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Oyster Bay Restaurant

o Location: Bridges Town Square, Plaridel St., Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu
o Personal Interviewed: Louise Lawrence S. Sorono

o Contact Information:;

o Contact Number: +63 933 579 5097

We have conducted a short interview with the establishment's Asst.

Accountant, Mr. Louise Lawrence S. Sorono. We have asked him to
cite an issue that has happened before and what strategy did they use
to overcome it and this is what he actually said.

"Wayback 2015, DPWH had a big project on re-constructing the roads

here at Plaridel St. which is where our business establishment is actually
located. The project lasted for several months or if I could still recall that
was over a year. Because of that, there was a large decline in our sales.
Customers were having a hard time going to our restaurant due to a
wrecked road, huge trucks and the construction workers taking control
over the area. To makes things worse, it brought too much dust and noise
to us. We couldn't even focus on our duties because of it. After the a year
or so, when the project was finally finished. We got the hope of reliving the
past. Those times where we could serve our customers with their favorite
dishes but that's not actually the case. Due to the passage of time, most of
our customers didn't came back. Not even our regular customers."
After listening to the issue, we asked again what specific strategy did
they consider to address their issue and this was his reply.

"What we did is that we did a lot of advertising to build exposure. We have

rented several billboards within the premises of Cebu. We have also
contracted tourism companies so that every time tourists visit Cebu they
could also visit our restaurant and that actually worked! Now, most of
our customers are foreigners from Korea and Japan. They enjoy a lot.
They take pictures inside the restaurant and tag us in every post making
the public notice us."

 Based on the interview, we have learned that businesses also

experience ups and downs. It is inevitable for businesses to
experience such issues but if there's a will there's a way. You just
have to think of the things on how to rise up again and here comes
choosing the right strategy.
(12:00 – 1:00 PM MWF)

 Submitted by: Joy Celades And Gracille Rubi

Submitted To: Francis Gatdula

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