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Occupational Research Assignment


Nidhi Tiwari

Student ID- 134627173

2nd February 2018

Supply Chain Management

CAP – 504
Professor - Marlene Slawson

Occupational Research Chart

Occupational title and National Occupational Classification (NOC): (2 mark)

Purchasing Agent & Officers

National Occupational Classification Code – 1225

What are some of the typical duties/responsibilities associated with positions in

this classification? (1 mark)

 Purchase general and specialized equipment, materials, land or access rights, or business
services for use or for further processing by their establishment
 Assess requirements of an establishment and develop specifications for equipment, materials
and supplies to be purchased
 Invite tenders, consult with suppliers and review quotations
 Determine or negotiate contract terms and conditions, award supplier contracts or
recommend contract awards
 Establish logistics of delivery schedules, monitor progress and contact clients and suppliers to
resolve problems
 Negotiate land acquisition or access rights for public or private use, and may conduct field
investigations of properties
 May hire, train or supervise purchasing clerks.

What skills, experience and education/training are required for this position? (2

 A bachelor's degree or college diploma in business administration,

commerce or economics is usually required.
 Purchasing agents and officers purchasing specialized materials or business
services may require a related university degree or college diploma. For
example, a bachelor's degree or college diploma in engineering may be
required for purchasers of industrial products.
 A certificate in purchasing from the Purchasing Management Association of
Canada (PMAC) may be required.
 Previous experience as a purchasing clerk or as an administrative clerk may
be required.
 Certification from the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) may be

Provide 2 associations or certification bodies associated with positions in this

classification. (2 marks)

A certificate in purchasing from the Purchasing Management Association of Canada may be required

Salary range / compensation: (2 mark)

C$30,559 - C$56,548
Future Outlook: (1 mark)

 Employment growth will lead to several new positions.

 Several positions will become available due to retirements.
 There are a moderate number of unemployed workers with recent
experience in this occupation
Occupational Research Continued…

Job Posting Title of Position: Media Buyer

List 5 Job Posting Skills My Matching Skills

 Problem Solving Skills Worked for one and half year in a
fast paced industry
 Customer Service Worked with J.K Risk Managers and
Insurance Brokers Ltd as the
Relationship Manager
 Interpersonal Skills Gained recognition at my work
place due to my interpersonal
 Teamwork Got more contracts due to the
success of the team I was working
 Oral Communications Have been rewarded employee of
the month consistently for 3
months in 2017, for excellent
customer service