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Finance Department

Hotels & Resorts

Standard Operating Procedure
Update: 15.08.08 / DHR-CO-FI-SOP-001

Receiving of Goods


This SOP is to ensure that the quantity and quality of the materials or goods received are in
accordance with the required specification stated on the Purchase Order.


Receiving clerk / Storekeeper

General Instruction

 All suppliers are to be instructed to deliver all goods to the receiving area.
 Supplier must deliver all goods within an agreed time frame stated by the Hotel/Resort.
 Before accepting any goods, the Receiving Clerk, and/or Store Keeper has to ensure that the
purchases are supported by approved purchase orders. No orders, no deliveries.
 Suppliers must be instructed to submit delivery notes (with completed and correct pricing
details) together with goods. Supplier should be instructed that no invoice is paid unless they
have copies signed by authorized personnel. In case the Hotel/Resort does not receive
necessary copies of the supplier’s invoice or delivery orders, the receiving clerk must arrange the
necessary number of photo-stat copies.
 The receiving clerk should receive information regarding price of items purchased in order to
facilitate Food and Beverage inventory control and Food/Beverage cost recording so that
inventory record can be up-to-date and daily Food and Beverage report can be produced on
a timely basis.


 The receiving clerk must inspect the goods received by counting each item and/or carefully
weigh and cross-check against the specification contained in the respective purchase order, by
invoice/delivery order accompanying the delivery. Depending upon goods being received, the
Department Head may be requested to inspect the quality of goods and reject items not
meeting the purchase/quality specifications.
 For perishable food items; on examination where signs of deterioration is noticed, products are
to be rejected, by visual examination or in some cases by date stamps used by vendors.
 After checking of goods by the receiving clerk, all invoices or delivery notes must be signed and
rubber-stamped to show that the goods have been checked and accepted.

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