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csc warns gov't workers

vs fake text and email
biCOl-PnP sAYs:
By sALLy A. AtEnto

87.7% of bicol villages LEgAZPI CIty – the

Civil Service Commission

affected by drugs now clear (CSC) Bicol has warned

government workers
against unknown individu-
als introducing themselves
as CSC personnel to obtain
personal information of gov-
ernment employees through
text messages or emails.
“Please be warned against
individuals posing as CSC
officials or employees who
request certain documents
through text or email,” CSC
Bicol information officer Lyn-
bee Niebla said.
P/sr.ins. CAlubAQuib Niebla said their office has
received reports from fellow
By JOrGe HAllAre
government agencies in the
the Police Regional Of- 87.7 percent of the total region of an unknown texter Legazpi City to attend a sup- The texter allegedly re- was asked to email the infor-
fice (PRO) in Bicol said the number of barangays (vil- posing as CSC Regional Di- posed mediation proceeding quested for the daily time mation.
lages) in Bicol which are rector Cecilia R. Nieto. between a complainant and record and information re- Niebla cited a similar case
Philippine Drug Enforce-
“The anonymous sender an employee under her super- garding the supposed respon- that was earlier reported al-
ment Agency or PDEA has deemed as affected by the
recently deceived an official vision, before the CSC RO 5 dent through mobile number though she did not provide
declared as “drug-clear” illegal drug problem.
(Turn to page 6) of a government agency in office,” Niebla said. 0933-2242-180. The official (Turn to page 6)

2nd staging of Abaca Festival set on may 22-26

VIRAC, Catanduanes, -
the provincial government
of Catanduanes through
the Provincial tourism Of-
fice will spearhead the 2nd
staging of the Abaca Festi-
val on May 22-26, 2017.
The festival, which was
institutionalized in 2015 by
virtue of Provincial Ordi-
nance No. 021-2015, aims
to highlight the island’s main
crop-topnotch Abaca or “
Manila Hemp”.
According to provincial its flexibility as a remarkable a thanksgiving mass at Im- Showcase at 2 pm at the Pro- from Virac Plaza to Capitol Farmers Day “ Supnit-Bu-
tourism officer Carmel B. source of livelihood and art maculate Cathedral will mark vincial Capitol lobby. Grounds followed by the tong-Botngol-Hag-ot Can
Garcia, the activity is geared materials. the beginning of the festivi- A Night Parade to be Opening Ceremonies, Fel- Abaca”, a Stripping Com-
toward raising awareness on The following are the ties followed by a Trade Fair participated by municipal, lowship Night and Fireworks petition and Wellness Day
Abaca’s importance to the schedule of events: On May opening at Plaza Rizal at provincial and national em- Display. for Abaca farmers (Free
economy and to showcase 22, 08:00 in the morning, 9:00 and Unveiling of Abaca ployees will also be held On May 23, the Abaca (Turn to page 7)

K-960 Aries st., Villa Grande Homes, Con. Grande, naga City • telePHOne: (054) 884-93-76 • CP 0921-3183720 / 0929-245-7353 / 0920-5337766

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2 bikol reporter opinion may 21-27, 2017

Duterte okays Phl Gdp Brighter in 2017

nationwide (Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co.,
CPAs-DFK International – is past chair
workers continue to receive their
salaries and benefits from their SP

smoking ban of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA

past president and Hall-of-Famer,
and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement
opinions even if contracts with their principal
have already expired. It also ensures
the workers’ continued employment
HIGHER GROWTH Q1: The Phl unlimited to any new job. This requirement
for SPs will weed out non-compliant
economy grew at a faster rate of 6.9% companies or illegal SPs and retain
in the first quarter of 2017 - fueled by only those capable of complying
rapidly increasing private investment with the rules. Good for our Pinoy
and consumption. Moody’s Analytics workers!
said the first quarter GDP was briskier Atty. TONY (APA) ACYATAN CA CONFIRMATION: The “very”
than the 6.6% expansion booked in Q4 quick confirmation of Sen. Alan Peter
2016. It reported merchandise exports Cayetano by the Commission of
would continue to recover in 2017 as procurement. Appointments as new Secretary of
Phl’s exports of goods jumped 21% to The shift will help level the playing Foreign Affairs sort of “saved face”
$5.58B in March 2017 compared with field for renewable power generators for the Dutertre Administration, what
only $4.61B same month in 2016. and reduce taxpayer costs by phasing with earlier disapprovals by the
Secretary Ernesto Pernia earlier out subsidies for imported diesel fuel. same CA of the former DFA boss and
said Phl’s GDP likely grew 7% in Q1 Small islands in the country are placed DENR environment lady Gina Lopez.
2017 - middle point of the target range perfectly to benefit from dramatically This goes to show that indeed there
of 6.5 to 7.5% penned by economic reduced costs of renewable energy. is fairness in the activities of the
managers. On demand side, strong Simple reforms can pave the way for Commission which is composed of
household consumption and increased cleaner, cheaper energy for more than bipartisan representatives from both
MANILA — President Rodrigo R. Duterte has signed
government spending are expected to 800,000 of our poorest fellow Filipinos. Senate and House.
an executive order (EO) that bans smoking in all public boost the economy. On the supply side, The system should provide incentives The next litmus tests are the
places, including public conveyances, throughout the Pernia said the agri-sector will perform for electric coops procuring cheaper confirmation schedules for the
Philippines. better this year even as construction sources. re-appointed DSWD and DOH
The President signed EO NO. 26 on May 16 but was industry will also be a growth driver. MORE JOBS: Services providers secretaries. Both the lady appointees
only released to media Thursday. (But there are external risks like US (SPs) may be required to increase are raring to face the querries of
As provided under EO 26, smoking is banned altogether policy shifts and slowdown in emerging their capital to P5M from the current CA members – including those
in schools, including universities, and recreational facilities economies including China). P3M to address new requirements from congressmen who question
for minors throughout the country and sets strict guidelines SHIFT TO RENEWABLE: The proposed under the “win-win” solution the integrity and capability of the
on designated smoking areas (DSAs). Philippines stands to save over P10B to end job contractualization or “endo” nominees. There are allegations
Areas where smoking is not allowed includes centers of a year if it replaces diesel generation in to attain government’s target of of favoritism, mismanagement
youth activity such as playschools, preparatory schools, el- off-grid areas with renewables sources, creating 7.5 million new jobs by 2022. practices and deficiency in executive
ementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities, the Institute for Energy Economics DTI Secretary Lopez said the higher qualifications – not to mention their
youth hostels and recreational facilities for minors. and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and paid-up capitalization is needed by left-leaning affiliations. With the
Also included are elevators and stairwells, locations Institute for Climate and Sustainable SPs to enable them to comply with current hanging issues about the
where fire hazards are present, premises of public and pri- Cities (ICSC) said. In a report by IEEFA new obligations, including full benefits NPA-NDF – Pres. Duterte will again
vate hospitals, medical, dental, optical clinics and food on “Electricity-Sector Opportunities (SSS, Pag-ibig, leave benefits, etc.). be placed in a dilemma!
preparation areas in the Philippines”, it calls for prudent These are required under the law EPISTLE: “I have come that you
reforms requiring electric coops and for payment to all regular workers. The may have life, and that you may have
No designated smoking areas are allowed to be put up
private distribution utilities to optimize “win-win” proposal also ensures that it more abundantly!” (John 10:10)
in these areas.
Meanwhile, DSAs are defined in the EO as an "an area of
a building or conveyance where smoking may be allowed,
which may be in an open space or separate area with proper
J. L. Napoles apology to Cong. Noli Fuentebella
The EO also specifies that a "non-smoking buffer zone"
and Texting while Driving is banned
be established for DSAs not located in open spaces. There is a broadcaster in the radio Wheeled agricultural machinery
The buffer zone must be between the door of the DSA station owned by a politician here in Construction equipment
and the rest of the building.
There should be no part of the buffer zone that will allow
CamSur who keeps linking Cong. Arnulfo P.
Fuentebella to the pork barrel scam even if
from Other forms of transportation, human-
powered or pulled by an animal, operated or
air to escape to the smoke-free area except for a "single door he is not involved in it. In view of this, allow driven in public thoroughfares, highways or
with an automatic door closer." me to quote the following letter of apology
of Janet Napoles to Cong. Fuentebella
my streets, such as bicycles, pedicabs, trolleys,
habal-habal, kuliglig, wagons, carriages
To further achieve the government’s policy to guarantee and carts
for the sake of truth and to know who are
the right of every citizen to breathe clean air, the EO stipu-
lates that a building or conveyance can only have one DSA.
telling lies. window Prohibited acts
Make or receive calls
Minors are strictly prohibited from entering the DSA or Write, send, read text-based
its buffer zone. pagpapatunay nenita fuentebella-peÑones
Play games
Incidentally, EO 26 was signed on the occasion of the
World Non Tobacco Day that will be celebrated on May 31.
at paglilinaw Watch movies
Perform calculations
Even before he became president, Duterte had been an Read e-books
advocate to banning smoking in public spaces. Composing message
He first instituted the ban in Davao City when he was the Surfing or browsing the internet
mayor, a position he held for years prior to running for the Exemptions
Motorist using devices to make or take
Presidency. -PNA emergency calls to authorities in case
of crime, accidents, bomb or terrorist
threat, fire or explosion, instances needing
immediate medical attention or if personal
safety and security is compromised.
02082606 Allowed acts
Ads by Kiosked
Use of hands-free function and
applications as long as gadgets do not
interfere with the driver’s line of sight.
Use of navigational apps that should be
set to the preferred destination before the
driver’s departure. Such gadgets should be
installed in parts of a vehicle that will not
Published every Sunday and circulated in the six provinces obstruct the driver’s view.
and seven cities of the Bicol Region including Metro Manila. Many people will be fined when the law that Distracted Driving Law, which takes effect Penalties
And also mailed throughout the country and other continents. bans texting while driving will be implemented P5,000 fine on first offense
on May 18, defines distracted driving as
Editorial and Business Address: K-960 Aries St., Villa Grande effective on May 18, 2017. I want to use my the driver’s use of mobile communication, P10,000 fine on second offense
Homes, Concepcion Grande, Naga City. Tel. No. (054) 884-93-76
column for informing the public on this matter. electronic entertainment and computing P15,000 fine with three month
Here’s the following from the Philippine Daily devices or gadgets while the vehicle is in suspension of driver’s license on third
Inquirer dated May 18, 2017: motion or stopped momentarily for a red light offense
IN THE KNOW: or at an intersection. P20,000 and revocation of driver’s
Anti-Distracted Driving Law Coverage license for violations beyond third offense
Republic Act No. 10913 or the Anti- Public and private vehicles Source: DOTC
ed g. yu
0939-604-3144 Visit our website:
Lee G. DulIesco II
Head, Advertising Associates

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may 21-27, 2017 bikol reporter 3
DOLE stepping up drive
to stop ENDO, says exec
LEGAZPI CITY -- The paign against job contractu- various parts of the country; ed for inspection this year. Of
government’s fight to end alization has slowly gained and the need for Congress to this number, she said 289 had
labor contractualization grounds despite the difficul- review and amend provisions been inspected for compli-
in the country has acceler- ties that confronted Labor in the Labor Code of the Phil- ance with labor regulations
ated amidst certain legal Secretary Silvestre Bello III. ippines which allow contrac- as of the first quarter of 2017.
and technical glitches in its He said Bello has been tualization and subcontracting Benavides said DOLE has
implementation, a ranking serious in putting an end to practices. been working closely with
official of the Department this unfair labor practice fol- Currently, Benavides said the Department of Budget
of Labor and Employment lowing the President’s elec- there are only 570 labor in- and Management (DBM)
(DOLE) said. tion campaign pledge to stop spectors who have to check for the release of personnel
Lawyer Benjo Santos “ENDO” or “End of Con- and monitor 900,000 estab- services funds to finance the
Benavides, DOLE-Bureau of tractulization.” lishments across the country hiring of an additional 200
Labor Relations director, said Benavides said there are if these are complying with labor inspectors for the entire
nearly 50,000 workers have “technical and legal issues the government’s labor regu- country.
become regular or perma- that need to be addressed” lations with regards to em- He said Bello would issue
nent employees from being by DOLE so it could strictly ployees’ salaries, bonuses, a request to the Trade Union
contractual employees dur- enforce the campaign to stop social security, health and oc- Congress of the Philippine
ing the first 11 months of the job contractualization. cupational safety in the work- (TUCP) to recommend repre-
administration of President Among the issues that need place and security of tenure. sentatives who can be trained
Rodrigo R. Duterte. to be improved include the DOLE-Bicol Director and accredited as labor in-
Benavides, in an interview “sheer lack of labor inspec- Karina P. Trayvilla cited there spectors. FEAST IN FISH
at the DOLE-Bicol office tors” to monitor thousands of are 1,650 establishments in “They will be tasked FISH-TA sa Nayon 4-day (May19-21, 2017) Trade Fair of the
here, said the agency’s cam- establishments operating in Bicol which are being target- to assist DOLE inspectors DTI- Camarines Sur at Naga Land E-Mall brings us varieties
in checking the welfare of of processed marine products from our friends in the local

Cam High kicks off

fishing industries. DTI aims to strengthen still the Micro,
workers and filing appropri- Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and prepare them for
ate labor cases against the the global market.
erring firms,” he added.

Brigada Eskwela 2017 DepEd ready for next

As for the legal aspect,
Benavides said there are pro-

school opening in CNorte

visions in the Labor Code of
the Philippines that need to
By Ana-Liza be reviewed and amended to
S. Macatangay attain industrial peace. By Rosalita B. Manlangit
He cited Articles 106 and
NAGA CITY -- As part 109 of the Labor Code that DAET, CNorte – The the National Schools’ Main-
of the Department of Edu- need to be amended as these Department of Education tenance Week that aims to
cation’s Brigada Eskwela (DepEd) has begun ready- bring together all education
particular provisions rec-
2017, the Camarines Sur ing classrooms in Cama- stakeholders to participate and
ognize and allow establish-
National High School rines Norte for next month’s contribute their time, effort and
ments to hire workers on a
(CSNHS) opened its gates school season opening. resources to prepare public
contractual basis. On Monday, the Camarines school facilities ready for the
early in the morning, Mon- The provisions also permit
day, May 15, to welcome Norte Schools Division Office opening of the school year in
contracting agencies to sub- kicked off the Brigada Eskwe- June.
hundreds of volunteers who contract with third parties. la at Tulay na Lupa Elementary Tulay na Lupa Elementary
will partake in the prepara- “These provisions run School in Labo town. School was last year’s regional
tion of classrooms here for counter to Department Order During the Talakayan sa awardee in the search for best
the start of a new schooly- 174 prohibiting contracting PIA on air, Antonio Ahmad, Brigada Eskwela for elementa-
ear. and subcontracting,” Bena- DepEd administrative and ry while Basud National High
Brigada Eskwela, is an an- vides said. public information officer, said School topped the national
nual repair, repaint and clean- He said without legisla- that the Brigada Eskwela start- level of the search.
up drive spearheaded by tive action contracting and ed with a motorcade from the Last year, Camarines Norte
DepEd to ensure that on the subcontracting would not be DepEd Division Office in Daet hosted the regional kickoff at
first day of school, no time totally stopped. to Tulay na Lupa Elementary Froilan Lopez High School
devoted for learning will be Benavides said that in line School. in San Vicente. This year is
wasted since teachers will go with the planned revisions Taking part in the launch- Catanduanes Central School’s
straight with their lessons in- to the Labor Code, there are ing, aside from the consistent turn, Ahmad said.
stead of dusting off the school participants from line agencies, Ahmad said that Brigada
24 House Bills pending for
break’s accumulated dirt. parents and students, were East Eskwela started with the idea
deliberation in the Lower
Expecting almost 10,000 West Bank, Shakeys Daet with of “Adopt-a-School because
House while eight Senate
students for schoolyear 2017- their mascot and City Savings. “it takes the entire community
bills are still open for discus- The latter even donated a gate to educate a child.”
2018, CSNHS sought assis- sions and debates.
tance from various govern- for the school. “Everybody can share
He said once both the Brigada Eskwela is simul- through “bayanihan” or every-
ment agencies and private by donations collected dur- lamities. Buildings deemed
House and Senate versions taneously being conducted all body may feel the ownership
sectors to ensure that their ing the start of the school’s unsafe shall not be used to
of the amendments have over the country on May 15- of the school if he or she joins
facilities will be ready for enrollment period. avoid potential harm.
been finalized, these would 20, 2017 with the theme “Isang the activity,” he added.
use before the summer break Despite these pressing is- Furthermore, school per-
be submitted to the Congress DepEd, Isang Pamayanan, It has started in 2003 and
ends. sues, the participating parents sonnel will be given guide-
bicameral committee for Isang Bayanihan Para sa Han- was intensified in 2012, 2013
“We sent invitations to the remain positive. Catherine lines regarding disaster pre-
consolidation and approval. da at Ligtas na Paaralan”. and 2015 and was benchmark
Philippine National Police, Bajaro, 35, said that the an- paredness to pass onto the
-PNA The Brigada Eskwela is (Turn to page 7)
Philippine Army, Bureau of nual program is important to students.
Fire Protection, and Metro save time for the students.
Naga Water District”, chair- “Instead of wasting hours
man of this year’s Brigada cleaning, they can just use
Eskwela, Jose B. Cielo said the time for their studies”,
during an interview. “We she commented.
also sent invitations to food With the theme “Isang
chains like Jollibee and Mc- DepEd, Isang Pamayanan,
Donald’s for them to donate Isang Bayanihan Para sa
snacks”, he added. Handa at Ligtas na Paara-
However, Cam High still lan”, Brigada Eskwela 2017
faces problems brought by goes the extra mile, and puts
their rapidly growing stu- disaster preparedness and
dent population. Cielo stated risk reduction as its primary
that they plan to utilize shift- concern this time around.
ing schedules just to accom- DepEd plans to examine
modate the incoming senior the facilities and equipment TRAINING OF TRAINERS CEPPIO
A five-day Training of Trainers for the Basic Live Support and Community First Responders was conducted May 15-19 at
high students. Five new basic used in public schools na-
the 9th ID Philippine Army Headquarters, Pili, Camarines Sur, including about 80 barangay representatives who are trained
classrooms are also under tionwide, to determine their to be trainers, also in their respective barangays. Shown in photo is Naga City Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion addressing the
construction, partly funded resilience against natural ca- participants.

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4 bikol reporter may 21-27, 2017

Kantong putikon! Kaogma Festival 2017: A 9-day

Naghahanap na nin of non-stop hot summer funs
bagong Kantong Putikon By Jane Marie
Tria Santelices

When the governor is hap-

Paminsan-minsan dapat magsipsip kita sa mga pily in love, the whole of Ca-
nanunungdan ta sayang kan oportunidad asin himulo marines Sur is feeling festive,
kun igua man. Sipsip ako ki gov, mayor, cong asin bokal too!
ta sayang kan panao kun b-day saka x'mas. Sipsip ako This is the general atmo-
sa publisher/ editor and lovely wife ngarig magluwas an sphere at the seat of the pro-
alternative truth ko serosemana saka dae pagparaediton vincial government as it preps
an kantong putikon. up for the weeklong celebra-
****** tion every May that is Kaogma
Sipsip ako ki Frank P., editorial consultant, author, poet, Festival 2017 tagged as “the
essayist, artist, political strategist, scholar and what have hottest festival in the world!”
you nganing maomaw man lamang. Very humble sya and Featuring the popular tan-
muy guapito maski lolo na. Pride of Rinconada. dem and harbinger of “kilig,”
****** James Reid and Nadine Lustre,
Sipsip ako ki Mam Tina S. and Madame AGM Ningning aptly nicknamed by loyal fans
B. Dv. nganing pirming may sale sa SM ta nakakabakal and supporters as JaDine, this
ako bararatong branded products arog kan undies and #TeamReal along with other
socks. performers the likes of fellow
****** Viva talents Bret Jackson, Ron-
Sipsip ako ki Lord nganing itao pirmi an buhay-bagsik. nie Liang, OJD Master Chad
****** Kinis, and Pop Girls, G-Force,
Naghahanap na nin bagong kantong putikon si Nikki Minaj Kalokalike and his own lady love, Ms. Rachel Kaogma is for everyone – rines Sur will showcase their
Chairman Emil S, Mani G. and Udax sa kanto kan many more will open the said O. Peters, Bb. Pilipinas Uni- young and old alike - thus, a Se- “oragon” moves versus boxers
diversion and Almeda hiway. Mabukas na daa kaya an festivities with a big bang on verse 2017, also a Bicolana nior Citizens Talent Show is set from our ASEAN neighbor na-
Robinson sa Junio. Saturday evening, May 20, whose mother hails from Cana- on Monday, May 22, 2017 with tion, Indonesia. This series of
****** 2017 at the Freedom Sports man, Camarines Sur, is putting no less than premiere singer/ ring bouts will certainly titillate
Happy wedding (May 21) ki Police Ofcr Heygil Stadium, San Jose, Pili, Cama- out all the stops to ensure that song writer Rey Valera as spe- the “killer instincts” of the row-
Verdadero and Ms. Julie Ann General @ Moraville the rines Sur. this year’s Kaogma Festival cial celebrity guest. On May dy male spectators and boxing
Garden, Palestina, Pili, CamSur. 2:30 PM. Congrats and Earlier in the afternoon of lives up to its theme #Happi- 23, 2017, a song fest – The Big fanatics.
best wishes. From Verdadero Clan of Milaor, CS. the same date, a colorful Cul- nessOverload! V – for kids and adults will be By Thursday, May 25, 2017,
****** tural Street Dance Competition With JaDine headlining the staged with guest performances the adrenaline rush continues
Warning: Total Smoking Ban na po sa Public Places will prelude the opening show Opening Salvo, the rest of the from Ryzza Mae Dizon of Eat with the staging of the Practi-
Nationwide.. Brgy. Officials are expected to uphold such with 11 contingents represent- week level up its line-up of Bulaga fame, Tony Labrusca, cal Shooting Competition for
Executive Order w/in their respective barangays according ing 10 municipalities – Buhi, events with a “tiangge” Hot a finalist of PinoyBoyBandph, gun aficionados and in the eve-
to Malacanang & DOH! Nabua, Bula, Milaor, Goa, Buys Hot Food for the shopa- and our very own CamSur’s ning, the Miss Kaogma 2017
****** Bombon, Balatan, Minalabac, holics and foodies alike, an pride, Froilan Canlas, the third beauty pageant wherein cutie
JUAN: Alam mo pare noong mayaman pa kami eh Bato, and 2 from the Capital Arts Fest for the arts and cul- big placer of It’s Showtime’s heartthrob Iñigo Pascual will
nagkakamay lang kami kapag kumakain pero ngayong town of Pili, all in Camarines ture fans, and the launching of Tawag Ng Tanghalan. make hearts a-flutter and where
mahirap na kami ay gumagamit na kami ng kutsara. Sur. a grassroots kind of triathlon, May 24, 2017 is Boxing current title holder, Ms. Kisses
PEDRO: parang baliktad yata pare! Dapat ngayong Gov. Migz Villafuerte, fresh Boy Kayod 2017, all happening Day as a whole line-up of pro- Delavin of PBB fame will turn-
mahirap na kayo saka kayo nagkakamay kapag kumakain. from a victory motorcade for on Sunday, May 21, 2017. fessional boxers from Cama- (Turn to page 6)
JUAN: Eh papano mo naman kakamayin ang lugaw? He-

Bicol Cassava Farmers

This was held yesterday at Peoples Octagon/Plaza at
Calabanga: Federalismo Seminar and Herbal Products

to revitalize the industry

on the side Speaker: Jake Fernandez (appointed kuno
by Pres Duterte) Ereneo Bongat & Jun Llagas. Garo c
pinagsaro baga tirada ni VACC Dante Jimenez and
Andoy Pakoykoy, sabi ni Mun. Kgd Levy Sta Ana Jr. kan
Daet, CN - Bagong mga pangaran an nagburutwa sa SUR - “May Pera sa Cas-
bagong liderato kan Sarong Banggi Org. Int.l o SB, saro sava”, this was the assurance
sa pinakadakulang socio-cultural org. nin mga Bikolano. made by the representatives
Si Manny Yatco, negosyante and retired seaman kan Daet of the San Miguel Foods, Inc
CN an napiling chair kan SB Natl. Executive Board sa . (SFMI)and Agribusiness
national convention ninda kan sarong semana sa Daet. An Development Group as well
saiyang vice chair si Buddy Arandia, retired fire marshall, as the cassava farmers and
caramoanon pero residente na kan daet. An sb may assemblers who gave testi-
labing 10k na miembros lakop na sa kinaban, pigmukna monies during the Cassava
sa UP Los Baños, Laguna kan Oct 10, 1964 nin 10ng juven harvest festival and market
& mga estudyanteng Bikolano sa tuyong mapreservar an forum held in this barangay
lenguaje, estorya y kulturang bikolnon asin pakusogon recently.
an pagkaburonyog kan mga bkolano bako lang sa Bikol Over 100 farmers from Ca-
kundi sa bilog na mundo. May sanga saka miembros an marines Sur, Masbate, Albay
SB sa 6 na provincias asin 7ng ciudades kan Bikol, sa , and Camarines Norte at-
(Turn to page 7) tended the event held at the
F.B. Montenegro Farm owned

A Teacher
by retired fiscal, Felimon B.
Montenegro who is now an would not be put at a disadvan- under their new scheme farm- feeds. A field demonstration of
SFMI assembler. Montenegro tage. Rill, a former regional ers will be given the necessary some cassava equipment be-
By ARLENE D. RECIO, DBM - Teacher III who originally owned and manager of the Phillippine assistance from securing the ing provided by the DA was lat-
RNTVS, Iriga City manages about 5 hectares of Coonut Authority cited the un- quality planting materials, pro- er conducted by the Regional
cassava plantation bares that as pleasant experience of cassava duction, harvesting and up to Agricultual Engineering Divi-
A good teacher must know how to adapt well to his sur- assembler he has now aggre- farmers before who entered the processing and assembling sion and the farm machinery
roundings and be flexible enough to deal with different kinds gate area of about 31 hectares into contract growing with pri- of the chips to ensure that what companies.
of students. which include those owned vate companies but incurred are produced conformed with As a culminating activity,
A teacher should determine what teaching strategy that by farmers from neighboring losses when their produce were the quality standards set by their the attendees organized and
will maximize the ability and skills of each of the student to municipalities and provinces rejected or bought at much re- company. He urged farmers to elected the officers of the Cas-
obtain understanding and learning. who are now supplying him duced price. As also the current work with them to revitalize the sava Commodity Board name-
Teaching can be difficult at times as it requires a lot of pa- cassava chips. He shared his chairperson of the Regional Ag- cassava industry in the region. ly: Felimon B.Montenegro,
tience, perseverance and persistence to withstand and over- experiences and insights in his riculture and Fishery Council , Meanwhile, newly desig- president; Jerry M. Mercado,
come various factors and elements that hinders the learning new undertaking after retiring a private sector led the policy nated DA- OIC Regional Tech- vice president; Lea M. Beltran;
process. from government service. He and monitoring body for the nical Director for Operations secretary; Mutya Roqueza M.
Time management should also present in the work plan of invited other farmers to bring agriculture sector, he under- and Extension, Rodel Tornilla Montenegro, alternate secre-
every teacher, since it helps in using available resources and their cassava to him and ex- scored the need to reorganize a said that the agency is aggres- tary; Thereza Z. Oliver Trea-
energy with achieving the desire results. pand their production area as new cassava board as industry sively promoting farm mecha- surer; Dan D. Ribas, auditor;
Teachers inculcate values in order to make them well- there is a great demand for this issues and concerns emanates nization and providing the Teresa D. Panuelos PIO; Mike
rounded and refined with their dealings inside the school, on crop. from the ground. The board necessary farm equipment and B. Coribilion and Ramon
their homes and later on their respective work environment. Alfredo Rillo , the designat- can elevate these to the RAFC postharvest facilities such as Gaudiel, business managers.
Teaching job is not a joke for it is dignified and equips an ed Farmer-Regional Executive who in turn can relay them to tractors, flatbed dryers, chip- Also elected as members of the
individual especially the youths the necessary knowledge, Director (RED) of the Depart- to the top – the policy makers. pers, to ensure that quality cas- board are: Luis D. Belarmino
wisdom and skills that will later make them responsible and ment of Agriculture for the The SFMI representatives sava chips are processed and and Adonis F. de la Cruz, both
productive citizens of our society. month of May, also graced the headed by Raymond Joseph production losses are avoided of Masbate; Nickson Mallorca
Thus, teachers are unsung heroes since they build a occasion to represent DA RED Britanico, Area Operation head or reduced. He cited the many of Albay; Epinia P. Sandoval
strong nation by virtue of making globally competitive work- Dr. Elena B. de los Santos. He for Luzon, and Ben Brasales , industrial and commercial uses of Camarines Sur and Ruel de
force that can get the job done in various fields of endeavors. expressed hope that this time area coordinator for South Lu- of cassava aside from being a Jesus of Camarines Sur. -Emily
DRADR 2017. around the cassava farmers zon assured the farmers that major raw material for animal B. Bordado

BR_May 21-27 noel.indd 4 5/23/2017 1:17:10 PM

may 21-27, 2017 bikol reporter 5
DOE Rolls Out Hybrid "Energy Efficient "Cars
Taguig City --- The nology (DOST), and the Philip-
days of fuel-guzzling gov- pine National Police.
ernment agency vehicles are Eight (8) hybrid cars will
numbered. also be given to government
The Department of Energy offices in Region 8 including
(DOE) is introducing the re- the Department of Environ-
placement of service vehicles ment and Natural Resources,
of the national government of- Department of Trade and In-
fices with hybrid cars as part of dustry, Department of Sci-
its campaign to promote energy ence and Technology, Bureau
efficiency and clean air across of Fire Protection, Philippine
the country. Information Agency, Depart-
At 10:00 a.m. on Friday, ment of Transportation-Land
May 19 at the DOE Sunken Transportation Office, and the
Garden, the DOE will donate Regional Disaster Risk Reduc-
24 Japan-made Toyota Prius tion and Management Council
(2017 model) to the Office of in support to the economic and
the President, Department of social recovery of communities Secretary Alfonso Cusi. sador to the Philippines, Ka- Japan's Non-Project Grant sion. The hybrid car has an op-
the Interior and Local Govern- devastated by Super Typhoon Officials of the DOE's En- zuhide Ishikawa, will turn over Aid (NPGA) funded the ac- timized fuel engine and electric
ment, Department of Finance, Yolanda ergy Utilization Management the hybrid Toyotas to the said quisition of the Toyota Prius, motor to attain highest energy
Department of Foreign Af- “This Japan government- Bureau and Japan’s Ambas- beneficiaries. which emits lower carbon emis- efficiency.
fairs, Department of Budget aided grant will jumpstart our
and Management, Department
of Transportation (DOTr), De-
partment of Tourism, Depart-
drive towards our call to action
to our fellow public servants
to increase their use or patron-
ECC: Gives helping hand to needy workers
ment of Trade and Industries ize energy efficient technolo-
(DTI), Department of Environ- gies, including their official LEGAZPI CITY — Not them secure claims for his dis- ployee who is a member of the ECC executive director, said
ment and Natural Resources vehicles. We have to be the many workers know that ability. Government Service Insurance ECC has the funds to pay the
(DENR), National Economic role model in this cause, so our when they suffer income loss Loriedette said an ECC System is covered by ECP, said claims as it has a total of PHP54
Development Authority, De- people can look up to us and due to work-related sickness, staff informed them of ECC’s Jonathan T. Villasito, deputy billion assets as of 2016.
partment of Science and Tech- follow our lead,” said DOE disability or death there is program called “KaGabay” or executive director of ECC. She said each year ECC

Legazpi as partner city

the Employees’ Compensa- Katulong at Gabay sa Mang- ECC collects the premium processes an average of 50,000
tion Program (ECP), a social gagawang may Kapansanan, of payments paid by private claims from the SSS and 16,000
insurance program being im- a special economic assistance employers at PHP30 per month to 20,000 claims from the GSIS.

of USAID's projects plemented by the Employees’

Compensation Commission
(ECC), that can protect them.
program for occupationally-
disabled workers.
She said the program had
and by government employers
at PHP100 per month, he said.
Villasito said any sickness,
“The minimum benefit for
sickness or temporary disability
claim is PHP200 per day up to
LEGAZPI CITY--The “Under the administration Romel Mirabel, 31, of Ba- helped her husband through 10 injury, accident or death that 120 days,” said Banawis.
top officials of this city, Al- of President (Rodrigo) Duterte, rangay Bonga, Bacacay, Albay physical therapy sessions. were work-related were subject The funeral benefit is
bay province and the United we have reaffirmed and vali- is one of such workers. “After which, in October to compensation. PHp20,000 but ECC is seeking
States Agency for Interna- dated the framework for our He said he used to be a mo- 2016, my husband received a Claimants may file claims to increase this to PHp30,000
tional Development (USAID) bilateral assistance,” she said. torcycle rider delivering goods prosthetic leg,” said Loriedette. at the branch office of SSS or and that they are “waiting for
on Wednesday led the sign- She added this means
to various retail outlets for a She said her husband was GSIS nearest their residence, the go-signal from the Office of
ing of a Memorandum of Un- adopting and focusing on the
big distributor of supermarket also assured of disability ben- he said. the President,” she said.
derstanding (MOU) after Le- “priorities of the Duterte ad-
ministration,” said Brems. goods in this city. efits of P4,000 per month for “If the request is denied the ECC has asked an actu-
gazpi City has been selected
as one of the partner cities of Brems explained this was “On February 27, 2015, a period of three years and 10 claimant can request for recon- arial study so that by the sec-
USAID-funded development the reason why the develop- however, while traveling months. sideration with the GSIS or SSS ond semester of this year ECC
projects. ment project was being re- along the bypass road of Ba- Loriedette said Kagabay main office. But it still denied, can design a program that will
“Today marks the day that ferred to as the “partnership for rangay Gugon enroute to Ba- also provided livelihood sup- the claimant can write a letter cover even the self-employed,
Legazpi City joins our USAID growth with equity”. rangay Bogtong (in this city), port that gave Romel the chance of appeal to the ECC,” he said. Banawis said. -Gina V. Rodri-
partner cities,” said Dr. Susan Signing of the MOU for- I smashed into a post while to drive a tricycle that now plies p>Stella Zipagan-Banawis, guez/PNA
K. Brems, mission director of mally makes Legazpi City part trying to avoid a van that was the route from Barangay Bonga

SM opens its first

USAID-Philippines. of a five-year flagship project making a left turn in my direc- to the town proper of Bacacay.
She said the MOU would of USAID in the Philippines tion,” said Mirabel. The acci- “Sobrang nakatulong sa
form the basis of the partner- called “Strengthening Urban
dent caused the amputation of amin. Gumaan ang paghah-

‘Go Lokal’ store

ship “for us to pursue together Resilience for Growth with
Equity” or SURGE. Romel’s right leg. anapbuhay namin” (It really
inclusive and resilient eco-
nomic growth”. Jeremy Gustafson, director He said did not know how helped ease our plight in eking
Albay Governor Al Francis of the USAID Office of Envi- he could continue to provide out a living), said Loriedette of
Bichara, Legazpi City Mayor ronment, Energy and Climate for his family, that included his ECC’s KaGabay program. The Department of Lokal!,” said DTI Secretary
Noel Rosal and Brems signed Change, in a multisectoral fo- wife Loriedette and their child, According to top officials of Trade and Industry (DTI) Ramon M. Lopez.
the MOU to start the imple- rum held on Tuesday in this who was three years old at that ECC, who came to this city for announced the opening of Last March, SM Group
mentation of development city, said the component ac- time. an awareness campaign on ECP another Go Lokal! store in signed an agreement with DTI
projects to hasten urban de- tivities of the project include This was until a family as part of the labor month ac- partnership with the coun- which allowed SM’s Kultura
velopment in secondary cities such areas as climate change friend brought them to the De- tivities of DOLE, ECC has been try’s largest mall chain, SM Filipino to operate and man-
outside of Metro Manila such adaptation and disaster risk re- partment of Labor and Employ- in existence since 1975 and yet Group, on 17 May at SM age Go Lokal. It will display
as Legazpi City. duction. ment (DOLE)-Bicol office here little is known about them and and sell world-class products
Brems said that the MOU He said SURGE falls un- sourced from micro, small,
in this city. their program. “This launching is another
was an “expression of solidar- der USAID’s Cities Develop-
At the DOLE office, Romel Any private sector em- milestone for DTI’s initia- and medium-sized enterprises
ity of the American people” ment Initiatives or CDI, whose
and his wife Loriedette, were ployee who is a member of the tives to provide greater market (MSMEs) all over the Philip-
whose taxes contribute to approach was to “provide a
multi-faceted package of assis- told of how ECC, an attached Social Security System (SSS) access for our micro entre- pines which offer consumers,
development assistance else-
where in the world. (Turn to page 6) office of DOLE, could help or any government sector em- preneurs that are part of Go institutional buyers, and tour-
ists, value for their money.
DTI Secretary Ramon
Lopez together with SM In-
vestments Corporation Vice-
Chaiperson Teresita Sy-Coson
will lead the ribbon cutting
ceremonies which will be
held at the ground level of
SM Makati where a 3-day Go
Lokal exhibit will also be up.
Meanwhile, the Go Lokal per-
manent store located at the 2nd
level concourse area near Kul-
tura Filipino will be open to the
public starting May 17.
“Most of our small busi-
nesses are unable to pay high
rental fees in consumer-fre-
quented areas. Through Go Lo-
kal, DTI with its partners aim
to provide support services by
providing free-spaces for their
SUMMER ESCAPADE products for a certain period
On May 11 and 21, 2017 members of University of the Nueva Caceres H/S Class ’68 enjoy their bonding moments at the White Pebbles Beach Resort, Brgy. of time,” explained Secretary
Bagolatao, Minalabac, Camarines Sur. Shown in left photo are: Ben Corpus, Linda Vargas-Sabio, Ching Madera-Vargas and Ben Babar. Shown in left photo are: Lopez.
Ely Dasico and his grandson, Ben Corpus, Beth Alayan-Rivera Vangie Cabalquinto, Rico and Conching Tosoc, and Ching Madera-Vargas. (Turn to page 6)

BR_May 21-27 noel.indd 5 5/23/2017 1:17:10 PM

6 bikol reporter may 21-27, 2017

87.7% of Bicol villages . . . Be Proud to be One in

Sr. Insp. Ma. Luisa Ca- clear are in Albay: 37 villages,
lubaquib, PRO5 spokesper- Camarines Sur — 22, and Cat- Teaching Profession…..
son, said at the start of Oplan anduanes — 11 or a total of 70
Tokhang on July 1, 2016, villages. By Dr. Arlene B. Delmita-Recio, Teacher III
PDEA had deemed 578 villages “The 70 villages represent Rinconada National Technical Vocational School
out of the total 3,471 in Bicol as 12.7 percent of the total number Sto. Domingo, Iriga City
“drug-affected” or beset by the of drug-affected villages in Bi-
drug menace. col,” she added. How do I define Teacher? Teaching profession is not
“Of the 578 villages deemed Calubaquib also noted that easy as the way we look at them. Among all professions,
as drug-affected, 508 villages out of the 70,659 surrendered teacher is the only one who did not stop from schooling
or 87.8 percent had been de- drug users in the Bicol region, after graduation. But much compensated us with the “con-
clared as ‘drug-clear’ by PDEA 1,107 had been enrolled in tinuous process of learning”. It seems that they were al-
as of May 10,” she said. community-based rehabilita- ways a student but she/he is receiving salaries monthly.
Calubaquib said in the three tion programs with 191 report-
But her work does not end up to 5 pm. However, let us give
provinces of Camarines Norte, ed as having graduated from the
Masbate, Sorsogon and Naga program. them the praise and honor for their unselfish dedication to
City, the total 260 drug-affected She said there were also 20 work because without them there are no professionals like
villages had been declared as drug users categorized as “se- engineers, doctors and even teacher at that. Thus, to give
now 100 percent “drug-clear.” vere” cases, who were commit- more emphasis what really a teacher is, here what I can
She said in Camarines ted to two private rehabilitation say: TEACHER…
Norte, there were 81 drug af- centers and two public rehab T-eaches students who wanted to learn by all means or
fected villages declared as centers in the region. not wanted to learn in some cases; however he/she
drug-clear, Masbate - 66, Sor- “They are still undergoing E-ncourages students who don’t want to learn because
sogon - 98, and Naga City - 15. the process of rehabilitation and
of some reasons, family problems, and financial problems,
Calubaquib said in the three detoxification,” she added.
other Bicol provinces, the num- Records from Camp Gen. social or emotional disturbance, but then here he/she is to;
PRIDE AND JOY jmts/danrey/rbmjr ber of drug-affected villages Simeon Ola showed that from A-acknowledge suggestions, actions, pronunciations
Camarines Sur Gov. Migz Villafuerte is the epitome of a declared as “drug-clear” are: July 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017, were students unknowingly done but we keep all those
proud boyfriend when he paraded his lady love, Bb. Pilipinas Albay — 68, Camarines Sur — there were 77,161 (male- things in our hearts served as an inspirations or challenges;
Universe 2017 Miss Rachel O. Peters, in a motorcade last 142, and Catanduanes – 38. 73,361, female-3,800) drug sur- C-captured the young mind ideas, serves as an evi-
May 13, 2017 from Canaman, Rachel mom's hometown, to the She said this means that the renderers. dence that for all the days where they were with us little by
busy streets of Naga City onto the Provincial Capitol in Pili for remaining number of drug-af- Of the drug surrenderers, little accumulated learning were evidently seen; We
a quick presscon and ceremonial awarding of commendation fected villages in Bicol, which 6,509 were pushers and 70,659 H-ear all noises brought about by the students, these
from the Sangguniang Panlalawigan headed by Vice Gov. Ato have yet to be declared as drug- users. noises were like a rock music sung by a singer over the
Peña and some provincial board members.
radio but we were treat these as the sound of music full of
Legazpi as partner city . . . emotions where the only way students can express what
Kaogma Festival 2017 . . .
tance under the broader Partner- moving as one with no one be- is within them;
over her crown. Toons. On the same day but at a ship for Growth”. ing left behind. E-nhance their abilities where we unselfishly shared our
On Friday, May 26, 2017, different venue – Freedom Sports USAID believes that Le- “Everybody should be able talents unconditionally because their success will be our
the annual dance crew compe- Stadium – the CamSur Rock gazpi City is in the “forefront of to feel the progress that we are success;
tition, Dance Revolution, will Fest will commence which will progress” with regards to disas- making and that the develop-
happen with the Philippine All feature Slapshock, UpDharma R-ecords all the accomplishments from the classrooms
ter risk reduction and the build- ment (projects) will make a up to the time they leave us and brought with them the little
Stars as special guest performers Down, Giniling Festival, Grace ing up of resilience,Brems said. difference in the lives of every
while consecutively at the CWC, Note, and Yolanda Moon. She said this was significant amount of learning taken from us and went through their
Albayano,” he added.
Happy Ending Bar opening will By the last day of the festival, since the Philippines was par- Rosal said the MOU signing chosen career until we finally knew that they were suc-
feature SKRATCHMARK, Ab- May 28, 2017, the 11th CWC ticularly vulnerable to what she cessful like us or more than what we have; we’re so proud
ceremony attested to the US and
del Aziz and a CWC Pool Party Wakeboarding Nationals Compe- referred to as “climate insult,” of them seeing that they were successful too.
Philippines’ “long and enduring
will also commence featuring tition will kick off at CWC and a whether it’s a typhoon, earth- friendship and solidarity”. This is what a teacher is, how fulfilling isn’t it …Thus,
DJ Euric, Mother DFISSS, and Grand Zumba Kontra Droga with
quake, flood or drought. He said it also affirmed a this is the real definition of a teacher….Be Proud because
KatskLee. PBB Alumnus and dance celeb-
Bichara said the SURGE “lasting partnership and com- we were to be proud of… We are a hero, the future of the
On May 27, 2017, Saturday, is rity Saicy Aguila as guest Zumba
project was a collaboration mitment to the improvement
the actual Foundation Day of the instructor. Also, the adrenaline- youth depends on us without teachers, no professionals
along a path that Albay has al- and betterment of the world we
province as it celebrates 438th pumping MotoCross and 4x4 will be produced……DRADR 2017.
ready started and which would live in”. -Connie B.Destura/
Foundation Anniversary with an Challenge will happen on the
annual Foundation Mass. His- same day. conform to his vision of Albay PNA
Republic of the Philippines
torically established as Ciudad de The launch of Oplan Sinagta-
Nueva Caceres on May 27, 1579 la, a Peace and Order Program of SM opens its first . . . LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE
the Camarines Sur PNP in coop- Province: Camarines Sur
upon orders by Spanish Goberna-
DTI sees Go Lokal! as an are operational in Enchanted City of Naga
dor General Francisco de Sande, eration with the provincial gov-
Camarines Sur as Bicol’s pre- ernment will likewise proceed on opportunity for the country’s Kingdom’s Pugad souvenir
miere province had gone through the last day of Kaogma Festival. MSMEs to go mainstream and shop and at Robinson’s Ermita NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION
a long and colorful journey to its From the roster of stars to test the marketability of their branch. DTI also signed part- In compliance with the publication requirement and
current state now: 35 towns, 2 the schedule of events, #Kaog- products without incurring the nership with Double Dragon’s pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1
cities and the current economic ma2017 is fast shaping and living high costs of operating a retail CityMall. Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative
hub of Bicolandia. Likewise, a up to its tag as, indeed, “the hot- outlet. Initiated by DTI, in col- Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice
Farmers Day will also commence test festival in the world!” SM Group, the largest chain laboration with selected retail is hereby served to the public that ELEANOR R. CE-
in homage to the hardworking Camarines Sur’s Gov. Migz mail in the country, vowed to partners, Go Lokal! aims to be CILIO has filed with this Office, a Petition for Change of
farmers who are the food back- and the people of the province help DTI in achieving its goal an excellent marketing avenue First Name from “MARIA ELENA” to “ELEANOR” in the
bone of the province which is warmly welcome everyone to of helping small businesses for MSME incubation, market- certificate of live birth of MARIA ELENA G. RESPALL at
primarily still an agricultural come to the “land of pili and sili” by partnering with it. DTI and ing, and branding. Go Lokal! Legazpi City and whose parents are SALVADOR RESPALL
economy. and to celebrate with us our own SM Group partnership aims to
brand of #HappinessOverload
carries everyday products made and NORA GARCIA.
In the evening of the same day,
ensure a strong and nationwide from indigenous materials but Any person adversely affected by said petition may
former Hunk actor and still an eye that is, in our native tongue, - Ka-
candy Carlos Agassi will grace ogma! /MMEC with data from presence of Go Lokal stores in modern in design, world class file his written opposition with this office not later than
the CWC Bikini Summit 2017 the Provincial Tourism Office, prime locations for the conve- in packaging, and are compet- June 4, 2017.
while CWC Zeach Bar will host a PGO-Cultural Office, and Post nience of the buying public. itively-priced: from food, home
Sunset Party featuring CMart and Ads At present, Go Lokal stores décor, arts and crafts, health (Sgd.) ALEXANDER M. CAYETANO
and wellness products, to fash- City Civil Registrar
ion apparel and accessories. Naga City, Camarines Sur
Through Go Lokal, DTI
advances inclusive growth by
Published: May 21 and 28, 2017
driving MSME development,
generating jobs and promot-
ing meaningful livelihood. It
provides market access to hun- EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE
dreds of MSME’s, as well as OF RICARDO V. CRISOLOGO
contributes to the upliftment of Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the
communities and other vulner- only legitimate heirs of the late Sps, RICARDO V.
able sectors of society by ap- CRISOLOGO and OFELIA ATANACIO CRISOLOGO,
portioning part of store sales both died intestate on December 15, 2016 and May
to community-based projects 5, 2014 respectively, without any Will or Testament
including drug rehabilitation.
and no known debts; left 2 parcels of land situated
at Concepcion Grande, Naga City covered by Parcel
CSC warns . . . 1-TCT No. 32765 situated at Concepcion Grande,
details. Naga City and Parcel 2-TCT No. 15583 situated at
She theorized that the fraud Tinago, Naga City, that pursuant to the provisions of
was perpetrated to intimidate an Sec. 1, Rule 74, of the Revised Rules of Court of the
individual or to get sensitive in- Philippines, the Parties/Heirs hereby agree to divide
formation from other agencies. and adjudicate among themselves the real properties
Niebla advised government described as stated in the Extrajudicial Settlement of
workers to bring suspicious Estate; as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty.
messages like this to the atten-
tion of the Public Assistance Donnah R. Federico-Madrona, Doc. No. 201, Page
and Liaison Division of their No. 5, Book No. 3, Series of 2017.
regional office here. It may be BIKOL REPORTER
reached at telephone numbers Published: May 7, 14 and 21, 2017
482-0699 and 482-0695.

BR_May 21-27 noel.indd 6 5/23/2017 1:17:11 PM

may 21-27, 2017 bikol reporter 7
Kantong Putikon . . .
kamaynilaan, Laguna and abroad. Piglalaoman an bagong
dreksyon kan organisasyon paciring sa globalisasyön. An
SB motto iyo man guiraray: “Sa pagkasararo may kusog.
Hapi fiesta (May 20). An banuaan na Cabusao sa 1st
district kan CamSur, an solamenteng igua nin 200-has
wetland park na estada nin rìnibong makolor na migratory
birds hali sa man-ibaibang parte, pigbibisita nin dakul na
turistas, kinamumugtakan kan historic Bicol Sanitarium
(dating Bicol Leprosarium) na iyo an solamenteng public
hospital para sa mga Senior citizens sa Bikolandia.
Mayaman sa produktong dagat arog kan kasag asin abo,
natural na hito hali sa tabang, paroy asin gulayon. Patron:
San Bernardino. Mayor Wen Salabero.
Hapi fiesta San Jose Partido CamSur (May 19). Patron UPDATES AND ADVICE TO OUR DEAR TOURISTS
Saint: San Jose Patriarca, Mayor Tony Chavez (former Arts, Culture & Tourism Office Chief Alec Santos was invited to the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce & Industry's "Kapihan
broadcaster), rice granary of Partido district, part and parcel sa Metro Naga Chamber" to encourage private sectors to participate in the tourism industry by inviting tourists personally and
of ancient Partido de Lagonoy of Tiera de Ibalon, home to through social media to come visit Naga's top tourist destinations.
rich hacienderos and landlords, known nationwide for its
famous Sabang beach and resorts, hometown to VG Ato DepEd ready for next . . . enrol and where they came from, mediately file their applications.
Peña, xcöng & tourism Sec Pastor Eddie Pilapil and dotr whether public or private. This Meanwhile, the division is
usec and natl youth com executive drector Cesar Chavez. by the other countries. division is expecting 15,984 stu- will be given directly to schools also conducting training for
****** Ahmad said that Camarines dents for the junior high school for its deduction in tuition fees. teachers in grades 6 and 10, the
For all creditors of Rural Bank of Ragay (CamSur), Norte has 310 schools, 252 of and 8,438 for senior high school. Ahmad said that 140 new last part for the preparations for
please file claims against the banks assets by July 3, 2017. which are elementary and 58, The DepEd subsidizes the teachers will be hired for the el- the K-12 programs.
Call PDIC at (02) 841-4630 to 31 for details. Corporate secondary. tuition of junior and senior high ementary and junior high school “On Oplan Balik Eskwela,
Communications Department Philippine Deposit Insurance “Our school facilities now school students who enroll in at the start of school year on June DepEd is now ready because
Corporation 8414636 to 38. are near 100 percent complete,” private schools. 5 while more than 100 new items those students who are enrolled
he said. The amount will depend on for senior high school were al- last year were automatically list-
DA holds 'Farmers Festival' . . . For the school opening the the location where the students ready opened. ed during the early registration
This was in addition to last on January this year,” Ahmad
Norte has 212 members tilling lings of budded and grafted 2nd Staging of Abaca . . . year’s items for technical voca- said.
471 hectares of rice areas in plants. tional that remain unfilled, he He said that the “no collec-
Haircut,Manicure,Pedicure and An add on activity will
five barangays of Labo. The farmers were also said. tion policy” on the first quarter
Massage) at Capitol Grounds be held on May 27 wherein
Alfredo R. Rillo, RAFC treated with give aways such He urged those interested to of the school year remains in
will take place. a Mobile Passport servicing
Bicol Chairperson designated as planting materials and seeds teach in senior high school to im- force.
A cooking fest dubbed as by the Department of Foreign
as Farmer Director of DA Bi- during the two day fair. A train- :”Kampeon sa Kusina” will be
col for the month of May un- ing on vegetable processing Affairs(DFA) in partnership
held on May 24 at Virac Town with the office of Vice-Governor
derscored the resiliency of the was conducted by the DA Food Plaza and Mr. Bicol World at
farmers. He said the festival is Laboratory at the Regional Shirley A. Abundo and the Sang-
Virac Town Center while a Cre- guniang Panlalawigan of Catan-
a thanksgiving for the bountiful Technology Commercialization ative Dance Competition from
harvest received by the farm- Center (RTCC). duanes from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Capitol Grounds to Plaza Rizal will be conducted followed by
ers despite the calamities such Also present during the will take place on May 25.
as the typhoon Nina in Decem- opening program were Albay Metrobods Bikini Open Compe-
On May 26, a Grand Abaca tition at Virac Town Center at 7
ber. The festival also shows the Provincial Agriculturist Cheryl Float Parade will be participat-
other side of a farmer who is Rebeta; Camarines Sur Civil in the evening.
ed by the eleven (11) LGUs and Ms. Garcia concluded that
versatile and can adapt to any Service Provincial Director Business Organizations of the
situation. “Pag pinabayle mo, Jocelyn Marifosque; DA Bicol this year’s festivity theme: “
province followed by a Closing
mabayle. Wika nga, kalabaw Regional Technical Director Tibay nin Abaca, Maogma na
Program at 4 pm to be held at
lang ang tumatanda.” (RTD) for Research and Regu- Isla” is anchored towards putting
the Provincial Capitol Grounds.
Products displayed during lations Edgar R. Madrid and value to the great potential of the
A free concert by the Itchy-
the festival include fruits and OIC RTD for Operations Rodel worms will be held at Plaza island in terms of ecotourism es-
vegetables, root crops, seed- P. Tornilla. -Lovella P. Guarin Rizal on the same day. pecially now that the province is
gaining its modest momentum
as an emerging tourism destina-
tion with the tourism branding “
Happy Island”.


The Arts, Culture and Tourism Office of the City of Naga would like to remind locals and
visitors to exercise caution in transacting with travel and tour agencies. Please refer to the
following listing of duly-registered and DOT-accredited travel agencies and tour operators
based in Naga City.

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page 8 Bicol, the philippines may 21-27, 2017

DA holds 'Farmers Festival'

ebration of the annual Farm-
ers and Fisherfolk’s month
this month of May, the De-
partment of Agriculture
Agribusiness and Marketing
Assistance Division (AMAD)
spearheaded a two-day Farm-
ers’ Festival or Agri Trade
Fair at the DA Bicol grounds
here on May 15-16, 2017.
A total of 45 exhibitors
brought in their agricultur-
al and handicraft products velopment Coop; and the Pen- “More farmers and asso- perspective and insights on how their Barangay Food Terminal the Kabihug indigenous tribe in
which garnered a total sales of sumil Sugar Planters Associa- ciations participated this year to further improve the farmers in Talobatib, Labo, Camarines Labo, Camarines Norte.
P546,392.00. Most of the exhib- tion and other entrepreneur. The compared to last year,” said products to help them increase Norte, being the Barangay Ag- Meanwhile, another farmer,
itors came from the Provincial, DA funded Agripinoy Trading Adelina A. Losa, chief of the their income. ricultural and Fishery Council Damian Lagdaan, proved that
Municipal and Barangay Food Center based in Vinzons, Ca- AMAD. One avid participant of chairperson and chairperson of age does not matter for a farmer
Terminals, Irrigators Associa- marines Norte also displayed its Dr. Elena B. de los Santos, the Farmers Festival was Jose Municipal Farming and Fishery like him, as he danced with the
tions, Organic Farmers Asso- products. JL Trading displayed DA Bicol Regional Executive Yaneza. He proudly showed his Council of Labo. veteran singer Eva Barrameda
ciations from the provinces of its combine harvester while Director said the farmers fes- gray hair as silent testimony of A new exhibitor was the of Sorsogon during her lively
Masbate, Sorsogon, Albay, Ca- rice seed companies such as SL tival has already been institu- his seven years of participation Kabihug Crafts. Owned by rendition of “Rolling” in the
marines Norte and Camarines. Agritech and FMC exhibited tionalized as one of the major in the tiangge at DA, when Di- Glenn Jimenez, the Kabihug opening program. Damian,
Organic farmers associations their best hybrid rice varieties activities of the DA to showcase rector Ellen asked the audience Crafts sells handcrafted jars and president of Guibasan Irriga-
include the GAPPA, TAPFPAT, while GRJC displayed its agro tradeable products, foster mar- who is the oldest among par- bags made from nito. The raw tors Association in Camarines
CAANDUYOG, Pecuaria De- industrial machineries. ket linkages, and gain broader ticipants. He is the caretaker of materials are being supplied by (Turn to page 7)

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