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February 12, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

Ashley Tarkalson is an amazing woman. She is always willing to tackle new tasks, looks
for ways to improve efficiency, never believes something is impossible, and through out
it she always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face.

Ashley was hired as a part-time secretary to our guidance counselor, and has been
indispensible to our school district. She continually works to improve the flow in their
office, minimize disruptions, and utilizes all resources she can find to better assist not
only her office, but all of the students at the SJSHS and through out the district. She is
always keeping her ear to the ground in order to bring new and varied opportunities to
our students, in order to help them be successful.

The students respect her and value her opinion. Her own experiences with on-line classes
and college courses have provided her with the knowledge and expertise to assist our
students. Many students see her as a “stand-in” for advice that normally one would
expect a parent to give, but in our low socio-economic area, many parents do not have the
skills or knowledge to give. The students never see her as trying to talk down to them, or
that she acts as if their opinions don’t matter, rather, they see her as their champion at
times when they need another person on “their side”.

While caring for her guidance office staff, and the students at SJSHS, she still is able to
maintain her very active lifestyle. Following her own children to their many athletic
events, leading dance class outside of the school day, and being involved with her church
is a testament to how well she can juggle a very full schedule.

Ashley Tarkalson is a great asset to our district and is a pleasure to work with. Please
feel free to contact me at 208-756-4271, or 907 Sharkey St, Salmon, ID 83467 if you
have any further questions.


Eileen Holden
Director of Finance, Planning and Program Evaluation
Salmon School District #291
Salmon, ID 83467

2/13/18 LOR assignment for EDUC 290 Requirment and University Entrance