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Ian E Graue

PO Box 176 320-967-4445

Raymond MN 56282


Human Services Professional or related position with a company / organization desiring an action oriented,
personable, hard worker who is passionate about social justice with the following competencies:

• Systems Thinking Ability • Team Player

• Extensive Experience Working with Staff • Solid Oral/Written Communication Skills
• Bilingual • Strong Project Planning Background
• Significant Experience in Development Work • Computer Skills (MS Office etc.)


I. Development / Overseas - Central African Republic, Papua New Guinea 15 years

 Trained local management team in finance, office management and computer skills
 Developed management plans and policies collaboratively
 Designed school buildings (exterior and interior)
 Facilitated the formation and training of a Board of Management
 Counseled and supervised seminary students in their classrooms
 Planned, developed and taught 6 new courses using a variety of resources and media
 Facilitated on-going property/building maintenance
 Evaluated current practices, plans and policies and recommended changes
 Ensured that the diverse ethnicities of students were considered
II. Teacher / Lecturer South Australia 20years
 Adapted and customized curriculum based on student needs and abilities
 Developed at least 5 new courses based on local needs
 Planned, launched innovative curriculum and resources using a variety of media
 Coordinated student transportation in 2 country schools
 Pioneered and managed the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme in 3 schools
 Evaluated and continually improved Science, Agriculture, Biology, Natural Resources
Management courses
 Senior Teacher in Charge of Agriculture and Science
 Developed and Managed School Farms
 Coached and managed tennis for 6 seasons
 Drove School Bus for more than 6 years
 Planned, developed resources and lectured in the South Australian Technical and Further
Education Department/ (Community College). Courses included Rural Sciences, Plant Sciences
and Horticulture
III. Farm / Agriculture in excess of 15 years (part time)
 Worked in Various Rural Settings- Broad acre cropping, animal and horticulture and vineyard
 Trained employees to carry out various jobs such as tractor driving, planting, harvesting, animal
 Participated in plant breeding research over a 4 year period

Creative, dependable, hard working team player

Ian E Graue
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 Initiated 2 Tree Planting Projects with students and adult involvement sponsored by the
Australian Geographic
 Developed and Implemented a School and Community Recycling Program
 Co-developed and Taught Interdisciplinary Outdoor Education Courses
 Facilitated the Preparation, Writing of at least 3 Successful Grant Submissions
 Vice-Chairperson of the Immanuel Primary (Elementary) School Council
 Convener of the Property and Planning Committee, Immanuel Primary School


 Graduate Diploma Environmental Studies, Adelaide University (Graduate School), South

Australia: Majors: Indigenous Cultures and Education
 Graduate Diploma Secondary Teaching, Adelaide University
 Degrees in Agriculture and in Agriculture Technology, Roseworthy Agricultural College
(now Adelaide University). Majors: Crop Science and Animal Science
 Permaculture Consultants Design Certificate Adelaide, Australia


 MN Teaching License (sub K-Adult)

 MN Class B Drivers with School Bus, Passenger, air brakes Endorsements
 South Australian Teachers Registration (K-Adult)


 Australian Institute of Agricultural Science & Technology

 Agribusiness/ Renewable Energy Development (Ag) Committee of The Kandiyohi County and
City of Willmar ( a sub-committee of the Economic Development Commission)
Previously been a member of/ served:
 Australian Association of Environmental Educators
 Institute for Earth Education
 Australian Non Government Teachers Association
 State Agricultural Teachers Curriculum Committee
 Vice President of the South Australian Agricultural Teachers Association
 The South Australian Education Department’s Animal Ethics Committee


 KESAB (Keep South Australia Beautiful) Environmental Awards (3 separate Years)

 Banksia Foundation Award (for Environmental Stewardship and Innovation in Schools)
 Australian Jaycees Scope Certificate
 Australian Jaycees Outstanding Diary Sales and Outstanding Jaycee Awards
 Certified Practicing Agriculturist
Creative, dependable, hard working team player.