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Emerging Applications in Augmented Reality –

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Emerging Applications Facilitating Disruption in Augmented


March 17, 2017

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Augmented Reality-based Innovations Facilitating Disruptions 4

AR Transforms Worker Safety and Efficiency 5

DAQRI’s products aimed at improving efficiency and safety for workers on the job in industrial settings

Advanced Aerospace Training Using AR 6

Advancing aerospace training programs through 3D equipment simulations

AR Glasses for Battlefield Awareness 7

Innovega uses enhanced retina technologies to offer full field-of-view AR system

Transforming Patient Information With AR

catchoom provides an image recognition and augmented reality platform that revolutionizes patient information with augmented 8

AR-based Assistance for Field Technicians

Scope AR is the leading solution provider for industrial AR which offers solutions in the areas of training, maintenance, and field 9

AR for Improved Driver Information

Continental a German based automotive supplier has developed AR-HUD (Heads-up-Display) which helps drivers with situational 10

AR to Enhance Shopping Experience

Cimagine is cloud-based augmented reality platform that allows customers to visualize products they want to purchase in their 11
intended place

Augmented View For Aircraft Pilots 12

Aero Glass provides sophisticated 3-dimensional augmented reality navigation experience for civil and fighter planes

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Contents (continued)

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Strategic Insights 13

A Multi-billion Dollar Industry that Primarily Offers Superior Customer Experience and Interactivity 14

Industry Contacts 15

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Augmented Reality-based Innovations Facilitating

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AR Transforms Worker Safety and Efficiency

Unmet Needs Technology Capabilities

Industrial environments, such as oil and gas, DAQRI’s 4D studio software suite offers a unique approach toward
manufacturing, and mining typically maintain field maintenance. Work instructions are augmented for easy
multifarious facilities in the form of expensive and reference on the factory floor, helping workers understand
complex machinery, which requires a highly skilled maintenance processes quickly, helping them make less errors and
workforce to perform extensive maintenance thus bridging the knowledge gap with the field workers.

DAQRI’s software suite lets smart devices perform tasks like object
Further, regulations are becoming complex even as recognition, 4D reconstruction of the facility and mapping the entire
industries globally are looking to facilitate knowledge environment to help industries overlay relevant information based on
sharing with workers with ease. contextual awareness.

Key Benefits Funding and Collaboration

Market Opportunities
 DAQRI has made steadfast progress in recent
years through multiple acquisitions in the smart
Increases High
1 2
devices and augmented reality applications Medium High
productivity space. This includes acquiring companies
such as Melon, 1066 Labs, ARToolworks, and
Two Trees Photonics. Short Term Medium Term Long Term
(1–2 Years) (3–4 years) (>5 years)
Reduction in  It has raised a total of $15 million in 1 round of
Real-time DAQRI’s 4D studio software suite enables
factory investments and is looking to raise $200
information users to build custom instructions and data
downtime million in private funding, according to industry
sources, making it a large cash injection in a visualizations to increase efficiency and
young field. workers’ productivity, and to provide overall

process improvement analytics.

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Advanced Aerospace Training Using AR
nGRAIN, Canada

Unmet Needs/ Key Challenges Technology Capabilities

Availability and access of equipment, especially in nGRAIN offers a software solution which augments virtual objects in
aircraft maintenance and engineering training the real world to improve overall learning in the training programs. It
programs is one of the common challenges students helps create interactive 3D equipment simulations to train students
and trainers face today in aerospace institutions, as on key procedures involved in aircraft maintenance.
the training equipment attracts higher costs.

Students can acquire the desired knowledge and skill sets by using
Students require more hands-on experience to learn the virtual engine object to practice tasks, such as learning about
how to review key procedures and how to inspect, different parts and how to replace them, assembling and
repair and modify engines in accordance with industry disassembling of the engine, and other trouble-shooting skills
best practices and standards. required to improve their overall learning.

Key Benefits Collaboration

Market Opportunities
 nGRAIN is the founding sponsor member of
the non-profit organization, Augmented Reality
Low cost High
1 2
for Enterprise Alliance (AREA), which is Medium High
focused on development and expansion of a
tech ecosystem for driving AR adoption.
Short Term Medium Term Long Term
 Some of the other key founding members of (1–2 Years) (3–4 years) (>5 years)
Hands-on Increases the AREA include Bosch, The Boeing Company,
experience training time
IEEE Standards Association, Atheer Labs, With its unique approach of 3D equipment
Augmate, APX Labs, Electric Power Research simulations using augmented reality, nGRAIN is
Institute (EPRI) and iQagent, amongst many looking to transform aerospace training and is
others. currently being widely adopted as a teaching
3 platform across aerospace schools and
colleges in Canada.

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AR Glasses for Battlefield Awareness
Innovega, US

Unmet Needs Technology Capabilities

While there are a few companies providing battlefield Innovega has developed eMacula with micro and nano fabricated
technology based on AR glasses, there is no available optical elements, which provide a combination of high-resolution
solution in the market which can adjust the vision to displays and special contact lenses that can offer full field-of-view
focus on objects extremely close to the eyes. experience. It projects an immersive display into the user’s line of
sight to provide real-world vision.

End-users are increasingly looking for demanding

specifications which include lightweight optics that are It further provides map data along with live feeds, such as troop
comfortable and have higher battery power developed positions from fellow soldier’s head-mounted cameras, satellites,
in conjunction with military and healthcare federal and drones, allowing soldiers to easily navigate in the battlefield.

Key Benefits Funding

Market Opportunities
 Popular social media platform, WeChat’s
Ability to parent group Tencent, a Chinese digital media
receive live High
1 2
giant, has invested $3 million, in Innovega’s Medium High
feeds eMacula contact lenses in February 2017.

Short Term Medium Term Long Term

(1–2 Years) (3–4 years) (>5 years)
Unobtrusive  It brings Innovega’s total funding to $10 million
digital eye- with investors including National Science eMacula has currently completed clinical trials
wear Foundation (US), National Institute of Health and is pending review by the US Food and Drug
(US) and Defense Advanced Research Administration (FDA). The versatility of its
Projects Agency (DARPA ). system which focuses entirely on hardware,
3 allows eMacula to be used in a variety of
applications including military.

D881-TV 7
Transforming Patient Information With AR
catchoom, Spain

Unmet Needs Technology Capabilities

Patients nowadays are looking to gather more catchoom’s powerful software development kit (SDK) based on
extensive information about the pharmaceutical image recognition and augmented reality technologies, helps users
products they purchase, in addition to the standard to simply click a picture of any pharmaceutical product using their
details provided as part of the product package. smartphones and instantly connect to online content that are linked
to the pharmaceutical product in the picture.

Further, there are legal restrictions which limit the

details provided to consumers about products in the This helps users and patients gather extensive information about
package. Companies are looking for solutions that can the product including educational videos, how-to-use instructions
address this challenge even as they adhere to and other related tools, thus providing them with real-time
regulatory requirements. augmented experience which are unique against conventional

Key Benefits Funding and Collaboration

Market Opportunities
 catchoom has raised two rounds of funding
Innovative amounting to a total of $1.52 million, primarily
and intuitive High
1 2
led by Inveready First Capital, a Spanish Medium High
tool investment group, with investments in other
companies such as Agile, Yunait, Veridentia,
3Scale Networks, amongst others. Short Term Medium Term Long Term
(1–2 Years) (3–4 years) (>5 years)
Real-time  One of the prominent AR market leaders,
Simple and catchoom offers a unique solution for patients
Layar has been using catchoom’s image
effective information by providing real-time additional information
recognition technology, allowing users to view
the AR content placed on top of images by about pharmaceutical products even while
directing the camera to the respective images. adhering to regulatory requirements, which is

set to revolutionize healthcare product
experience in the coming years.

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AR-based Assistance for Field Technicians
Scope AR, US

Unmet Needs/Key Challenges Technology Capabilities

The biggest obstacle today’s manufacturing industry Scope AR is a leading solution provider for industrial AR, which
faces is lack of skilled training. Technologies are offers solutions in the areas of training, maintenance, and field
advancing rapidly and field technicians are not given support. Its flagship product WorkLink helps field technicians and
enough training on product installation; this leads to experts to work together with the power of augmented reality.
improper installation and poor maintenance. WorkLink is a sophisticated augmented reality-based application that
enables field technicians or non-technical staff to connect with their
experts via its augmented reality toolset. WorkLink provides detailed
visual instructions for manufacturing and repair of industrial
There is a need for a solution that would help field equipment. WorkLink is designed in a way that organizations can
technicians contact their experts remotely and get the import their own CAD data into any device that can be easily
required information for product installation or repair. animated to demonstrate how repair or build procedure is done.
WorkLink has a pre-installed analytics tool which helps customers to
track worker performance and work accuracy.
Key Benefits
Funding Market Opportunities
Connects with  The company has raised a total equity fund of

1 Experts on Any
Mobile Device
2 around $2.12m in two rounds of funding from
four investors, and in July 2016, as part of Medium High High

seed funding, the company secured $2m.

Short Term Medium Term Long Term

Does More Collaboration/Partnership (1–2 Years) (3–4 years) (>5 years)
Analytics to
With Less
Training Check Quality  With a strong client base and recent funding
 Scope AR has partnered with industry giants of $2m, Scope AR’s flagship product is
like Toyota, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin to expected to achieve massive adoption
3 empower their workers with good training. among manufacturing giants over the next
four years.

D881-TV 9
AR for Improved Driver Information
Continental AG, Germany

Unmet Needs/ Key Challenges Technology Capabilities

Traffic density is rising on freeways in large cities and Continental a Germany-based automotive supplier has developed
on country roads. Just one brief moment of distraction AR-HUD (Heads-up-Display) which helps drivers with situational
(looking into dashboard or entertainment system) information in real road view in an approximate 130cm wide 60cm
while at the wheel can be dangerous. One split second high section of the driver’s field of vision. The technology behind this
of distracted driving, and driver is exposed to extreme is called DMD (Digital Micro Mirror Device). This AR-HUD warns the
danger and will lead to a catastrophe. driver if the vehicle is in danger of unintentionally moving out of the

There is a need for a solution which should display This system displays navigation information in real exterior view.
necessary information like speed and direction into the This helps the driver steer the vehicle in the right direction without
driver’s field of vision. having to look away from the road.

Key Benefits
Acquisition / Collaboration Market Opportunities
Manage and
 Continental has acquired Finnish innovative
Update Target High
1 2
automobile software company Elektrobit to Medium High
Images via
develop an advanced software suite called the
AR Creator platform that will help to create
augmented reality applications for cars with Short Term Medium Term Long Term
Virtual ease. (1–2 Years) (3–4 years) (>5 years)
Information Also Support
Directly into Adaptive  In January 2017, Continental invested in  Continental's AR-HUD is expected to see
Drivers Line Cruise Control Silicon Valley-based HUD manufacturer massive adoption among automobile giants
DigiLens to develop an ultra-thin augmented like Mercedes, BMW, and Cadillac in the
reality head-up display for use in vehicles. future.

D881-TV 10
AR to Enhance Shopping Experience
Cimagine, US

Unmet Needs/ Key Challenges Technology Capabilities

With the rapid growth of technology and the move Cimagine is a cloud-based augmented reality platform that allows
toward globalization, retail companies are transitioning customers to visualize products they wish to purchase in their
from traditional methods of selling goods to more intended place. Cimagine technology helps users to know how
advanced and sophisticated methods. Retailers are products will look and fit in their houses/offices with the touch of a
trying their best to keep shopping experiences pleasant. button on their smart device. This is done through the company’s
patent pending markerless technology which automatically scans
and identifies surfaces captured from customer devices and
There is a need for a solution that would help overlays 3D images of objects into real-time videos.
customers to have the touch and feel experience
without having to visit retail stores. This technology uses a combination of image processing and
sensors in the mobile device to continuously scan the captured
image to get high poly-count 3D assets.

Key Benefits
Acquisition Market Opportunities

Generates 3D  In December 2016, Cimagine was acquired by

1 2
Low High
Visualization US-based messaging company Snap Inc. for

Short Term Medium Term Long Term

Personalize Intuitive
Partnership (1–2 Years) (3–4 years) (>5 years)

Shopping Augmented  With strong partnership from industry giants

Experience Experience
 Cimagine works with brands like Coca-Cola, and the acquisition of Cimagine by Snap
Jerome, and Shop Direct, to help them to Inc., this cloud-based AR platform is
augment their mobile applications and expected to witness massive adoption
3 websites to boost on-line sales. among e-commerce sites and retail stores
in the next four years.

D881-TV 11
Augmented View For Aircraft Pilots
Aero Glass, US

Unmet Needs/ Key Challenges Technology Capabilities

Modern airlines are one of the most complex Aero Glass provides a sophisticated 3-dimensional augmented
machines ever built. The control systems and reality navigation experience for civil and fighter planes. This is
instruments need frequent monitoring to take achieved via combining its unique turnkey solution with any head-
appropriate action. During take offs, pilots need to mounted display like Google Glass and Epson Moverio. This
check the instruments manually for correctness and technology will help pilots to view navigation, weather, terrain, and
adjust them as per the needs of the situation. A small ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast).
mistake can lead to a catastrophe. Aero Glass extracts all necessary information from cockpit control
systems and displays it on external view, irrespective of the direction
There is a need for a system to remind pilots to in which the pilot is looking. This helps pilots locate runways in harsh
conduct pre-flight and post-flight checks and to monitor climatic conditions. It also reminds pilots of instruments or switches
all flight control instruments during flights as well. which need to be checked periodically. This has reduced the burden
of manual checklists used pre and post flights.

Key Benefits
Funding Market Opportunities
 The company has raised total equity funds of
Reduce Pilot $3.9m from four investors and most recent
1 Workload
2 funding of $2.5m from an undisclosed investor.
The project is also funded by the European
Medium High High

Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation

program. Short Term Medium Term Long Term
Provide Generates (1–2 Years) (3–4 years) (>5 years)
Navigation Artificial
Information in
Partnership  With funding from the European Union and
Horizon a strong client base, the Aero Glass AR
 Aero Glass has partnered with the world’s solution is expected to have massive
largest civil aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, to popularity among flight training institutes
3 develop more sophisticated augmented reality-
based smart glasses.
and manufacturing giants like Boeing,
Embraer, and Tupolev.

D881-TV 12
Strategic Insights

D881-TV 13
A Multi-billion Dollar Industry that Primarily Offers Superior Customer
Experience and Interactivity

Key drivers include • By market: As more companies vie for the

• Bridging the knowledge gap: The use of opportunities in Augmented Reality, the
smart glasses in industrial environments total revenue is estimated to reach
provides field staff access to rich approximately $90 billion by 2020 as AR-
information, videos, and instructions. based products are set to enter the
• Omni-channel experience: AR provides mainstream commercial space largely
interactivity that drives user engagement driven by the sale of AR headsets.
during the consumer purchase cycle. • By region: North America will continue to
Companies are increasingly using AR to be a strong market for AR-based
create personalized advertising solutions. opportunities. Europe and Asia Pacific
Key restraints include regions are trying to catch up with
• AR is hardware dependent as it requires Key Drivers Market innovations in AR as well.
real-time representation of the real world and Restraints Potential • By vendors: Microsoft is expected to
overlaid with digital elements. dominate the AR market followed by
• Higher device costs and limitations on Google. Apart from big companies like
multi-user experiences are other key Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, there
deterrents for AR adoption. are several startups that are exploiting AR
in various application areas.

Emerging Future
Applications Roadmap

• AR is used in operation theatres to instruct

doctors and share live recording of the • The mobile market is highly impacted by
surgery with an expert at a remote location the advancements in AR and also the high
for consultation. data/voice usage of AR devices would
• AR is also used in vein visualization by benefit mobile networks as well.
medical professionals to detect veins at the • E-commerce participants will soon use AR
first instance. to revamp their platforms in a way to
• In retailing, it enables customers to engage customers and create a
visualize furniture in their real homes. competitive advantage.

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Industry Contacts

Brian Mullins, CEO, DAQRI, 1201 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Phone: +1-213-375-8830.
E-mail: URL:

Dr. Barry Po, Senior Director--Product and Business Development, NGRAIN, Suite 600, 777 Hornby Street, Vancouver, Canada. Phone: +1-866-420-
1781. E-mail: URL:

Stephen Willey, CEO, Innovega (eMacula), 800 Bellevue Way Ne, Suite 400, Bellevue, WA 98004.
Phone: +1-425-646-2386. E-mail: URL:

David Marimon, CEO, catchoom, Via Augusta, 59, 08006 Barcelona, Spain. Phone: +34-654-906-753.
E-mail: URL:

Scott Montgomerie, Founder, CEO and CTO, Scope AR Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 488, California.
Phone: +1-855-20-SCOPE 72673. E-mail: URL:

Martin Cloake, Co-founder and CEO, Raven Telemetry, 6 Hamilton Ave. North Suite 003, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Phone: +1-888-637-4443. E-mail: URL:

Jon Sobel, Co-founder and CEO, Sight Machine, 243 Vallejo Street San Francisco, CA 94111. Phone: +1-888-461-5739.
E-mail: URL:

Ákos Maróy, Co-founder, Aero Glass, 1027 Oak Street, Building #24, San Diego, California. Phone: +1-800-448-9532.
E-mail: URL:

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