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X series
NO LONGER the best kept secret in the High-End audio worldThousands of
music lovers and audiophiles around the globe have now embraced the Usher X-

Series speakers with enthusiasm. And many of them are happy to report that so

has their spouse :-)

The Usher X-Series has proved that small speakers can sound just as good and

musically satisfying as a high end floor-standing system. The quality bass these

compact monitors reproduce, and especially the ease they do it with, have helped

the X-Series make friends with many a bassist. It's no magic. It's what happens

when solid engineering meets a deep appreciation of the reproduced sound.

Behind the Scene

Dr. Joseph D'Appolito has been working as consultant for Usher since
early 2000. A world renown authority in audio and acoustics and
specializing in loudspeaker system design. Dr. D'Appolito holds BEE,
SMEE, EE and Ph.D. degrees from RPI, MIT and the University of
Massachusetts. As a member of the Audio Engineering Society, Dr.
D'Appolito has published over 30 journal and conference papers. His
most popular and influential brain child, however, has to be the MTM
loudspeaker configuration, commonly known as the "D'Appolito
Configuration", which is now used by dozens of manufacturers
throughout the world.
Dr. D'Appolito designs crossover, specifies cabinet design, tests drivers
and performs final fine tuning for Usher, all from his own lab.
Although consulting to a couple of other companies, Dr. D'Appolito
especially enjoys working with Usher and has always found the
tremendous value Usher products represent a delightful surprise in
today's High-End audio world.
THE USHER X-SERIES has just gotten a bit jazzier this year!
Whilst the X-Series was busy collecting rave reviews from virtually all the major audio
publications, our designers were also busy bringing in new flavors to the ever-
popular X-Series, and you're looking at some of the results here.

Still encompassed by
the same exquisitely
finished solid birch side
panels, the main
cabinet of the X-Series is
now available in several
exciting new colors,
among them Enzo Red
and Gallardo Yellow.

Loudspeakers don't
have to look boring
when they're not
playing music, don't
you agree?
While the X-Series speakers aretruthful to the Usher
traditionvery friendly priced, the engineering efforts put
into their development are second to none. In order to
attain the best possible results and not satisfied with
what's available on the market, Usher developed the
drivers used on the X-Series from scratch, and also set up
dedicated production lines to manufacture them, to
ensure total control of the quality.

The X-719 is a 2-way system that offers the listener the kind of low
frequency reproduction normally only associated with much bigger,
3-way systems. Its cabinet incorporates thick walls and interlocked
braces that reduce cabinet coloration to minimum.
response. Mirror imaged pairs are available for bookshelf applications.
Dual inputs to the crossover network allows user the option of bi-
amping or bi-wiring their system for optimum performance. A
dedicated wood/stone speaker stand is available as an option to
provide rigid support and adjustable listening height.
Bass/Mid drive
USHER high definition bass/mid drive features a heavily
damped and carbon fiber impregnated paper cone that
dampens resonances normally associated with stiff cones.
The big, heavy magnet system that eliminates modulation
as well as lowering clipping distortion. A new type of
rubber surround combines progressive spider created as
the voice coil exceeds its maximum linear excursion. Our
bass/midrange unit sets entirely new standards of sound
reproduction, with compression and distortion figures only
a fraction of those for conventional units. The reason:
copper rings along with the massive aluminum phase
plug, improve the response time of the unit and make it
more linear. As well, our thermally stable voice coil will
withstand hours and hours of music pleasure while
providing a much greater dynamics, higher precision and
exceptionally powerful bass.

The X-718 uses the same tweeter as that on the X-719 and a new
paper cone 7" midrange/bass driver. Its unparalleled front baffle and
back panel provide time-aligned placement of the drivers and also
eliminate unwanted cabinet resonances. The X-718 is a high
performance compact monitor for critical listening. It provides precise
imaging, transparency, and tonal accuracy exceeding what many
larger, more expensive systems are capable of.
The cabinet is constructed of thick MDF walls with
extensive internal bracing to achieve extremely rigid for
non-resonant performance. The sound coloring is reduced
and dynamics are considerably improved. A rounded front
baffle is sculpted to reduce diffraction and edge reflection.

Crossover Network
The X-series loudspeakers have individually optimized high-
order crossovers that are optimize for both the on- and
off-axis responses. Tight-tolerance Audiophile-grade
metalized Polypropylene capacitors and custom air core
coils are expressly used throughout the crossover, ensuring
the lowest loss and highest fidelity of the signal. All X-
Series speakers have the provision for bi-amping or bi-
wiring application, with dedicated input posts for the
tweeter and woofer.

The X-708 is basically the same as the X-718 but employs a different
woofer. The X-708 woofer has an aluminum phase plug that assists
in adjusting its radiation pattern. As a result the midrange is
remarkably smooth, free of coloration and natural. The X-708's
transient accuracy and coherence are exemplary.
The X-Series Stand
The optional X-Series stand is available from your USHER

dealer. This stand is designed to optimize the acoustic

performance of the X-series loudspeaker by placing it at

the ideal height. The X-Series speaker can be secured to

the top plate of the X-Series stand with screws, forming a

solid unit that is both sonically coupled and aesthetically


Available finishes:


X-719 X-718 X-708
SYSTEM 2-Way Bookshelf 2-Way Bookshelf 2-Way Bookshelf

SENSITIVITY 87 dB/1W/1m 87 dB/1W/1m 87 dB/1W/1m


FREQUENCY RESPONSE 38 Hz - 28 kHz 42 Hz - 28 kHz 45 Hz - 28 kHz


CROSSOVER FREQUENCY 2.0 kHz 2.05 kHz 2.3 kHz

NET WEIGHT 18 kg 13.6 kg 12 kg

DIMENSION (CM) H39 x W27 x D41.5 H39 x W25.5 x D40.7 H38 x W24.5 x D36.5

DRIVE UNIT Tweeter 1"(T9950) Tweeter 1"(T9950) Tweeter 1"(T9950)

Mid-Bass 7"(8945A) Mid-Bass 7"(8948A) Mid-Bass 7"(8848P)

USHER reserves the right to change specifications or design at any time without notice. All specifications are those in effect at time of printing.


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