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Why Choose the Department of Chemical University of Bahrain

College of
Engineering at University of Bahrain?
The Department of Chemical Engineering is distinguished
as being the only Chemical Engineering Department in the
Kingdom of Bahrain. In addition to the ABET accredited
B.Sc. programs, the Department offers graduate studies in
Chemical Engineering, M.Sc. and Ph.D., as well as a
graduate program leading to Ph.D. in Process
Instrumentation and Control Engineering. Our
Department of
multidiscipline faculty focuses their research on traditional
areas, such as energy resources, computer process control,
as well as novel areas such biochemical engineering.
Graduate Programs at a glance Engineering
M.Sc. Ph.D.
Graduate Studies
o 4 core courses (12 credits) o 4 courses. (12 credits)
o 4 elective courses (12 credits) o Three years research work and
o Thesis ( 9 credits) thesis (63 credits)

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Department Chair Program Coordinator
Dr. Shaker Haji Prof. Elamin Elkanzi
Tel: 973-17-87-6622 Tel: Tel: 973-17-87-6622
Fax: +973-17-68-0935 F Fax: +973-17-68-0935
Email: Email:

For more information, please visit the department’s website at
Introduction M.Sc. program structure The program requires successful completion of (33 credits).
Students are expected to complete 4 core courses (12 credits), 4 elective courses (12 credits)
and a thesis (9 credits). An M.Sc. candidate is expected to submit one paper in a peer-
The Graduate Studies program in the Department of Chemical reviewed international journal prior to submitting his/her thesis.
Engineering provides graduates; from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Core Courses For M.Sc Adv.
and overseas, with opportunity to enhance their fundamental knowledge CHEG 517 Advanced transport phenomena Chemical
in Chemical Engineering and Process Instrumentation and Control CHEG 518 Advanced thermodynamics Engineering, I
Engineering. Students will be trained in scientific inquiry, analysis and CHEG 519 Mathematical methods for chemical engineers have taken &
critical appraisal of technological issues through course and research CHEG 520 Advanced chemical reaction engineering completed the
works. The program will lead the students to productive careers in their highlighted
Elective courses
engineering professions. courses
CHEG 521 Process safety and risk analysis
Educational aims CHEG 522 Process measurement and data management -Faisal
CHEG 523 Process and energy integration Mumtaz
CHEG 524 Water desalination
(1) Foster the opportunity for in-depth studies in advanced areas of CHEG 525 Optimization of chemical processes
chemical engineering. CHEG 526 Advanced petroleum reservoir engineering
(2) Provide the society with graduates capable of pursuing professional CHEG 527 Advances in petroleum refinery engineering
leadership positions within the chemical and associated industries. CHEG 528 Corrosion management and control
(3) Establish a broad basis for appreciating the significance of graduate CHEG 529 Computer process control
studies in community development. CHEG 530 Fuel cell science and engineering
(4) Attract highly motivated students; from GCC and overseas, to CHEG 531 Environmental engineering
conduct a cutting-edge research competent to solve real world problems. CHEG 532 Process intensification
(5) Bridging the gap between academia and practice by focusing on CHEG 533 Biotechnology applications in process engineering
specialized and practical research problems. CHEG 534 Industrial wastewater treatment
CHEG 535 Advances in petrochemical processing

Admission requirements CHEG 536 Chemical product design and development

CHEG 537 Special topic in process engineering
M.Sc. program: The basic admission requirement for the M.Sc. XXXX YYY Optional Elective from a relevant M.Sc. program
program is an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering or any CHEG 599 M.Sc. thesis : Student is required to prepare and present a
related discipline with a minimum GPA of 2.67/4.0 (University of thesis of an acceptable standard in field of interest.
Bahrain equivalent degree). In addition, students whose mother tongue
is not English, must obtain a score of at least 500 in the TOFEL (Test of Ph.D. program structure: The program requires successful completion of (75 credits). A
English as Foreign Language), 173 CBTOFEL, 61 IBTOFEL or 5.0 in Ph.D. candidate is required to complete a minimum of 4 courses (12 credits). In addition, each
the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). student is expected to complete an original research work and take an examination within three
Ph.D. program: For admission in Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering years of commencing his/her research study (63 credits). The student must demonstrate a
program, an applicant must hold a master’s degree in Chemical critical awareness and understanding of the literature in the research field and exhibit
Engineering or any related discipline from a recognized university. For capability of defining original and useful research problem. Originality may be assessed by
admission in Ph.D. in Process Instrumentation and Control Engineering considering the extent to which parts of the thesis might be published in peer-reviewed
program, an applicant must hold a master’s degree in Process technical journals with international stature. Ph.D. students are expected to publish at least two
Instrumentation and Control Engineering or any related discipline from papers in peer-reviewed international journals prior to submitting the thesis.
a recognized university. In addition, students whose mother tongue is
not English, must obtain a score of at least 550 in the TOFEL (Test of
English as Foreign Language), 213 CBTOFEL, 79-80 IBTOFEL or 6.0
in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).