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General resources (Australian Museum) (ABC Science) (Museum Victoria) (Biozone from the UK) (Scientific American magazine) (New Scientist magazine) (Springer Science) (NASA’s global environment issues site) (Australian Academy of Science) (CSIRO) (Uniserve Science)

Study resources
Board of Studies specimen paper—HSC Biology 2001. Scroll down to Question 23 for marking
guidelines. Outcomes assessed: H1, H2, H6, H9, H15.
An Australian website that explains that a debate is a structured and formal way of conducting an
argument. It outlines debating techniques clearly and simply.
This Debatepedia website invites you to ‘improve your ability to think through the complicated issues
and debates you care about, take a confident stand, and take action as a citizen’.
Website that outlines how to write a report, with an Australian example on skin cancer. A marking
rubric for a report text type is also included.

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