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IELTS 9 Test 2 Writing

Task 1

The bar chart has shown the figures related to the total number of phone calls in the UK.
The whole chart could be divided into three categories as different call types, recorded from
1995 to 2002. The trend of all these categories is generally increasing from time to time
within the 7 years.

With regards to calls made from mobiles, the figure in 1995 was the lowest among all
categories, with there are only less than five billion minutes used. After that, it has
increased steadily to around 9 billion minutes used in the year 1998. Then, the figure
proceeded to increase significantly to around 45 billion minutes in the year 2002. On the
other hand, the fix lines from national and international line calls have also displayed a
similar upward trend from 1995 to 2002. However, the increase was far more slight
compared to the increase of mobile calls. The local fixed calls only increase from 38 billion
minutes in the year 1995 to around 60 billion minutes in the year 2002.

In contrast, the local fixed-line calls did not increase within the whole seven-year period.
Despite, it has reached the highest volume of phone calls among all three types of phone
calls(90 billion minutes) in 1999, the figure has fallen down steadily afterward. It has
dropped from the peak of 90 billion minutes in the year 1999 to around 70 billion minutes
at the end of 2002.