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 The knowledge for load flow analysis, short circuit analysis and the parameters required for

the relay settings to be implemented in the ETAP software for the relay coordination.
 For the overcurrent relay coordination, the single line diagram of the System will be
obtained from Customer.
 The information on the type of relay used, location of the relays, numbers of relays installed
and the parameters for relay will be also acquired from customer.
 The system will be modelled in the ETAP software using the data obtained from the
 For the protection setting, three phase short circuit and single phase to ground fault will be
performed in the software to obtain the fault current level.
 The maximum and minimum fault current (three phase and single phase) are segregated
from short circuit analysis.
 Based on the fault current theoretical calculations are performed for OC/EF Protection.
 The theoretical values are incorporate in ETAP to check the co-ordination curve and final
corrections are made on calculation document.
 Analysing the time grading between upstream and downstream protection devices and
tripping sequence also performed using ETAP.
 The theoretical calculation for Unit Protection also done in document.
 Preparing the Report including the settings and coordination curves in PDF format.
 Sending the report to the customer.