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Grammar and vocabulary unit 7 PRACTICE 1

Imperatives be going to: questions

1 Tick ( ) the correct sentences. 4 Write questions with be going to.
Buy some new football players.  ᄃ what / you / study?
1 Don’t to speak to the journalists.  What are you going to study?
2 You learn to speak English.  1 when / we / play basketball?
3 Don’t change the captain.  ____________________________________________
4 Change the name of the club.  2 who / she / invite / her party?
5 Gives him a new contract.  ____________________________________________
3 where / you / meet / Karen?
be going to: affirmative and negative
2 Complete the text with the affirmative or
negative form of be going to and the verbs. Present continuous for future
This summer my mum and dad are going to visit arrangements
(visit) Scotland. They (1) ____________________ 5 Look at the information. Then complete the
(stay) in Edinburgh for a few days. I sentences. Use the present continuous.

(2) ____________________ (meet) them there after Jim Jenny

my exams. Then Dad (3) ____________________ meet Sam at meet Sam at

café café
(drive) us to Loch Ness in the north of Scotland.
Saturday watch a DVD visit her mum
We (4) ____________________ (not see)
go to Mary’s go to Mary’s
the Loch Ness monster because it doesn’t exist! party party
I’m sure it will rain all the time but Dad says he
On Friday they’re meeting Sam at the café.
(5) ____________________ (not take) an umbrella!
1 On Saturday he _____________________________.
2 On Saturday she ____________________________.
will and be going to 3 On Sunday they ____________________________.

3 Complete the sentences with will / won’t or the

correct form of be going to. People in sport
He’s a good football player. One day very soon
6 Complete the sport words. Use a, e, i, o or u.
he’s going to play for his country.
fi na li st
1 I think it __________________ rain at the
1 r__f__r__ __ 4 s__pp__rt__r
2 j__ __rn__l__st 5 sp__ns__r
2 I __________________ watch the football match
on TV this evening. It starts at eight o’clock. 3 tr__ __n__r 6 c__pt__ __n
3 We __________________ have egg and chips for
dinner tonight.
Compound nouns: sports
4 I’m sure I __________________ be the president
when I grow up. 7 Cross out the bold word that is wrong.
rugby fan / season / competition
1 swimming stadium / instructor / champion
2 cycling trophy / team / match
3 skiing player / club / tournament