. I am 27 years old D. in tax
3. How long have you been living in London? 4. We haven't got ..... money.
A. for 7 years A. a lot
B. at least 7 years B. some
C. since 7 years C. any
D. 7 years ago D. many
5. 6. Peter ..... fly to San Francisco tomorrow.
A. He like going to the movies A. to going
B. He likes going to the movies B. goes to
C. He liked go to the movies C. is going to
D. He like the movies D. go to
7. He plays soccer ..... 8. .... some more coffee?
A. on Wednesdays A. Do you?
B. in Wednesdays B. Do you like?
C. at Wednesdays C. You'd like
D. by Wednesdays D. Would you like?
9. I wanted a green shirt but they only had ..... 10. He ..... never been to America.
A. a one white A. does
B. one white B. has
C. a white C. haven't
D. a white one D. hadn't
12. The house was empty. There ..... there.
A. Richard usually arrives late A. wasn't nobody
B. Richard late arrives usually B. was anybody
C. Richard late usually arrives C. was somebody
D. Richard usually late arrives D. was nobody
13. ..... is your house from here? 14. Wendy is ..... Paul to get up now.
A. How much A. telling
B. How long B. saying
C. How far C. saying to
D. How many D. telling to

III. Pronunciation (6 p)
Find the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
1. a) Breakfast b) Teacher c) East d) Please

2. a) Children b) Church c) Headache d) Beach

3. a) See b) Salt c) Sofa d) Sugar

4. a) Mother b) There c) South d) Their

5. a) Boxes b) Classes c) Potatoes d) Finishes

6. e) Sell f) Shall g) Sleep h) Seat

IV. Speaking (15 p)

You have 5- 7 minutes to introduce yourself to your teacher and your classmates. Here are some
What’s your name? Where are you from? How is your hometown? How big is your family? How do
you spend your spare time? What are your hobbies? Why do you want to learn English?