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Spring workshop: Thursday 19 April 2018

HSMC, University of Birmingham
Time Room Theme Author(s) Title (abbreviated)
1000 Courtyard Welcome and introduction
1010 Session A Community,  James Brackley  Public health intervention in English Local Authorities
primary & public  David Evans  Public health system in England post 2013
health  Nicola Gale & Manbinder Sidhu  Interview study with community health workers in primary care
1010 Session B Management &  Natalie Chan-Lam  How does social identity affect the process of medical leadership?
leadership  Simon Moralee & Mark Exworthy  Professionalization & practice of medical leadership
 Steve Iliffe  What is leadership?
1010 Session C Health policy and  Vanessa Abrahamson  Review process post-stroke: policy and practice
health services  Philip Begley  The rise of management consultants in NHS policymaking
 Alison Turner et al  Primary care-led models of integrated care
1130 Dining rm Coffee
1150 Courtyard Keynote talk: Stephen Dorrell
1330 Session D Integration  Maggie Langins  Integrated care and governance of the workforce
 Ross Millar & Robin Miller  Reassessing inter-organisational partnerships in a federal NHS
 Marie Sanderson et al  Incentivising integration
1330 Session H Health reform  Ian Greener  The governance of healthcare and health in the 2010s
 Olga Loblova & Anne Sauviat  Health technology assessment & coverage decision-making of
diagnostics in UK, France & the Czech Republic
 Eleanor Mackillop  The Politics of Health: Developing a Discursive Approach to the
British Health Economics Phenomenon
1330 Session F Public involvement  Alisi Mekatoa  Staff and patient experiences of audit culture in general practice
& engagement  Editor Musekiwa  Personal Health Budgets in the NHS
 Carl Walker  Exploring and challenging democratic deficits in NHS marketization
1450 Dining rm Tea
1510 Session G International  Scott Greer  The multiple streams of devolved politics and the health systems
 Alexandru Rusu & Olga Loblova  Negative lessons and epistemic communities in policy transfer
 Anthony Stem  Health policy shopping in the UK
1510 Session E Commissioning &  Hannah Cowan  Investigating efficiency processes for outsourced hip replacements
marketization  Jon Hammond et al  Impact of 2012 Act’s changes to commissioning upon clinical activity
 Valerie Moran et al  CCGs managing conflicts of interest in commissioning primary care
1630 Close