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DIN 878
ICS 17.040.30 Together with
DIN EN ISO 463:2006-06,
DIN 878:1983-10

Geometrical product specifications (GPS) –

Mechanical dial gauges –
Limits for metrological characteristics
Geometrische Produktspezifikation (GPS) –
Mechanische Messuhren –
Grenzwerte für messtechnische Merkmale
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DIN 878:2006-06 (E)

This standard has been prepared by Technical Committee NA 152-03-07-02 Eindimensionale Längenprüf-
technik of the Normenausschuss Technische Grundlagen (Fundamentals in Technology Standards Commit-

DIN 878:1983-10 has been fully revised to reflect the publication of DIN EN ISO 463:2006, the latter being a
framework standard that defines the most important design and metrological characteristics of mechanical dial
gauges but does not specify numerical values for the metrological characteristics; Germany had been against
the decision to delete these values.

This new edition of DIN 878 has been published to ensure German industry continues to have access to the
limit values of metrological characteristics.


This standard differs from DIN 878:1983-10 as follows.

a) Only numerical values for limits of metrological characteristics are specified.

b) The title has been changed to reflect the content.

c) The standard has been editorially revised.

Previous editions

DIN 878-1: 1941-02, 1943-08, 1959-06

DIN 878-2: 1955-12
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DIN 878: 1970-06, 1979-01, 1983-10

1 Scope
This standard applies to mechanical gauges as in DIN EN ISO 463 having scale intervals of 0,01 mm and a
measuring range of 0,4 mm; 0,8 mm; 3 mm; 5 mm and 10 mm. It specifies the numerical values for limits of
metrological characteristics.

This standard does not cover waterproof or watertight mechanical gauges, which are subject to special re-

2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated refer-
ences, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document
(including any amendments) applies.

DIN EN ISO 1, Geometrical product specifications (GPS) — Standard reference temperature for geometrical
product specifications and verification

DIN EN ISO 463, Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) — Dimensional measuring equipment — Design
and metrological characteristics of mechanical dial gauges

DIN 878:2006-06 (E)

DIN EN ISO 14253-1, Geometrical product specifications (GPS) — Inspection by measurement of workpieces
and measuring equipment — Part 1: Decision rules for proving conformance or non-conformance with specifi-

DIN EN ISO 14978, Geometrical product specifications (GPS) — General concepts and requirements for GPS
measuring equipment

Internationales Wörterbuch der Metrologie (VIM) (International Vocabulary of Basic and General Terms in

3 Concepts
For the purposes of this standard, the concepts defined in DIN EN ISO 463, DIN EN ISO 14253-1,
DIN EN ISO 14978 and the “International vocabulary of basic and general terms in metrology” (VIM) apply.

4 Requirements

4.1 Reference temperature

20 °C as in DIN EN ISO 1.

4.2 Limit values for metrological characteristics

The limit values for metrological characteristics are to be taken from Table 1. They apply to all gauge orienta-

Table 1 — Limit values for metrological characteristics

Limit values for

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Measuring errors of indication over a range of

hysteresis repeatability
range of error of of error of the
any 1/10 any 1/2 one
indication indication measuring
revolution revolution revolution
0,4 mm 3 µm 3 µm 5 µma — — 7 µm
0,8 mm 3 µm 3 µm 5 µma — — 7 µm
3 mm 3 µm 3 µm 5 µm 8 µm 9 µm 10 µm
5 mm 3 µm 3 µm 5 µm 9 µm 10 µm 12 µm
10 mm 3 µm 3 µm 5 µm 9 µm 10 µm 15 µm
a Refers to 1/10 of the measuring range.

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