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I. Objectives

At the end of the 40-minute discussion, the pupils should be able to:
a. tell what subject pronoun is.
b. recognize the common subject pronoun in a sentence.
c. participate in group activities.
II. Subject Matter

a. Topic: Subject Pronoun

b. Reference: English this Way 3, pp. 80-81
c. Materials: television, visual aids,
d. Values: Cooperation

III. Learning Procedure

Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity

a. Prayer and Greeting

Let us pray first. May I call on Pierre to (The student will come in front to
lead our prayer? lead the prayer)

Good morning Grade 3 - Integrity. Good morning Teacher Xane!

How are you today?
I’m so glad to see you again.

You may now take your seat, class. (The students will take their seat)

b. Checking of attendance

Now, look at your seatmate, how many No one is absent today, teacher.
are absent today?

Very good.

c. Review

Last time, we have discussed the noun

and we have learned that noun is a
name of person, place, things, animals
or events and its two kinds. What are
these two kinds of noun? (The students will raise hands)

Yes, Carlo? Teacher, we have the proper and

common nouns.
That’s right, Carlo!

Now what do you remember about (The students will raise hands)
proper noun?

Yes Candice? Teacher, proper noun is a specific

name of person, place, or things.
It starts with capital letter.
Yes, that’s correct!

(showing real objects)

I have a pencil here will you give the (The students will raise hands)
proper noun of pencil?

Yes MJ? Teacher, Mongol

Very Good MJ!

How about the common noun, what is (The students will raise hands)
common noun?

Yes Pierre? Common noun name any class of

That’s correct Pierre! person, place or thing. It starts
with small letter.

Okay Class, what is the common name (The students will raise hands)
of this thing? (holding a pencil)

Yes Alrizah? Teacher, pencil

That’s right!
(The students will raise hands)
I also have here a chocolate can you tell
me the proper noun of this chocolate?
Teacher, Toblerone.
Yes Eunice?
Very Good Eunice!

Another, I have Sky Flakes, what is the (The students will raise hands)
common noun of this?

Yes Kiera? Teacher biscuit.

Very Good Kiera!

d. Motivation

Class do you want to sing? Yes, Teacher Xane!

Good. Let us watch first the short video

clip I have here.
(Let them watch the clip)

Let me repeat it again.

Okay, Aniell and Candice, can you come (selected students come in front)
in front?

Everybody, let’s sing together!

I am h-a-p-p-y, I am h-a-p-p-y,
I know I am, I’m sure I am, I’m h-a-p-p-y
(pointing to yourself)
You are h-a-p-p-y, You are h-a-p-p-y,
I know you are, I’m sure you are, You’re
(pointing to your partner)
He is h-a-p-p-y, He is h-a-p-p-y,
I know he is, I’m sure he is,
He’s h-a-p-p-y
(pointing to a boy in front)
She is h-a-p-p-y, She is h-a-p-p-y,
I know she is, I’m sure she is,
She’s h-a-p-p-y
(pointing to a girl in front)
It is h-a-p-p-y, It is h-a-p-p-y,
I know it is, I’m sure it is, It’s h-a-p-p-y
(pointing to a thing in front)
We are h-a-p-p-y, We are h-a-p-p-y,
I know we are, I’m sure we are,
We’re h-a-p-p-y
(put your arms out with hands bending
They are h-a-p-p-y, They are h-a-p-p-y
.I know they are, I’m sure they are,
They’re h-a-p-p-y
(point around the classroom to different
students with both hands)

Well done children!

You can settle down now, I guess
everyone is highly energized now.

e. Lesson Proper

Now, let us answer the question on the

board from the song we just sang.
(Who is happy?) (The students will raise hands)

Yes Aniell? Teacher, I am happy.

Very good Aniell!
(Posting the pronoun “I” on the board.)

Who else?
Yes Candice? You are happy.
Yes, that’s correct!
(Posting the pronoun “you” on the

Who else is happy?

Yes Kiera? He is happy.
That’s right Kiera.
(Posting the pronoun “she” on the

How about the others? Do you have

other answers?
Yes Pierre? Teacher, She is happy.
Yes, that’s correct!
(Posting the pronoun “he” on the board.)

We still have three answers left, who are

Yes Eraiza? It is happy.
Very good Eraiza!
(Posting the pronoun “we” on the board.)

Next, who else are happy? We are happy teacher.

Yes, Anatole?
That’s right Anatole!

We have the last one, who can answer?

Yes Alrizah? They are happy.
Very good!
(Posting the pronoun “it” on the board.)

Okay class, everybody will read these I, You, He, She it, We and They

Are these words familiar to you? We

always see them on the book. Now, let
us see what are these words for.

Let us have the first one.

Class, when we say “I”, it means we are
referring to ourselves. Instead of saying
“Teacher Xane is happy.” You can say
“I am happy” “I”
Who is happy? Teacher Xane
Who am I?
Very good. We replace the noun
‘Teacher Xane’ into “I”

And that I that we replaced in the noun

Teacher Xane is called pronoun.

Pronoun is a word that takes place of

nouns in a sentence.
The pronouns I, you, he, she, it as well
as we and they are called subject
And subject pronouns is our lesson for
today. Subject pronouns they are used
subjects in sentences.

Okay, everybody read the sentence Teacher Xane like hello kitty.

What is the subject in sentence? (The students will raise hands)

Yes Eunice? Teacher Xane

That’s right Eunice!

So I will replace the word teacher Xane

to I. So the sentence will be I like Hello
“I” takes the place of “teacher Xane”.

Next, when we say “You” it refers to the

person we are talking too.
Pierre, I have question for you. Who is
your language teacher today? Teacher Xane

I am the person Pierre talking to.

So we replace the subject teacher Xane

to you.

Now, please read the sentence. You are my language teacher.

Another subject pronoun is He. When

we say “He”: we are referring to a boy.

Everybody read the sentence. My brother helps me to clean my

Who is the subject in the sentence?
Yes Kiera? My brother
That’s correct Kiera!

So who can replace the subject my

brother to a subject pronoun?

Yes Kenneth? He helps me to clean my

Very Good Kenneth! bedroom.
“He” takes place of my brother”

Everybody read the sentence. Father is a hardworking man.

Who is the subject in sentence?

Father is a boy or girl? Teacher, boy.

That’s right! Father is a boy so what we

will we use if it is refer to a boy?

Yes, Carlo? Teacher He.

Everybody read the sentence. He is a hardworking man.

“He” takes place of father.

Also we have a “She”. The word “She”

refers to a girl.

Daniella, please read the sentence on Anna carried a pitcher of milk.

the board.

Class, who is the subject in sentence? Teacher, Anna

Very Good!

So if we we’re going to change the

subject sentence which is Anna we’re
going to change into she. What will be
our sentence then?

Yes MJ? She carried a pitcher of milk.

That’s correct!
Class we use the word “it” when we
refer to an animal or thing.

Everyone please read this word. Milk spilled all over the floor.

Yes Alrizah? Teacher, milk

That’s correct!

What is the subject in sentence?

When the subject is a thing we will use
subject pronoun “it”. What will be the
sentence then?

Yes Candice? It spilled all over the floor.

Good Job Candice!

Next, when we say “we are happy”. It

means all of us our happy. “We” refers to
a group of people and yourself.

Everyone read the sentence. My classmates and I are cleaning

the classroom.

Who is the subject in sentence? My classmates and I.

Yes Eunice?
Very Good Eunice!
When we refers to a group of people
including yourself. So classmates and I
replace to “we”. What will now be the

Yes Aniell? We are cleaning the classroom.

That’s correct Aniell!

Let us have the last one “they”

We use “they” when we are refer two or

more people.

Please read the sentence. Grade 3 Integrity are my students.

Okay Class, Grade 3 integrity is the

subject of sentence.
Is grade 3 integrity refers to a two or Yes teacher.
more people?

So we will use they to takes place the

Grade 3 integrity.

What will be the sentence? (The students will raise hands)

Yes, Anatole? They are my students.

f. Generalization

Class, let us recall our lesson that we

had discussed. Pronoun replaces noun.
We use pronoun in a sentence so that
the noun will not always used.
I, you, he, she, it, as well as we and they
are called subject pronoun.

IV. Application
Pick the right subject pronoun in the box and replace it to the subject in sentence.
V. Evaluation
Directions: Circle all the subject pronoun in each sentence below.
1. I think that we are ready for the game.
2. We are going to see a play on the weekend.
3. He bought some peanuts.
4. It is one of the best movies I have seen.
5. Tell her that she must arrive to the gate on time.
6. I am excited about going back to school.
7. You are a very helpful person.
8. They are going to show us around the city.
9. Make sure she brings all the food to the party.
10. I believe that we are making good choices.

VI. Assignment

Answer page 82-83. Letter A and B on your English this Way Book.

Prepared by:

Pamela Xane T. Fernando

4th year BEEd – General Education