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10 uncommonly use Filipino words

1. Word: Dupil

Definition: It is an amulet, or anything that is believed to have the power to save the person who

owns it from any harm. The more popular Tagalog words currently being used are anting-anting

and agimat.

Sentence Example: Ginamit ni Pedro ang dupil upang maligtas ang kaniyang kapatid sa


2. Word: Isalat

Definition: It is an action word that refers to the use or infliction of witchcraft, or a secret power

to inflict pain and suffering to other people.

Sentence Example: Lumapit si Aliyah sa Isalat upang ipakulam sila Mina at Tanya.

3. Word: Sulatroniko

Definition: It is a messages distributed by electronic means from one computer user to one or

more recipients via a network.

Sentence Example: Ipinadala ko na ang sulatroniko ko kay Angela.

4. Word: Kansunsilyo

Definition: Boxer shorts are a type of undergarment typically worn by men.

Sentence Example: Ginamit na ni Andrei ang bagong biniling kansunsilyo sakanya ng kanyang


5. Word: Anluwage

Definition: It is a person who makes and repairs wooden objects and structures.

Sentence Example: Ihanap moko ng anluwageng kayang gumawa ng upuan para sa sala.
6. Word: Asoge/ Mercury

Definition: It consists of a bulb containing mercury attached to a glass tube of narrow diameter;

the volume of mercury in the tube is much less than the volume of the bulb.

Sentence Example: Ingatan mong wag mabasag ang thermometer dahil nakakamatay ang

kaniyang asoge.

7. Word: Sambat

Definition: a fork is a tool consisting of a handle with several narrow tines on one end.

Sentence Example: Paki-abot nung sambat dyan sa kusina.

8. Word: Labaha

Definition: It is an instrument with a sharp blade or combination of blades, used to remove

unwanted hair from the face or body.

Sentence Example: Ginamit nya ang labaha sa cr upang kanyang ipang-ahit sa kanyang


9. Word: Sipnayan

Definition: it is the abstract science of number, quantity, and space.

Sentence Example: Hindi mahirap aralin ang Sipnayan kapag nakikinig ka sa turo ng iyong


10. Word: Pulot-gata

Definition: It is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy

and seclusion.

Sentence Example: Pagtapos nilang ikasal ay lumipad sila papuntang Greece para sa kanilang

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