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New Supaplex

Game idea:
You should collect enough Infotrons (triangle like objects with rounded corners)
and find Exit (looks like orange box with upstairs). The stones (zonks), monsters
and other things make game more interesting.

How to play:
Use arrows to move Murphy and cursors + spacebar for the range eating. You can
also setup a Red Disk (with local timer) if you keep spacebar pressed a while,
which explode after short time. Sure you should collect one to setup :)

Also, there very much game objects in the game, and things like Gravity, Freeze
zonks and Freeze enemies.

The game supports:
- the Supaplex levels (*.dat and *.d?? where ? are numbers)
- *.sp (supaplex demos) single supaplex levels
- *.mpx (megaplex levels and demos)

The game supports:
- the Supaplex and Megaplex demos (*.sp)

You can get some additional levels from the game site (see url at the end) or just
search in the internet.
There are also several level editors around (MegaPlex, Spxed and others).

Command line parameters (optional):
Start a game in a fullscreen mode instead of the default windowed mode.
By default the fullscreen mode runs with 800x600 resolution. You can change
the resolution with -width and -height parameters (see below).

Disable zooming of game screen to 800x600

Start a game without sounds and music (for computers without a sound card)

-width [W]
-height [H]
Start a game with resolution W x H. Works for windowed and fullscreen mode.
Example of usage: NewSupaplex.exe -width 1024 -height 768

-playdemo [demofile]
Plays a demo without any GUI in silent mode. Return 0 - if successfule, and non
zero otherwise.
Also the game writes a result in demo_info.txt file.
Demofile should be located in Demos folder of the game.
Example of usage: NewSupaplex.exe -playdemo Demos\00s004.nsp

-playdemolist [demolistfile]
Plays a demos in a batch without any GUI in silent mode. The game writes a result
in demo_info.txt file.
Demolist file is a text file which contain a list of demos in folowing format:
Demo files should be located in Demos folder of the game.
Example of usage: NewSupaplex.exe -playdemolist demolist.txt

Command line examples:

NewSupaplex.exe -fullscreen
NewSupaplex.exe -fullscreen -width 1280 -height 1024
NewSupaplex.exe -width 1440 -height 900

NewSupaplex.exe -nosound -fullscreen

have fun!


2010/11/27 build 0.803
- The game now uses native Supaplex engine. So, it is now 100% compatible with
original Supaplex and Megaplex. All recorded level solutions *.sp/*.mpx plays fine.
- Added support for *.mpx demos
- Added option to disable zooming of game field
- Fixed looping of some music tracks

2010/11/27 build 0.721
- added: The game was ported to Linux (x86/amd64) and MacOS X
- added: You can now resize game window
- added: The game now scale the visuals to window size. This make the objects more
visible on higher resolutions
- added: The game now exits when user close main game window
- fixed: Fixed black screen on minimize (active/deactivate) while playing game
- fixed: Fixed bug with the non-english characters in the path to game folder.
There was no levels in such case.
- removed: Removed options menu

2008/02/17 build 0.605
- fixed: The game logic was changed to be much more compatible with old supaplex
- fixed: Now Murphy pass the ports with double speed
- fixed: After each successfuly played level the statistic is saved in user profile
- added: Added support for playing Supaplex and Megaplex demos (*.sp)
- fixed: Changed hot keys for game speed control. Now you can use PageUp/PageDown
to control speed.
The speed changes as folows:
- added: In demo play mode you can see now the key presses (arrows and space)
- added: Added support for resolutions other that 800x600 (see the readme.txt file
command line parameters)

2005/12/04 build 0.510
- added: Added support for Megaplex levels (*.mpx). Megaplex levels may be up to
256x256 size.
- fixed: Fixed the game crush at some invalid levelsets.
- added: Added support for levels with a non-english names. The characters with
codes > 128 are treated as russian symbols and appropriately transliterate into
english counterparts. This allows to play a lot of russian levels.
- fixed: Fixed a lot of bugs in menu logic which may crash a game.
- added: Now the game speed is tracked for each player. The demo playback speed is
set to player base speed on every playback (for convenience).
- fixed: The BUG (electro charge in the green base) cooldown time has been
increased to allow eat it more safely. Otherwise the BUG can charge at truely
random time, even at the next frame after previous time. This is inconvenient. Now
the bug cannot charge right after previous charge, it can do so after a small
cooldown only. But, I fixed it in such way that old demos should playback
- added: Added an overwrite prompt in save demo dialog.
- added: Added a force redraw on each level cell at very high game speed. Without
that it is possible to set a such speed, that game become non-interactive.
- added: The game speed is now visible at game pannel.

2005/05/02 build 0.480
- added: Player profiles. Now the game keep history for solved levels for each
- added: Game menu: Now you can choose the levelset and level to play
- added: Game menu: Now you can save level solutions (demos)
- added: Demos menu: Now you can plaback saved demos
- added: Credits menu: Added some credits
- added: Tracks number of Murphy moves and show them on game panel
- added: Added new music track
- fixed: The snik-snak animation changed (to real snik-snak)
- fixed: Murphy range eating animation and red disk setup animation changed
- bugfix: The bug with lost focus and minimizing the game window
- bugfix: The arrows doesn't work anymore when game is not active
- bugfix: Several minor fixes

2003/02/10 build 0.420
- There is a long way to that build, game engine was completely rewritten from
scratch three or four times.
System requirements:
CPU: Pentium II 500 or higher
RAM: 128 Mb of higher
Video card: 32 Mb or higher (should support OpenGL acceleration)
OS: Windows 2k/XP/Vista/7 with DirectX 8.1 or higher. (Not tested on W98/ME, but
will probably work)
OS: Linux x86/amd64
OS: MacOSX (tested on 10.5.7)

One note:
There are several sprites (Electron and Snik-Snak animation) and few sounds are
taken from the similar game "Igor: The time machine".
Those will be replaced with our own sprites as soon as Blacky Gray will have some
free time for that (or may be someone volunteer for that).

programming: Sergey Antonov (zz|sergant)
graphics & design: Blacky Gray

site in russian at

site in english at