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Tofino Edible Garden Tour 2010 - Downtown map

Tour at your leisure within the times indicated for

each garden.

Biking & carpooling are encouraged!

Admission by donation to the Tofino Community Food
Initiative. Donation jars available at each garden.




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* Please note that these maps are slightly inaccurate as they come from Google Maps.
*This map is derived from Google Maps and therefore not entirely accurate (we did our best to fix them!)

A 301 Tonquin Park Rd - Gill & Hilda Sadler - 11am to 2pm E 260 Fourth St (1st house) - Barb & Barry Campbell - 1pm to 6pm
These long-time local gardeners have honed their skills and varieties over the years to These gardeners high on the hill can speak to the challenges of growing atop a northfacing
successfully grow corn big enough to eat, fruit trees, berries plus tomatoes, cukes and 2 slope with frequent westerlies. They also have compost secrets that prevent
varieties of grape absolutely dripping with fruit in their greenhouse! Chickens too! smells and fruit flies as well as hasten the composting process. Ask to see the Lookout!
Parking: Please park on the street by the baseball field and walk up if possible.
B #12-295 Arnet - Chenoa Akey & Doreen Myers - 11am to 1pm
A great example of what you can do with condo gardening! Includes a small greenhouse F 601 Campbell St - Shelter Restaurant - 11am to 7pm
and many containers bearing strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, beets, greens, a If you've eaten at Shelter in the past three months, you have more then likely eaten
double crop of peas and more. Small space, big yield! something from their garden! This garden provides edibles for the restaurant and
recycles their food scraps from the kitchen. Highlights include a Sun-Mar barrel
C 380 Gibson St - Adrienne Mason - 3pm to 7pm composter and extensive worm composting system. Go to the back of the restaurant
This large garden contains all your favourite berries including heirloom cascade berries, and ask for Jeff or Joel.
fruit trees, mason bees, and all kinds of vegetables from asparagus in raised beds to
tomatoes in a greenhouse. G 320 Bond Lane - Arlene Craig - 2pm to 3pm
At 93, Arlene is probably Tofino’s oldest gardener! This is a unique opportunity to tap
D 150 Fourth St - Green Soul Organics - 11am to 7pm into her local traditional gardening wisdom and that of her daughter, Arlene McGuiness,
As this store has grown, so has its container garden out front! Linger amongst the who was raised on her mom’s gardens from this area of the peninsula. The garden
greens, edible flowers, herbs and strawberries before you head in to buy your local includes a healthy fig tree and even a cut back kiwi tree that is starting to come back,
organics. plus many other delights.
Tofino Edible Garden Tour 2010 - Out-of-Town map
H 1084 Pacific Rim Hwy - Tofino Botanical Gardens - 11am to 7pm
The Darwin Cafe’s kitchen garden provides guests and visitors alike with everything
from berries and herbs to artichokes. There is also a medicinal garden in front of the This event is brought to you by the:
cafe that provides Carmen Bell with raw materials and inspiration for her line of I H Tofino Community Food Initiative
Clayoquot Botanicals. Ask for Mats or George in the cafe. P.O. Box 391
Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0
I 3 MacKenzie Beach Rd - Leah Austin & Jonathan Brooks - 3pm to 6pm
This is a multi-family garden that grows food all year long! Vegetables are grown in
locally enriched clay soil, all water is sourced from ponds on-site and seeds are
collected and shared.

J 619 Tibbs Pl - OCN Garden Centre - 11am to 5pm L Ocean Park

Visit our local garden supplier, Trina, who has finished her summer garden and is now
preparing her winter garden with veggie starts. She will do a showcase of some of the
winter garden products from the garden centre and tell you what you need to do to get
started. Bring a little plastic container and Trina will set you up with some free root
conditioner for the new winter garden you are going to plant when you get home! Ask to
see the water collection system too!

K 1119 Fellowship Dr - Jenn Heckert - 1pm to 7pm

Come see how a rock pile has been transformed into a productive veggie garden from
which food is harvested daily! Organic fertilizers and local soil amendments feed this
garden and a water collection system quenches it's thirst. This garden also houses two
greenhouses, berries, edible flowers and herbs.

L 828 Ocean Park Dr - Suzanne & Jeff Mikus - 3:30pm to 7pm M

Visit our local backyard chicken expert and her 6 egg-laying girls. Suzanne and Jeff have
transformed this back yard into an oasis of food, flowers and chickens. Pumpkins ooze
out of pots, beans, greens and more thrive in raised beds with unique roll-down cloches,
and tomatoes roll out of retired tires along the hot side of the house. Parking: Please
park across the road in the paved parking area.

M 1290 Lynn Road - Robert & Mara Love - 4pm to 7pm

See how this couple tackles growing food close to the ocean with year-round herbs on
the deck, a hand-made greenhouse with running water, a fan, and heat-activated roof
vents, and raised beds of berries, peas, greens and more. All this amongst their
backyard of driftwood benches and flower arbors! Ask about the amazing sand-point
well Robert created to water their abundant gardens. Parking: Please park on the

N 1397 Pacific Rim Hwy - “The Heart’s Garden” - 11am to 4pm

Craftiness and creativity abound in this yard where fruit trees, medicinals, herbs, edible N
flowers, greens, berries, grapes and tomatoes in a hand-made greenhouse grow
between the kids’ climbing wall, beach log monkey bars and zipline. Although this edge-of-
town garden is one of the few in Tofino that gets shared with deer, bears have no
interest in their compost.