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Oracle 11g DBA Course Content

SQLPLUS Duration Code

CH-1 Introduction & Retriving Data using select statement 1.15 0A
CH-2 Restricting & sorting data 1 0B
CH-3 Single row functions 2.15 0C
CH-4 Group functions 1 0D
CH-5 Joins 1.5 0E
CH-6 Subqueries 1 0F
CH-7 Set Operators 0.5 0G
CH-8 DML 1.15 0H
CH-9 DDL 1.15 0I
CH-10 Creating other schema objects 0.5 0J
CH-11 Data dictionary 0.5 0K
Total number of hours for SQLPLUS 18
Workshop 1
CH-1 Architecture 4 00A
CH-2 Installation on RHEL 5.3 4 00B
CH-3 Database Creation 2 00C
CH-4 Managing Instance 1.5 00D
CH-5 Managing Network 3 00E
CH-6 Managing Tablespaces 1.5 00F
CH-7 Managing users & privileges 2.5 00G
CH-8 Managing Schema 0.5 00H
CH-9 Managing Data 0.5 00I
CH-10 Undo management 1.5 00J
CH-11 Auditing 2 00K
CH-12 Proactive maintenance 1.5 00L
CH-13 Managing performenance 1.5 00M
CH-14 Backup recovery concepts 1 00N
CH-15 User Managed Backup 2 00O
CH-16 User Managed Recovery 2.5 00P
CH-17 Export /Import 2.5 00Q
CH-18 Sql loader 0.5 00R
Total number of hours for WS-1 34.5
CH-1 Introduction to RMAN 1 W0A
CH-2 RMAN configuration 2.5 W0B
CH-3 Configuring Recovery Catalog 2.5 W0C
CH-4 Creating RMAN backups 2.5 W0D
CH-5 RMAN recovery (complete + incomplete) 5 W0E
CH-6 RMAN tuning 2 W0F
CH-7 Dealing With Database Corruption 1 W0G
CH-9 Flashback concepts 1 W0I
CH-10 Performing flashback 2.5 W0J
CH-11 Using Flashback Database Archive 3 W0K
CH-12 Managing Memory 2 W0L
CH-13 SQL tuning 2 W0M
CH-14 Resource 2 W0N
CH-15 Database Scheduling 2 W0O
CH-16 Managing space 2.5 W0P
CH-17 Cloning 4 W0Q
CH-18 ASM configuration 3.5 W0R
Total number of hours for WS-2 42.5

Total number of hours 78.15