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Package 5

Reading Section
In this part of the test, you have to choose the best answer to each question from the
alternatives given.

Text 1
Bisons have not always lived in North America; they are relative newcomers. They
belong to the Bovidae family, like domestic cattle and the wild buffalo of Africa and Asia.
The oldest known bison fossils have been found in China and the Himalaya foothills,
where an animal with all essential features of the genus lived a million years ago. They
evolved rapidly and spread over most of the northern hemisphere in Europe and Siberia.
During one of the Ice Ages, the sea level dropped, exposing a land bridge across the
Bering Strait, allowing the faunas of Asia and North America to intermingle. Very early,
the steppe bison moved eastward to the North American continent.

21. What is the topic of the paragraph ?

A. The spread of bisons from China and Himalaya to North America
B. Types of bisons belonging to the Bovidae family
C. The effect of the intermingling of Asian and North American faunas
D. Places in the world where bisons lived
E. The rapid evolution of bisons

22. What is the main idea of the text?

A. Bisons are relative newcomers in North America because they have lived in other
parts of the world.
B. The oldest known bison fossils have been found in China and the Himalaya
C. Bisons belong to the Bovidae family, like domestic cattle and wild buffalo of
Africa and Asia.
D. From Asia, bisons spread over most of the northern hemisphere and came to
North America through the Bering Strait.
E. Bisons came to North America when the faunas of Asia and North America

Text 2
A black hole is a region of space created by the total gravitational collapse of matter. It is
so intense that nothing, not even light or radiation, can escape. In other words, it is a one-
way surface through which matter can fall inward but cannot emerge.
Some astronomers believe that a black hole may be formed when a large star collapses
inward from its own weight. So long as they are emitting heat and light into space, stars
support themselves against their own gravitational pull with the outward thermal Pressure
generated by heat from nuclear reactions deep in their interiors If a star eventually
exhausts its nuclear fuel, its unbalanced gravitational attraction could cause it to contract
and collapse. Furthermore, it could begin to pull in surrounding matter, including nearby
comets and planets, creating a black hole.

23. What is the topic of the passage?

A. The theory of the universe
B. Black hole
C. The belief
D. Nuclear fuel
E. Unbalanced gravitation

24. Some astronomers believe that a black hole may be formed when a large star
A. begins to pull in surrounding matter.
B. has its own gravitational pull
C. collapses outward thermal pressure
D. collapses inward from its own weight
E. is generated by heat from nuclear reaction

Text 3
To prepare for a career in engineering, a student must begin planning in high school.
Mathematics and science should form the core curriculum. For example, in a school
where sixteen credit hours are required for high school graduation, four should be in
mathematics, one each in chemistry, biology, and physics. The remaining credits should
include four in English and at least three in humanities and social sciences. The average
entering freshman in engineering should have achieved at least a 2.5 grade point average
on a 4.0 scale in his or her high school. Although deficiencies can be corrected during the
first year, the student who needs additional work should expect to spend five, instead of
four years, to complete a degree.

25. What is the average grade point for an entering freshman in engineering?
A. 2.5
B. 4.0
C. Four in English
D. Three in the humanities
E. 16 credit hours

26. When should a student begin planning for a career in engineering?

A. in the first year of college
B. In high school
C. In the beginning of school
D. In the school orientation program
E. In the college

Text 4
Over the years, many different systems of physical exercise designed to improve the
health and appearance of the body have emerged. One of the best ever was Hatha Yoga, a
form of Yoga consisting of various postures that exercise the whole body. Facial muscles,
for example, can be made firmer by daily performance of "The Lion", a posture that
imitates the face of roaring lion. Back muscles can become more flexible by regular
practice of "The Cobra", a posture that imitates the arching head of the poisonous snake.
"The Crow", which resembles the headstand, is said to improve circulation and relieve
27. What is the topic of the text?
A. Systems of physical exercise
B. Animal postures in Yoga
C. Hatha Yoga postures
D. Exercising body muscles
E. improving blood circulation

28. What is the main information of the text?

A. Hatha Yoga postures exercise the whole body.
B. Animals are used in Yoga exercise.
C. Yoga imitates the movement of animals.
D. Animals are important elements in Yoga exercise.
E. Yoga is the best physical exercise,

Text 5
If students are to succeed in the future, their education must encourage them to have the
desire to keep learning throughout their lives. For at least a decade now, experts have
been telling us that to prosper in the future, countries need to make a much better use of
their human resources. This means that people are not allowed to stop their learning at the
age of 10 or 30, pushing skill-growth rates up rather than allowing children and adults
lose interest in learning. Although this is not easy, we should realize that vast numbers of
people in the world may live poorly in globalization era, while only few people live
exceptionally well. As a result, the gap between the rich and the poor will grow and grow
until social chaos explodes.

29. The text is about……………

A. important advice on education for a better future
B. the establishment of rules related to education
C. an improvement in the development of human resources
D. the result of a country's poor education
E. people's obligation to have a life-time education

30. The writer believes if countries allowed people to stop learning at the age of 30,
A. there would be a greater competition between the rich and the poor
B. the number of poor people in the world would increase
C. the globalization era would be dominated by the rich
D. the majority of people in the world would prosper
E. the skill-growth rates would be immediately pushed up

Text 6
Human beings, convinced of their superiority over the animal kingdom, are seldom
disturbed about the pain and death they bring to other species. For example, South
American birds, desired by zoos, pet shops, and private collections, are frequently packed
into small boxes and are flown to foreign countries. Many of the birds, however, do not
survive the trip but instead die of suffocation. Birds are not the only victims. Hunters in
search of baby orangutans shoot the mothers who are hiding in treetops and wait for the
babies to fall on the ground. Many of the babies cannot be caught and fall to their death.
Seals, prized for their skins to make lovely winter coats, are brutally slaughtered by
hunters who club and skin them almost immediately. Sometimes, the seals are skinned
alive because a hunter was not skillful with his club.

31. What is the topic of the text?

A. The superiority of human beings
B. Cruelty to animals
C. Animals in captivity
D. Animals in zoos
E. Cruel human beings

32. What is the main information of the text?

A. Human beings often cause death and a lot of pain to animals.
B. People are superior to animals because they are much stronger.
C. Many animals are sold to zoos and collectors at great profits.
D. Wild animals often die when they are transported abroad.
E. Hunters often kill wild animals to enable them to catch their babies.

Text 7
Scientists and doctors say that about 34 million Americans are too fat. Why is this? One
reason is the kind of food Americans eat. Many Americans like 'fast food'. These foods
(such as hamburgers and ice cream) often have fattening things in them. Another reason
is the way Americans eat- They often eat little snacks between regular meals. These extra
foods add extra fat on the body. The third reason is not enough exercise. Americans like
driving everywhere, instead of walking. They often have machines to do a lot of work.
Some Americans are also too heavy because of health problems. However, for most of 34
million Americans, the problem is the American lifestyle.

33. The text tells us about………………………..

A. what Americans eat
B. American fast foods
C. health problems in America
D. the American lifestyle
E. why many Americans are too fat

34. From the text, we may conclude that……………….

A. high-tech machines are an advantage to the health of Americans
B. snacks are included in the regular meals of Americans
C. sixty-six million Americans do not consume fast foods
D. eating little snacks is the cause of major health problems
E. many Americans are fat because of the way they live

Text 8
Alternative energy sources become increasingly attractive as the energy crisis becomes
more severe. Solar heating systems, which use the sun's radiation as a source of energy,
are promising alternative energy sources. Nuclear power plants are already in operation in
several parts of the country. Government and private industry even investigate the possi-
bility of capturing the power of ocean waves and tides for conversion into usable energy.
Coal once again becomes an acceptable fuel as the nation searches for solutions to the
energy shortage. Even garbage is seen as a potential source of energy. In some
communities, garbage is burned to heat buildings and light city streets.

35. The main information of the text is about ………………

A. the interest in alternative energy sources
B. potential solar heating systems
C. the operation of nuclear power plants
D. the search for energy from the sea
E. the use of coal to replace oil

Text 9
The fish are dying in the Adirondack lakes northern New York State. Fishermen are
worried. This used to be a favorite spot for sport fishing Somehow, every year there is
fewer fish. Some lakes - 6% of them - now have no fish at all. Scientists are beginning to
get worried too. What is killing the fish?
The cause is acid rain. Acid rain is a kind of air pollution. It is caused by factories that
burn coal or oil or gas. These factories send smoke high into the air. The wind often
carries the smoke far from the factories. Some of the unhealthy things in the smoke may
come down with the rain hundreds of miles away. This is what is happening in the
Adirondacks. There are many factories in the Midwestern states. They are sending a lot
of smoke into the air. The wind blows the smoke towards the east. That means toward
New York State and the Adirondack area.
The rain in the Adirondacks is not natural and -lean anymore. It is full of acid chemicals.
When it calls on lakes, it changes them too. The lakes become more acidic. Acid water is
like vinegar or lemon juice. It hurts when it gets into your eyes. It also kills the plants and
animals that usually live in lake water. That is why the fish are dying in the Adirondacks.

36. The topic of the text is …………..

A. the Adirondack lakes
B. acid rain
C. air pollution
D. fish killers
E. factories in the Midwestern states

37. The problem that the writer points out in the text is that ………….
A. fish has become scarce in the United States due to the acid rain
B. there are too many factories in the Midwestern states
C. six percent of fish in the Adirondack lakes is dying
D. the total catch of fish in the Adirondack lakes is decreasing
E. many favorite spots for sport fishing have dried up

38. Which of the following statements is TRUE about acid rain?

A. Acid rain kills all living things in the Adirondacks.
B. Acid rain causes air pollution in northern York State.
C. Smoke emitted by factories creates poison,: acid rain.
D. The burning of coal, oil or gas increases level of poison in acid rain.
E. Acid rain carries a lot of smoke hundreds miles away.

39. The rain in the Adirondracks is harmful to the environment, because ………….
A. the wind that blows from the Midwestern states sends a lot of smoke containing
dangerous chemicals
B. the rain comes from an area where air is badly polluted by factory wastes
C. air pollution caused by factories burning coal, oil or gas has been a problem in the
D. factories operating in the Adirondack area send polluted smoke high in the air and
come down with the rain
E. the Adirondack area is geographically located in one of the Midwestern states
which is a center of industry

40. If water from an acidic lake gets into our eyes, it will ……………….
A. be like vinegar
B. cause blindness
C. clean them
D. be like lemon juice
E. hurt them

Text 10
Adults have some advantage on education. Adult earners often know exactly what they
need to learn. Since they have the experience of life, they know what knowledge will be
useful to them and what will not, If they cannot read or write, they will experience
problems caused by illiteracy. If they cannot do their jobs well, they will experience loss
of income or of job opportunities caused by a lack of vocational training. Adults have
usually accumulated a wealth of life experience in general that can help them learn. They
have more practical, an everyday experience, which can help them understand what they
learn at schools.
Feng Lian, for example, is a textile plant supervisor in Shanghai, China. She graduated
from secondary school, but she did not learn much in school about electricity and how it
is used in factories. Now she must supervise the electrical systems. She is going to a night
class that will teach her what she needs to know. She already has many questions about
the subject and is ready and eager to learn. If she succeeds in her night class, she can get
an even better job.
Michael Johnson owns a small construction business in California. Like many other U.S.
citizens, he did not really learn to read or write in school and dropped out of school when
he was fourteen years old. Michael was smart, and he was good at building things and at
using machines. He was very successful as a construction worker and eventually started
his own business. His wife helped him read and write what he needed, and he learned
how to hide inability from others. Finally, at the age of thirty eight, Michael is going back
to school to a special program to learn how to read and write. He learns very quickly,
partly because he is smart and partly because he knows how important reading and
writing are to his work.

41. The text tells us about……………

A. the experience of adults in learning
B. problems of adults in education
C. the life experience of adult people
D. illiteracy among adult workers
E. the advantage of being an adult learner

42. Adults know what they have to learn because ________

A. without having vocational training they will be jobless
B. they have experienced their own particular problems in their lives
C. nobody can force them to get a particular education
D. illiteracy makes them realize what they cannot do in their jobs
E. they are old enough to decide what to do with their wealth

43. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about Michael Johnson?
A. Though he is a successful construction worker, he is illiterate.
B. He was one of many American boys who dropped out of school.
C. He knew how to read and write after he was married.
D. He went back to school when he realized the necessity of it.
E. His educational background helped him to become a successful businessman.

44. Which of the following is TRUE about vocational training?

A. It gives adults more chance to get a job.
B. It contributes to their understanding of what learning means.
C. Without it, adults will never be able to get a job.
D. It enables adults to accumulate a wealth of life experience.
E. Only workers with vocational training can earn money.

45. Feng Lian goes to a night school in order to _________

A. become a supervisor of a textile plant in Shanghai
B. be able to answer questions about electricity
C. learn about the electrical systems in factories
D. continue her study in college
E. know how to install electricity in factories

Text 11
Measles, a childhood disease, has caused sufferings to mankind for thousands of years.
However, the search for an effective measles vaccine lasted two hundred years and has
finally ended in success. Now, for the first time, measles is a preventable disease. You
may ask, 'How is this important children?'
Every year measles kills twice as many Americans as polio now does. More children die
from measles than from any other common childhood disease. Also complications of
some degree occur in about one child out of six, most complications including pneumonia
and ear disorders. Another after-effect of measles-brain damage is less common, but it
can have such serious consequences that it deserves special attention.
Brain damage, due to measles, sounds like something far away from our experience. In
reality, it is not. Like any other injury, damage to the brain ca-be very slight or very
severe. It is quite possible that we have never seen or heard a child who has severe brain
damage: the child would either have died or would be in an institution. However, in
medical research, a relation has been found between measles and such things as
behaviour problems, personality changes, and dulling of mental ability. For example, a
child may be bad-tempered or a little slow to learn after he has recovered from measles.

46. The main information of the text is that

A. measles has been a disease for thousands of years
B. after 200 years of research, an effective measles vaccine was found
C. measles is a serious disease greatly neglected in the past
D. a lot of research was done on the complications of measles
E. measles may have bad effects on children who get the disease

47. Which of the following statements is TRUE about measles?

A. The number of children in the USA killed by measles is smaller than that of killed
by polio.
B. Medical research revealed that measles may cause brain damage.
C. In the USA, children with brain damage have all been measles patients.
D. Research findings show that pneumonia and ear disorders may cause measles.
E. Children who get measles will have pneumonia and ear disorders at the same
48. Which of the following is NOT an after-effect of measles?
A. Polio D. Slow learning
B. Ear disorders E. Pneumonia
C. Personality changes

49. 'Or would be in an institution' (paragraph 3) line 7.

The underlined word means……………..
A. an orphanage
B. a hospital
C. a rehabilitation centre
D. a company
E. a public school

50. One of the important findings of the research on measles is that __________
A. children who have got measles may become difficult to handle because of their
B. in reality, there are no measles patients who get brain damage
C. personality changes already occur at a child has measles
D. measles can cause children to become tally handicapped
E. measles is the first killer of childhood d in the world

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