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Submitted by:
Jonalyn B. Padero
PHAËTHON - a youthful son of Helios who begged his father
let him drive the chariot of the sun
CLYMENE - was an Okeanid-nymph loved by the sun-god
Helios. She bore him seven daughters, the Heliad-nymphs, and a
son named Phaethon
HELIOS - was the Titan god of the sun, a guardian of oaths,
and the god of sight. He dwelt in a golden palace in the River
Okeanos (Oceanus) at the far ends of the earth from which he
emerged each dawn, crowned with the aureole of the sun,
driving a chariot drawn by four winged steeds.
NIADS – were Nymphs of the river Eridanos in the mythical
northern land of Hyperborea.
MOTHER EARTH - She uttered a great cry that made the gods
help them and stop the destruction being brought by Phaethon.
KING GLAUCUS – King of Ephyre (later called Corinth) ; son
of Sisyphus who in hades must forever try to roll a stone uphill
because he once betrayed Zeus; He is the father of Bellerophon.
BELLEROPHON – Son of king Glaucus but was rumored to
be Poseidon’s because of his surpassing gifts of spirit. He
wanted to have the Pegasus, the one who killed Chimaera.
EURYNOME – mother of bellerophon; although a mortal,
Athena taught her until wit and wisdom and she became close to
the gods. POLYIDUS – The wise seer of Ephyre (Corinth) who
told Bellerophon to sleep at Athena’s Temple.
ATHENA – The goddess who gave bellorophon the bridle of all
gold to be used for the Pegasus.
KING PROETUS – King of Argos who purified Bellerophon
when he accidentally killed his brother; husband of Anteia.
ANTEIA – wife of King Proetus; fell in love with Bellerophon
but was rejected.
KING OF LYCIA – The king who Proteus sent Bellerophon to
be killed.
CHIMAERA – A fearful creature who was a lion in front, a
serpent behind and a goat in between; was killed by Bellerophon
SOLYMI – Mighty warriors that Bellerophon had conquered.
AMAZON – Women warrior who Bellerophon has also
OTUS – One of the giants who wants to carry-off Hera.
EPHIALTES – He is the twin of Otus who fell in love with
Artemis or thought he was.
IPHIMEDIA or CANACE – She is the mother of Otus and
POSEIDON – He is the father of Otus and Ephialtes. He
begged Zeus to spare his sons.
ALOEUS – He is the husband of Iphimedia.
ARES – imprisoned by Otus and Ephialtes, bound him with
chains of brass.
ARTEMIS – Sought by the twin everywhere over the hills and
in the woods. She had vengeance for Otus and Ephialtes.
DAEDALUS – The architect who contrived the
Labyrinth in Crete and showed Ariadne how
Theseus could escape from it.
KING MINOS – King of Crete who punished
Daedalus and his son Icharus.
ICHARUS – Son of Daedalus who died from flying
too near to the sun until the wings come off then fell
into the sea.
SICILIAN KING – The king who accepted
Daedalus into his country and slain king Minos.
KING ACRISIUS – King of Argos, who’s destined to be
killed by his grandson, Perseus
PERSEUS – son of Zeus and Danae. He is the slayer of
the Gorgon Medusa and the rescuer of Andromeda who
later became his wife.
DANAE – Daughter of King Acrisius; imprisoned in a
house built of all bronze and was visited by Zeus.
PRIESTESS – Told king Acrisius an oracle that he
would not have a son and will be killed by his grandson.
ZEUS – Father of Perseus. He made sure that Danae and
Perseus were safe from the sea and that they should be
discovered by a good man.
DICTYS - A fisherman who discovered and cared for
Danae and Perseus. He is the brother of Polydectes and
became the king of the island.
POLYDECTES – the ruler of the little island; he was
cruel and ruthless. He wanted Danae but didn’t want her
son and asked Perseus to bring him the Head of Medusa.
GORGONS – Fearsome monsters with deadly power;
with great wings, body covered with golden scales and
snaky hair. Can turn man into stone. Most horrible to
MEDUSA – one of the Gorgons; the only mortal among
the three.
HERMES – the guide and the giver of good. Helped and
guided Perseus in his journey. Gave his sword to Perseus.
The reason why Perseus found the place of Hyperboreans.
ATHENA – another great deity who was at hand to help.
Held her shield of polished bronze which covered her
breast to Perseus. She guided Perseus’ hand when he
aimed a stroke down at Medusa’s throat. Medusa’s head
was given to her.
GRAY WOMEN – Three women with only one eye,
withered as in extreme old age. Dwelt in a land where all
was dim and shrouded in twilight. She told Perseus how
to reach the nymphs of the North.
HYPERBOREANS – Happy people who are always
banqueting and holding joyful revelry. Showed Perseus
great kindness. Gave Perseus the gifts he sought: winged
sandals, a magic wallet which would always become the
right size for whatever was to be carried in it, and, most
important of all, a cap which made the wearer invisible.
ANDROMEDA – A lovely maiden had been given up to
be devoured by a horrible sea serpent because of her
mother’s arrogance. She is the wife of Perseus.
QUEEN CASSIOPEIA – The mother of Andromeda. A
silly vain woman who boasted that she was more
beautiful that the daughters of Nereus, the Sea-god.
CEPHEUS – The father of Andromeda.
KING OF LARISSA – King in the north; held a great
athletic contest and Perseus journeyed there to take part.
ELECTRYON – Son of Perseus and Andromeda;
Grandfather of Hercules.
THESEUS - While having all the qualities of a traditional
hero, such as strength and courage, he was also intelligent
and wise. His early adventures benefited the city and
region of Athens, helping in the consolidation of the
Athenian power through shrewd political maneuvering.
He also led the Athenian army on a number of victorious
campaigns. He was also credited as the founder of
democracy, voluntarily transferring many of his powers as
king over to an elected assembly. He gained a reputation
for helping the poor and oppressed.
KING AEGEUS – The king of Athens. The father of
SCIRON, SINIS & PROCUTES – Bandits along the
Journey of Theseus.
MEDEA – The Heroine of the Quest of the Golden
Fleece. She was the one who made a plan to imprison
MINOS – The powerful ruler of Crete.
ANDROGEUS – Son of King Minos.
MINOTAUR - A monster that is half bull and half man.
KING LYCOMEDES – allegedly killed Theseus.
PASIPHAE – was an immortal daughter of the sun-god
Helios. she was a skilled practitioner of witchcraft
(pharmakeia). Pasiphae married King Minos of Krete (Crete)
and bore him a number of sons and daughters. she was
cursed with lust for the king’s finest bull. The queen enlisted
the help of the artisan Daidalos (Daedalus) who built her an
animate, wooden cow wrapped in bovine-skin.
DAEDALUS – A great architect who built the Labyrinth.
ARIADNE – Daughter of king Minos. She fell in love with
AMAZONS – Women warriors.
DIONYSUS – He comforted Ariadne when Theseus left her
in an Island.
HYPPOLYTUS – Theseus’ son.
PIRITHOUS – Adventurous like Theseus. His friend and
King of Lapithae.
CENTAURS – A creature that is half man and half horse.
HERCULES – He is the cousin of Theseus . He helped
Theseus and his friend Pirithous to the underworld.
PHAEDRA – Sister of Ariadne.
HERCULES – The strongest of all mortals, and even
stronger than many gods. He is the son of Zeus and a
mortal woman, Alcmene.
ZEUS – Father of Hercules
ALCMENA – Mother of Hercules
HERA – The wife of Zeus. She knew that Hercules was
the illegitimate son of her husband and sought to destroy
QUEEN OMPHALE – actually owned Hercules, as a
ATHENA - A goddess who helped Hercules in three of
his labors.
THESEUS – the bravest of the brave as all heroes are.
APOLLO – He holds the Oracle.
HYLAS – Hercules’ young armor – bearer.
AMPHITRYON – A distinguished general. The father of
IPHICLES – He is the brother of Hercules to his mother,
Alcmena. He is the father of Iolaus, Hercules’ charioteer
who helped him slay the Hydra.
TEIRESIAS – The blind prophet of Thebes .
PRINCESS MEGARD – She is the wife of Hercules and
had three sons.
EURYSTHEUS – The king of Mycenae. He was the
one who gave the task to Hercules called, “The Labors of
IOLAUS - Nephew of Hercules and helped him killed the
HYDRA – A multi- headed, serpentine monster.
KING DIOMEDES OF THRACE – owned the man-
eating mares who were taken by Hercules as his eight
HIPPOLYTA – The Queen of the Amazons.
ATLAS – bore the vault of heaven upon his shoulders.
He was the father of the Hesperides.
ANTAEUS – The giant and the mighty wrestle who
forced strangers to wrestle with him.
ACHELOUS – The river-god who fell in love with the
girl, Hercules now wanted to marry.
DEIANIRA – second wife of Hercules. Hercules won her
hand in marriage by wrestling with Achelous.
ANDROMEDA – A maiden who was rescued by
Hercules , waiting on the shore to be devoured by a sea
KING LAOMEDON – The father of Andromeda.
KING EURYTUS – offered an insult to Hercules that
results Hercules’ slaying a good friend to avenge.
ADMETUS – A king of Thessaly. A friend of Hercules
where he had planned to spend a night while doing one of
the twelve labors.
ALSCESTIC – The wife of Admetus
IOLE – The king’s daughter. One of the captive maidens
whom Hercules fell in love.
PHILOCTETES - follower of Hercules who hold the
torch to set the wood on fire.
HEBE – Daughter of Hera and was married to Hercules.
ATALANTA - "The pride of the woods of Arcady"; left by her
father to die on the mountainside but grew up as a strong woman
KING OENEUS - he forgot to sacrifice the first harvest to the
gods and Artemis sent him a terrible creature, a boar, which
started the Calydonian boar hunt to stop the ravaging in the
MELEAGER - Oeneus' son; fell inlove with Atalanta at first
sight. He stabbed the boar to the heart when Atalanta wounded it
and gave its skin to her. He also killed his two uncles that lead to
his death when his mother threw the wood, which represents his
life, to the fire.
ALTHEA - Meleager's mother; she hanged herself after
realizing what she had done to her own son
MELANION - one of the runner in the foot race against
Atalanta, defeated her, and in the end became her husband
APHRODITE - the goddess of love. She gave the three golden
apples to Melanion
PARTHENOPAEUS - Atalanta amd Melanion's son. Atalanta
gave birth to him before she, and Melanion, was turned into a