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Peer Review Handout

Editors should keep these elements in mind when reading creative writing, and be
prepared to comment on a few:

Action Character Conflict Dialogue

Genre Narration Pace Plot

Point of View Scene Setting Style

Suspense Theme and Motif Tone Voice

Write your response on this page:

Peer editors DO NOT correct the errors in the author’s work. They provide feedback
and suggestions for revision of the work through this form and through their constructive
Needs Good Very
attention work strong

1 The opening grabs

the attention of the
audience and sparks

2 The topic is clear.

3 The reader follows

along without getting

4 The beginning,
middle, and ending
are tied together.

5 Details, sensory
images, and
character voices
colour the writing.

6 The words used are

appropriate and

7 There is resolution in
the ending or an
appropriate end

8 The sentences vary

in length and
9 The sentences flow,
moving from one to
the next.

10 There are only a few

minor errors in
punctuation, or

Other helpful comments:

Needs Attention = 1pt

Good Work = 2pts
Very Strong = 3pts

Add up your marks, and total them out of 30.