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Hyderabad Region
Second Pre-Board Examination 2017-18.
Marking Scheme & Suggested Value Points
Class: XII Subject: English (Core)


NOTE: No mark(s) should be deducted for mistakes in usage and grammar, spelling, or word limit.
Full marks may be awarded if a student is able to identify the core ideas. If a student literally lifts a
portion of the given passage as an answer to a question, no mark(s) to be deducted for this as long as
it is relevant.
1. (a) (i) (b) It has liberated more than 80000 Indian children from bonded labour. 1M
(ii) (a) Just a book and a pen. 1M
(iii) (c) It will focus the world’s attention on millions of children denied their childhood,
education and health. 1M
(iv) (b) She was travelling on a school bus while campaigning for girls’ education. 1M
(i) Because it would have given her the opportunity to ask them to make education
their top priority and work on it together. 1M
(ii) Malala’s dream is that her country becomes a developed country and she sees
every child gets education. She wants to realize it by serving her country as a
Prime Minister. 1M
(iii) He is recognized for his 35-year battle to free thousands of children from slave
labour. 1M
(iv) It was the linking of neighbouring countries that have been in conflict for decades.1 M
(v) They were awarded jointly for their struggle against the suppression of children and
young people and for the right of all children to education. 1M
(vi) Satyarthi felt that the peace prize had shone a spotlight on the plight of millions and
millions of children who are denied their childhood, their education and health. 1 M
(c) (i) Plaudits 1M
(ii) extravaganza 1M

2. (a) (i) (b) Small actions and decisions are important in one’s life. 1M
(ii) (c) They build character in small ways. 1M

(b) (i) Small actions and choices impact our lives step-by-step. Good habits are nurtured and
bad habits are steadily given up so that, over the long term, these actions and choices
have a decisive impact. 1M
(ii) An example of the organic process of growth is the growth of the child. The child first
learns to crawl, then to stand and walk and finally to run. This also happens in the
natural world. The soil must be tilled, the seed sown and then nurtured with enough
water and sun light. Then only it will grow, bear fruit and finally ripen. 1M
(iii) The universal law of nature according to the author is the organic process of growth,
which is gradual. 1M
(iv) Gandhiji accomplished the most difficult task by displaying great deal of self-mastery
and discipline. A long time of practice and disciplined training culminated in him
succeeding in the most difficult tasks. 1M
(v) Most people did not see Gandhi’s struggles, fears, doubts and anxieties, or his inner
efforts to overcome them. 1M
(vi) By taking small steps one at a time, moving confidently and not being easily
discouraged, disheartened and pessimistic, we can achieve our ideal goals. 1M
(c) (i) Deliberately 1M
(ii) Profound 1M

If a student has attempted only summary or only notes, due credit should be given.
Content must be divided into headings and sub-headings. The notes provided below are only
guidelines. Any other title, main points and sub-points may be accepted if they are indicative of the
candidate’s understanding of the given passage, and the notes include the main points, with suitable
and recognizable abbreviations.
Complete sentences are not to be accepted as notes.
Numbering of points may be indicated in different ways, as long as a consistent pattern is followed.

* Title 1 mark
*Content 3 marks
(Minimum 3headings & sub-headings with proper indentation and notes)
*Abbreviations – Any four 1 mark.
*Summary 3 marks (Content 2 marks & Expression 1 mark)
(Summary should include all the important points given in the notes.)

Suggested value points

Title : Human mind – the most versatile organ

A. Human mind – a store house
(i) Extensive information, experiences & emotions
(ii) Works constantly – analyses & selects
(iii) Tre. power of creation
(iv) Should be a helper & not a master
B. Human brain – a source of energy & strength
(i) Constructive & destructive
(ii) People – creative & productive
(iii) Stimulation of cells in a positive direction
(iv) Oritn. of mind towards one goal
C. Mental exhaustion
(i) Due to problems, worries and routine activities
(ii) To be avoided – idle gossip, criticism & quarrelling
(iii) Mental & physical fatigue due to anger
(iv) Over exct. to brain cells – incapable to do higher tasks
D. Techniques to get a relaxed mind
(i) Psyl. , behaviourial & physical
(ii) Benefits – coordinated & effective output
(iii) Millions of people – learnt & benefitted

* Abbreviations used
1. Tre. – Tremendous
2. Oritn. – Orientation
3. exct. – excitement
4. Psyl. – Psychological
* Summary – Suitable/relevant summary not exceeding 80 words.


NOTE: The objective of the section on Advanced Writing Skills is to test a candidate’s writing
ability. Hence, expression assumes as much importance as the content of the answer.

Format 1 mark
Content 2 marks
Expression 1 mark

Suggested value points:

Name and purpose of the course
Place and time
Eligibility and structure of the course
(Any other relevant points )
Format 1 mark
Content 2 marks
Expression 1 mark

Suggested value points:

Duration and amount
Contact Address


Format 1 mark
Content 3 marks
Expression 2 marks
(Grammatical accuracy, coherence and relevance of ideas)

Suggested Value Points:

Extreme callousness on the part of passers-by
Depicts a common malaise gripping the society
Lack of conscience and fear of repercussions
Role of police and government to create awareness
Desires a more proactive role by the public
(Any other relevant points)

Note: No marks will be awarded to the format if the content of the letter is irrelevant.
Suggested Value Points:
Willing to offer services
Fluency in English language
Hardworking and optimistic
Assurance to work with devotion and sincerity
(Any other relevant points)

Format (Salutation and Complimentary close) 1 mark

Content 5 marks
Expression 4 marks
(Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spelling 2 marks)
(Coherence and relevance of ideas - 2 marks)

Suggested value points:

A common tendency of worshipping for all wrong reasons
Bullying, arguing and defying authority
Their façade of false bravado shatters quickly
Fall prey to temptations
Ruins their career
To keep away from such students
Not to fall prey to negative pressures
Not to be embroiled in the wrap of bad habits
To follow the right path
School is a learning ground for the future
To pay attention to studies & career goals.


Format (Title and writers’ name) 1 mark

Content 5 marks
Expression 4 marks
(Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spelling - 2 marks)
(Coherence and relevance of ideas - 2 marks)

Suggested value points:

Corruption due to moral deterioration
Spreads its vicious tentacles everywhere
Role of youth in combatting corruption
Not to keep quiet at the sight of corruption
Giving and taking bribe is an offence
Constant vigilance
Awareness campaigns to educate illiterates
To form a league of youths to deal with
To upgrade moral standards
To help the police and authorities
Youth-the back bone of the society
Their bounden duty to combat corruption

Format (Salutation and Complimentary close) 1 mark
Content 5 marks
Expression 4 marks
(Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spelling - 2 marks)
(Coherence and relevance of ideas - 2 marks)

Suggested value points:

For the motion

Emphasis on glamour/ a life of pretence/ impact on psyche/restricted diet leading to health
disorders/education takes a back seat/highly charged events/failure results in psychological
disorders/against Indian culture/inner beauty excels/virtuous qualities add glamour

Against the motion

Not a show of physical beauty/a source of inspiration/improves confidence/brings out
leadership qualities/ideal brand ambassadors for their country to voice its concerns/spend
gruelling hours of makeup and dress trials to look and feel their best/vision gets
widened/learn to appreciate their own cultural roots and high points of other culture/able to
meet the world on a platform of mutual understanding

Format (Heading and Writer’s name) 1 mark
Content 5 marks
Expression 4 marks
(Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spelling - 2 marks)
(Coherence and relevance of ideas - 2 marks)

Suggested value points:

Various co-curricular activities held in the school
Number of students participated
Students’ competitive spirit and enthusiastic participation
Workshop on personality development
Experts guidelines to train the students
An initiation to equip the students with the requisite skills
Resourceful and encouraging
(Any other relevant points)


NOTE: The objective of the section on Literature is to test a candidate’s ability to understand and
interpret the prescribed text through short and long answer type questions. Hence both content and
expression in answers to the given questions deserve equal importance while awarding marks.
8. (This question has been designed to test the students’ understanding of the text and their ability to
interpret, evaluate and respond to the questions based on the given extract).
(a) A quiet atmosphere for introspection 1M
(b) Asking for a moment of introspection and silence but not death which is equivalent to total
inactivity 1M
(c) Not about constant movement but about its quiet moments to sit and think for ourselves 1M
(d) Death signifies the end of all activities/wants inner silence and quiet productivity 1M
(a) Poor health of the child with stunted growth/unluckily inherited through his genes from his
father 1M
(b) A boy whose thoughts are far removed from the dingy and unlit surrounding of his class
room 1M
(c) He is looking out of the window at a squirrel playing and wants to be free like that. He is
not paying any attention to the things around him in the class. 1M
(d) Stunted 1M
9. Short answer type questions – Any four 3x4=12 M
Content : 2 marks
Expression : 1 mark

Suggested value points:

(a) It was the day of the last French lesson at school.
German would replace French in schools.
Franz realized and listened with rapt attention.
(b) Things of beauty are a permanent source of joy.
They have a lasting impact on us.
Their beauty keeps us spellbound forever.
(c) Derry had trespassed into Mr. Lamb’s garden.
Mr. Lamb tried to allay his fears.
Derry angrily remarked that he was not frightened but people moved away on seeing his
scarred face.
(d) Dr. Sadao told the General that he had to be operated as he could not stand one more such an
The General wanted Dr. Sadao to operate upon him.
He had no faith in other surgeons in Japan.
(e) The rattrap seller treats the world as a giant rattrap.
By stealing thirty Kronors, the rattrap seller becomes entrapped.
He enjoys a short respite. Later, fear and guilt haunt him.
Lastly, he came out of the rattrap by returning the stolen thirty Kronors. Otherwise he would
have been trapped as a rat forever.
(f) A wedding band signifies the bond between husband and wife.
But it has lost its purpose here.
Aunt Jennifer finds it heavy because she sees it as a symbol of oppression.

Q10 & 11 [These questions have been set to test the students’ understanding of the text and their
ability to interpret, evaluate and respond to the issues raised therein. Hence no particular answer can
be accepted as the only correct answer. All presentations may be accepted as equally correct provided
they have been duly supported by the facts drawn from the text. The important thing is that the student
should be able to justify his or her viewpoint.]
Content : 4 marks
Expression : 2 marks
(Grammatical accuracy, coherence and relevance of ideas)

10. Value points:

Fear of water gripped Douglas firmly.
His aversion to water deprived him of all the activities related to water.
He could not enjoy any water sports.
He felt the urge to overcome it.
He appointed an instructor to learn swimming.
Thus he had overcome his fear of water and became a complete swimmer.
The statement ‘Refusal to live with a handicap is the stepping stone for greater achievement’ is
befitting in Douglas case.
He refused to live with the fear of water.
That refusal turned to be a stepping stone for his achievement.
He had overcome his fear of water with his sheer grit and determination.

Rajkumar Shukla’s resolution consists of three sorts of sacrifices cited in the question.
With his first complaint about the injustices of the feudal system in Bihar, he pestered Gandhiji until
his aim was achieved.
He accompanied Gandhi to several places.
He remained with him for more than a year till the proceedings were completed.
Laws relating to sharecropping were withdrawn.
A refund of 25% of invested money of peasants was made.
All this proves that Rajkumar Sukla is very determined and resolute.
Indeed resolution needs complete sacrifice of one’s time, wealth and physical stake.
(Any other relevant points)

11. Value points:

The Tiger King went on a killing spree ruthlessly.
He never thought it was wrong or sinful.
The Maharaja started killing the tigers mercilessly when he came to know that the hundredth tiger
would be the reason for his death.
People in authority get pleasure in proving themselves capable of doing anything.
They don’t fear anyone and do what they want even at the cost of people or animals.
It shows their callous attitude and the sports of hunting seem to caress their inflated ego.
Killing animals gives them carnal pleasure and they feel satisfied.
(Any other relevant points)
Jo did not like the ending of the story.
She wanted that mother should be hit back by the wizard at the end.
Jack couldn’t accept this. He felt that his daughter was questioning his authority.
His male chauvinistic attitude is getting reflected here.
There is a generation gap between parents and children.
The story does raise concerns about parent’s authority.
They should learn to accept their children’s point of view and limit their authority so as to bring a
balanced situation.
(Any other relevant points).

12. Content : 4 marks

Expression : 2 marks
(Grammatical accuracy, coherence and relevance of ideas)

Value points:
As social beings, we live by the rules of society.
We must not cause destruction to the society. Or else the results will ricochet on us.
This was aptly proved by the tragic ending of the invisible man.
One can’t support his intention of creating a reign of terror through his experiments.
Griffin launched his experiment without taking into consideration the reversal process of
He became vulnerable to every impediment that came his way.
Even in matters of clothing, society lays down a dress code according to our status.
Griffin had discarded his attire only to find himself in a naked state.
By living irresponsibly, Griffin failed to serve the cause of science.
The consequences of our actions will be severe if we don’t ponder upon them carefully.
(Accept any answer that correlates with the novel and seems relevant.)

13. Content : 4 marks
Expression : 2 marks
(Grammatical accuracy, coherence and relevance of ideas)

Value points:
The story of Griffin seems to be a parable depicting the power of money.
Griffin’s invisibility resulted from a scientific discovery, but largely it had economic reasons.
The chief use Griffin makes of his invisibility is to rob people of their cash.
The only thing that gets Griffin accepted in Iping is money.
He gets a room at the inn because of his ability to strike a bargain.
Indeed money helps Griffins a lot in manipulation as he calms down an agitated Mrs. Hall.
A complete and suspicious looking stranger is able to live among them by virtue of money
(Accept any answer that correlates with the novel and seems relevant.)