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The Incomplete Writings Of Mark Dion - Selected Interviews, Fragments And Miscellany
Fieldwork Museum 2017 ISBN 9789082783100 Acqn 28156
Hb 18x25cm 546pp col ills £51

Mark Dion is a prominent pioneer of environmental and ecological art. As a visual artist, he
appropriates scientific methods of fieldwork, collecting, ordering, and exhibiting objects. He
reflects on the visual representation of nature, engages in institutional critique, contributes to
postcolonial discourse, and bears witness to the devastating impact of humankind on our natural
environment. Nearly a hundred illustrated texts by Dion and interviews with the artist from the
mid-1980s to the present are published in this book. His writings are characterised by curiosity,
directness, and intellectual versatility. Often polemical and mildly ironic, they emphasise the
urgency of his work.

In Part - Writings by Julie Ault

Dancing Foxes Press 2018 ISBN 9780998632643 Acqn 27624
Hb 15x23cm 276pp 28.50

Spanning more than three decades, In Part brings together a full spectrum of the New York–
based artist, writer and activist Julie Ault’s (born 1957) published texts through carefully selected
extracts in a single volume.

Reprinted in chronological sequence alongside a selection of full-length texts, this series of

excerpts offers a timeline of Ault’s continuous artistic growth, longstanding political concerns and
dynamic interpersonal affinities.

Beginning in the 1980s with texts written with her collaborators in Group Material, In Part
highlights Ault’s shift from exhibition making in the mid-1990s to include publishing and writing.
Ault’s dialogic practice extends to the present day through her sustained engagements and
relationships with such artists as Corita Kent, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Nancy Spero, Martin Beck,
David Wojnarowicz, Liberace and Martin Wong. Lucy R. Lippard contributes an introduction.

Biography Of A Publishing House Gaberbocchus Press 1948-2013

Huis Clos 2017 ISBN 9789079020423 Acqn 28167
Pb 17x23cm 160pp 93ills 75col £36.50

In 1948 Stefan and Franciszka Themerson founded the Gaberbocchus Press in London. Over a
period of three decades this publishing house went on to produce over 60 titles, and although the
couple’s work clearly has roots in the international avant-garde of the interbellum, they
maintained a high level of independence in all of their activities. Their publications are
characterised by improvised techniques and materials, as well as by experiments with word and
image. Eccentric, original, and expressive of the identity of its contents, each book contains a
distinct combination of text, image, design, materials. This volume pays tribute to the rare
phenomenon that was Gaberbocchus.

Haegue Yang - Lingering Nous

Les Presses Du Reel 2017 ISBN 9782840668909 Acqn 28055
Hb 21x27cm 160pp 60ills 50col £42.75

This new monograph documents 21 installations conceived by Haegue Yang during the past
decade, all constructed with venetian blinds. Yang is one of the most influential Korean artists of
her generation, and many of her artworks attempt to provide sensory experiences through
abstract narratives. Using various media she explores the sensual and formal properties of
everyday objects and materials, taken out of their original context and rearranged into abstract
compositions, investing them with a new, poetic meaning with political or emotional overtones.
Her geometric, abstract constructions are in fact sensory experiences whose crux is an implicit
critique of the modern.

Gordon Matta-Clark - Splitting, Cutting, Writing, Drawing, Eating

Culturgest 2017 ISBN 9789727691104 Acqn 28095
Pb 18x25cm 220pp col ills £29

American artist Gordon Matta-Clark is perhaps best known for the site-specific artworks he made
in the 1970s. His body of work includes performance and recycling pieces, space and texture
works, and his "building cuts". Matta-Clark used a number of media to document his work, such
as film, video, and photography, much of which appears in this catalogue, itself published on the
occasion of an eponymous exhibition at the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto, and
Culturgest, Lisbon. The attractively designed book includes numerous of the artist's own sketches
and plans for various works, plus letters and other material that together form an in-depth portrait.

The Human Figure In Islamic Art - Holy Men, Princes And Commoners
Strandberg Publishing 2017 ISBN 9788792949967 Acqn 28103
Hb 24x30cm 280pp col ills £51

The Human Figure in Islamic Art focuses on an unusually and rarely elucidated subject in the
world of Islamic art: human depictions. Depictions of man were considered objectionable from an
orthodox Muslim point of view since only God can create life, and man should not try to emulate
God's work. There was concern that depictions or those who were depicted could be worshipped,
something that went against the dogma that only God, Allah, should be the object of worship.
This book and the eponymous exhibition present 75 works from the David Collection, from utility
ware to miniature paintings, divided into themes including The Religious Sphere, Depictions Of
Women, Depictions Of Everyday Life, all introduced by an essay. Light is also shed on the mutual
in influence of Islamic and European art.

Reflections - Rosemarie Trockel And Works From Turin Collections

Corraini Editore 2017 ISBN 9788875706159 Acqn 28104
Pb 25x31cm 126pp 140ills £33.75

'Reflections' links a selection of works from Turin art museums to the oeuvre of German artist
Rosemarie Trockel. The artworks were chosen by the artist together with curator Paolo Colombo,
allowing an entirely new itinerary to unfold that stems from two motifs important to her own body
of work: the portrait and ceramics. With allusions to "high" and "low" culture, Trockel reflects upon
the human condition, as well as the artist's role in a complex and multi-layered social
representation of the individual. This catalogue accompanies a presentation of works at the
Pinacoteca Agnelli gallery in Turin. With texts by Lisa Zeiger, Roger Cook, and Paolo Colombo.

Paranormal. Tony Oursler Vs Gustavo Rol

Corraini Editore 2017 ISBN 9788875706838 Acqn 28105
Pb 21x28cm 176pp col ills £52

'Paranormal. Tony Oursler vs Gustavo Rol' is the catalogue of the exhibition hosted from
November 3, 2017 at Pinacoteca Agnelli, which continues its research path on the theme of
collecting. This time the topic is the paranormal: a collection of works by American artist Tony
Oursler and his personal objects collection about the occult world, dialogue with works by psychic
painter Gustavo Rol. The selection has been made by Oursler himself together with the curator
Paolo Colombo and the director of the Pinacoteca Marcella Pralormo.

Ignacio Tovar - Cantandote Bajito

CAC Malaga 2017 ISBN 9788494619069 Acqn 28160
Pb 22x25cm 120pp col ills £58.50

This catalogue is published in conjunction with an exhibition at CAC Malaga looking back on the
last two decades of work by Spanish artist Ignacio Tovar. He belongs to a generation of abstract
artists that gained prominence in Seville during the transition from dictatorship to democracy, and
today is considered one of the most important painters on the Andalusian art scene. Although the
majority of Tovar's works are dominated by colour and filly with vibrant hues, he is not one to be
concerned with sensationalism or appearances - deliberately shunning gratuitous aestheticism
and tending to seek the exact opposite. The book includes a critical text by Sema D'Acosta.

Museum of Capitalism
Inventory Press 2017 ISBN 9781941753156 Acqn 27660
Hb 17x24cm 208pp 90col ills £29.50

This speculative institution views the present and recent past from the implied perspective of a
future society in which our economic and political system is memorialized, and subjected to the
museological gaze. Sketches and renderings of exhibits and artifacts, combined with relevant
quotations from historical sources, are interspersed with speculative essays on the intersections
of ecology, race, museology, historiography, economics and politics. Included are representations
of artworks and museum exhibits created by artists Oliver Ressler, Sayler/Morris, Dread Scott,
Temporary Services, and others, original Isotype graphics drawn from the museum's lexicon of
"capitalisms," and texts from Lucy Lippard, Lester K. Spence, T.J. Demos, Chantal Mouffe,
McKenzie Wark and Kim Stanley Robinson, among others.

Joe Goode - Paintings 1960-2016

Kohn Gallery 2017 ISBN 9781880086070 Acqn 28204
Hb 25x25cm 220pp 186ills 141col £58.95

This substantial survey of the spacious abstractions of Los Angeles-based painter Joe Goode
(born 1937) traces the rise of his career following his move to LA in 1959 and reproduces key
series of works from the past six decades.

Alex Da Corte - A Man Full of Trouble

Karma 2017 ISBN 9781942607601 Acqn 27275
Pb 21x28cm 328pp 327col ills £47

Philadelphia-based Alex Da Corte's (born 1980) new publication takes its name from the pre-
Revolutionary tavern that stands in the heart of Philadelphia's historic district. Using the "privy,"
an archaeological pit located near the A Man Full of Trouble tavern, as inspiration, Da Corte
presents the world within such a portal; a place where memories, objects, past and present
aggregate and reconstitute.

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein – Mythologies

John Michael Kohler Arts Cente 2017 ISBN 9780998681702 Acqn 27662
Hb 22x28cm 248pp 265col ills £46.50

From the 1930s until his death in 1983, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein was a prolific artist,
producing paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and poetry in his small Milwaukee home.

His large and unusual body of work was unknown to anyone except his closest family and friends
until after his death; he is now deservedly considered, according to Roberta Smith, “among the
great American outsider artists.”

Von Bruenchenhein’s first creative venture was to photograph his wife, Marie. In the 1950s, he
began painting surreal subjects, ranging from atomic mushrooms to mythical creatures and
futuristic metropolises. Further evidence of his personal mythologies is found in his sculptures:
elaborate chairs constructed out of chicken bones, ceramic and metal crowns, sensor pots made
out of leaves and plant forms.

After Von Bruenchenhein’s death, the John Michael Kohler Arts Center began cataloguing and
photographing his work. Mythologies emerges out of this research, exploring Von
Bruenchenhein’s art, the people and contexts that spurred his imagination, and his creative

Navid Nuur – Funnelflux

ROMA Publications 2017 ISBN 9789492811066 Acqn 28153
Pb 21x29cm 116pp col ills £28

Born in Tehran, visual artist Navid Nuur creates work that reflects a relation between concept and
form. His forms materialise through a subjective programme of requirements or rules in which
intuition is key. Although very conceptual at first sight, the process by which Nuur's body of work
is produced is strongly influenced by intuition and chance. His sculptures, installations, and text-
based works often contain the essence of a certain material at their core. Published in
conjunction with an exhibition of work by Nuur at Be-Part, Platform for contemporary art, in
Waregem, Belgium, this book conjures the temporary, in-between state characterised by his

Mary Corse
Kayne Griffin Corcoran 2017 ISBN 9781941753132 Acqn 28205
Hb 26x33cm 164pp 78ills 20col £46.50

Mary Corse (born 1945) earned acclaim in the 1960s for pieces ranging from shaped-canvas
paintings to ingenious light works. Corse has dedicated the decades since to establishing a
unique practice at the crossroads of abstract expressionism and minimalism.

Despite her now-frequent association with California's Light and Space movement, the Los
Angeles-based artist evolved independently of the region's dominant personalities, philosophies
and scenes.

Produced in conjunction with her solo exhibition at Kayne Griffin Corcoran, this is the first major
catalogue on the artist. With an essay by Suzanne Hudson and an interview by Alex Bacon, it
initiates a critical reappraisal of an artist whose singular vision has been hidden for too long.

Michael Armitage
White Cube 2017 ISBN 9781910844274 Acqn 28200
Pb 24x30cm 100pp 54ills 41col £31.25

This solo exhibition by London-based, Kenyan-born artist, Michael Armitage, brings together a
new body of work that draws on the chapel-like qualities of the SLG's main space. His large-scale
paintings explore the ambiguous boundaries between religion, folklore and social consensus,
particularly in relation to issues of mental health in East Africa. Referencing historical and
contemporary news stories, internet gossip, and the artist's own experiences of Kenya, the
paintings blend dream-like figuration with compositional references to Titian, Gauguin and other
masters of Western art history. Painted on Ugandan lubugo bark cloth, the texture and ruptures
within this distinctive material are integrated into Armitage's surreal imagery, the surface beauty
of which often belies the disturbing subject matter upon which it is based.

Texts by Roger Malbert and Mukami Kuria, and a conversation between Michael Armitage and
Margot Helle

Tirzo Martha - I Wonder If They'll Laugh When I'm Dead

Jap Sam 2017 ISBN 9789490322885 Acqn 28222
Pb 17x24cm 304pp 235ills 204col £25.95

The first monograph for artist Tirzo Martha (Willemstad, Curacao 1965), this artist book offers a
compelling compilation of his art works, mixed media performances and installations.

Tirzo Martha’s urge and necessity to create art has its origin not in his ability to be creative but in
his humanitarian and social engagement. He saw in art the space and the infinite possibilities for
strengthening his voice, and the urge to communicate. Much like an anthropologist, he went into
all the details that comprise the big puzzle of how people exist. Besides all of the oral and
physical information that he gathered, he was also getting visual information that would be the
point of departure for his artworks. He considered the living-conditions and the way people coped
with their space and objects; their strength to visualise dreams, hopes, disappointments and
states of mind. He would translate such information into ideas and structures that would become
his body of work. This brought him to the installations, videos and performances presented in this

Jan Dietvorst And Roy Villevoye – Evidence

Jap Sam 2017 ISBN 9789490322908 Acqn 28224
Pb 15x20cm 172pp 144col ills £13.25

For almost twenty years the Dutch artists Jan Dietvorst and Roy Villevoye have been exploring
issues as diverse as anthropological representation, the conventions of documentary filmmaking
and culture as a means of adaptation and re-enactment.

The publication EVIDENCE is published on the occasion of their first major solo exhibition
EVIDENCE in Belgium, which was from 13 May to 16 July 2017 in Argos, Brussels. The method
of editing used in their collective film work has been applied in this book to 148 photographs from
their archives. In his contribution to the book, art historian and curator of the exhibition Andrea
Cinel discusses the non-narrative and non-linear way in which their work makes connections and
creates meaning. Filmmaker An van Dienderen, who obtained a PhD in Comparative Cultural
Sciences, places their work outside the traditional documentary genre that she
considers characterized by a predictable claim to reality and a fixed relationship of authority
between filmmaker and subject. Her text is a plea for the cinematography of visual artists.

Jun Tsunoda - Sound And Vision

Torch Press 2017 ISBN 9784907562106 Acqn 27748
Pb 21x30cm 144pp 135ills 45col £38.95

This book gathers drawings produced over the past 20 years by Tokyo-based artist Jun Tsunoda.
Departing from the colourful abstract paintings, here the artist creates works using letters and
script, blending the attributes of various characters. The drawings reflect a sense of handwritten
immediacy, an approach that replaces the "letter" with freely expressive gestures. Tsunoda draws
words related to poets such as Fernando Pessoa, Emily Dickinson, Matsuo Basho, and Taneda
Santoka in a clear tribute to calligraphy, Arabic script, graffiti culture, music, and more.
Transcending cultures and adopting various styles, it is suggestive of a genre between
typography and painting.

Trigger - Gender As A Tool And A Weapon

New Museum Of Contemporary Art 2017 ISBN 9780915557165 Acqn 27972
Pb 14x26cm 400pp 150ills 120col £33

“Trigger is a vital reminder that identity politics, far from being a failure, as the right and left alike
are quick to tell us, is alive, well, and getting on with changing the world.” —Aruna D’Souza

The accompanying catalogue for the New Museum’s exhibition Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a
Weapon investigates gender’s place in contemporary art and culture at a moment of political
upheaval and renewed culture wars. The exhibition features over 40 artists working across a
variety of mediums and genres, including film, video, performance, painting and sculpture. Many
embrace explicit pleasure and visual lushness as political strategies, and some deliberately reject
or complicate overt representation, turning to poetic language, docufiction and abstraction to
affirm ambiguities and reflect shifting physical embodiment. Among the artists included are
Morgan Bassichis, Nayland Blake, Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz, Vaginal Davis, ektor garcia,
House of Ladosha, Candice Lin, Christina Quarles, Tschabalala Self, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Sable
Elyse Smith and Wu Tsang.

Pieter Slagboom – SALT

Revolver Publishing 2017 ISBN 9783957634047 Acqn 28230
Hb 34x25cm 128pp 85col ills £31

By creating drawings which are difficult to look at, in which the viewer instinctively wants to turn
away, Slagboom aims for a certain image resistance. He attempts to achieve this not only in a
thematic, but also in a formal sense. This therefore brings him a subtle yet very definitive
separation between the world of the subject and the world of colour. Slagboom’s visual style and
technical signature are extremely individualistic and recognizable. His practice is primarily an
intellectual activity, as his drawings appear to be related to sub consciousness, and are created
(as much) by carefully observing and analyzing his own personality, immediate environment, and
the world around him. Slagboom draws parallels and translates them through the use of rich
imagery, and ratio and intuition go within his practice hand in hand.

Pamela Golden – Thunderstruck

Marlborough Fine Art 2018 ISBN 9781909707450 Acqn 28252
Pb 24x30cm 56pp 27col ills £12.50

In this series Golden explores a complex array of themes, including notions of the "Other", the
"Exotic" and "Orientalism". Here Golden harks back to Delacroix's use of photography and
painting to describe foreign cultures, questioning how we perceive the world through mediated

Golden's work explores our relationships to imagery and visual culture considering how
associations adapt and alter over time; exposing anxieties around aspects of visual culture
particularly images of conflict. These paintings question how we assign value to an image and the
reimagination of her source materials- film stills, photographs - allow Golden to manipulate the
viewer's experience, revealing new narratives through her works.