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Internship for Leadership Minors: HDF 417 Syllabus

Fall Semester 2017

Instructor: Assistant Director- Skye Hawkins

Contact: (Phone Number-401.874.5173)

Intern : Willuetee Harmon
Position: Pathophysiology Tutor
Major: Nursing
Minors: Leadership, Biology, International Development, Spanish, Honors, Thanatology
Contact: Willuetee@my,
Location: University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881, USA 1.401.874.100
Academic Enhancement Center, Roosevelt Hall

Top Five talent strengths Top Five value strengths

• Connectedness • Teamwork
• Harmony • Hope
• Input • Gratitude
• Restorative • Fairness
• Positivity • Judgement

During Internship student will facilitate group study, while encouraging better study habits for
students. Be a liaison between students, professors and course material. Learn new leadership
techniques and strategies. Move toward working effectively with peers in a group setting. Student
will hone in on talent strengths like connectedness, harmony, input, restorative and positivity.
Student will also focus on developing their values strengths like teamwork, hope, gratitude, fairness
and judgement. This internship includes completing a pre-service training day and weekly tutoring as
schedules by students and intern.

Supervisor Letter of Introduction

Skye Hawkins is the assistant director of the Academic Enhancement Center. She has a bachelor’s
degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish from Providence College. She worked mostly in non
profits organizations like Providence After School Alliance (PASA) and Dedham Community House
in Massachusetts before establishing at this institution. She will delegate towards me high standards
of being responsible for the training requirements, participation in pre-service and maintaining goods
character during the semester long internship and high quality training with other student leaders.
Her priority was for the student to gain advance skills in communication, especially since my major
is nursing. Her expectations were concerned with the training, timeliness, communication with
students and professors and having a reflective experience.
• Respect set time of appointments agreed upon
• Get to know the students and their expectations
• Determine student's knowledge and explore different types of learning styles
• Make a positive impression
• Collaborate with the student on a plan of action
• Participate in professional development trainings

Proposal Statement
As a student in this leadership minor, I am interested in expanding my experiences in
education and community citizenry. The Academic Enhancement Center provides students at URI
with the opportunity to gain external assistance concerning academia. I am interesting in this
internship because it will help me to advance my skills in leadership like teaching, being supportive,
encouraging and understanding. This programs assists students in achieving academic success. Their
values are based on inclusive and grounded research that represents best practices in college
learning. I consider myself a hardworking individual that looks forward to challenges. This
internship will set hard tasks before me. I plan on expanding these learning outcomes:
● Servant leadership
● Understanding Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
● Demonstrate knowledge of stress management methods
● Demonstrate practice of the personal code of ethics

The goal of this internship is to help create a framework of understanding pertaining to

education enhancement. The student will gain a sense of empathy for students and teaching
professionals in this setting. The individual will gain a strengthen skill in communication content.
This experience will be very enjoyable. Student will learn new techniques applicable to her
profession through her time at the academic enhancement center. I will become more aware of
characteristics associated with servant leadership and demonstrate knowledge of stress management
methods. I will learn how to communicate more effectively by extending suggestions towards my
students and not directions. During this internship, I will complete these leadership outcomes.

My hope is that I can help students to navigate their learning experiences and focus their
energy towards something that more beneficial. This opportunity will allow me to serve others and
fulfill my ethical code of servant leadership. Working at the Academic Enhancement Center will also
allow my communication and facilitation skills to grow. I want students to learn about themselves
and develop “growth-mindsets” that will encourage them in their future endeavors. This position
asks me to become a tutor, but also a mentor, supportive resource, and friend. I plan to accomplish
these Goals & Objectives:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of stress 2. Demonstrate practice of the personal
management methods code of ethics
3. Show knowledge of the “Hierarchy 16. Show knowledge of principles of critical
of Needs” theory by Maslow thinking (logic is used in this minor)
4. Show application of Maslow’s 17. Student will show knowledge of at least five
theory to own life decision making methods
5. Show knowledge of the “Authority 18. Describe personal examples of having used
and Bureaucracy” theory of five decision making methods
leadership Weber 19. Show knowledge of at least five problem
6. Describe personal application of the solving / conflict management methods, as
above theory (Weber) well as understanding the roots of conflicts
7. Show knowledge of the “Scientific 20. Describe what it means to analyze, criticize,
Management” theory of leadership synthesize and utilize information as a leader
by Taylor 21. Demonstrate knowledge of leadership that is
8. Show knowledge of the used in crisis
“Management by Objectives” theory 22. Demonstrate knowledge of functions of
of leadership by Drucker group communication by Hirokawa
9. Show knowledge of the 23. Describe personal application of functions of
“Principle Centered Leadership” group communication (Hirokawa)
theory by Covey 24. Show knowledge of techniques for working
10. Show knowledge of the with difficult people
“Visionary Leadership” (now 25. Describe personal examples of using
often cited as “Transformational techniques to work effectively with difficult
Leadership”) theory by Sashkin people
11. Show knowledge of the “Individuals in 26. Describe personal examples related to
Organizations” leadership theory by Argyris maintaining accountability as a leader
12. Student will show knowledge of the 27. Describe personal examples of building,
“Relational Leadership” model by Komives, maintaining, and repairing his/her own
McMahon & Lucas credibility as a leader
13. Demonstrate knowledge of the “Model of 28. Describe ethical standards in influence
Intercultural Sensitivity” by Bennett and its 29. Student will describe influence applies to
uses in leadership peer leadership
14. Show knowledge of the “Social Change 30. Describe principles of effective peer
Model of Leadership Development” by Astin leadership, as well as problems particular to
et al
15. Create a personal code of inclusive leadership

Optional Materials
Use material applicable to tutors during tutoring hours
Use other tutors or students’ resources for help
Required/Optional Text

Course Schedule
Week Days Specialized Topics Reading Exercises

Thursday 12-3pm Pathophysiology/Biology or Pertaining to Flexible

Chemistry Related lecture

Friday 12-3pm Pathophysiology /Biology Pertaining to Flexible

or Chemistry lecture

Due Dates

Date Objective

October 31, 2017 10 objectives Completed

November 27, 10 objectives Completed