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Entoria Energy

Corporate Presentation

Bogotá - Da Nang - Denpasar - London - Madrid - Manila - Lima - Hong Kong - Singapore
Solar Plant in Cuenca - Spain

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International development and investment
company focusing on renewable energies

•  Entoria is an international entrepreneurial group, founded in Europe in 2003, and focusing since 2007 almost
exclusively on the nascent and rapidly expanding renewable energy industry.
•  Our team acts in various forms, with the ability to participate in all or some steps of the value creation of each
renewable energy project, such as its development, construction, financial structuring and operation.
•  Entoria has accumulated experience in a variety of renewable energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy,
CSP, biomass, hydroelectricity and Waste-to-Energy.
•  In the past few years we have increased our focus on solar energy, encompassing a range of solar solutions,
ranging from large scale solar projects to distributed generation small scale solar rooftops.
•  We have established a dense network of local partners allowing us to operate locally while having a global reach.
•  Our multi-cultural team brings worldwide experience to every local market.
•  Entoria works in tight cooperation with international investors and players, including, among them, some global
leaders in the solar industry.

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All of Entoria’s activities focus on renewable

Project Development Investment Advisory Services

•  We develop and/or participate •  We structure investments into •  Entoria has historically

to the development of renewable energy projects or provided strategic and financial
renewable energy projects, portfolio of projects by advisory services to investors,
from start to completion. sourcing equity, debt and other developers and other players of
forms of funding. the industry.
•  We work in tight cooperation
with associated companies with •  We invest in association with a •  Our services have always been
complementary skills, as well as limited number of investment focused on renewable energies.
with local partners. partners
•  We continue to provide
•  We establish dedicated teams Ø  Entoria has established preferential advisory services to a very
when needed to serve specific partnerships with selected global and limited number of selected
projects. regional renewable energy investors clients.
and operators.
Ø Entoria currently has established
development partnerships mainly in
Latin America and Asia.

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Entoria Energy is in charge of all required
activities for the completion of the solar plant

1 2
Initial Assessment of Client
Project Development

8 3
Asset Management and Construction (in coordination
Reporting with third parties)
7 Energy 4
Operation and Maintenance Financial Structuring

6 5
Sale of Energy Commissioning

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Entoria counts with reputable and well
established international partners …

•  One of the world leaders in solar energy, •  Investment fund sponsored by JA Solar •  Private international IPP with a
listed on NASDAQ since 2007. and Entoria and dedicated to solar presence on 5 continents.
•  Module capacity reaching 6 GW per •  Focusing on large scale solar, wind,
year. •  Yearly investment objectives ranging from biomass and mini-hydro projects.
USD 300 to 500 millions for the next
•  More than 12,000 employees globally. 5 years. •  More than 230 MW built.

•  Sales in excess of USD 2,000 millions •  Operates globally with a strong interest •  More than 110 MW in operation.
in 2015. for South-East Asia. •  More than 400 MW under
•  High efficiency mono-crystalline and •  Invests in utility scale and distributed construction.
multi-crystalline cells and modules. generation projects.
Average conversion efficiency of •  Global project pipeline in excess of
CYPRESS2 cells in mass production: 2,500 MW.
o  Monocrystalline: 19.6%
o  Multicrystalline: 18.1%

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… who jointly cover the entire value-chain of a
solar project.

Mainly coordination and


Project Development

Construction Investment Operations


Only on selected projects

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Summary of our experience.

Entoria has completed or participated to renewable energy projects for more than 800 MW globally.

Solar Energy Wind Energy Other Energy Sources

More than 500 MW of solar projects, More than 300 MW of wind projects in Mini-hydro, peak power plants, biomass
ground-mounted or rooftops. Europe. and waste-to-energy for an investment
value of more than USD 150 millions.
More than 1 GW of solar projects by We are currently evaluating more than 1
adding-up the experience of our strategic GW of wind projects in Europe, the
partners. Americas and Asia.

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Selected References

45 MWp solar projects Development and financial structuring of several ground-mounted solar projects located in
in France France, under a feed-in-tariff structure, sold to Baywa r.e.

8.7 MWp solar projects Development, arrangement of EPC and financial structuring of several ground-mounted solar
in Spain projects located in Spain, under a feed-in-tariff structure, in cooperation with Dazia Energy.

6.7 MWp solar projects Development, arrangement of EPC and financial structuring of several ground-mounted solar
in Italy projects located in Italy, under a feed-in-tariff structure, in cooperation with Amplio Group.

65 + 185 MWp solar Development, negotiation of PPAs on 2 large scale solar projects with single axis trackers in
Latin America

project in Peru Peru. Organisation of construction and financing is under way.

276 KWp rooftop in Rooftop project completed in December 2015 and connected to the grid. Electricity is
Colombia consumed by the factory located within the building.

40 MWp solar project in Investment by Apollo Energy in a mega solar ground-mounted project of 40 MWp.
Japan Organisation of construction and financing is under way.

3 MWp carport solar Development, arrangement of EPC and investment in a portfolio of projects ranging from 1
project in Vietnam to 3 MWp each on rooftop or carport. First project being prepared for construction.

Upon request we can submit a detailed list of references

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Solar Plant in Copacabana, Antioquia, Colombia

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We can count on a strong direct and indirect
international footprint.


Madrid Japan
USA Hong Kong

Panama The Philippines


Colombia Singapore
Peru Brazil


Entoria and affiliates Countries with historic projects

Partnerships with local partners Countries with new projects
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Selected partners and clients

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•  The information contained in this document (the “Document”) has been prepared to assist the recipient in making his/her own evaluation of the proposed
business opportunities and/or to provide information on Entoria and its activities.

•  In receiving the Document each recipient acknowledges and agrees to the following:
–  This document has been prepared from internally developed data, information in the public domain and other sources believed to be reliable. No
representation, warranty or undertaking (express or implied) is given and no responsibility is accepted by Entoria Group Ltd (“Entoria”) or by
any of its affiliates, officers, employees or agents for the completeness or accuracy of any information contained in, or of any omissions from, this
Document or any supplementary information made available to any interested party or its advisors, and any liability in respect of such
information or omissions is hereby expressly disclaimed.
–  This Document does not constitute an offer, invitation or recommendation to buy, sell, subscribe for or issue any securities or a solicitation of any
such offer or invitation and shall not form the basis of any contract with Entoria.
–  Opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice. In providing this Document, Entoria does not undertake any obligation to
provide the recipient with access to any further information or to correct any inaccuracies or omissions which may become apparent.

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Contact Information

Vincenzo Fagiuoli

Entoria Co. Ltd.

Cell: +34 672 72 15 98

Cell: +33 685 04 93 50
Cell: +65 8310 2881

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