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EDUCATION 12 – Curriculum Development

Lesson 8 - The Roles of Technology in Delivering the Curriculum


The role of technology finds its place at the onset of curriculum implementation,
namely at the stage of instructional planning. Technology offers various tools of learning
and these range from non-projected and projected media from which the teacher can
choose, depending on what he sees frit with the intended instructional setting.

In the process, what ensues is objective-matching where the teacher decides on

what media or technology to use help achieve the set learning objectives.

Factors for Technology Selection

1. Practicality - is the equipment (hardware) or already prepared lesson material

(software) available?

2. Appropriateness in relation to the learners to the learners – Is the medium suitable

to the learners’ ability to comprehend?

3. Activity/ Suitability – Will the chosen media fit the set instructional event,
resulting in information, motivation or psychomotor display?

4. Objective-matching – Does the medium help achieving the learning objectives?

The Role of Technology in Curriculum Delivery

 Upgrading the quality of teaching and learning in schools.

 Increasing the capability of the teacher to effectively inculcate leaning, and for
students to gain mastery of lessons and courses.

 Broadening the delivery of education outside schools through non-traditional

approaches to formal and informal learning, such as Open Universities and lifelong
learning to adult learners.

 Revolutionizing the use of technology will boost educational paradigm shifts that
give importance to student-centered and holistic learning.