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Lesson Plan Format:

Teacher_______Ashley Roomsburg________ Grade Level__First Grade___

I. Content and Standards: The contents and standards for this lesson include
understanding and applying properties of operations and the relationship between
addition and subtraction, adding and subtracting within 20, and measuring lengths
indirectly and by iterating length units.
II. Prerequisites: The student will have prior basic knowledge of addition and
subtraction up to 20.
III. Essential Questions: How do whole numbers relate to each other?
IV. Instructional Objective: Given paper clips and partners, students will be able to
measure crooked paths with accuracy at least 3 times.
V. Instructional Procedures: The teacher will prepare all materials for the lesson plan
before teaching the lesson. The lesson will begin by the teacher displaying sets of
base ten blocks, while students decide which number is greater than the other
number using the symbols. Then, the teacher will show a shoe and its measurement
and ask the students if this measurement is correct. The class will then discuss why
the measurement is wrong, and look at some curved and crooked paths. Have the
students as a group practice measuring the path and deciding which way is the
correct way to measure. Students will then break up into groups and practice creating
their own crooked paths as well as measuring them. The students will then return to
their seats to work on the math boxes with teacher guidance.
VI. Materials and Equipment: Materials used will be base ten blocks for numbers and
measurement, paperclips for measurement, paper for measuring sticks, papers to
record answers, whiteboards to work on problems as a class, and pencil and journals
to finish assignments.
VII. Assessment/Evaluation: The teacher will monitor student progress by their
participation in class, their work with their partner, as well as their performance on the
independent homework.
VIII. Differentiation: Individualized Activities: Students that require more support will
use simpler problems to practice and will be able to work with teacher assistance.
Students that need more enrichment will be allowed to create more challenging
pathways to measure with teacher guidance.
IX. Technology: Technology used in this lesson plan will be a projector to work with
students on their math box assignment.
X. Self-Assessment The teacher will self-assess by seeing how well the students
respond to the lesson plan and journaling about the experience.