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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The story of this novel is about Huckleberry Finn who grown up in St. Petersburg,
Missouri and who is 13 years old. Huckleberry Finn tries to help Jim who is slave.
He doesn’t have mother and lives with father who is always drunk and who escaped
from town. Two women care about him, Widow Douglas and her sister Miss Watson.
Huck doesn’t like good and decent life, but he always aspire toward antics. He likes to
escape from school and to associate with his friend Tom Sawyer with whom founds of
This novel is written in two parts. Mark Twain wrote first part of this novel in 1876. And
he stopped in order to write The Prince and The Pauper. He continued to write
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in 1883 when he got inspiration while he was travelling
through the river Mississippi, and the book is published in 1884.
This novel was forbidden not only because of racism but also because it was
considered as vulgar.

Although this novel has in its title ‘’Adventures’’ this novel is about slavery and racism.
It is noticeable when Miss Watson tries to sell Jim although she is pious. Also
Huckleberry’s father is racist and always talks bad about black people even thou he is
drunk. Pap Finn says, ‘’ How come that black man can decide whether to vote or not
because he is well educated, and I have to vote.’’
So it means that he is jealous not only of his son because he goes to school and
because he is more prosperous, but also of black man who is well educated and well

This novel is written in different dialects. Mark Twain used different dialects to make
story more believable because the story is told by 13 year child, and that’s why
grammar isn’t perfect.
Mark Twain says, ‘’I used different dialects because I didn’t want readers to think that
everybody in this novel try to talk in the same language and they don’t succeed.
Since Mark Twain wrote this book in national language Ernest Hemingway says, “All
American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn… it’s
the best book we’ve had.”

Huckleberry Finn is boy from south who is hesitant, and who escapes from society, he
often lies and changes identities.
He is forced to behave according to the rules, and his father always beats him, that’s
why he escapes in nature and abandons society. He escapes in nature because there is
free, there is no one who can judge him and there are no rules for behaviour. He is
hesitant when he thinks about helping to Jim who is slave. He thinks that isn’t right
thing. But we cannot blame him for that. Helping slave in that time was the same as if in
now days we try to help thief who stole car from our parent’s.

In the nature and on the river Mississippi Huckleberry Finn feels as he is at home.
On the river his speech becomes better and grammatical mistakes are rarer. The river is
transportation from slavery to freedom. On the river Huck faces different threats, from
thieves (Duke and King which Mark used them as kind of mockery of people from
Shakespeare’s ages) to killers, and he realizes that with freedom comes responsibility.
To sail through the river Huckleberry and Jim used raft. That is the only place where
they can learn more about each other. Huckleberry Finn says, ‘’ we were naked and we
do nothing all day while our legs were above water.’’ Therefore raft is the only place
where they are equal. On the raft Huckleberry didn’t see Jim as slave, and Jim didn’t
see Huck as his master. Also we have allusion on Miguel de Cervantes which means
that Mark Twain compared Huckleberry’s voyage with Don Quixote’s voyage.
Since Huckleberry Finn becomes pioneer from the frontier, because he says, ‘’ I am not
going home to go to school, I will go in nature to explore unknown lands.’’
Therefore this novel doesn’t have happy end, although Jim is free man, Tom recovers,
and Huck still has his money. And Scott Fitzgerald says, ‘’ "Huckleberry Finn took the
first journey back. He was the first to look back at the republic from the perspective of
the west. His eyes were the first eyes that ever looked at us objectively that were not
eyes from overseas. There were mountains at the frontier but he wanted more than
mountains to look at with his restive eyes…he wanted to find out about men and how
they lived together. And because he turned back we have him forever. “