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Rahul Jaglan

Permanent Address-House No- 290 Phase-2, Housing Board Colony ,Baddi , Himachal Pradesh, India - 173205 CELL +91 9915353994 | E mail | Linkeden-



June 2018

Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical Engine Overall CGPA 7.2 (7 th semester) VIVEK INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL , Baddi, H.P Percentage 78%

Mar 2014


Programming Langauge : Kuka KRL programming , PLC programming , MATLAB, C programming Software: Kuka Simlayout, Solidworks RoboDk (Simulation for industrial robots) ,Matlab, Microsoft Office Applications: Kinematics/Dynamics of machines, machine design, fundamentals of sensor and data acquisition


Brainwave wheelchair using neurosky headset kit for disable humans:

Oct 2017-Jan 2018

Constructed wheelchair using a neurosky Bluetooth module intergrated Arduino through Bluetooth and wifi peripherals

Monitoring mindwave frequencies using matlab

Programmed the robot to successfully complete a test run course

Frisbee Launcher robot for ROBOCON 2017 (Asia’s biggest robotics competition)

Mar 2017

Designed the mechanical structure and mechanism of Frisbee launcher bot.

Installed and designed pneumatics module for loading Frisbee in the throwing mechanism

Mathetical calculation using projectile and kinematics equation in order to throw Frisbee at variables.

Electric 4 seater automotive vehicle:

Sep 2016-June 2017

Studied and designed the CHASIS layout and installation of different module on the chasis such as battery, differential, BLDC motor,suspension and other equipments.

Integrated the BLDC motor , differential and motor controller to one segment ratio.

Successfully test the E-car at 28 km per hour speed with 100% charger battery



Dec2017 to Jan 2018

Palletizing function on KUKA KR 16 robot using KRL programming and C2 teach pendant.

Calibrated tool and base coordinates for palletizing operation

Determined the different method of stacking pattern

Implementation of path pattern to teach the robot in path to path motion.

Implementation of logic statements in palletizing using KRL programming

Run the program in test run mode and automatic mode

Robospecies Ptd Ltd. ( 45 days training ) , Noida, U.P

Image processing using MATLAB for color detection of sorter robot.

Jun 2017

Part of the conveyor design team and used it for the sorter robot to seperate the different packages according to color marked on it.

Pneumatic cylinder used as actuator to separate the packages and application being used for making the product successful in the packaging industry

Improvisation in the cycle time and detection of objects by recognizing different color using rgb camera.



Student Coordinator, Robotics Club , Chandigarh University


Team Leader , Lead the team of 18 students in the ROBOCON 2017 competition

Class Representative of Mechanical branch

Student Project Head of different robotics projects in Chandigarh University



Certificate of excellence in sixth sense robotics workshop held at IIT Bombay

Dec 2014

Certificate of appreciation in ROBO-RACE held at VJTI Mumbai

Dec 2014

Secured 1 st position in Science model making competiton at Chandigarh University

Mar 2015

Secured 1 st Position in ROBO-SOCCER at PEC University

Nov 2015

Secured 3 rd position in ROBO-SUMO WAR at Baba Fareed College, Bathinda

Jan 2016

Secured 2 nd Position in ROBO-SOCCER at IIT Delhi

Mar 2016

Became the first team from PUNJAB state to participate in ROBOCON 2017

Mar 2017