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Introduction 3
1. Why Listen To Me? 5
2. The Trial Period 17
3. Starting The Fertilization Process 21
4. The 4 Ground Rules 24
5. Figuring Out Her Personality 26
6. How To Control The Course Of Your Conversation 31
7. Using Emojis 34
8. Compliment Without Giving Up Power 38
9. Flirting Through Text 46
10. Sending And Receiving Pictures 55
11. Getting Her On A Date 59
12. When You Know You Have Her 62
13. Getting Laid 67
14. How To Gain Control Of Your Relationship 70
15. How To Find Out What She’s Really Thinking 81
16. When She’s Mad At You 84
17. How To Solve Her Problems Without Doing A Single Thing 86
18. Winning An Argument 91
19. How To Get Her To Commit Once You’ve Been Dating 93
20. When You’re In The Zone . . . The Friend-Zone 103
21. When You Feel You’re Losing Her 111
Conclusion 117

Text God 2
Texting. It’s an art form of communication that has prevailed since the dawn of
man. Men have always had to possess a certain talent for communicating with
women in order to draw them to us. In the time of our early ancestors this skill
manifested in our ability to kill an animal. This communicated to the woman that
the man was a good provider, and was a determining factor in selecting which
man she would mate with and eventually start a family with.

Between the 15th and 18th centuries, letter writing became the most important
form of communication. A man adept at conveying his emotion and love to a
woman through a written letter was looked upon as superior to other men, and
thereby more sought after. Enter the 21st century. After thousands of years, letter
writing has now been replaced with text messaging. Same concept, different
time. Those of us who can convey meaning with words and guide the minds of
women to what it is we went them to understand, are the men who eventually win
out over the other many men after her. It’s a timeless art that we have striven to
master for the sake of being the man every woman wants.

The busier our lives get, the less time we have for face-to-face communication.
We’re bombarded daily with things that demand our attention more than at any
other time in the history of the world. Emails come unannounced every few
minutes, TV shows change every 30 minutes, the news changes every hour,
numerous phone calls are received daily, texts are received by the minute, social
media updates and notifies you every second. With so much commanding the
attention of women, how are we men supposed to make them concentrate on us
when they have so little time for face-to-face human interaction?

Text God 3
Text Messaging
Typically an art form has had to be studied to be performed. Not anyone can sit
at a piano and begin playing a sonata. One has to learn the notes, the octaves,
and the duration of the key holding to make the music come from the string
vibrations. Text messaging, however, can be done by anyone. This creates a
wide gap between those who do it and those who do it well. Comparing the levels
of two people who text message can be like comparing yourself to Beethoven on
the piano.

If any putz can text message now, how in the world do we stand out? By
practicing and refining the art form so that you excel from the rest of the brutes.
Like any art form, you must practice to be incredible. The reason I’m writing this
book is because I have practiced this art form more than anyone else you know
and am uniquely qualified.

Who am I, and why am I qualified to teach you the most important form of
communication with a woman? I’m glad you asked.

Text God 4
Why Listen To Me?
I am one of the elite VIP hosts in Hollywood. One of my two objectives is to find,
befriend, and compile a group of thousands of absolutely stunning women that
I can take out to the most elite, exclusive, celebrity-filled places on the planet.
These women I speak of aren’t just your average Jane Doe. They are some of
the most beautiful, elegant, flawless women in the world. Celebrities, models,
singers, musicians, students – you name it. They come from every corner
of this planet: tall Swedes, voluptuous Brazilians, classy Swiss models, Irish
bombshells, smoking-hot South Americans. Most men wouldn’t be able to muster
together a coherent sentence if they were around these women.

My unique specialty is finding these perfect 10’s, meeting them, and using text
messaging as a tool to build a relationship to earn their trust and friendship –
which of course eventually leads to taking many of them to bed. Hollywood has
a very small circle of people who can get them into the places I can, and the
women I take out are constantly bombarded by people in this circle, wanting to
join in. The perks that come with this socializing include private jet trips to the
most elegant places in the world with millionaires, access to the most exclusive
events like the Emmy’s, Grammy’s, red carpet premiers – you name it, we do it.
No one has a harder job than I do when it comes to building such a firm, sound
foundation through text messaging.

On average I have over 100 different women I text with each day. Yes, 100,
each conversation averaging 8-10 text messages, sometimes many more. This
equates to 1,000 text messages per day. Many times I don’t even know who I’m
texting, it just comes from muscle memory, like the boxer who’s taken a blow but
keeps on throwing punches.

Text God 5
The methods I’ve developed for forming relationships with women of every single
background, culture, religion, status, and stage in life has supplied me with a
wealth of information, so much so that I felt it a duty to pass it along. I see so
many men make disastrous mistakes when texting women, mistakes that could
have been avoided if only they knew the secrets I know: how to stimulate their
minds, how to build trust and friendship, and above all, how to get laid.

Who I Was
Growing up, I used to be that guy who was a, “Friend” to all the girls. I was their
go to therapist when they wanted to talk about their problems (including guy
problems). I would help them and give them advice on what they should do,
sometimes talking to them for hours on the phone. Even though I liked a lot of the
girls and knew I was smarter than them and the guys they were talking to, I was
too shy to make a move.

In the later part of my high school years I began to study women and the social
situations they experienced. I started seeing a trend – there were but a few,
distinct personality types – and once you understood what kind of person they
were you could almost pinpoint with exact certitude how to approach them to get
them to want you.

I’ve honed this talent over the last decade. It has evolved into a surefire way to
make a woman do what you want her to do and think the way you want her to
think. The mistakes other guys make only helps me because women see how
lame and boring they are. In that comparison competition, the woman always
ends up choosing me.

I could sit here and tell you that I get laid five times a week and that I hang out
with models all the time, but seeing is believing . . . and I have no lack of pictures
to show you what I do and who I do it with. What you’ll learn in this book are the

Text God 6
secrets to texting women and how to stimulate them mentally to the point where
they will be yours. You will learn the do’s and don’ts, how to define the personality
type of the girl you’re texting, and how to approach her specifically. You will learn
the secrets to the art of flirting, how to do it, and how to use it to your advantage
to eventually get laid. You will learn tricks to charm the pants off these women by
remembering things about them no one else has, and this will put you way ahead
of other guys texting them. You will learn how to grow your relationship from
the initial text when you get her number, to subsequent texts, to asking her out,
getting laid, or creating a fuck-buddy relationship.

I was once a bumbling idiot when it came to texting women. I didn’t know how
flirting worked. I couldn’t even convey the fact that I liked them. Now, I can text
the most beautiful woman in the world without a second thought. The tricks I’ll
share with you are easy to learn and remember. With them, I guarantee that
you’ll be able win over any woman you want. After you learn my methods and
strategies, competing against other guys will be so easy you won’t even have to
try. It won’t even be a fair contest. You’ll be able to go head-to-head with guys
much better looking than yourself, or much more successful, and still come out
on top. Women are purely emotional creatures. Physical appearance matters
much less to them than it does for men. Once you learn how to tap into that
emotion and direct it, there’s no limit to what you can do. To that end, I have
taken real text conversations with women and reproduced them here so you can
see exactly how it’s done. I told you this was going to be easy.

Life is about experience and the more you get to experience with a woman, the
happier you will be. Don’t let something as easy as mastering texting hold you back
from experiencing these things. Learn it, master it, and succeed.

The Most Important Process You Will Learn

Here is where you’ll learn the most important process in texting a woman. It’s one

Text God 7
that anybody can use, regardless of whether you’re a 6’5 stud or a 5’6 pudgy guy
working a desk job. It WILL make her respect you and want you. It will put you in
the position of power you need to attain in order for her to beg you to ask her out.
It’s a three-step process called the Plant, Fertilize and Smash method.

Plant, Fertilize And Smash Method

This method is what you’ll base every single aspect of your relationship on. It’s the
ammunition you’ll use to get her to do anything you want. It’s your secret weapon,
and the best chance you’ll ever have to becoming a master at texting women. So
learn it, practice it, master it. With it, you’ll finally realize that you can get any girl
you want without much trouble.

This step is a set-up for the following
two steps. It’s also the most critical
because without planting a seed, you
don’t have anything to grow. Planting
a seed in her mind can occur at any
time you want and about any subject.
You can plant a seed about flirting,
sex, intelligence, mystery, adventure
– anything you want. Once planted,
you start to find out how to fertilize
it by asking her questions about
that specific subject and storing her
responses for use at a later date.
You’re essentially creating a how-to on how to make that plant grow the way you
want. Find out how to fertilize that seed by getting information about that specific
subject without her realizing it, and she’ll tell you how she likes to be fertilized.

Text God 8
Fertilize the seed you’ve planted by controlling
how much water, sun and fertilizer you give it
and how often you give it. You want to make
your plant become reliant on YOU to help it
grow. Let your relationship blossom so that you
can institute the next step.

This is the end result after
you’ve methodically cared
for your plant, thanks to
your texting perfection
and all the other tricks
you’ll learn in this book.
At this point, you will be
all she thinks about. And
thankful when you finally
take her to bed.

An Analogy To The Plant, Fertilize And Smash Method

If you water the ground without first planting a seed and think something will grow
from it just because you keep watering it, you’re crazy. The only thing you may
get are weeds that are already in the ground, and no one wants weeds. Women
are like seeds, and if you don’t have information on what type of seed it is, if you
try to fertilize it the wrong way, the plant will never grow. Too much sunlight or
shade will stunt its growth or inhibit it from growing at all. Water it too much and
you’ll drown the plant. Give it too much fertilizer and it will be so bloated that
it won’t take nourishment anymore. Forget to spray pesticide and insects will
devour it. You always want to give your plant only enough of each in order for it to
still want more, while still protecting it.

Text God 9
In this analogy, the sun and shade are like attention. Some women love it, and
some, the more you give them, the less they’ll want you. Water is the control. If
you don’t water (control) the plant just right, it will either wither away or else grow
so fast that you won’t be able to control it. Plants that grow too fast will spread
their roots into other gardens, and you want her to have roots only in yours.
Fertilizer is information about yourself. If you give it everything it’s ever going to
need all at once, it will not care about being fertilized any more. Pesticide is what
keeps other men from trying to take your plant. With some clever texting, she will
reject everyone but you. We will reference this three-step process throughout this
book. Learn it, culture it, and you will end up a gardening stud.

Intro Texting
Good job. You actually managed
to be charming enough to the
point where she decided to give
you her number. Your battle to
plant, fertilize and smash starts
the moment you program her
number into your phone and send
that first text. This is the moment
where you go into work mode.
Everything you say may be used against you by her court of law, so be careful
what you say. You’re about to be recorded and your transcript will be available for
all to see, and God forbid you send her something she doesn’t like. She will store
it and use it against you the second you make her mad.

Your relationship is brand new, and where it goes from here is up to you. I would
say the sky’s the limit, but in this case you’re trying to get laid, so the bed will be
the limit. What determines whether you you soar or crash depends on how you
begin. The intro-text stage is the first critical juncture you must get past because,

Text God 10
as I will repeat throughout this book, you only get one chance at making a first
impression. You’d better make sure it’s an eye-catching one that makes her not
only remember you, but also want to learn more about you.

The first texts you send her will be split into three parts: the Pre-Intro, the Intro,
and the Follow-Up texts.

The Pre-Intro
The pre-intro text is the very first text you will ever send her. You should feel
excited. This text gets sent the second you program her number into your phone
and will set you up to send the actual intro text, which also happens to be the first
trick you will learn in this book. When sending the pre-intro text, timing is critical.
You don’t know how much she will remember of you or if she got another guy’s
number the same night. You do NOT want her confused over this point because
if the other guy annoyed her and she mistakenly thinks your number is his . . .
guess who isn’t get a text back.

First, text her only your name immediately upon getting her number. First and last
name is all you need. This is a set-up for the next text. All you want to accomplish
here is giving her enough information so she isn’t getting a text from a random
person when you send your intro text. Wait until after you leave your meeting
place to send her the intro text. If you intro-text yourself before that, it’s dorky and
desperate. Allow 30 minutes to pass before sending her the intro text.

What I do in this situation is spend the rest of my time wherever I met the lady,
either talking to her and trying to take her home the same night, or enjoying my
time talking to other women. What you must begin doing at this very moment
is thinking like a boss. This is very important. The effectiveness of the intro-text
method diminishes if you deviate at all from this. The point of texting a woman
is to make her think about you as often as humanly possible. The more she

Text God 11
thinks about you, the better chance you have of getting laid or getting into a
relationship, whatever your motive is.

The Intro Text

This text comes after the pre-intro text. At this point, you need to make sure you
stand out. She gets guy’s numbers all the time. What makes you special? The
fist rule you must learn to be successful when texting women the intro text is the
most important, and that is to Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).

I want to explain something here. If you’re reading this book then you’re probably not
an absolute bad-ass who is also a model. You’ll eventually learn how to be a jerk to
women to get them to want you more, but chances are the reason she gave you her
number was because you were a nice person and not a total dick to her. Starting off
your text like a dick will not work because you have to get her used to it. You must
plant the seed, then fertilize it. So the method I suggest you use is the professional
yet funny route. It’s much less aggressive but gets you in the door to start molding
her to the way you want her to be.

Example Of A Perfect Intro Text

“Hey, Stephanie, it’s Andy. It was great
meeting you tonight. You mentioned you
always wanted to go to Ghana, well my jet
is gassing up in case you wanna head out
tomorrow. Talk soon ”

When I break this down for you, you’ll

realize how much you actually just stood
out from the rest of the guys and how
well you did opening up the relationship with this text. But before I do that, let’s
discuss the things that are not in this text (and should never be).

Text God 12
Notice how there isn’t any mention of the words “babe,” “gorgeous,” “beautiful,”
or any other word complimenting her. First of all, women hate being called that
right off the bat. This is the very beginning of your relationship, so don’t try to
claim ownership of a woman already by calling her “babe.” It will come across as
fake and desperate, and it immediately puts you beneath her. You always need to
stay in control and have the power in the conversation. Calling her anything other
than by proper name immediately gives her power and is a bad omen for the rest
of your texts. This is what all the other cheeseballs do. Don’t be a cheeseball!

Secondly, you never want to straight-out compliment a woman, especially in

the beginning. You forfeit power by putting her on that pedestal. I’ve devoted an
entire chapter to this later in the book.

Things that are in this intro-text: her name. She’ll like it when you use her name
in the beginning. It personalizes the text and makes her feel special, like when
her name is on a birthday cake. The comment about Ghana and the jet: this is
what I like to call “the picture trick.” It’s the second trick you need to learn and
one which will immediately make you stand out from the other guys she met that
night. I guarantee you she has never had the picture trick used on her. It will
make her laugh and think you’re thoughtful. A guy who can make a woman laugh
can get any woman.

How the picture trick works:

1. The first thing you need to do is set up the picture trick during your first
conversation upon meeting. You doing this by asking her, “Where is
somewhere you’ve always wanted to go?”
2. Whatever her answer is, remember it. This is your ammunition for later.
3. Once you leave, google “plastic toy jets” and insert the image after this text:
“You mentioned you always wanted to go to Ghana, well my jet is gassing
up in case you wanna head out tomorrow.”

Text God 13
Congratulations, you just looked like a complete stud to her. It’s not the last time
you will blow her mind. The secret to the picture trick is that it makes her think
about you multiple times. This is the first. She will laugh and think of you on the
way home because that was such an amusing text, and she’ll usually respond
with something like, “LOL, that’s a nice jet. It was great meeting you too. Have a
good night ;)”

Very important: after you send her the intro-text, if she replies, don’t text back.
You don’t want to be immediately available to her. Make her wait for you to
respond, not the other way around. As you just learned in the fertilize analogy,
don’t give her all the available nourishment she needs at once. One of the main
reasons you will succeed in getting this woman is because you will control the
conversation and assume the power right off the bat and throughout the rest of
your texting relationship.

The Picture Trick Keeps Working

You may not be aware of this, but all women go over their texts from the night
before when they wake up. This is where they have time to reflect on the night and
formulate their assumptions and thoughts of what happened. This is the second
time she’s thought about you because of how good your intro text was. Anyone
else she might have given her number to just sent the standard, “Hey, beautiful, it
was amazing meeting you tonight. I hope I get to see you again.” Horrible.

A reoccurring theme you will hear throughout this book and one you will realize
once you actually begin to become the Text God, is that the worse guys are
at texting, the more women will want to talk to you instead. But be aware that
you are making an impact and shaping her initial thoughts about you. This is
the beginning of your relationship with this woman and you have not said or
done anything stupid, so she has nothing but positive thoughts about you. Keep
it this way. It’s the best chance you will ever have to shape and fertilize your

Text God 14
relationship. If you start off saying something dumb, aggressive or overly sexual,
you’ll immediately be playing catch-up with a woman who now has no reason to
talk to you, especially since you got off on the wrong foot.

Follow-Up Text
By noon the next day if she hasn’t already texted you, which they usually do
when you use the picture trick, you should text her. You’d better be ready to
impress her even more. In your conversation last night you better have asked
her what she did for work and remembered it. In this situation, let’s say she’s
an accountant. Your follow-up text should make her do two things: laugh, and
recognize that you deserve respect. In this situation a good text to send her
would be:

“How’s crunching numbers at work going? If you crunch numbers as well as

you crunched those drinks last night you must be amazing at your job ”
You: Have you filled out your time-off request form?
Her: Hi :) What?
You: For the trip to Ghana. My jet is almost gassed up

I’m not texting her about anything unknown but rather about what I already
know from what she told me the night before. This text doesn’t give up any
power, which is key right off the bat. I make a joke but still let her know that I
remembered what I said. Subtlety is important here. I would also never text her,
“How’s work going? I remember you said you were an accountant, right?”

What positive response could she possibly give to “How’s work going?” That’s a
boring question. You don’t care how her job is going, you just want to make her
laugh at your joke. Say something different than what every other guy is sending
her to take her mind off work. Once she responds, that’s when you start on the

Text God 15
plant-fertilization process of planting ideas and emotions in her and collecting
information about her.

Follow-Up Texts Not To Send

“Hi, beautiful. It was great meeting you yesterday. How is everything?”
“Good afternoon, gorgeous. How are you?”
“It was great meeting you last night, I really hope I get to see more of you :)”
“It was such a pleasure meeting you last night. What are you doing tonight?
Wanna hang out?”

If you’re sending these kinds of texts to women the day after you meet them, you
now know why you aren’t getting laid or responded to. Every other guy is sending
the same texts; imagine how much you don’t stand out right now. It’s imperative
that you break out in front of the pack as quickly as possible. Your window of
opportunity to make this woman yours just opened. Don’t let it close as quickly by
sending these lame texts.

Text God 16
The Trial Period
This is another critical part of your relationship. You need to be very sensitive
to everything she says because if you mess things up at this early point, you’re
in for a rough time making it up to her. Remember, she’s not very invested in
you at the moment, so breaking-off texting her now wouldn’t be doing her much
harm. Her roots aren’t in your garden yet, so she could forget and replace you
with another one of the dozens of men texting her. As you become more familiar
with her and cultivate your relationship with this seed, be conscious of this. The
more time and effort she invests with you and the deeper her roots grow in your
garden, the more she’ll want to see where things lead.

No one wants to see things fail that they’ve invested so much time in. For that
reason, what you do right now will be held under her microscope. Every mistake
you make is multiplied, and every dumb thing you say can easily be taken very
seriously and out of context. The first thing you need to realize is that relationships
through texting can make it easier for you to get laid or create a fuck-buddy
relationship than seeing her in person. This is especially true if you aren’t the best-
looking guy in the world. There are no bad habits she can see, no annoyances she
can make out. In the texting world, she thinks about you as an idea just as much as
any other man. Your job is to make that idea one she wants to physically try out for
herself. You accomplish this by planting seeds in your conversations that will spark
her interest and will make her want to know more about you.

Think about this: When you have a girlfriend, you can mess up and say the
wrong things tons of times. It doesn’t mean she’ll break up with you necessarily, it
only means that you’ll probably fight about it and resolve it. More often than not,
if you say something dumb or offensive to your girlfriend, she’ll respond with a

Text God 17
“You’re stupid” or “Don’t be dumb.” If you text the exact same things to a woman
you’ve just begun to cultivate a relationship with, she would be out of there faster
than a high-end hooker who just found out she wasn’t getting paid. So don’t do
dumb things.

How do you avoid messing up at this stage? Well, there are a number of ways:

• Don’t be clingy
• Don’t ask her what she’s doing all the time
• Don’t be desperate
• Don’t do all the talking. Stick to the 80/20 rule (let her talk 80% of the time
and you 20%)

• Be interested in everything she says. Even if it’s uninteresting to you, act as
if she just discovered a new medical vaccine and you want to know more
about it
• Remember everything she says
• Ask open-ended questions instead of close-ended ones
• Bring up things she’s said in the past and follow up with her on them. This
will make you look incredibly interested in what she said. Women like this

Contact Info Trick

I personally have so many things happening on any given day and I meet so
many women that I can only remember about 10% of their names, much less
what they do, what they like, where they’re from, or anything else. When you’re
around 30 girls every single night it all becomes a big blur (most men would kill to
have this problem). The trick I’m about to share with you has worked wonders for
me and is incredibly easy. The objective is to save information about her personal

Text God 18
preferences so you can recall it later and come off looking like a stud.

How You Use The Contact Info Trick

Using this trick is extremely easy. If you have an
iPhone, go to the contact > edit feature. At the
bottom of the screen under the section labeled
“notes,” type in the pertinent information about the
girl you’re working on.

Some of the things I always include are:

• Where she went to school

• What kind of wine she likes
• Her favorite TV show and movie
• How many brothers and sisters she has
• What she does for a living
• Something about her body you like, so you
can talk about how much you like it later
• Her favorite food
• What her biggest goal is

The information you add can be as detailed as you want. The more you get to
know her, the longer your list will become. Find out all the information you know
about your plant so you know how to fertilize it. You want to use these facts
intermittently, not all at once. Don’t spew out everything you know about her like
a recital, but rather use them when you feel the time is right and use them to your
advantage. Later, I’ll show you how to use this information to get laid.

Keep in mind that women are like a science project. All you need to be doing right
now is gathering information to use later on. The more information you gather,

Text God 19
the better chance you’ll have to succeed at your experiment, so leave no stone
unturned. Any piece of information you gather will be useful later, whether it be
negative or positive.

Text God 20
Starting The Fertilization Process
The fertilization process is one that never ends. It’s the process of collecting
information about her and controlling how much she knows about you. It
determines control of the relationship and also determines how fast it grows. Your
relationship with a woman is like a huge maze.

The Maze Analogy

Imagine you’re stuck in a maze, one
made up of many identical rooms,
each connected by two doors. The
only way you can get from one
room to the next and thereby closer
to escaping (having sex) is by
passing through one of two doors.
Now imagine these doors are all
the same size and look exactly the
same to you except for one big
difference: one is easy to open and at room temperature, the other is stuck shut
and hot to the touch. You never know which door is which, but you know that you
have to get through one of them to progress through the maze.

In this analogy, each door is something she either likes or dislikes. Your objective
is to open all the doors to get to the ending point (getting laid, making her your
girlfriend, etc.). You have to test all the doors to see which one is hot and which
one is cool. It obviously makes sense to open the easy door and leave the hot,
stuck ones closed. Attempting to open the hot doors will take much more work,
and what you’re looking for here is finding the path of least resistance.

Text God 21
This is exactly what you’re testing during your texting relationship. As soon as
you text her something that you find creates resistance, stop pursuing it. Doing
so will only make things harder and it will take you longer to finish the maze. You
will not win or get bigger muscles by prying open the hot, heavy doors. The only
thing you will do is make her mad at you and jeopardize everything you’ve been
working towards up until now.

It’s critical to notice when she’s putting up resistance to something you’ve

brought up. Be cognizant of the tell-tale signs so you can immediately change the
subject. If you find yourself belaboring a certain subject to the point where she’s
already mad, then you need to EnD (see Empathize and Diffuse section) it right
away before it goes any further and you bury yourself in a deeper hole.

Ways To Tell She’s Annoyed

If she responds with the questions:

“Why would you ask me that?”

“Why does it matter?”
“What does that have to do with anything?”
(Don’t be naive and think she actually wants you to respond to her when she
asks these questions. This is her subconscious way of telling you to leave it
alone, you’ve overstepped your boundaries, or you’re asking about a touchy
subject. Her silence can also be a warning sign not to push.)
“I can’t believe you would ask me that.”
“Umm . . .”
“Out of bounds.”
“I don’t want to talk about that.”
“I’d rather not.”
“Can we talk about something else?”

Text God 22
Take note of anything and everything that makes her comfortable and
uncomfortable. These are called “pain and pleasure points.”

Finding Pain And Pleasure Points

Everyone has things in their life that make them happy or sad. It could be from
your past or present. People would rather dwell on positive things and leave the
negative ones unspoken. The same goes for your relationship. It’s always smart
to text about positive things and those things she likes, and to do it often. The
trick here is to poke around and find out what those are. It’s best to do this in the
early part of the relationship to find out how much sun and fertilizer to add. When
you hit a pain point with her, store it in your notepad so you remember not to
use it later. The same goes for when you hit a pleasure point. It’s a simple game
and one that you now know some of the secrets to. The better you employ this
strategy, the easier it will be to win.

Using The Notepad Trick With Pain And

Pleasure Points
Every time you find a pain or pleasure point,
write it down in your notepad. This helps when
you’re talking to multiple women and you need
to remember who’s who. You especially do not
want to get these things mixed up with the wrong
woman. Save yourself from not only looking like
an idiot but having to answer the question of why
you’re mistaking her for another girl.

Remember, if it’s not positive and moving you

forward, it’s moving you backwards. Take time
to develop a cheat sheet on your notepad and
master this trick.

Text God 23
The 4 Ground Rules
There are some very essential ground rules you must be aware of that will affect
every aspect of your relationship with her:

1. Don’t fertilize before planting a seed. If you haven’t flirted with her, don’t ask
her for pics or to have sex. You have to plant that seed and fertilize it before
you can go to the final step.
2. Don’t be boring! Think about every text you send; if it’s not making her
laugh, getting information about her or flirting with her, don’t send it. No guy
wants to receive a text back from a girl saying “Oh, cool” because your text
was so boring.
3. Every text should be open-ended to leave room for her to respond. Never
send close-ended responses. If you’re wondering why she isn’t texting
back, it’s because you didn’t leave her anything to respond to. Don’t be
pesky! Give her time to respond. You don’t want to be the guy who won’t
leave her alone.
4. Don’t become intimidated. Showing her this side of you is the quickest way
to lose all power and become a fan rather than a friend. When you meet
a celebrity, if you act like a fan they will treat you like a fan; if you act like
a friend they’ll treat you like a person. The same applies to women: if you
show you’re intimidated, they’ll treat you like a cute little kid instead of the
texting god that you are about to become. Even if you are intimidated, don’t
show it. There’s a trick to making sure you don’t fall into this trap.

Text God 24
The Delete Her Face Trick
I literally have on average 100 different women
texting me each day. Theres no possible way I
can remember who everyone is or their faces.
This actually works to my advantage because,
like you, when I used to text a hot woman I
would get nervous and try too hard to make
it just right. Because I was putting too much
emphasis on her, I would make mistakes. Now,
since I rarely know who I’m texting, I text every
woman the exact same way.

How It Works
When you’re texting a woman, don’t think
about how good looking she is. Treat her like
any other woman. When you place a woman
on a pedestal you immediately put yourself
beneath her. And trust me, they can tell.
Remember, this is all about who has the power
and who controls the relationship, and you
always need to be in control. If not, you’re just some other guy. Delete her face
from your memory or imagine you’re texting any average Jane Doe with nothing
special about her. It will be easier for you to be your normal, relaxed self, and
your chances with her will increase tremendously.

Text God 25
Figuring Out Her Personality
Personality is everything. No two women are the same because no two women
have lived identical lives and experienced identical things. There are, however,
similar types of personalities. The faster you can identify what kind of woman
you’re texting by identifying her personality, the better you can mirror her to build
your relationship. In sales we call this “mirroring your customer.” What do people
know better than anything else? Themselves. And who would they most feel
comfortable doing business with? Someone like them. It’s no different when it
comes to women. All women want a man who shares their thoughts and values.
Haven’t you ever heard a woman say, “I just want a man who gets me”? When
you begin texting a woman, you want to make sure you create a connection with
her, or “mirror” her. You must realize that the way you create a connection can
depend on what her personality type is. Identifying what type of personality she
has will make your job infinitely easier and give you direction on how to text them.
Let’s take a look at the most common types.

Ms. Ready For Action

You know when you’ve met one. Immediately when you begin texting her, she
makes her intentions clear. She wants to get down and dirty. You might have
even Nailed her on the first night, or at least made out. She will usually start
flirting right away through text, sending pictures, or even asking you to hang out.
Don’t waste any time going through the steps of finding out things about her or
using the notebook trip. Instead, blast through the steps and let her determine
how fast she wants to have sex with you by how fast she wants to go out on
a date with you. These aren’t girlfriend-type women, these are the booty-call
type. Keep it casual and light and you’ll have set up an amazing fuck-buddy

Text God 26
How To Handle Ms. Ready For Action
These women may have recently broken off a relationship, thereby having
something to prove to themselves by having sex with another man. There’s also
the likelihood of their getting back with whoever broke their heart, so don’t feel
bad if you have sex with her a few times before she stops talking to you. You
were just a rebound. Don’t become too invested in her too fast or you’ll be the
heartbroken one. Get her out as soon as humanely possible, even the next day
after you meet her if you can. Don’t let this relationship grow cold because if she
meets someone else the next night, she might decide to have sex with him rather
than you. All because you didn’t set up a date that night and weren’t there.

Damaged Goods
These are usually women who are extremely nice, but it’s hard to get past their
surface layer. They will always turn any deep question or conversation back to
something happy or basic. These women tend to smile or text “LOL” a lot. They
have some deep-seeded emotional issues. When there’s a wire loose upstairs,
something weird happens when you get too deep into a conversation. You’ll
notice it. Tread cautiously. These are the women who go psycho when you leave
them, so be careful not to send them any incriminating pictures of yourself since
they can end up online or getting sent to everyone you know.

How To Handle Damaged Goods

Very cautiously. If you plan on just sleeping with them and not talking to them
again, do yourself a favor and stop before you even begin. These are not the
kinds of women you want to one night stand with. They will not go away and you
will have a hell of a time getting them to realize its over because they can live in
an altered reality where you like them, even if the truth is the complete opposite.

Career Woman
Career comes first for these women, and they’ll often talk about their

Text God 27
accomplishments or how “busy” they are because they’re doing so much
important stuff at work. They will text you paragraphs about work even if all
you texted was a hello. Workaholics are often running from feelings of being
unimportant, so they overload themselves with something to occupy their time to
make that feeling go away. They can be obsessive about things, so watch out.
A career woman can also be damaged goods. I never respond to them about
anything having to do with their work because that isn’t going to help me get
them into bed. If work is so stressful to them, why would you text them about

How To Handle The Career Woman

Text something short in response to their paragraphs about how work went. EnD
(Empathize and Diffuse) it. Make sure the text has nothing to do with what they
just spoke about, completely bypassing that land mine. Here’s an example.

Text God 28
The Liar
These are some of the most annoying women to text with. Liars will spend their
time texting you about things they’ve done, people they know, places they’ve
been, etc. All lies. It comes from a deep-seeded need to fit in with people.
Typically these women didn’t have a good relationship with their parents growing
up, so you need to be cautious when bringing up their past. Because of the 80/20
rule (she talks 80% of the time, you talk 20%), you should be hearing a lot of her
“stories” early on, unfortunately.

How To Handle The Liars

You will need to let her give you the rehearsed speech she texts all the guys.
Wait until she’s done and has gotten it out of her system before starting to get to
know the real her.

Ugly Duckling
We all know the ugly duckling. This is the girl who was ugly growing up through
high school, then all of a sudden blossomed into the beautiful woman she is now.
In her own mind she might feel good looking, but more often than not she thinks
she’s still the ugly girl she was when everyone ridiculed her. To be blunt, if you’re
not the best-looking guy, and you happen to meet one of these, you’ve found
the jackpot. These women have amazing personalities because they’ve had to
develop it during school to attract people. They’re the women who aim to please
you, and can be a good asset to have around. Be careful texting them, though,
since they can be a little off. You’ll want to try and have sex right away. All you
have to do is plant the seed; don’t worry about fertilizing it too much other than
complimenting her on her looks. Then go for the smash.

How To Handle Ugly Ducklings

These women are putty in a guy’s hands when the compliments start rolling in.
They’re the type you see in a bar, meeting up with a guy and leaving with him the

Text God 29
same night to go have sex. It makes them feel good about themselves. Go for
the kill early with these women. Start flirting a little sooner than normal and plan a
hang-out session that involves alcohol. These women like aggressive men. If you
want this type of girl to ever send you a dirty pic, you need to constantly reinforce
the fact that you like her entire body.

Knowing what type of woman you’re texting can drastically improve your chances
of executing the plant, fertilize and smash method because you’ll know how to
approach her and whether or not you need to speed up the fertilization process
or take more time doing some planting. Women who are liars will need more
planting time. In their minds they have to believe you’re as cool as the people
they say they know or the things they’ve done. The damaged-goods woman will
need much more fertilizing compared to Ms. Ready For Action, because she’s
been hurt and you need to fertilize the trust before you can go any further. Make
sure you identify what kind of woman you’re texting before you take a certain
route. I suggest even writing her personality type in her contact info (contact info
trick) so if you’re texting multiple women, you will know how to text which just by
looking at her info.

Text God 30
How To Control The Course
Of Your Conversation
Having control of your conversation is critical to establishing who has the power.
If you let it go, or never establish it in the first place, you can kiss your chances
of having sex goodbye because the relationship will now be on her terms, not
yours. You must plant the seed of control from the very beginning. We are all
conditioned to obey power, just like we obey a police officer when they ask us
to step out of the car, or the boss asks us to stay late. Since women are already
conditioned to this, you must grab it at the very beginning and fertilize it so she
gets used to you being in control. This is important because when you start flirting
with her or attempt to get her to come over to your place, you can give orders or
suggest things from a position of power that she’s used to you having already.

We all remember our high school days when we were put into groups to do a project.
Remember when the quiet guy who never had any power was all of a sudden named
team leader by the teacher? When he tried issuing orders and instructions, did you
listen to him? No. That’s because you were already conditioned to know that he
was powerless. This guy might have been you. If that’s the case, then it’s time to
change things. Remember, you only have a very short window of opportunity in your
relationship with a woman to establish who has the power, so make sure you grab it
immediately. This will make things much easier for you down the road.

Women will often try to make you talk about what they want to talk about. It
makes them feel like they have the power. When they do this, the method you’re
about to learn will help you stop that in its tracks and turn the conversation back
to something you can use to plant, fertilize and smash.

Text God 31
The EnD Trick (Empathize and Diffuse)
This trick will help you end rambling texts about her problems or things you
frankly don’t care about or won’t get you anywhere. It will save you a lot of time
in getting her to trust you. It will establish power and change the conversation to
something you’d rather talk about. Remember, if you’re not texting about anything
positive, you’re going backwards in your relationship. Do not text about anything
negative. This will only harm you. So, when women complain about their day,
don’t ask more questions about it or engage in conversation about it. EnD it and
change the conversation back to something positive.

How EnD Works

When she complains about anything, you must first
empathize. Examples of such texts:

a. That sucks, I’m sorry

b. I totally understand
c. You’re 100% right

Or, if you have the right personality you can get

away with making fun of her for complaining about
things that aren’t very important. Some examples
d. World problems
e. What will the world do if you don’t have X
any more (lip gloss; the new shoes that
haven’t been stocked at the mall shop yet)
f. Sounds like a personal #firstworldproblems
g. Starving kids in Africa (I use this to put their
problems in perspective. It usually works)

Text God 32
Second, diffuse. Here’s where you change the topic of conversation to something

a. Sounds like you need a night out

b. You deserve some R&R
c. I bet a stiff drink sounds good right about now
d. You need some excitement/spontaneity in your life

This does two things. First of all, it makes her laugh, which she desperately
needs. Secondly, it tells her you’re available to hang out with and make her
feel better, but that she will have to ask you out. This is a power move. You
never want to condition her to say “no” to you because even though she isn’t
consciously turning you down, she subconsciously is, and that can have a drastic
impact on the relationship. It will become easier to say no to you, and she may
even start feeling like you’re pestering her. Therefore you must phrase your
diffuse comment in such a way that it leaves you available for an invitation out
without it sounding like an actual invitation.

For example, if you were to text her, “Are you free tonight,” she can only say yes
or no. But if you say, “Yeah, you’re right, that sounds stressful, sounds like you
need a drink. I’m free tonight, let me know,” she cannot respond negatively since
it wasn’t a question.

Text God 33
Using Emojis
If you were to glance at two framed pictures side by side – the first being that
of the finest example of the written language, say, a Shakespeare sonnet; the
second, a beautiful painting of the sun setting over Hawaii – which do you think
would evoke more emotion? If you were to actually read the sonnet, it’s meaning
might affect you more than the picture, but a glance wouldn’t register anything to
you other than a bunch of words you’d have to read.

In texting, emojis are the picture, text are the letters. If you can combine the two,
you will overwhelm her visual senses like no one else can do. By adding color
and visuals to your texting, you will transform your conversations from just letters
into a canvas where you can create art.

What are emojis?

And why would a man ever
use them?
Emojis are little drawings you can
insert into a text message. Simple
enough, but when used correctly
they can be the most powerful tool
you have, especially if you aren’t
good with words. Here are some

Why Should I Use Them?

Here is why you not only should use them, but need to use them. Emojis are
single-handedly the best way to paint a picture with words. It will provide you with

Text God 34
the added level of mental stimulation
you need to put you over the top and
solidify your position with her. It can
and has worked wonders for me.
When you use the methods in this
book and become proficient at using
them, you can essentially have a
entire conversation with a woman and
convey what you want to her by only
using emojis. No words needed.

One of the most important reasons

why emojis are key is because they
KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). There’s
no need to text pages and pages if
one little emoji can do the job. Which
emojis do I use? There are some that
should be used often and some that
should never be used. Here I provide
an example of which ones to use often
(green), and which ones never to use
(red). The rest are up to you but don’t
make much sense.

How Do I Use Them?

The way to use emjois is to
consolidate an entire thought into one
little picture rather than writing out an
entire sentence to explain yourself.

Text God 35
The five most important emojis you need to use are:

1. This can be used all the time for literally any meaning. It means approval.
You can substitute it for so many different words: cool, okay, I’m down, I like it,
sexy, etc. Any time you want to flirt with a girl, instead of telling her how good she
looks, use this to convey the thought.

“Your lips . . . ”
(She sends you a picture of herself.) “Damn, you look ”

2. This little guy means you’re underwhelmed, or you don’t believe something.
It’s good to make fun of a woman or make her realize that she needs to try
harder. This emoji works perfectly for many situations.

Her: I tried but didn’t make it in time.

Important: When you’re mad and want to type something mean to her, use this
instead. You don’t ever want a woman to feel like she’s got to you. This will make
her think she has power, and you don’t want that. WWLKD (What Would Lenny
Kravitz Do). If she canceled on a date with you, rather than say something like,
“You know that was really rude, I waited all day” (something a girl says which
comes across as very emotional), just send her “ ….” It will tell her she has to try
harder because you’re not impressed, but also will convey the fact that you don’t
care enough to get mad. If Lenny Kravitz had a girl cancel a date with him, he’d
just go hang out with one of the thousands of other women he could call. No big
deal. Make her realize you have other options.

Text God 36
3. This is one of my favorites. This one is the cool guy emoji. It can mean:
“I know that was funny/cool, so what.”
“That’s right.”
“You know it.”

“I bet you were tired after sex last night ”

4. This one will be your excuse for anything. Rather than text why you can’t do
something or why something you said wasn’t funny and she made fun of you, just

Her: LOL, that wasn’t funny.
Her: That sucks that you can’t make it.

5. This one will save you from writing the horrible acronym LOL, which should
be reserved for women only. Men should never text it. If you do, stop now. Use
instead. It’s much better. You can use this to laugh at her jokes, make fun of her,
laugh at your own jokes, etc.

Understanding how to utilize emojis to convey thoughts and feelings to women

has helped me immensely. It opens up a world you may have never have had
access to, especially if you aren’t very good at writing or describing things. The
old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” rings true here. Don’t shy
away from using this tool to text with women. I value it just as highly as anything
else on my scale of what’s important to master, so if nothing else, take that as a
testament of how powerful of an asset this can be.
Text God 37
Compliment Without Giving Up Power
Complimenting a woman is something we should and need to do to make her
know we find her attractive. There can, however, be a huge difference in how you
compliment her, and you can lose power in the relationship if you do it wrong.
Complimenting a woman is the part of the plant-fertilize stage. When you use the
same compliment over and over during the course of your texts, you’re fertilizing
the seed you planted so that she knows you’re definitely interested in her and
want more. But, unless she’s your girlfriend or you’re commenting on how sexy
she looks in a picture, never say the following:

• Good morning, beautiful

• You’re amazingly funny
• You’re so smart
• You’re beautiful
• You’re so special
• You’re amazing

All the other guys already tell her that. It’s unoriginal and puts control into her
hands. Those phrases are also what are called “absolutes.” This means that
there’s no room for fault. No women is perfect, and they know it. Don’t make her
think she’s flawless. If she was perfect she could do whatever she wanted and
you would still want her. That is not the impression you want to convey.

You need to treat a woman like any other person. They already know that guys
text them the same lame stuff. A woman doesn’t want to be with someone
who will do anything she says, she wants to be with someone who is a leader,
someone who knows more than her, someone who is a man and takes charge.

Text God 38
A woman would much rather take a nice slap on the ass, a squeeze of her hand
and a smirk to tell her how good she looks rather than a 10-page letter explaining
her unmatched beauty. Plus, most women don’t think they’re beautiful to begin
with, so it sounds forced and insincere when you say it.

In all my text examples you never see me praise a woman with absolutes. The
only time I compliment a woman is when I’m referring to one of her body parts
like her lips or her legs, or congratulate her for knowing something I didn’t think
she’d know. Example: “You’re legs are so damn sexy.” This is sexual and is a
form of flirting. Notice how I didn’t say, “You have perfect legs,” or “You have the
sexiest legs,” or “OMG, your legs are amazing.” This is too much of a compliment
and gives her power. If you tell her she has the best of anything, that makes her
think “Okay, if I have perfect legs, then he’s got to work for them,” as opposed
to you saying, “Your legs are so damn sexy.” Other women can have sexy legs,
too. What you’re doing is complimenting her but making sure she understands
that she’s not more special than another girl with sexy legs. Women want to
be treated special but not necessarily like a queen. When you put them on a
pedestal you end up beneath them. No woman respects that, so don’t do it.

If you have to compliment her, do it like this instead. Rather than using absolutes
like “you’re perfect,” “amazing,” etc., tone it down a bit. What this will do is leave
room for her to improve while still feeling good about herself, and it tells her
subconscious that she isn’t perfect.

You’re so funny - incorrect
Nicely done - correct
You’re so smart - incorrect
Surprised me there - correct
You’re beautiful - incorrect

Text God 39
You’re so damn sexy - correct
You’re so special - incorrect
You’re kinda special - correct
You’re amazing - incorrect
I don’t know what you’re doing but it’s working - correct

Using these variations will make you sound less desperate while still
complimenting them to a certain degree.

Don’t Brag
This is one of the biggest turn-offs to women. Remember when you were young,
there was that one kid nobody liked because he would come up to you and
say “Guess what I did yesterday?” This self-centered kid was always bragging
about himself, and we couldn’t stand him. Somehow we forgot all that, and now
feel that because we’re older that it’s okay to do it to a woman. Well, it’s not.
Don’t brag. Be comfortable enough with yourself through regular conversation
to stimulate her. You don’t want to be one of those guys who spend their time
bragging about the size of their house or cost of their fancy car. That’s a complete
turn-off to women. Stop trying to find self-importance or validation from her by
bragging. It won’t work; instead she’ll find you creepy and annoying. And don’t try
and suck her into asking you so you can tell her. Tell her your accomplishments
without bragging. When the subject comes up in normal conversation, you can
slip it in nonchalantly as if it’s no big deal. Trust me, if it’s something she finds
important or interesting enough, she’ll ask more about it. Don’t push the subject.
Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio comes up to women and starts talking about
what he’s done in life? Absolutely not. If he’s not doing it, neither should you.

Don’t forget the 80/20 rule. She should be doing 80% of the talking, and you
20%. Women like men who already know they’re cool, not guys that have to
prove it to them by talking about it. If you have to brag about how cool you are,

Text God 40
you’re really not. You want to tell women just enough about yourself so she feels
she knows you but leave them curious enough to make her want to know more.
Women love mystery and they will ask about it. When they ask you to tell them
more, then you can answer with some depth, but don’t offer every single bit of
information about yourself. It’s not an interview, it’s a game, and you’re playing to
win her over, not show her the entire rule book.

Impressing Her
Impressing a woman is one of the best ways to make her want you. How you
impress her and what you impress her with can be absolutely anything, as
long as she realizes that you can do it better than most men out there, thereby
highlighting your superior qualities and making you more sought after. The more
you stand out the better chance you have to make her want to have sex with
you. You can impress her with anything, from how good you are in bed, to how
well you cook, or how well you play the piano, etc. Your field of expertise doesn’t
matter as long as it’s something you can make her understand that you do
exceptionally well.

How To Get From A To B Faster . . . And By “B” I Mean “Bed”

Identify. Identify. Identify. I can’t say it any better. Your goal should be to make
a woman truly believe you identify with her and that you know the things she
knows. Women are always looking for a connection and will go to great lengths
to try and make one with you, so you don’t need to try that hard to impress her.
Just find something in common that you share. None of us are perfect men.
Some of us are smart, some are good looking, some are funny, some are good
cooks – it doesn’t matter. There will always be a way to impress a woman.

You should try, at the very least, to be on the same level when it comes to things
she talks about. No one likes ignorant people. Be open to learning new things if
you don’t know anything about a subject, but always try to be on her level so she

Text God 41
sees you as an equal. There are a few ways to impress a woman even if you’re
not good at whatever subject you want to use to impress her. The easiest way to
do this is by using the Google trick.

The Google Trick

Google can get you laid. Here’s how: As soon as she texts about something you
have no knowledge about, google it. Find a “cool” fact on Google or Wikipedia,
then text her back with that fact. She’ll think you’re amazing.

In the following example, I had just started talking to a gorgeous Ukrainian model
and was trying to get in good with her because I had made dinner plans for the
next evening. Read these first, then I’ll break down what happened after. (As a
reminder, Ukrainian and Russian girls text “))” a lot. It
means happy face.
The more ))) they
write after a word, the
happier they are.)

Now, to explain what

happened here. I
wanted to plant a
seed immediately so I
could begin fertilizing
at dinner the next
night, and hopefully
do it well enough to
take her to bed. The
first thing I did was
make her wait for my
response because, of

Text God 42
course, I control the conversation. She texted at 5:30 p.m. and I didn’t respond
until 10:30. (Make her wait for your response so she’s wondering about when
you’re going to text back.)

She first asks me what I’m doing, and I keep my response very short, then ask
her what she’s doing because girls love the opportunity to tell you that. Let them
talk, not you. (Remember the 80/20 rule.) She then says she’s listening to jazz.
Now truth be told, I don’t really care that she listens to jazz, in fact I could care
less. I’m just looking to impress her here to get laid quickly, because women this
hot don’t stay on the market for long.

I first identify with her quickly using KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), and say,
“Oh nice. Who’s your favorite jazz player?” As soon as she responds, I’m
immediately going to say something like, “Really? I like him, too,” or “Yeah, he
was really good.” (Typically I wouldn’t respond quickly, but in this case time is
of the essence, and what you’re about to do needs to be done quickly to seem
believable and authentic.)

Next, I go to my browser window and google whoever she says it is and get
an appropriate random fact about him. Then I text that fact to her. After that, I
use Google Translate to translate “goodnight” into Russian and then text that to
her. Notice I didn’t say “Goodnight, beautiful. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”
That sounds too eager. KISS, but don’t kiss ass. Saying goodnight in her own
language provides just the right amount of charm. Anything more and you’re a
geek. No need to send a full poem. This will make you stand out from the rest of
the guys texting her and will impress her no end. When you send something in
her native tongue it shows that you went the extra mile to do so, but you didn’t
talk about how you went that extra mile. That’s left unsaid. Cool guys don’t talk
about why they’re cool, they just are.

Text God 43
Very important: The last thing I do is end the conversation on my terms. After
I’ve impressed her, I change the conversation to, “We’ll talk more about jazz
tomorrow at dinner. I’m about to go to bed.” This does a few things:

• Ends the conversation when you want it to end

• Keeps her impressed and thinking about you long after you’ve texted her
• Gives you something to talk about at dinner tomorrow

If I had spent an hour talking about jazz with her through texting, it would have
wasted all the ammunition I could have saved up for tomorrow.

Notice how I combined a few different tricks and methods here to plant and
fertilize? I planted the seed that I like jazz, I started fertilizing it by giving her a
fact that I know (which I really found through Google), I took control of the
conversation when I cut it off for the night, then I used Google again to translate
goodnight into her language. That’s how you’ll eventually be doing things after
practicing the methods used in this book. You’ll get so good at this within such a
short period of time that it will happen without you even thinking about it.

But be careful. Don’t read this and think it’s okay to start unloading tons of
random facts on her, since that will make you come off like a geek. Keep it
simple, which makes you look cool, not like someone who researches ridiculous
facts no one cares about.

Example 1:
Her: I really like going to rodeos.
Inappropriate Fact:
You: Well, you know the U.S. Rodeo Association was founded in 1924 by . . .
Appropriate Fact:
(You google “rodeo” and find out when there’s one coming to town.)

Text God 44
You: Really? Me, too. There’s one that will be in town in three weeks. I’m
taking you.

Example 2:
Her: I work at Yellowstone National Park.
You: Oh, nice, the world’s first national park ;) What do you do there?

If you aren’t a naturally gifted person

and can’t impress her by showing off
your body or your intelligence, that’s
no problem. You can impress her
many other ways. One of the best is
by making her realize you listen to
everything she says. Pay attention to
what she says and when you pick up
on something important, store that in
your notepad to use at a later date.
She’ll be impressed with little things like the fact that you remember what her
favorite perfume is, or the scar on her knee she got in 7th grade from playing
softball. Having a good memory and being a good listener is impressive, but
something most of us men aren’t skilled in because we’ve been too busy trying to
wow a woman with muscles or coolness. But when you can impress her mentally
instead of visually, you can make even more of an impression than the guy who
can only show off his six-pack.

Text God 45
Flirting Through Text
Flirting is single-handedly the absolute most important thing you need to do. It
is imperative that you flirt in order to show her that you aren’t interested in just
being a friend but instead that you want more. Whether you’re looking to set up
a fuck-buddy relationship or a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, you need to flirt.
Everyone thinks about sex, some are just more comfortable with it than others.

Ninety-nine percent of men flirt. The problem is that most men do it in such a
horrible manner that they creep-out a woman, or they do it in such a dorky way
that she doesn’t realize she’s being flirted with. You’re most likely flirting the
completely wrong way, and that’s why you aren’t getting anywhere after you get
their number.

Once you become a Text God you’ll realize that all women are flirts and that
they’ll flirt back with you. Some will even initiate or expect it once they feel like
you want them and they trust you enough to open up that side of themselves to
you. These are the women that will be prime for the picking. You have to sow the
seed before you can reap the benefits, as most ofthem will not automatically start
flirting with you, but once they start they will keep going. There are a lot of wrong
ways to flirt and some right ways. So, unless you’re an absolute stud, which the
majority of you are not:

Don’t be unoriginal:
“Wow, let me get that ass.”
“You’re hot/beautiful/gorgeous.”

Text God 46
Don’t be too forward:
“Fuck, you’re hot.”
“I wanna fuck you.”
“We should hook up.”

Don’t be too cryptic (bury your jokes so deep that she doesn’t get it). If she says
“huh?” then you’re not making any sense.

Don’t randomly throw in a sexually suggestive flirtation.

What does every guy do? Probably the same stuff as you. Why do we keep doing
the same thing and expect different results? That’s the definition of insanity.
Use what you’ve learned so far to be different. Looks is what gets a woman’s
attention; originality, humor and sex is what keeps it.
If you can get their
attention with your
looks, that’s great,
you’ve skipped one
step – but you still
have to keep their
attention. If you’re
not good looking,
don’t worry. It doesn’t
matter as long as you
can stimulate her

Some Ways Not To


Text God 47
Don’t be those guys.

There are two distinct ways to flirt. One is pre-sex, the other is post-sex.

Pre-Sex Flirting
Pre-sex flirting is the hardest kind because you haven’t had sex with her yet, so
you need to be conscious and smart about how you go about it. The first thing
you have to do is earn the right to flirt.

Earning The Right To Flirt

As guys, we would love for a woman to immediately text us with a “Come over,
I want you right now.” Forget about it. That’s the ultimate goal. Before you can
even get a woman to start thinking like that, you first have to earn the right to flirt
with her. If you start off flirting the wrong way with her it will creep her out and
make your job that much harder. Worse still, it will make her stop texting you
completely. All the hard work you put into getting her number will be for nothing.
Don’t make this mistake.

Don’t be thirsty. This means don’t act like a thirsty dog who’s just seen water for
the first time in ages and will do anything to get some. Women notice thirst from a
mile away. It’s intuitive.

How You Earn The Right To Flirt

To earn the right to flirt with her, you must first get to know her. It’s not rocket
science, but unfortunately most men never learn this. Developing some familiarity
and showing her that you’re not a creep are the first things a woman needs to
realize. If you start flirting before that then you’re just hurting yourself. Use the
notepad trick and the delete-her-face trick to help you get to know her easier. For
help with those tricks, refer to the chapters of this book.

Text God 48
Once you’ve earned the right to flirt with her, you then need to decide what
kind of flirting will work the best. Determining what kind of flirting to engage
in depends on what you noticed about her when you met. Was she dressed
slutty and seemed to be looking for a man? You can typically be more forward
with these girls. They tend to be younger and are out just to have fun. Was
she dressed classy and seemed strong-minded? You will need to be smarter
about flirting with these women. Texting innuendo or suggestive remarks will
be your best avenue of approach. Was she ditzy and oblivious to things? You
can suggest SEXUAL things to these kinds of girls. They will usually go along
with it as much as the girl who dressed slutty. Don’t forget her personality type.
This will come in handy here and will aid you in determining whether to be more
aggressive or subtle.

When beginning to flirt, you need to find out if a woman likes an aggressive
approach or one that’s more laid back. Figuring this out will keep you from
approaching her in a way she doesn’t like. I find that most women are closet
freaks. All you have to do is bring it out of them, then you can say the most
forwardly sexual or obscene things and they will like it.

Pre-Sex Flirting Methods

One of the pre-sex flirting methods I use that works best is what I like to call the
“suggestive flirt.” This is using something she’s texted you that you can turn into
something sexual. You can literally use it on anything. The entire point here is to
dangle a carrot in front her and for her to take the bait. The goal is to get her to
respond to your punchline with something sexual, thereby opening the door for
you. Once she responds to your suggestive flirt with something sassy or sexual,
you have the opening to continue the conversation, which now becomes about
sex. Here are a few examples:

You text her and invite her out to a movie:

Text God 49
Her: Let’s do it.
You: There’s a problem.
Her: What?
You: After we do it, there might not be enough time to watch a movie. It will
take a while (the punchline).
Her: Ha ha, oh is that so?

Her: I got bit by a bug :/

You: Damn bug stole my fire. I told it I wanted to bite you first.

You: How are you getting there?

Her: Coming now, I got a ride.
You: I’m surprised you can text while coming. Must not be that exciting.

You: Where are you?

Her: I’m coming.
You: Already? Thought that was for later tonight.

Her: What time will you be done?

You: Dunno, I’ve been known to last for hours.

You could literally suggest anything, just make sure it’s either complimenting her
or giving her an idea of what you would be like in bed. No matter how subtle it
is, it will get her to thinking of having sex with you, and that’s exactly what you
want. This type of flirting may take some time to get used to. It’s a very witty way
of flirting and takes quick thinking to turn a normal text into something sexual, but
I guarantee you no one else she’s texting is flirting like that. You’ll stand out from
the brutes who are still texting her the same lame things.

Here’s a hint: Before you respond to her text, take a moment to see if you can

Text God 50
turn it into something flirtatious. When text-flirting with this method, the trick is
to throw in something sexual here and there. It’s not a full-on bombardment of
flirting but more like a sniper who takes his shots methodically. If she gives you
the okay to continue, then by all means start down that road. The more you talk
about sex, the better it will be for you. To use the same example:

Her: What time will you be done?

You: Dunno, I’ve been known to last for hours.
Her: Hah, oh is that so?
You: Unfortunately yes, one of my many flaws. ;)
Her: Never heard of that being a bad thing.

Notice how I didn’t say something dumb like, “Ya wanna find out how long I can
last?” That’s way too forward and not smart at all. Remember, stay witty and
smart. Any brute can whip out his dick and say “want it?” but it takes a real man
to have her asking for it. When she’s asking for it, that’s when you know you’ve

Using The Notebook Trick

Another way to flirt with her is to talk about how she looked last night or some
other time you saw her. Employ the notebook trick for this. It’s very simple, and
will not only be a good opportunity to flirt with her but will make you seem like
you’re really paying attention to her. Simply add a note to your notebook on
her about what she wore one night when she looked exceptionally good. As an
example, say you have a note that describes what she wore to a party. It reads:
“Ashley’s party, black dress with gold necklace. Red heels, flower earrings.” A few
days later while texting her, say, “BTW, that black dress with gold necklace you
wore at Ashley’s party the other night . . . Damn. ”

Trust me, this will make her think “wow.” This has gotten me a foot in the door

Text God 51
with a woman many times. I guarantee you’ll be the only guy who remembers this
and brings it up days later. You can also use it in a situation later in your texting
relationship where she sends you:

Her: I have no idea what to wear.

You: You should wear that black dress with gold necklace you wore at Ashley’s
party the other night . . . Damn.

Another good flirting method is to compliment her body any time she brings it up:
You: What are you up to?
Her: Just finishing up, putting on my lipstick.
You: Mmm, those plump lips.

Her: Ugh, I got sunburned.

You: I hope it didn’t mess up those sexy legs of yours. Would be a tragedy.

Her: I have to get my hair done.

You: I love when your hair whips around in the wind. It’s sexy. I hope you
never buzz your head.

Flirt a lot, and flirt often. Women need to be reminded constantly that you want
them and that you’re not afraid to flirt with them. It shows them that you have
balls and aren’t afraid to say what you think – as long as you do it intelligently.
Condition her to be thinking about sex when she’s thinking about you. Your
chances of getting her in bed will only improve.

Post-Sex Flirting Methods

After you’ve had sex with her, flirting becomes a lot easier because you now
have shared this most intimate experience. You have a lot more leeway as far as
what you can say or suggest without seeming creepy. You still want to continue

Text God 52
your pre-sex flirting methods – never give those up. But you can incorporate new
methods as well. Anything is in play now. The way you flirt depends on what kind
of personality you have. If you’re the aggressive “I know what I want type,” then
you should flirt that way. Be the lion. You can talk about your sex openly now
with her. Again, don’t be creepy, but let her know that it’s okay to talk about it. For

“Damn, our sex last night was ”

“That position when you were (x) and I was (x) felt so good.”
“Have you ever done (X) in bed? We should try that.”
“You should come over later. I need more of last night.”

Don’t make sex all you talk about, though. It becomes too much and boring. No
one can be turned on 24/7. Keep being your funny, charming self, and use all the
tricks you’ve learned. Don’t forget them just because you got laid. This is how
you never get laid again. If you have more of a shy personality, continue to use
the pre-sex flirting methods, but tone-down any aggressive post-sex talk unless
you think you can handle it.

How To Practice Flirting

Let’s talk about crash dummies – yes, those artificial, sacrificial lambs meant to
get beaten up during car-crash testing. A car company can use dozens of crash
dummies in car crash tests to see which car fares better. For your flirting prowess
to take hold, you’ll need to practice your flirting techniques with crash dummies:
the women you don’t really care for that you consider “expendable.” Of course
this sounds unfair, oh well, life isn’t fair.

Since you’re not about to test your flirts on the really hot women you’re working
on, you’ll have to hone your technique on crash dummies (not hot women) until
you find what really works and feel comfortable enough to try it on that 10 you

Text God 53
want to flirt with. This is how you become a Text God. If you’re a shy guy and new
to flirting through text, then you need to employ this practice more than anyone

If you are a shy guy or are new to flirting through text, you need to employ this
trial and error more than anyone else. You have worked so hard and done so
well to meet a girl and get her number, you don’t want to test out things which are
new to you on that girl you want to smash.

Flirting is the difference between becoming just another friend of hers or

becoming her lover. How you approach flirting is entirely up to you, but realize
that if done improperly it’s the quickest way to make a woman stop talking to you.
Remember, you usually only get one shot at her. If you mess it up it’s either going
to take an insane amount of work to repair the damage, or you’re just going to
make a fool of yourself and lose her anyway.

If you’re not the flirting type, become one. Even if you mess up, at least you tried.
You can build on your mistakes and eventually evolve into the texting god that
you are. Not all playboys became playboys overnight. It took them years of trial
and error to find out what women want in a man. You have the benefit of learning
from this book everything I’ve picked up throughout my life, thereby avoiding as
many mistakes as possible. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

Text God 54
Sending And Receiving Pictures
Okay, men, this is where you can either make yourself look amazing or pathetic.
I’ve seen some of the coolest, best-looking guys come across as complete idiots
to women and draw their ridicule for sending the wrong kinds of pictures at the
wrong time. There is a very specific way to play the picture game.

Sending Women Pictures

The first thing to remember is, do not send pictures unless you’re shredded! If
you’re fat or anything but in really good shape, don’t hit the Send button. Nothing
good can come of it. Texting is a mental game; you’re creating an idea of yourself
in the woman’s head, one which you can shape and mold to your pleasing using
the methods learned in this book. By sending her a picture of your rotund body,
you’re destroying the image you’ve been trying to build up until now. You turn
the game from a mental into a physical one. Unless you’re a perfect physical
specimen, keep this a mental game.

When To Send Pics

It’s a good thing for you she will rarely, if ever, ask you for a picture. Women
don’t get the same stimulation from a naked man as men get from seeing a girl
naked or scantily clad. It’s the same reason why women don’t necessarily find
pornography attractive or entertaining. However, if you must send a picture of
yourself, there are a few rules to follow:

Don’t Send A Selfie

This is lame and should be avoided completely. There’s nothing sexy about a
close-up of your face to the point where she can see your pores. It’s unattractive.
Men should never take selfies in the first place; leave that to the women. I don’t

Text God 55
care how cool you think it might be, trust me, it’s not.
Text gods don’t send selfies!

Mirror Pics
Again, leave mirror pics to the women. It’s not very
manly to stand in front of a mirror snapping pictures
of yourself. Unless you’re doing something extremely
cool like bungee jumping or mountain biking, or some
other manly endeavor, don’t send pictures. No one
cares that you’re in your hallway taking a picture
yourself without shoes. It’s not exciting and will not do
anything sexually for them.

If you’re not a physical
specimen of perfection,
save yourself the cell
phone data usage by 2
not sending one. Even
if you’re shredded, only
send one if prompted.
Never send a nude
photo as an intro text.
You’re an idiot if you do
this. Never randomly
send a nude, especially
if you haven’t had sex
with her yet.

I have no idea what this

Text God 56
guy was thinking when he sent this pic to the woman, but don’t be this idiot.

I’ve seen girls make fun of a guy on so many separate occasions because he
sent her an unrequested nude, especially when they’re sent at the wrong time,
i.e., daytime and without warning. Guess who will see your nude photo apart from
her? Every single female, and probably male, she hangs out with. All making fun
of you. Do you really want to go through that?

Dick Pics
Unless you’re hung like a horse, don’t send a picture of Mr. Willie. Unless you
want every woman in your area to know that you aren’t well-endowed. And don’t
send the same dick pic to multiple women in the same area where there’s even
the slightest chance of them knowing each other. Women talk about everything
with each other and, trust me, the subject will come up and they will both
know that you sent them each the same photo. Women don’t necessarily find
your veiny one-eye’d monster attractive, especially a close-up of it. Text gods
stimulate the mind through texting to win a woman over first. The physical part
comes later.

Receiving Pictures
Receiving pictures from a woman is something that should make you feel
powerful. It means that she’s comfortable enough with you to send a picture of
her body. It also means she’s really into you.

Some girls have no problem sending selfies, bikini pics or nudes, and some do.
It all depends on how comfortable she is with her body or how smart she is. If a
girl refuses to send you pictures, she’s one of the smart ones. Think girls wont
send nudes? Think of the dozens and dozens of female celebrities that have
been caught sending graphic nudes. Every female will take a picture of her body,
even if she has no intention of sending it. Women are very hard on themselves

Text God 57
and take pictures if only for the sake of comparing a few months down the road
to see if they’ve improved or stayed the same. A woman feels sexy and risqué by
sending them. They work hard on their bodies and like to show it off.

How To Ask For Pictures

If you haven’t had sex with her yet, you should be careful as to how you ask for
pictures. The most opportune time to ask is when you’re having a late-night text
session and flirting with each other. Simply say, “Send me a pic, I wanna see that
sexy body.” Don’t ask for one. “Can you send me a pic?” sounds lame and holds
no power. If she becomes offended or refuses, then you know there’s more work
to be done. If she says she doesn’t send those kind of pics, don’t push the issue.
Maybe she does and maybe she doesn’t, but if you keep pushing for one you’ll
come off as a creep. Post-sex is a much more opportune time; you’ll be more than
likely to get them then and it will be much easier to ask for. I rarely ask for nude
pics unless I’m trying to establish power. Then I’ll just say, “Send me one now,”
which is a great lead-up to sex. But unless you’re very confident and already a text
god, this is a tricky one to pull off. Many times I’ll receive random nude pics from
girls fishing for acknowledgement that they’re attractive. I’m happy to provide the
gratification they’re looking for, but it comes on their dime, not mine.

Sending pictures can be fun and help you become more comfortable with each
other, as long as its done correctly. If not, it can cause ridicule and make you lose

Text God 58
Getting Her Out On A Date
You’ve planted seeds and have been fertilizing your relationship with her. Now it’s
time to get her out on a date. You should try for this soon after you begin texting
her. Don’t let her forget about you; you want to remain relevant at all times so she
doesn’t get bored with you and start looking around. If you don’t make a move, at
a certain point she’ll think you just want to be friends, so stay focused on the last
step, the bedroom. Getting her to say yes to a date is also a power move. She
finds you agreeable and obviously likes what you’ve been texting her, and wants
to see more of you.

Once you feel comfortable enough to ask her out, avoid the mistake lame guys
always make. Realize that there are seven days in a week and you never know
which one of those days a woman is available. You never want to ask her if she’s
free on one specific day because there’s a high probability that she may not
be. You don’t want to provide her the opportunity to say no to you, even if she’s
legitimately busy that day. That will subconsciously make her more comfortable
telling you “no,” and that’s a road you don’t want to travel. Avoid this scenario:

You: Are you free tomorrow?

Her: Aww, I’m not. Sorry, I have plans. :/
You: What about Tuesday?
Her: I’m busy that day too. :(
You: Wednesday?

Just stop. This is sad and desperate. Instead of throwing darts and hoping for a
bullseye, try this: “What day are you free this week? We’re getting dinner. ”
Notice how I didn’t ask her if she’d have dinner with me, nor did I ask her if she

Text God 59
was free. I already assumed those things and that she would go out with me. All I
asked is what day she prefers to go. This is taking the initiative. If there was any
doubt in her mind as to who has the power in this relationship, there isn’t now.
This is what Text Gods do – so do it!

A lot of women text me, “You’re so bossy,” to which I don’t reply with words.
Instead, I send an emoji signifying, “Yeah, you know it” (see the “Using Emojis”
chapter). Example:

Me: What day are you free this week? We’re getting dinner.
Her: Look at you, Mr. Bossy. Tuesday.
Me: I’ll pick you up at 8.

If a woman calls you bossy or something you truly are, never deny it (unless it’s a
liar or cheat). When you deny what you are, you’re making an excuse – and you
don’t need to make an excuse for being a Text God. Stick to your guns and you’ll
see how easy it is to control the relationship and hold the power. Women like
men who who are assertive and powerful. Use the fertilizing you’ve done up to
this point to get you to that next level.

Another way to get her to commit to a date is the “What are you doing on . . .”

You: What are you doing the 25th?
Her: I don’t know yet.
You: Now you do, we’re going to the symphony.

Plan this a week in advance so there’s more likelihood that she hasn’t planned
anything out that far yet. A similar method is to make plans before you even tell

Text God 60
her she’s going. It’s more of a surprise this way and she’ll also have a harder
time saying no. For example:

You: Guess what you’re doing next Saturday.

Her: I don’t know.
You: (Send her a screenshot of your confirmation email for two tickets to a
show or event. Then say “surprise” ;)

A woman will have a hard time turning down your offer when you’ve already
bought tickets. This is a good way to lock her into committing to a date. Even if
you haven’t bought the tickets yet you can still act like you have by sending her a
picture of the flier for the event. Like this:

You: Guess what you’re doing next Saturday.

Her: I don’t know.
You: You said you like Kathleen Madigan, so I
got us two tix to go see her. Surprise. ;)

Whichever method you use, be confident.

You’re getting close to the smash stage, and
being around her will allow you to stimulate her
physically after you’ve already done so mentally.
Ask her out the right way and you’ll get what you

Text God 61
When You Know You Have Her
There comes a certain point in a relationship when you know you’ve got her. It can
come at any time, but specifically when she exhibits some kind of possessive or
jealous type of emotion and tries to create ownership over you, stopping you from
doing what you want to do. When a woman exhibits this kind of behavior, be happy.
It means that you’ve done everything right, stimulating her mind to the point where
she wants to make you hers because she finds you better than all the other men.
Getting a woman to this point comes only through using the methods in this book. I
have practiced and refined these methods so much that they are second-nature to
me. I’ll show you how this situation typically plays out and how to handle it.

In this example, I was 2

literally standing next
to a girl who I hook
up with on occasion
(the girl texting me).
I saw another, hotter,
girl I used to hook
up with and took her
home instead. This
was done right in
front of her, because
sometimes you have
to give zero fucks.
Later that week I tried
to contact her and this
is what happened:

Text God 62
3 4

6 7

Text God 63
(Btw when you read 10
this, the girl I took 9
home was definitely
not ugly, she was a
swedish model):

At this point in our

relationship I know
I can do anything I
want, and all it will
take to get her back
in my pocket is a text
to her like, “Someone
was mad,” or my
favorite, “Hi, angry
bird.” Remember, if
she gives you any
grief, which she probably
will, just empathize and diffuse (EnD) her rants and
accusations. Women like this, who know you see other women and get mad
when you do it in front of them, love being in this abusive type of relationship.
They get off on the chase. The only reason she’s mad is because on this
particular night she didn’t win the competition.

This is probably not a woman you want to be in a relationship with, but she’s a
road dog that’s always ready to hang out and have fun, and at the end of the
night wants the same thing you want. Keep this kind of woman around for as
long as you can until she tires of the cat and mouse game and eventually gets a
boyfriend. She’ll then try and make you jealous, thinking you care. At that point,
just trade her in for a new model.

Text God 64
At this juncture in the road, you can go one of two ways. I call it “Make Her or
Break Her.” Once you’ve established that you have her and that she definitely
wants you, you can either make her become more serious with you or break it off.

Make Her
If you decide to make her, then once she’s mad at you it will be the perfect
opportunity to get her into some type of relationship. Whether it be dating, seeing
each other exclusively, etc., you have the power, so use it to your advantage.
She’s hurt because of whatever you did, so you want to show her what she can
do to avoid this. For example, a good text to send would be:

“I didn’t mean to offend you, but we’re not even dating at this point. You’ve never
mentioned taking anything to the next level so I figured you didn’t care enough.”
Another example: “Look, I like you, but you’ve never mentioned anything about
getting serious. If we were serious then I would gladly not have done that. We
need to talk about taking it to the next level.”

Break Her
If you decide to break off the relationship completely or tell her that you’re always
only just going to be fuck-buddies, there’s a specific way to text her about it. You
want to keep her around because obviously she’s into the hook-up buddy thing,
but in the back of her mind she’s thinking about getting more serious with you.
Don’t talk about being only a fuck-buddy. It’s negative and doesn’t leave her any
hope. Remember, women will continue in that role as long as you leave them a
glimmer of hope that they can change you and tie you down, so let them believe
it. Keep it light and positive. Example:

“I love hanging out with you and how we have fun. It’s always a good time and
our sex is amazing. When things get complicated is when it stops being fun.
We’re not dating or exclusive, and I just wanted to make sure we’re on the same

Text God 65
page so there’s never any problem between us.”

This doesn’t corner her into an ultimatum or make things weird. Rather, it keeps
things easy and light. It also compliments her on her sexual prowess. Also, notice
how there’s nothing negative in this text and doesn’t tell her what she should do.

When making or breaking her, there are certain things you should never text her:

“I think..” - she will tear you up. Don’t THINK, know. you have to be assertive

“I like you BUT” - never use BUT, it a precursor to a let down and always followed
by something negative in life. like “You did amazing BUT you didn’t win” don’t
use any negative words

“We can never be” “we will always only be fuck buddies” - this doesn’t leave her
any hope. remember you need to leave her a little hope. it also corners her and
girls dont like to be cornered

“We should..” - never text a girl what she or you both should do, she will always
respond with resistance even if she agrees with you. Women are hard wired to
give you push pack when you give them directions.

Text God 66
Getting Laid
This is the ultimate test. This is where everything is on the line. This is where
everything you’ve learned here culminates to one singular point. This is where
you go for the final part of the Plant Fertilize Smash method. this is where you

Let’s take a look at this via the hunter analogy. A hunter goes after a deer in the
woods. He quietly stalks his prey, rather than charging full speed after it. A hunter
will wait until the deer is alone and not surrounded by other prey, which increases
his chances of not being spotted. He hunts with a rifle that can fire a single,
calculated shot, not an Uzi that sprays bullets everywhere. A hunter will wait until
the deer is relaxed, then go for the kill shot. Ultimately, a hunter leaves nothing to

Figuratively speaking, you are the hunter. You need to know when to go for the
kill, since just like the hunter, you may only get one shot. If you miss, you may
never get another chance at getting laid. Let’s break down this analogy so you
can see what I mean:

A Hunter Knows The Best Time To Go For The Kill Shot

Your objective is to get her into bed. You need to do that at the right time.
Weekends and nights are obviously the best times to have her come over, but
you need to set up the date at the right time, too. Make sure she isn’t mad at you
over anything; all that will happen is she’ll come over and start fighting. Make
sure she’s on good terms with you.

Text God 67
A Hunter Will Wait Until The Prey Is Alone
With other “prey” around, that makes for too many eyes watching and more eyes
to spot you. Text her to set up this date when you know she’s alone, so she can
concentrate on you and not be distracted by anything else. You don’t want any of
her friends around or be stuck in a crowd.

A Hunter Fires A Single, Calculated Shot

When you set up a smash date, you want to be very specific about what you’re
going to do. “Come on over and let’s hang out” is not specific at all. Try this
instead: “I’ve got a nice bottle of your favorite wine and some shrimp scampi from
your favorite Italian restaurant. Come over at 8 and we can eat, drink, and watch
‘Mad Men.’” This text is completely different than the first. It’s specific and has

A Hunter Will Wait Until The Prey Is Relaxed

We’re relaxed when our surroundings are comfortable and non-threatening. Your
job is to make her as relaxed and comfortable as possible so that you’ll have the
best chance at making her want to have sex with you.

A Hunter Leaves Nothing To Chance

When you set up the smash-date text you don’t want to leave anything to chance,
so do away with the variables. Make sure she’s available and doesn’t have
somewhere to be later on that night. Make sure you’re on good terms with her.
Make sure that she wants you and that you’ve made it clear you’re attracted to
her and that you want her. Taking a shot in the dark here would make no sense,
and might ruin the one and only time you’ll have sex with her.

How To Set Up The Smash-Date Text

Remember the notepad trick where you write down facts about her? Well, here’s
where it pays off. What you’ll do first is check your notepad to remind yourself

Text God 68
what her favorite drink is, her favorite food, her favorite show. Then you text her
that they’ll all be available at your house that night. With this, you’re setting up
an atmosphere of comfortable familiarity that will put her at ease. You’re also
tweaking three of her senses: smell (the food); taste (the wine); sight (“Mad
Men”). All of which you already know she finds pleasing because she told you.

She will immediately imagine all these favorite things together. More importantly,
she’ll imagine you with her amidst all the things she likes. This is what you
ultimately want. I promise you no guy has ever been this thoughtful. You’ll
immediately be light years ahead of the competition.

Here’s how the smash-date set-up text typically plays out. You find out earlier in
the week that she has nothing going on Friday night, so . . .

You: I’ve got a nice bottle of your favorite red wine and some shrimp scampi
from Zzanetto’s coming tonight. Come over at 8 and we can eat, drink, and
watch “Mad Men.”
Her: OMG, I can’t believe you remembered those are my favorite things! That
sounds amazing.
You: That’s what I do ;) See you at 8.

She’ll be incredibly grateful that you were so thoughtful and will be like putty in
your hands. Guess who will be happy after her meal, relaxed after a few glasses
of wine, and in a comfortable environment Make the move.

Text God 69
How To Gain Control
Of Your Relationship
Having control over the conversation can make things go much smoother. When
you develop control, there ends up bring an unspoken respect and agreement by
both parties as to who is more in control, and a mutual respect begins to form. It
can be tough to get this control, especially if you’re dealing with very hot women
who are used to having the control or having everything offered to them. There
are a few ways you can assert yourself and gain control via texting. Most of
them are by doing things that women aren’t accustomed to having men do. This
will throw them off and they won’t know what to think. Little by little you will take
control of the conversation until it’s an established rule. The first way to establish
this control is:

Don’t Text Them Back

You’ve all been through it before. You text a girl and then wait with puppy-dog
eyes for her reply. You check your phone every few minutes to see if they’ve
texted you back. You mistakenly think you hear it beeping. Who do you think has
the power in this situation? Who do you think has the power in this situation?
If you think you do you’re insane. Go back and re-read this book from the
beginning. When a woman controls when your conversation continues, and
when you’re thinking about why she hasn’t texted you back, she’s the one with
the power. What I’ll show you is how to regain this lost power and control.

How Does Not Texting Them Back Do Me Any Good?

I know what you’re thinking: WTF, this doesn’t make any sense. Well, it shouldn’t
if women were completely logical – but you must first understand the psychology
of not only women but also of men.

Text God 70
The simplest way to understand this is to use celebrities as an example.
Celebrities are some of the most sought-after people. You and every other
person has a crush on a celebrity, or that one person they would do anything to
bang. Jessica Alba, Adrianna Lima, Sofia Vergada, Meghan Fox etc. or for girls,
Leo Di cap, Brad pitt, Bradley Cooper, etc.

Why this obsession? The simplest reason is we want them because we can’t
have them. We can’t contact them, we don’t know how to get in touch with them,
and chances are we will never see them in real life. So ask yourself, why are we
so obsessed with someone we’ll never see, let alone meet, during our lifetime?
It’s because people will always want what they can’t have. We want what’s
mysterious. We want to know why these people are so famous and sought after.
We see other people want them, so that must mean there must be some secret
they possess to make themselves so desirable. Thus the frenzy is created.

This pattern is repeated when we want a woman. The harder it is to contact them
and get them to hang out with you, the more we want them. If a woman was
available to you every second of every day and said yes to everything you asked,
you’d quickly become bored. The chase can be the most fun part. If a woman
is into you mentally, it doesn’t matter what you look like. This is why you see
beautiful women with ugly men who aren’t rich. You’re looking at someone who is
a Text God.

The Hotter They Are The Better This Works

Ugly girls are used to being rejected and having guys not text them back.
The hotter a girl is, the more guys Kiss ass and do anything she wants, they
incessantly text her and when she finally texts them, they stop everything they’re
doing even if they are about to go into heart surgery, so they can text them back.
This is the biggest mistake you can make. Let all the other schmucks do that.
YOU have the secret and YOU will be the one she goes after because YOU will

Text God 71
be the text god.

Every time I meet a ridiculously hot girl and begin a text relationship with, the
moment i feel they’re into me (Accomplished by using all the tricks in this book) is
the moment I stop texting them back.

Here is an example with this girl who I planted, fertilized, then tried to smash(It
doesn’t always happen on the first attempt) and she didn’t let me so I began
ignoring her to get control of the relationship. Shortly after ignoring her, she let
me smash. As is noted in the last two pictures.

1 2 3

Text God 72
There are a few ways
to do it: 4 5
The Set-Up
Every guy asks the
same question,
“What’s your favorite
place to eat”. This is
completely unoriginal
and won’t set you a
part from anyone else.
Ask this instead so
they think “wow i’ve
never been asked this

“Out of all places, what

is the one restaurant
you would never want
me to invite you to?”

She naturally will send her response followed by, “and you”?


“hmm I would have to say i absolutely hate eating at Applebees :) how about

When they ask you the question back, Don’t text her. She is asking you
something which she expects you to respond. You now have the power of when

Text God 73
the conversation continues.

The deeper the question the better this works:

You: What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do in life, and who do you see
yourself doing it with?
Her: I’ve always wanted to go deep-sea diving in the Indian Ocean. I might do
it alone or take along one of my girlfriends.
You: (silence)

Let a few hours or an entire day pass before you text back. What does this do?
It gives you power and control and let’s you determine when the conversation
will continue, not her. It will make her think about why you aren’t texting her
back. Remember, you want her to be thinking about you throughout her day. The
harder you become to contact, the more she thinks about why you’re not texting
back. She may look at your social media to see what you’re doing. She’ll begin
to do what you’ve done countless times: look at her phone every few minutes
to see if you’ve texted back. What you’re trying to accomplish here is create the
celebrity effect for yourself.

Resist the urge to text her back right away no matter how beautiful she is or how
much you’re into her. Remember, women like power and gravitate towards it. Use
this simple tool to your advantage to create that power. I assure you that no other
guy is blowing her off like that. They’re too busy not getting laid. They don’t know
the secrets like you do. They’re not in the process of becoming a text god.

Rules To Using This Method

When you finally DO text her back, don’t apologize or make any excuse for why
you didn’t text her.

Text God 74
She texts you, what’s your least favorite place to eat?

“Hey sorry i had to take my dog to the vet he was really sick so I’m just getting
back to you.”

This gives her all the answers she needs and gives her a perfectly logical
example why you didn’t text her back. You put yourself back a step by doing this
and create absolutely no power.

Here is something more appropriate to text her.

“Hey, been busy. My least favorite place to eat is..”

Doing this gives off the vibe of “I make no excuses,” and “I’m a busy man.”
What it’s really telling her is that you had more important things to do than text
her back. It shows her that she’s not as high on the priority list as she thought.
And the more beautiful the woman is, the more taken aback she’ll be by this

Women don’t forget much, especially when it comes to how they were made to
feel in situations when they were hurt. Don’t believe me? Remember your ex
who would always bring up that one time where you hurt her. You will never live it
down and she remembers every single detail about it.


So, if a women remembers when she wasn’t good enough for someone, she’ll
remember how she tried to do what she could TO become good enough.

Text God 75
Although it sounds twisted, you should thank the guy who broke her heart before
because of the scar it left. She will try to go into ‘I want you’ mode.

Don’t Give Her The Answer She’s Looking For

Lets say there is a fisherman who grew up in an area where there are only
catfish. He doesn’t necessarily like catfish but thats all there are around him. He
goes fishing in an area where there are ONLY catfish and fully expects to catch
a catfish because that is what he knows how to catch. He knows nothing else.
Whenever he catches a catfish he is neither satisfied nor surprised because
that is what he expected to catch. Now let’s say for instance that one day this
fishermen catches a salmon instead of a catfish. This is new to him and catches
him completely off guard because there aren’t supposed to be salmon in this
water and he’s never had one before. This is a new wrinkle and throws him
completely off guard. But the fisherman realizes the salmon looks and tastes
infinitely better than the catfish, and he quickly becomes infatuated with this new
flavor and looks forward to ditching catfish forever.

Your job is to become the prime, out-of-the-ordinary salmon in the sea of catfish.

A woman will text you a question or tell you something for the sole purpose of
getting a response that makes her feel self-fulfilled and happy inside. When
women ask these kinds of set-up questions, they don’t really care what you
personally think. They’re just using you to make themselves feel good. Example:
When a woman asks, “How do I look in this dress?” she doesn’t really care what
you think, she just wants to hear you say she looks good, thereby receiving her
required dose of self-gratification.

It’s like the person who starts off a story with “OMG you’re never gonna guess
what happened!?”

Text God 76
They’re expecting you to say, in an ecstatic voice, “OMG tell me!?”
Women will text you things in a way so you respond like they want you to. They
do it for self-gratification.

The way you gain power in these situations is fairly simple and easy to do. What
you want to accomplish here is to stand out from the crowd of other guys she’s
texting. Guys will often indulge in her play-along game because they think if they
say what she wants to hear it will increase their chances of getting laid. This
actually has the opposite effect, and you won’t stand out at all.

What To Do
If she texts you something where you can tell she’s fishing for an answer, respond
with the completely opposite answer to the one she’s expecting. For example: “So
this guy at work, OMG, blah blah blah, he’s annoying, blah blah . . .”

EnD it by doing the WWLKD trick. Think to yourself, “Who is one of the most bad-
ass dudes I know, that if he walked into a room the girls would go crazy?” I like
to use rocker Lenny Kravitz as an example. Here’s a guy who bangs the hottest
women on the face of this planet, and part of the reason is because of his “I
don’t give a fuck” attitude. Women are completely drawn to that. So, do you think
Kravitz would respond to that rambling text with another long drawn-out text?
No! That’s what other women and therapists are for. And you most certainly don’t
want women seeing you as their go-to therapist. There’s no way you can plant,
fertilize and smash when all you’re doing is responding to her problems. And you
want to stay clear of any negative talk with her, so as soon as she sends you a
message like this, use WWLKD (What Would Lenny Kravitz Do), along with EnD
and a KISS, and throw in a little joke to make her laugh.

To finish off our Example:

Text God 77
“So this guy at work, omg blah blah blah he’s annoying blah blah.”

your response should NOT be:

“Well I think that you should approach him face to face and tell him he’s bothering
you and possibly bring HR into it because an uncomfortable work environment
can hinder your production”

What in ANY of that is positive or advancing your position up her hill? Nothing.
It starts making her think of negative and uncomfortable things and she may even
feel like you’re obligating her to take a certain course of action which IF she does
take and it ends disastrously, guess who she can blame for taking bad advice…


In order to avoid this easily avoidable problem, you need to WWLKD

Your response SHOULD be:

“Yea you’re completely right (Empathise) Sounds like he needs to get laid by his
probably ugly girlfriend, or his computer porn (diffuse with a joke)

If you do this well she will respond with an LOL

which you IMMEDIATELY change the conversation to something positive as

mentioned before in this book:

Sounds like you could use a nice relaxing night ;)

Text God 78
And then take it from there. WWLKD don’t forget it, we will be revisiting this again
and again until you realize that you too can be a bad ass and get laid or what
ever your objective is.

Don’t Use Exclamation Points!! (Like This)

This may sound dumb, but you have no idea how important it is. Remember
when Tom Cruise went on Oprah’s TV show and started jumping on her couch
yelling, “I’m in love, I’m in love!”? As a man, how stupid did he look to you? That’s
exactly what women think you look like when you get excited about something
and start using exclamation points in your texts. Think about characters in moves
or TV shows that have a reputation for being ‘cool’ and having girls obsessed
with like, John Travolta in Grease, The Fonz, Robert Downey Jr in Ironman, Brad
Pitt in any movie, Charlie Sheen in Two and Half Men.

Do you ever see these characters ever get ecstatic about something like a
teenage girl would get at a Justin Bieber concert?

Why would you ever think it’s cool to text “See you soooonn!!!” or “Can’t wait to
see you!!!! :))))” or “Whoaaaa totally awesome!” And please, for the love of all that
embodies manhood, never text “OMG!!!”

Things like this will get you friend-zoned faster than you know what hit you. Be a
cool character; instead of texting the examples above, try these instead:

Right on ;)
That’s how you to it
That’s my girl

Text God 79
Nicely done ;)
Way to kill em
Hell yeah, you did it

The Heavy Finger

It’s acceptable to use multiples of the same letters to signify a happy medium
between not caring and total excitement. For example:

good stuff

You can tell these words convey an aura of excitement. No need for !!! Simple
enough, okay?

Text God 80
How To Find Out What
She’s Really Thinking
Fear is the biggest driver in humans. It can cause you to shrink away from a
situation, or face it head on and become a bigger person. Fear of failure is what
makes people avoid situations. This is especially so when it comes to men
chasing women. Emotional pain lasts much longer than physical pain. Rejection
and fear are one in the same when it comes to this. Women fear rejection just as
much as men do, and for this reason they will do and say whatever they think the
man wants them to in order to gain acceptance.

We’ve all seen movies where the woman is so into a guy that she stumbles over
objects, or says something where her meaning is completely different than the
one she’s actually trying convey. This is a perfect example of being true to life.
You’ve seen the woman that goes out of her way to please a man, even when it
means leaving her comfort zone.

Getting Past Smoke-Screen Answers

When a woman truly likes you, she’ll say what she thinks you want her to say.
She wants to fit in with you so bad that she’s fearful she might make a mistake
and ruin things. First off, if you have a woman this into you, great job. You’ve
utilized all the lessons from this book and she views you as a catch. You’re so
close to being a text god that you can smell it.

Now you want to find out who she really is and not just who she thinks you want
her to be. You’ll be much happier in the long run, especially when the honeymoon
stage of the relationship wears off. When you ask a women who’s into you a
question about anything – whether it be movies, lifestyle, sex, hobbies, etc. – she

Text God 81
will try and give an answer that’s in-line with what she thinks you want her to say.
This is called a smoke-screen answer. Here’s a basic example: You’ve talked
about how you like action movies and you ask her, “Do you like action movies,

Her: Yeah. They’re cool/fine. (This is a smoke-screen answer.)

Another example:
You: What do you think about going to the party?
Her: I think it would be fine.

Getting Past Smoke-Screen Answers For A Woman Who’s Being

Here’s a similar problem, except it’s not a woman who’s trying to fit in with you.
It’s a woman who’s giving you a smoke-screen excuse:

You: You’ve been weird lately.

Her: No, everything is fine.

You should be able to feel the surface answer she’s just given you. Most men
know something is wrong, but you should have learned by now that when a
woman says she’s “fine,” things are anything but. Here’s how you get her to show
her real self and tell you what she’s really thinking so you can use the “note trick”
and keep up with her feelings. The best method I’ve found for doing this is the
double question.

1. Text the first question to get the surface answer that you fully expect to get.
2. Ask the question again in a more direct manner.

Text God 82
You: You’ve been weird lately. Is everything okay?
Her: Yeah, everything is fine.
You: Is that truly how you feel or is there something up? Be honest with me.
Her: Well . . . something has been bothering me.

Another direct way to get her to get the answer is to ask the same exact question

You: Why haven’t you been answering my texts?

Her: I’ve just been busy.
You: I’ll ask again: why haven’t you been answering my texts? I’m a big boy,
you can tell me.

At this point she’ll tell you what the real reason is. Most likely it’s that you’ve been
doing something wrong, you haven’t caught onto yet, and she’s getting annoyed.
It could also be that you were being too aggressive, cheesy, forward, pushy, shy
– anything at all. The point is to find out what the problem is so you can fix it.

Text God 83
When She’s Mad At You
So you did something stupid. It will always happen. She won’t answer your calls
or won’t see you in person. Guess what the only way is to get in touch with her
and fix your mistake? That’s right, texting. You know she’ll see it and you know
she’ll read it, so this is your only chance to make things right. You’d better text
her the right things or else you’re shit outta luck.

There are always two different sides to a story: what you think happened and
what she thinks happened. And it doesn’t matter what you think. Don’t try and
convince her that she interpreted the event wrong. This will not help, and you’ll
only dig yourself a deeper hole. Remember, this is text, and you can only convey
so much through it, especially since you’re already trying to work your way back
into good graces with a woman who is already mad.

Your objective here is to work your way up to the point where you she’ll start a
dialogue and interact with you again. Don’t try to resolve the entire problem with
a drawn-out text conversation. You’ll want to do just enough through texting so
that she will actually see you again. You can then charm her panties off and get
back in her good graces.

A Few Don’ts
Don’t text her a book. The longer your text paragraphs run, the more ammunition
you give her to use against you, and the more holes your argument could spring.
So again, KISS.

Don’t try to prove her wrong. She’s already interpreted the event that pissed
her off dozens of times in her head, and what actually happened compared to

Text God 84
what she now thinks is most likely entirely different. Women subconsciously do
this to make themselves feel like they were 100% in the right and that it was all
the man’s fault.

Don’t text her anything negative. Before you send your text, read it over.
Are there any negative words in it? Are you cornering her or telling her why her
thought process is flawed? Are there any words in there that are anything but
empathetic and positive? If so, delete them. They’ll do nothing for you and make
her angrier. They might make her stop responding to your texts altogether.

Don’t keep texting her. Make your iron-clad case, then wait for her to respond to
you. Women will go over your text dozens of times, so give her some processing
time. Pushing her won’t accomplish anything, but it will give her the impetus to
respond to you on everything except what you wrote. When you text her only
the important things, she will respond only to the important things. Give her time
to process it.If you send follow up texts like, “Did you get my text?”, she can
respond to you with a “Yea i got it” because you gave her the option of what to
respond to.

Don’t forget THAW: Time Heals All Wounds. If you try to fix what happened too
soon after it occurred, the harder it will be. At that point you’re still too close to
the sun and will get burned. The further you distance yourself from it, the better
chance you’ll have to make things right with her. Take time to let her THAW.

Text God 85
How To Solve Her Problems
Without Doing A Single Thing
Using the WWLKD trick will redirect her ramblings about problems the vast
majority of the time. However, if you’ve tried this and she’s still pinning you into
a corner and essentially forcing you to help her with a problem, congratulations
on having a severely persistent woman. Your train up her hill is derailed and will
not travel further until you fix the track. Luckily for you, there’s help. I’m about to
teach you a trick that’s been around for thousands of years, yet most guys don’t
know about it, much less employ it. If you can type seven words, I can show you
how to solve every single one of a woman’s problems.

Enter The Socratic Method

Employing this method will do the following:

• Let her solve her own problems while you

do absolutely nothing
• Make you look like a stud for (not) doing it
• Become a rock star in her eyes
• Get laid because you were so helpful

A woman always thinks she’s right, so why would

you try and prove her otherwise? We learned this
in a previous chapter already. Never try and butt
heads with her since nothing good can come of it.
Just let her think she’s right since it’s much easier for you and will cause a lot less

Text God 86
What is the Socratic method and why should I use it?
First, let’s look at who Socrates was. Socrates was the Greek philosopher who
trained Plato, who then trained Aristotle. Essentially he was the father of the
three philosophers who arguably formed the most important ways of thinking for

Yeah, he was kind of a big deal.

So how was Socrates so influential and how did he train so many others who
became incredibly successful? Socrates believed that everyone had the ability
to solve their own problems as long as they were guided to the eventual answer
without actually being given it. The man knew how to ask the right questions.

The Socratic Method And How To Avoid Headaches

You can strategically ask your woman evolving questions that will help her finally
vocalize the answer she was looking for. When the solution finally hits her, you’ll
look like the one who came up with it, when actually all you did was help her
finally say what she was thinking in the first place. If you had offered your advice,
it could be completely contradictory to what she was thinking the solution should
be. This is not good. But by tricking her into thinking you came up with the same
solution she was thinking . . . well, that’s an entirely different story. Her response
will be, “Oh my God, we’re so alike in the way we think it’s amazing.” All you have
to do now is sit back and absorb the praises she’ll rain down on you.

How To Employ The Socratic Method

I’m going to use a few different examples here because it’s critical that we
understand the different variations you can use and the different types of
problems you can solve by using it. You’re basically doing the same thing every
time, just tweaking it a bit to match what she’s taking about.

Text God 87
Her: I have a HUGE problem and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know
whether to continue on to my Masters right away or take a year off to work. I’m
so stressed out . . .
You: What do you think you should do?
Her: Well, on the one hand, if I keep going until I get the degree I can be done
and over with everything sooner. On the other hand, if I can work for a year,
I can get my mind off the stress and make some money so my student loans
are smaller when I graduate.
You: Out of both those options, which one would leave you in a happier
Her: Probably taking the year off and actually living life and doing some of the
things I’ve been wanting to do for so long.
You: So you’re more than 50% positive that doing that would be better for
Her: Yes, I’m more than 50% sure.
You: That’s exactly what I was thinking. I know that will be the best option for

All you’ve done here is make her think her problem through logically, step by
step, until she’s come up with the answer she already had. Once she gives you
affirmation that it’s what she wants to do, that’s when you agree with her. Doing
this will accomplish a couple of important things. First, it will give her confidence
that someone else agrees that she’s doing the right thing, and this will make
her feel smart. Second, it will seem like you really care about making sure she’s
happy. There’s no better way to get into her “good graces” than by getting her to
think that you truly care about her happiness.

Congratulations, you just became Lenny Kravitz.

Another example:

Text God 88
Her: I’m kind of unsure about where our relationship is going.
You: Where do you think it should be going?
Her: I kinda think it should be more serious, but I’m scared because my last
one ended in a break-up.
You: What do you think is different now, in a better way, than last time?
Her: You’re just a lot more stable and mature than my ex- was.
You: Would you be happier now to know that we’re serious?
Her: Yes, I really think so.
You: I agree. We should be.

Again, you test the waters by asking her questions that really get into the meat of
what she wants to talk about and what her apprehensions are. Then, when you
invoke the happiness thing, her answer gives you all the ammo you’ll need to
seal the deal. Panties Go down again.

Last example:
Her: I feel like you just use me for sex.
You: Why do you think that?
Her: You only call me at 2 a.m. when you get home or when you’re drunk.
You: Do you think it’s hard to find a sex partner who you enjoy being with?
Her: Yeah, it really is.
You: Do you feel like we have a pretty good sexual relationship?
Her: Yes, I really like having sex with you.
You: Do you think it would ruin things if it got more complicated?

Now, whether she says yes or no to the last question, know that you’re going to
agree with her. Remember to throw her that bone of hope we talked about.
Women thrive on hope. It’s what keeps them going. If she answers “yes, it would
ruin things,” your response should be, “I agree. The less complicated, the better it
is for us at the moment.” If her answer is “no,” your response should be, “I agree.

Text God 89
So let’s see where this goes. Who knows, it could end up being something really

Done and done. In none of these examples did you read of any resistance
whatsoever. It was all very agreeable and fluid, and no matter what the eventual
outcome, it was met with complete agreement. Just as you’ve already learned, if
you’re only interested in having her as your booty-call girl, and she’s threatening
to stop giving it to you because she feels like a piece of meat, offer her the hope
that the two of you will become something, even if you have no intention of doing
so. Women love holding onto the slightest sliver of hope and will do so until they
literally can’t hold on anymore. It’s one of their crutches that you can use to your
advantage if you understand them.

Text God 90
Winning An Argument
Let me start off by saying that you cannot “win” an argument with a woman, at
least not by what your current definition of winning is. What you perceive as
winning is really her letting things slide for the moment so you feel like you’ve
won – which she will store in her memory bank to unleash on you the second she
gets mad.

There’s only one way to really win an argument through texting, and that’s to get
her to admit she was wrong without pressuring her into saying so. This is literally
the only way. We can break down the difference between how men and women
argue in the following way. When we men are mad about something, we use
logic and talk about what’s making us mad. Examples:

1. WTF, I told you I didn’t want you talking to him.

2. I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t bring that up.
3. I’m not going and don’t care if you get mad.

It makes sense to argue about what you’re mad about, but with women this is
completely impossible. Example:

“You’re a piece of shit. Why did you text her? I should have known you were a
liar; all my friends told me to watch out for you. Why did you make me look like
an idiot? I know you only did it because I went out. Why do you get mad when
I go out? I don’t understand. I wish you were more open with me. What’s your

How in the world can you argue with that? Where would you even start? Women

Text God 91
argue in a vastly different manner than we do. They’ll bring up the most obscure
things that have absolutely zero bearing on what the intended argument is
supposed to be about, and they’ll keep poking and poking. Now that you
understand what you’re up against . . .

How Do I Get Her To Admit She Was Wrong?

Here are some ways to disarm the situation:

Focus. Only a fool would dare try and tackle every issue she just threw at you.
The trick is to single-out the one issue that gives you the best chance of winning
and focus all your effort on making her see you were right about it. Women argue
with blind rage. Because of this, they will forget everything else they’ve said and
start defending themselves. They will fall right into the trap you’ve laid.

Admit fault to the least serious issue she’s mad about. In this
example, I would pick the “I wish you were more open with me” jab she threw.

Agree that you were both wrong. Now that you’ve won one and she’s
won one, call it a draw and settle things. This should, for the most part, get you
out of most situations.

When She Texts You About Old Fights You’ve Had

One of women’s favorite pastimes is dwelling on the past. They love it as much
as we love watching cheerleaders during halftime. Don’t get sucked in. Stay the
course. Any time she starts texting you about old fights that were resolved long
ago, send her this: “Let’s not dwell on the negative past. Let’s talk about how we
can make the future as good as can be.” This should help.

Text God 92
How To Get Her To Commit
Once You’ve Been Dating
Women by nature are ambivalent and constantly changing their minds about what
they want. Every man has noticed this. Although I’m around women every single
day and don’t really get blind-sided by the things they do, I’m still sometimes
amazed at how quickly they change their mind without any reason for doing so.

One of the hardest parts of getting a woman to commit to is making her see that
you’re the best choice among her various options. A reoccurring point I’ve made
throughout this book is not being naive and thinking that you’re the only guy
who’s texting her, even if you are dating. She obviously likes you if you’re dating
and much of the reason why she chose to date you has to do with the fact that
YOU stood out more than any other the other schmucks who were texting her
because you used all the Text God tricks and secrets to lure her in and get her
wanting you. So, how do you get her to go out with you?

First of all, asking a woman out is one of the few things you should do in person
and not through texting. Reason being, women watch movies and shows where
the guy always asks the girl to marry her in a public place, on bended knee, or
doing something elegant and special for that big moment. There aren’t many
movies where the guy sends a text asking a girl out. You can thank Hollywood for
making your job harder than what it already is.

But there are ways to lead up to the big question through texting without actually
posing the question. Use the plant and fertilize method to steer her thoughts the
way you want them steered. Plant the seed and she’ll spend her day thinking

Text God 93
about what you want her to think about.
Type Of Texts That Hint Of Something More Serious
Here are some examples:

“We’ve been dating for x months now. This is as serious as I’ve been with
anyone in a long time. You’re something else.”

“I was sitting here thinking that we’ve done some really fun things together
since we’ve been dating, like (name those fun things). It’s been a fun ride so
far. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store.” (This will make her think of
all the fun times.)

“Everyone’s been seeing us together for months now. They’re starting to think
we’re boyfriend and girlfriend . . .”

Texting At The Right Time

Make sure when you text her one of these examples, that you do it at the right
time. You’re dating now, so you both have some kind of ownership of each other,
and you should have a pretty good idea of what she’s doing or where she’s at on
any given day. Wait until she’s somewhere quiet and has a chance to think and
reminisce about your text. Don’t text her when you know she’s busy since it will
drastically lessen the weight of your text. If she’s at work, the gym, out with the
girls, etc., don’t text her. Wait until you know she’s at home or somewhere where
she has time to digest your text.

When She Sends The “What If” Or “What About” Texts

When texting about a subject this important, there will naturally be some push-
back by the woman. She may still have her doubts and send a “what if X,” or
“what about Y.” Don’t freak out, rather be thankful she’s asking you this through
text instead of in person. Through texts you can formulate an intelligent response

Text God 94
that keeps the ball in your court. Is she had asked you in person, chances are
your response would have come off like a bumbling baboon’s. Sticking foot in
mouth is what we men do when confronted with important decisions. Women, on
the other hand, have this entire play memorized in their head because they think
about the moment when they’re going to be asked out or proposed to countless
times since they were a little girl. They’ve had their response memorized for a
long time, whereas men respond only at the moment. We’re more caught up
about other things, like football and cars. This is one of the wonderful things
about being a man, and the reason we’re much less stressed out and emotional
then women are. So, whether she gives you her per-rehearsed line or is in
genuine doubt, use the EnD and KISS method.

Empathize And Diffuse Examples

“What about if we don’t work out because of X?” X usually signifies a problem
or situation that you’ve actually dealt with in your relationships. Your response
should be, “I understand what you’re saying, bu we’ve had an amazing time
together until now and X hasn’t stopped us.” You have just empathized and
diffused, and did it in a simple manner via KISS.

“What if Y happens?” In this text, Y usually means something that has never
happened to you both, but in her mind could potentially happen, even if it’s only a
0.01% possibility. This is typical of the over-cautious woman. This can be a tricky
one, because since Y has never happened and probably never will, you have
to treat it as such and make her realize that. Your response should be, “I see
what you mean, but Y hasn’t happened in our relationship yet and I don’t see it
happening. But if it does then we’ll overcome it like all the other problems we’ve
gotten past. Together.” You’ve put the kibosh to this on a terrifically upbeat note –
good job. You’re about to have a girlfriend and finally get laid on the regular!

Text God 95
She Texts About Her Ex- Or Other Guys
This can be very annoying and hard to get over. Some women don’t have
enough of a personality or aren’t comfortable enough with themselves to know
what they like or don’t like. They rely on a guy to get them to like things and
choose hobbies. It’s very easy to tell if this is the kind of girl you’re texting. The
main giveaway is whenever you bring up an experience like going to a baseball
game or eating at a specific restaurant, she’ll always start the next text by
referring to her ex-. For example: “My ex- was such a douche-bag, whenever
we’d go to a baseball game he would throw peanuts at people.” Or: “My ex-
would always order the ribs at that restaurant, it was so annoying.”

Remember, everything you text her will either move you up or down the hill. All the
seeds you plant will have to be fertilized to get you to the next level. Talking about
her boyfriend here will accomplish neither of those. There are a few reasons why.

When a woman splits with a guy, she’s usually harboring a lot of anger over
whatever incident caused the break up. She will not want to see a picture of her
ex- and not even want to hear his name mentioned because it enrages her. The
THAW rule applies to ex-boyfriends, too, unfortunately. As time passes, a woman
will slowly start to forget the negatives about her ex-, and she’ll start thinking
about the fun times they had together. And the more she thinks about him, the
more likely she is to start texting him again. This is exactly what you need to stop
from happening with her!

How do you do it? You need to make the woman forget anything positive
about her ex-. Any time she texts you about him, don’t spend more time than is
absolutely necessary replying to that subject.

Her: My ex . . . blah blah blah . . .

You: Sounds boring. Anyway, what are you doing later tonight?

Text God 96
After a few such replies, she’ll get the hint. This is one of the easiest things I do,
and it always works like a charm. No explanation needed, just a “boring” will do.

Here’s an example of a girl who I used this on. This girl was a 9/10 (I rate all
the girls in my phone from 7 to 10. Anything under a 7 and I don’t even save the
number. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

Text God 97
Text God 98
Text God 99
Text God 100
The less she talks about him, the less she’ll think about him. She isn’t talking
about him to inform you or to get your opinion. She’s talking about him just to
hear herself talk. This is why you should never respond to anything about her ex-.

How to ask her out through a text

Again, not recommended BUT if you go this route how do you do it?

Timing is everything. pick a time where she isn’t busy and wont be busy for for at

Text God 101

least an hour. this text conversation will take 30 minutes or so and you don’t want
ANY intrusions to you and, more importantly, to her

Times to NOT ask her out

1. after a fight (should go without saying)

2. randomly, no one likes to get asked out randomly. you need to oil her up first.
you dont walk up to a girl and ask, “hey do you want to fuck.” No, you take her
on dates first duh.
3. When she’s on her period
4. when she’s had a stressful day or a stressful week.

Best times to do it are

1. after a really really good date

2. when you have had a particularly long intimate text conversation especially if
she became emotional at any point. the prior conversation will have left her
vulnerable and only thinking positive thoughts so she will be thinking of you in
the best way possible. strike while the iron is hot.
3. after a few drinks (NOT when she’s drunk)

You want her to be a bit buzzed. This will lower her inhibitions and help her relax.
Most girls are thinking about everything that can go wrong. When they drink they
become more open to ideas, and more receptive with what you’re saying instead of
worrying about things in the back of their heads. Get them too drunk and they can
become…well you know, sloppy drunk. and Most people regret what they did while
being sloppy drink. You don’t want to wake up to a girlfriend who’s regretful over
what they said yes to the night before.

Text God 102

When You’re In The Zone . . .
The Friend-Zone
If, while reading this book, you’ve thought to yourself, “Damn, if only I had known
six months ago what I know now, I would have made this girl mine instead of
getting friend-zoned,” I empathize with you. I’ve been in the same situation
myself and it sucks. Don’t worry, though, there’s still hope. There’s a way out of
the friend-zone hole.

You probably ended up in the friend-zone because you did a lot of the things you
now know you shouldn’t have – but that’s what life is all about: making mistakes
so you learn from them and avoid repeating them. There are a few reasons why
you get friend-zoned in the first place:

• You turned into her best friend before having sex with her
• You never made a move so she assumed you weren’t into her
• You asked too often how she was doing. You did what her parents do
• You became her therapist, so now she views you as emotional support
instead of sexual
• You let her ramble on about her problems and you were an open ear

The sad reality is this: You got put in the friend-zone because of the way you
texted her. Women want someone who they feel a little intimidated by. Someone
they feel they can learn something from, who they can look up to. Someone
mysterious. You’ve ruined all that. Now it’s time to fix the mess you made.

Getting Out Of The Friend-Zone

I won’t lie to you: this isn’t an overnight process. It will take time to make her

Text God 103

forget the therapist you’ve become and start seeing you as someone she could
be sexually attracted to. The good news is that by getting friend-zoned, you’ve
earned her trust. That’s not an easy thing to accomplish with women. They
are, by nature, one of of the most untrusting beings on the planet, and for good
reason: men are dogs. Women eventually find this out and don’t trust a word that
comes out of a guy’s mouth.

This sucks for you, Mr. Friend-Zoned. You were probably too honest with her.
Even though women will never admit it, they’ll still have sex with the liars. They
do it because the liars make a move on them, and frankly sometimes a woman
just needs sex and settles for whoever makes the first move. I’ve seen this
happen time and again. A woman will hold out for Mr. Right only for so long, until
one night she’ll just say “Fuck it, I need sex. The first guy who makes a move
on me will be the one I go home with.” You think I’m lying? Ask any one of your
girlfriends if they’ve ever said this. They probably have but are too ashamed
to admit it. Good looking or not, if a guy gets lucky and happens to hit on the
woman who’s made it a point to get laid that night, he’s having sex with her.

What Building Trust Does

Building trust is a good foundation to have with a woman, but you must couple
that with being cool . . . and also being a dick to her at the same time. If you can
master those things, game over. She’s yours. Here are some steps for getting out
of the friend-zone:

1. No matter what the reason for getting friend-zoned, the first thing you have to do
is stop texting her. You probably do so non-stop, and this has to end. The reason
this is critical is because you need to let some time pass for her to reset her idea of
what you are to her. Just like we learned THAW, this is essentially the same thing.
For example: We’ve all had that ex-girlfriend or hook-up relationship. After the
break-up and not seeing her for a while, when we finally did see her again, we

Text God 104

had lost the freedom to invade her personal space or talk about personal things.
It’s not like we can start making out with them or slap their ass. Instead, it was
like meeting for the first time. Very awkward. This is exactly what you want to
have happen if you’re friend-zoned. You need to reset the friendship clock back
to zero so you can start fresh. This won’t ever happen if you keep texting her in
an attempt to change your relationship from friends to lovers.

She probably won’t understand why you aren’t texting her back. For your sake,
don’t explain. This will ruin what you’re trying to accomplish. Explaining your
deepest emotions or reasoning is why you’re in the friend-zone in the first place.
We learned in the “How To Take Control Of The Conversation” chapter that
men don’t make excuses for what they do or explain why they do things. That is
power. When an absolute ruler of a country does something, he doesn’t explain
why he did it, and he doesn’t ask permission, he just does it. This is the approach
you must take.

It may sound mean, but during the time when you go MIA on her, you should
hope that she gets hurt by a guy. This will help your cause when you finally do
start texting back. Chances are the guy cheated on her or did something to lose
her trust. And now, here you come on your white horse. And since she already
trusts you from before, she values that more than ever. Now that you know what
to text and what not to text, you can start a fresh relationship with her, one where
you can control the conversation and establish power. She will appreciate it.

2. Once you start texting her again, stop offering your advice. Do not resume
being her therapist. Women don’t find shrinks sexy in any way. Start using KISS,
EnD and WWLKD. You ear is not hers to vent into. Leave that to her girlfriends. If
it’s not moving you up the hill, it’s moving you down it.

If she asks why you’re being different now and not listening to her questions,

Text God 105

say something like, “I’m probably not the person you want to talk to about these
things. Your girlfriends would be more appropriate because they go through the
same things as you.” You can use this if she talks to you about her guy problems.
Or you can use this to your advantage by making jokes about the guy and how
you’re much better. Any time she complains about a guy, text something like
“sounds boring,” then offer a solution as to what you would do. The more you say
“sounds boring,” the more it will imprint her subconscious, and this will cause her
conscious mind to think “boring” when the other guy talks to her.

The only solution you should be offering now is how much better you are than
anyone else, but without actually saying it. Don’t try and sell her on why you’re
better, let her sell it to herself. She’ll feel pushed if you try too hard, so instead,
train her subconscious to work for you.

3. Date someone else and text her about it. When you’re in the friend-zone, it
means she doesn’t see you as someone who has sexual prowess, rather she
sees you as a harmless sheep or a wise owl. Your job is to change your persona
into something dangerous to the opposite sex so she sees you as a threat to her,
but in a good way.

When I say text her about your significant other, I don’t mean brag and be cheesy
by sending her texts like, “Guess what me and the girl I’m dating did today?” That
is lame and keeps you in the friend-zone. Instead, text her like normal except
when she asks what you did today, tell her what you and your girl did.

If she doesn’t see you as a lion, you can change her way of thinking by making
her realize that other women do. She’ll start to wonder why and begin to see you
in that same light. The best part is you can embellish your stories as much as
you want. Remember, all that matters here is that she starts viewing you in a new
way – like a man, not a buddy.

Text God 106

Dating Creates Distance
It’s happened to all of us. We have a really good friend we talk to all the time,
then they get a girlfriend or boyfriend and we don’t hear from them because
they’ve become so busy with their new significant other. This is exactly what
you want to have happen. Right now she sees you as accessible whenever she
wants. You need to become hard to reach, to the point where she has to go after
you to get in touch. This transfers the power from her over to you.

It’s just like that girl we had wrapped around our finger and would have her any
time we wanted, until she got a boyfriend or move on, now we can’t have her and
we think, “Damn I really want her” Now, when we text them, they aren’t readily
available to us any more and it creates a shift in power.

Caution: Don’t be overly aggressive with this. Don’t text her about the woman you
slept with last night. She’s not a buddy that you can share these kind of stories
with. Rather than help you, it will make you look like a pig and only fortify her
notion that all guys are.

Start Flirting With Her Through Text

If you’re in the friend-zone, you’re more than likely to have gone through a
progression that devolved you there. It usually goes something like this: When
you first started texting her, you tried flirting (the wrong way). Since you didn’t
know how to do it, you crashed and burned horribly. Rather than shoot yourself in
the foot and continue to text her cheesy things that weren’t getting you up the hill,
you found other things to talk about with her. Gradually the flirting became less
and less until you ended up where you are now, as friends.

Remember, getting out of the friend-zone is about resetting your relationship

back to stage one, so it’s imperative that once you start texting her again, you
begin flirting the right way. This will help her start seeing you as a lion instead of

Text God 107

a sheep. Dismiss any text she sends asking you for help by using what you’ve
already learned here. Whenever you get a chance, flirt with her. (See the chapter
on flirting.)

After some time goes by and she realizes that she can’t use the same method of
texting with you, she’ll become more convinced that you’re a different man. That
you’re actually kind of sexy now, like a bad ass. That will be the day when all your
hard work comes to fruition. Game over. You win. WWLKD.

How To Know When You’re Out Of The Friend-Zone

It might be easy to tell when you’re out of the zone, then again it might be hard. It
all depends on the kind of woman you’re texting with. Some are very vocal about
what they feel, while others can be very reticent about it. Here are some signs
that you’ve escaped:

She flirts back. This is the best sign you could ever receive from her. If she’s
flirting back, you’re so far beyond the friend-zone that you can barely see it in
your rear-view mirror. I’ve been in this situation before and I’ll tell you, it feels
great – like a sense of immense accomplishment. When she flirts back with you,
instead of seeing you as a friend, she’s responding to you in a sexually aroused
way. Take this sign and run with it. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s
working. Some guys will get scared when they realize what they’ve done and
revert into the bumbling idiot they were before. Don’t do that. Stay level-headed
and keep using the techniques you’ve learned here.

She stops bringing up other guys to you. This is also a good sign that you’re
leaving the zone. When she begins to realize that you’ve changed, she’ll
gradually stop talking about her relationship problems. Part of this is because
you’ve use EnD, KISS, and WWLKD and poked fun at him for being boring every
time she’s brought him up. The other reason why she doesn’t bring up other guys

Text God 108

is because she would never bring up a guy to another guy she was interested
in.The same way you wouldn’t bring up your girl problems to another girl you’re
trying to hook up with. It’s counter intuitive and wont move you up the hill.

She starts asking about your relationship. Eventually, a woman will begin to think
of you as more than just a friend, and this can lead her to question you about this
new state of affairs. She may be confused because you’ve been such a friend
to her before now, and she wants to be certain that the feelings she’s starting
to develop mean something. Like you, a woman doesn’t want to feel stupid or
rejected if they make a move. Whenever she poses these kinds of questions –
about your feelings, the future, etc. – use the Socratic method to answer her:

• Ask her what she thinks

• Ask her what she would like to happen in a perfect world
• Ask her if that would make her happy
• Agree with her and say “That’s exactly what I was thinking”
(no matter what she says)

How Not To Get Out Of The Friend-Zone

Let’s get this said: asking for a pardon will increase your sentence exponentially.
You earn your way out by following the rules above; a plea for mercy will fall on
deaf ears. All that needs to be added is this: For your time in the friend-zone, you
must never utter its name to her, never acknowledge its existence nor the fact
that you’re in it. Remember the movie “Fight Club”? The first rule of Fight Club is
you do NOT talk about Fight Club.

In conclusion, the friend-zone is easy to get into, hard to get out of. Everyone
wants friends, women especially. Most women feel better coming to a man with
their problems than seeking out another woman because they feel they will be less
chastised and better understood. These things take time, so don’t be pushy. Just

Text God 109

give her less of your time and concentrate on the other women you’re texting more.
She’ll get the hint. Keep your head on straight and don’t deviate or stray from the
new tricks you’ve learned. Keep on keeping on because you will win in the end.

Text God 110

When You Feel You’re Losing Her
It happens to everyone, myself included. There will come a time when the woman
you’ve worked so hard to get becomes distant. It’s disheartening, but what can
you do? Women, when initially attracted to you, will get on your train to see
where it takes them. They will not, however, stay on it for long if they feel it’s
headed down the wrong track, and will hop off at the next stop. That figurative
stop can be after a first date, after you have sex, when you won’t commit, or at
any other point.

Listen to this because it’s the truth: The reason you’re losing her is not
because of anything she’s done. It has to do with you. How do you fix that?

Stop. When you feel like you’re losing her, the first thing you must do is stop. She
hasn’t been responding and you need to figure out why. Stop pestering her, stop
calling her, stop texting her. If your car is making funny noises and stops working,
you wouldn’t continue to drive it, would you? It’s no different when you’re losing a

Analyze. Look back at your texts with her. Go all the way to the beginning
and read everything you’ve texted her. Check to see how your relationship
progressed and if you changed in any way.

Did you become too cocky? Many men feel like once they’ve got a woman
attracted to them that they can become a dick. This may be true in some
situations, but won’t last for long. Women love cocky men if they have a real
reason to be cocky. Even then, you must be very good at what you’re doing for
it to work. If not, you’ll end up in this situation. Since she’s still texting you, your

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relationship still has a pulse, although it’s low. Kick-start it again by going back
to being humble and funny. Make her laugh by sending her jokes. Do whatever it
takes to get you back to someone she used to enjoy texting.

Did you become a pest? When you go back in your texts, did you begin by
using the “don’t text her back” trick, but now you’re responding as soon as she
texts you? If so, you’ve lost the power and need to regain it. Use THAW in this
situation to slowly start regaining control. Then start using the don’t-text trick on
her to create want in her. If you see texts like this . . .

You: What are you doing?

You: Hey, there.
You: Good morning.
You: Lunch?

. . . without her responding, you’ve probably become a pest. THAW it out then
start KISS. Text less and set up plans to see each other in person.

Did you run out of things to ask her? During the initial honeymoon phase
when you had just met, texting her was easy. You didn’t know anything about
her, so anything you were able to learn was new and exciting. The real test
comes when you know all the basic things about her and your notepad on her
is filled up. What do you do then? One thing would be to pick a new hobby you
can share. Assume you both like the idea of rock climbing. Make it a point to
start doing that together. Because it’s new to both of you, you open up the door
to create an entirely new subject to text. New is exciting, and that’s exactly the
kind of jolt you need at this point. You can spend the day texting about what kind
of shoes you need to buy, where you can practice, new techniques you’ve been
reading about, what your goals are, what the training schedule looks like, places
where you want to go rock climbing, etc. The point is you can talk about anything

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now and it will be an exciting and new learning experience to be shared.

Are you uninteresting? Sometimes a woman will just think you are. It has
nothing to do with her. You have just not sparked her interest enough to make
it worth her while to continue to want to text you. If you’re a sedentary person,
meaning you don’t really do anything after work other than go home and watch
TV, you obviously won’t have much to talk to her about. You can see that it will be
hard to keep a woman interested, unless she likes being sedentary too. This is
what the saying “Birds of a feather flock together” means. If you feel like you’ve
become uninteresting to her, you can remedy this situation fairly easily: go out
and experience something new. Put pictures up on social media for her to see.
You now have a new experience to share with her if she texts you. Go read a
book and talk to her about it. Show her that you’re becoming a more interesting

Did you become too aggressive or suggestive with her? A woman will ditch
you if you become overly aggressive or suggestive with them. This usually
happens when you try and talk dirty to her or flirt with her in a way that makes
you seem like a dog. When you go back and look at your texts with her, did you
become more and more flirtatious without it being warranted? Remember, flirting
has to be earned before you can do it. Read the flirting section here and go easy
on it for bit. Make her laugh more and text about normal things like you used to.
She already likes the old you, so go back to that.

Was someone more interesting and original than you were? Women date
and talk to multiple men at once. Don’t be naive and think you’re the only guy
she’s talking to. The entire point of dating is to see which person you like the
best so you can choose who to get more serious with. If you’re not that guy, you
can understand why she chooses to spend her time texting someone else. If a
Victoria’s Secret model and an average woman were both after you, who would

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you spend more time texting? Exactly. Why would you expect her to do any

Again, if someone else has won her over, realize it’s because you need some
work to make yourself more interesting. Hobbies, experiences and social media
all play a part in making her see you as an interesting man. Give her some time
to test the waters with that guy; you can’t do anything to stop it, anyway. Let
her get on his train and ride it while you repair and improve yours at the station.
When you’re finally ready to pull out onto the tracks again, she’ll be blown away
by how nice you now look.

Feeling like you’re losing a woman isn’t the worst thing that can happen. It can
serve as a wake-up call that there’s some deficiency you need to work on. Life is
about trial and error, so to think you’re perfect and without need of improvement
is lunacy. The same way we get tired of a car and want a newer model, is the
same way women view us. Luckily for us we can improve ourselves with a few
simple steps.

You will not get all the women. No one has a 100% track record. It’s frustrating
when you can’t get a woman or she loses interest. Not everyone is meant for
each other, and you’ll just have to accept that. All you can do is learn what to do
right for the women who ARE attracted to you.

When She Stops Responding

You’ve let “she’s losing interest” turn into this. Now you’re at wit’s end and it
looks like there’s no coming back. The light pulse which is your textationship with
her has now red-lined. She won’t text you back at all. What do you do? Well,
you’ve reached a black hole, that’s for sure. I won’t lie to you: it will be hard to
come back from this one, but there’s still a light at the end of the tunnel. As in the
previous section, there was something you did that made her lose interest, and

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you didn’t fix it fast enough for her to find that texting you was in her best interest.
You can still correct that.

When you’re at the point where she won’t respond to you, stop texting her.
You’re not going to make it any better if you continue to pester her and risk being
blocked. Make sure you’re at least friends on Facebook or Instagram. This will
be your only hope. Begin doing fun things and become more interesting. Post
pictures of your adventures, new hobbies, traveling, cooking, etc. Start taking
pictures with other women and post them up. You need to make her want you
again, and jealousy can help. Post funny things on Instagram – memes, jokes,
pictures – anything that will make her remember you without you actually
contacting her. Let some time pass before you attempt to contact her. When you
finally do text her again, don’t do it with something unoriginal like, “Hey, long time,
no talk.” I prefer the emoji method. Here’s what I text a woman who has stopped
texting me back:

hi MIA

Emojis work wonders. You would be surprised how much you can say with little
pictures. I guarantee she’ll respond to this with “LOL. Hey, how have you been?”

At this point you know she knows how you’ve been because you’ve been posting
things up on social media of your new and improved self. Respond with this:

“I’ve been putting together an SOS retrieval team to find out what rock you got
stuck under ;) ”

She will laugh again. At this point you’ve already made her laugh twice, and you
know she’s seen all the cool things you’ve been doing, so you just ask her about
what she’s been doing since you last exchanged texts. What you just did here is

Text God 115

“reset” your relationship back to stage one, but you already have a base of trust
(as we read about earlier) that you can build on.

Don’t mess it up. ;)

Text God 116

Although you’ve reached the end of this book, you have only reached the
beginning of your journey to becoming a Text God. Re-read this entire book or
certain chapters as many times as you need. If we really only retain 10-20% of
what we read, refreshing yourself on these methods is critical. You have tons of
examples of how I text women, so use them to your advantage. Remember, you’re
different than I am, and the way I text may not be specifically the way you will
choose to text your women. The foundation of the house that I’ve set for you won’t
change, but go ahead and try different wall colors or window frames to suit your
preferences. If you feel like something isn’t quite working after you begin to try it,
go back to the basics and start from there. Trial and error is something we all must
go through, but if you utilize what you’ve learned in this book, your trial and errors
will be few and far between. Essentially what you have now is a toll road built
specifically for you that comes without traffic, while everyone else is stuck in the
stop-and-go regular lanes. How fast you drive up the toll road is up to you.

You now know the difference between pre-sex and post-sex flirting; how to determine
what personality type a woman has and how to approach her; how to begin a
relationship through texting; how to win her back when she isn’t responding. And
much, much more. You’re a texting doctor now who has just graduated with honors.
Now it’s time to enter the real world and use your skills on your patients.

If you were afraid to get phone numbers before, don’t be now. Go out and talk
to women, using the skills you’ve learned here. And when you get their number,
don’t be scared. You now have all the tools you need to get a woman into your
bed. Don’t be scared to make mistakes, but remember the mistakes you do
make so you’ll never make them again.

Good hunting.

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