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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Practical 3 - Task 2

Try and identify any design patterns, icons and metaphors that are
present on the LinkedIn site.

- These simple icons are universal and are used consistently within other interfaces.
- Messages resembles a letter. Almost all cultures are familiar with posting letters and
therefore it makes sense to use this icon for digital messages.
- A flag has been seen throughout history as something that resembles importance and
now as notifications within digital interfaces.
- Add user/friend icon has two parts. The first part is the plus symbol that is universally
recognised and the second is the silhouette of a human. This icon would be self
explanatory to many users.
- Finally, the "your account" icon is also used throughout many digital interfaces, so
users who are experience with technology will understand what the icon resembles,
however new users may struggle.
- The security icon is in the form of a lock. A lock has been used to aid security for
hundreds of years and people around the world are familiar with them and their
connection to security.