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(804) 512-5833 Sarah Sheffield PO Box 110 West Point, VA 23181

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 2014-2018
M.T. Secondary English Education and Special Education GPA: 3.8
B.A. English
Relevant Courses: Teaching with Technology, Instruction and Assessment, Reading Development.

Virginia Certification in Secondary English Summer 2018
Virginia Certification in Special Education K-12 Summer 2018

Professional Experience
Teaching Internships
Jack Jouett Middle School English Education Fall 2017
 Assumed one 6th grade standard collaborative class, one 6th grade advanced honors class, and four 7th
grade remedial reading classes.
 Supported a socioeconomically diverse group of students with 43% receiving free/reduced lunch.
 Collaborated with special education instructor to design curriculum with a 6th grade ELA team.
 Participated in IEP meetings, parent conferences, and 6th grade behavior intervention team
 Facilitated student discussion, prepared teacher models, demonstrated think-alouds, and taught non-
fiction text structure and writing in the classroom.
 Used data from diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments to inform instruction.
Jack Jouett Middle School Special Education Spring 2018
 Assumed the role of special education collaborator in one 6 grade standard math class and two 7th

grade standard math classes.

 Facilitated IEP meetings with parents, teachers, and students using data collected from student work
and behavior during class.
 Designed materials and instruction to scaffold lessons for students with disabilities within the
classroom and in pull-out instruction.
 Communicated accommodations and behavior intervention plans with general education teachers.

Practicum Placements- Participated in classrooms for 30 hours in each placement. Observed mentor
teacher, implemented 2-4 lessons, and worked one-on-one and in small groups.
 Burley Middle School 8th grade English Spring 2017
 Jackson Via Elementary School Kindergarten and 1st grade special education Spring 2017
 Albemarle High School 9th grade English Fall 2016
 Virginia Institute for Autism Middle grade students with autism Spring 2016
 Jack Jouett Middle School 6th and 8th grade AVID students Spring 2016
 Venable Elementary School Tutored 4th grade student in reading Fall 2016

Other Work and Leadership Experience

Gordie Center for Substance Abuse Prevention June 2016-August 2017
Communicated with other organizations at the university to organize educational outreach programs
about hazing prevention; collected data and created infographics with that information; created
presentations for hazing and bystander intervention outreach programs.
Co-Chair of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team 2016-2017
Organized and communicated with team members to give them the skills to go into the university
community and give peers information about drug and alcohol use with a focus on making choices.
Participated on the University of Virginia Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Substance Abuse along
with other student leaders and university administration.
Women’s Leadership Development Program Committee Member 2015-2016
Collaborated with a team of women to organize a semester long program devoted to helping young
women in college gain skills necessary to be successful in and after college.
Madison House Volunteer Spring 2015
Tutored three students in 8th grade mathematics in pull-out instruction at Burley Middle School.
Reviewed homework, practiced math problems, and used manipulatives to demonstrate concepts.
Relevant Skills
Collaboration—able to work within a team to help reach team goals by listening to others, adding new ideas,
and helping to compromise.
Technology—able to use SMART technology, Flipgrid, Kahoot, and Google Classrooms for instruction.