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Comparative analysis:

Architectural Interior and Interior Design

There’s a lot of debate going on between professions like between civil engineer, electrical
engineer and etc. and one of this is between architect and interior design, there’s a great no.
of cases that they been confused to what is their practices, the limits of both profession and
the line that they cannot touch in both profession, We research and interview some
professional architect to gather information so we can fully understand the distinction of the
two profession, first what is architecture is an art and science of constructing and designing
of building it includes planning, conceptualization, programming and etc. while the interior
design is an art of science of enhancing the interior sometimes includes exterior of a space or
building, to achieve aesthetically pleasing environment for the user, so from the description
of this two profession we can see the similarities of the two they both aim to satisfy the owner
make the structure more better, share their artistically ideas , examine the materials and from
the meaning itself it is both art and science, maybe some people think that the scope of
interior designer end up with the finishes or dressing up the interior, but they also have a
building technology and building utilities in their course, not as wide as what architecture
student know but they already know something in structural utilities and etc. so technically
they both can create a structurally safe, functionally and aesthetically building or space.
When it comes difference between architectural interior and interior design, first in
architecture like what arch. Nicole tan said, (asides from being an architect she is also interior
designer in budji + royal firm) “ architecture had a broader scope in terms of discipline in
structural mechanical, plumbing electrical, we also work with other discipline like acoustics,
landscaping, lighting and also interior design … architecture in terms of structure had great
liabilities because we need consider fire code and national building code” so generally we are
responsible on the shell of the building how the user going to circulate in the spaces we
provided or on how we organize the spaces , but it doesn’t mean that we can design interior
like what Arch Emilie Garcia said that we can also perform architectural interior but
professionally you can pursue interior designing, but she think that if you are already an
architect you can also perform interior designing, and there’s an advantage if you are both an
architect and interior designer because you can control everything like were to put the air
condition that can affect interior. For interior designer Arch. Nicole tan said “it more
specialized but it’s not less professional ... More on atmosphere in smaller scale like
ergonomics and anthropometrics“ she also give example like when designing a condo unit
they cannot move the windows because it can affect the façade, they focus on
finishes( carpets wall paper) , furniture, soft goods (pillows, accessories and etc.) , like in a
dressing up a person they focus on what it’s going to wear and the architect is the shape of
the body if you can decide on the shape of the body I think it is more easy to design an interior.
In conclusion I like what arch. Nicole tan said in one of her talk as a speaker in UAP she was
ask which one she prefer or which one prevail when there’s conflict “based on my experience,
a good idea can comes with anybody, so we just all have to be diligence in checking restriction
and guidelines, we can comply, but then we shouldn’t found out on somebody like architect
doing interior, and interior designer doing space planning, we should look at it productively,
a collaboration for both profusion” in my own opinion it is important to respect each other’s
profession, we should take note of that we should be more careful and learn more about it,
because we work hard for it we cannot just let them look down on us, and we also have laws
for both profession, but aside from that I think the most important thing is how professions
work together for opportunities to make a better output.