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Architectural Design II


Commercial Programming Questionnaire

● Describe the project type.
-Radio Shack
● What will be the primary use of the building(s) and site?
-To bring quality cables and new technology to our community
● If any, what is the secondary use of the building(s) and site?
-Could double as a school robotics gets together and have a Nice meeting place with all the material they need
● What are the square footage requirements?
-About 3000 Square Feet
● What percent of site coverage do you expect?
● Is the building(s) one-story or multi-story?
-One Story
● Are there any existing structures on site? If yes, are the existing structures to be remodeled or
-No there are not.
● Will the building(s) be a shell or finished out for the occupant?
-It will be finished for the occupant.
● Do you anticipate future construction or building phases on this site?
● Does the site have any special features or views that need to be taken into consideration?
-No it does not
● Are there any specific site restrictions?
-No there are not
● How do you want the site to be accessed?
-Through the front door.
● How should the site be viewed from the street?
-You will see the front of the building. It will show 2 windows and a large glass front door.
● Are there any specific parking requirements other than what is required by code?
-No there is not.
● Are there any environmental considerations?
● Select any outdoor spaces you would like on site and describe any specific location or requests:

● Are there any specific landscaping requirements or desires?
● What is the goal of the proposed space? What are the most important functions of the project?
-To give our customers the option to either dine outside or in the restaurant.
● What type of aesthetic and psychological goals or impact should the design have?
-My Building would be very nostalgic and have a modern theme.
● Does the inside of the space need to relate to the outside?
● Should the image of the building be similar or different from its neighbors?
-Its going to be different.
● Are there historic, cultural, and/or context implications that should be addressed?
-We are taking a step back and representing the olden days of RadioShack
● What major functions will take place in the building?
-A Store.
● How many people are to be accommodated?
-Around 100 people maximum inside the dining area, and around 15 people in the outdoor dining area.
● How might the building design enhance or impact occupant interactions?
-A lot of people will enjoy the old aspect of the building and it will draw them in because it reminds them of
when they were younger and always walked to go get ice cream on a hot summer day.
● What level of quality is desired (often stated in relation to other existing projects)?
-This store will be in great quality.
● What is the attitude toward conservation of resources and sustainability (energy, water, etc.)?
-Don’t need to conserve energy, but if needed then we will do so.
● What is the attitude toward initial costs versus long-range operating and maintenance costs?
-initial cost should be sustainable, But through the warm months the costs may rise but not by a substantial
● What is the total project budget?
● When is the project to be occupied?
● What types of changes are expected over the next 5, 10, 15, and 20 years?
-None, unless any maintenance changes are to be needed.
● What types of changes are expected for various functions? Do facilities need to change over a period of
a few hours? A few days? Over the course of seasons?
-Yes. Some machines may need to be replaced over a few months.
● Level of access: Who is allowed where? What security levels are there?
-Security levels are somewhat low, and customers are allowed anywhere besides places that are only required
for employees. Such as kitchen, specific bathroom, etc.
● Other Notes: