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The third week is for writing skills.

Activity 1, the trainer came and asked us to look at page 5 in the

module and write about Hydroponics. The time given is limited. This task must be done individually.
Furthermore, there was no information about the topic given to us. I had difficulty completing the
task. I only knew just one or two facts about hydroponics. The first few minutes was wasted. I cannot
write spontaneously. This activity remind me that I need to provide my pupils with proper guideline.
I learnt a lot about scaffolding, always start from easy to complex.

I learnt about The principle of Gradually Diminishing Control. This is from controlled to guided to
free writing. I will gradually letting go of the skills of writing to my pupils, but before they can be
independent writer, pupils are carefully prepared and given ample practise at each level. The
repetition is among the process. Throughout the activity I did with the other CP, I leant that I have to
design worksheet very carefully. It should be structured clearly, so that, pupils can use it easily and
effectively. When planning group work, I need to provide clear instructions, otherwise the pupils will
waste a lot of time before started. The feedback I give will guide them back in the right direction. All
this task I can adopt and adapt it to suit learning situation with my pupils.

Activity 5, there are a lot of activities I can use as references. The example shown can be used in the
classroom. Some of the exercises, I can adapt it and do a little bit of modification. So, when the
trainers assigned us to do a task, we have text and exercises that we can refer to. These activities is
one of the way to assess pupils, such as gap filling, note expansion and others. The trainers help me
to understand how to use it when we discussed it and complete the table in page 61. I can adopt and
adapt these example to know the strength and weaknesses of my pupils.

From the knowledge gain in designing lesson plan, I learnt that in Pre-Writing stage is more towards
helping pupils before they start writing. The input must be given first. Teacher gives information,
brainstorm, use graphic organiser to direct pupils into writing text. Writing stage is when teacher
scaffolds the process of writing by providing controlled and guided practise on the writing text. Post-
Writing is and extension to the writing activities in the writing stage. All the 3 stages must but
continuum. The microteaching done by the other CP help me have clear view about these three
stages in planning a lesson plan. The CP done it in such a way that it is easy for me to understand.
Participating in the microteaching make me realise that I have done it in my classroom but I didn’t
do it in correct order.

As a conclusion I hope I will be able to teach writing effectively. I’ll bear in mind all that I learnt here
and put it to good use that will benefit my pupils.