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24/8/2017 Cardinality vs.

SelectivityCardinality versus Selectivity - Programmer and Software Interview Questions and Answers

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JVM platform dependent? Prueba gratuita

Method overriding vs overloading Solución Big Data para almacenar, procesar y analizar datos
en una sola plataforma
Why have a private constructor

Difference between object and class

How copy constructors work

Final modifier What is the difference between cardinality and selectivity?

Finally block
In SQL, cardinality refers to the
Java: Will Finally run after return? number of unique values in
Java Protected Example particular column. So, cardinality is
a numeric value that applies to a
Java serializable class example
specific column inside a table. An
Multiple Inheritance example will help clarify.

How to Create a Thread in Java

Example of cardinality
Interface vs. Abstract Class
Suppose we have a table called
Thread States in Java
People which has a “Sex” column
Arithmetic Exception that has only two possible values of
Overridden Method “Male” and “Female”. Then, that
“Sex” column would have a
Dynamic Binding
cardinality of 2, because there are Escapada Relax en la
Can constructors be synchronized in only two unique values that could Cerdanya
Java? possibly appear in that column – 179 €
Does Java pass by reference or by Male and Female. Clic aquí

Difference between a primitive type and

Difference between
a class type? cardinality and selectivity
Does Java have pointers? In SQL, the term selectivity is used when discussing database indexes. The selectivity of
Downcasting in Java a database index is a numeric value that is calculated using a specific formula. That
Noche en Hotel**** en Habitación
formula actually uses the cardinality value to calculate the selectivity. This means that Deluxe y Spa - Barcelona - Sábados
Java: Diamond Problem y
the selectivity is calculated using the cardinality – so the terms selectivity and cardinality
Java: Can an interface extend another are very much related to each other. Here is the formula used to calculated selectivity: 149 €
interface? Clic aquí

Java: Are objects of the same type as Formula to calculate selectivity:

the interface implemented?

Java: Can an interface be instantiated?

Selectivity of index = cardinality/(number of rows) * 100%
Find First Nonrepeated Character

Java: What’s the difference between

equals() and ==? Escapada Relax en
This means that if the People table we were talking about earlier has 10,000 rows, then
pareja con Spa - Toledo
Find trailing zeros in factorial the selectivity would be 2/10,000, which equals .02%. This is considered to be a very
109 €
low selectivity.
Java Reflection Example Clic aquí

Bit Manipulation Interview Questions and Why are the selectivity and cardinality used in databases?
The selectivity basically is a
XOR in Java
measure of how much variety there
Java Inner Class Example is in the values of a given table
column in relation to the total
When to use inner classes in Java
number of rows in a given table.
Inner vs nested class The cardinality is just
HIDE part of the

Java Anonymous Class Example formula that is used to calculate the

selectivity. Query optimizers use
Anonymous Class Interface
the selectivity to figure out if it is
Argument Defined Anonymous Inner actually worth using an index to
find certain rows in a table. A
C/C++ general principle that is followed is
that it is best to use an index when
Introduction the number of rows that need to be
Function Overloading selected is small in relation to the
total number of rows. That is what
How to Read Complex C Declarations
the selectivity helps measure. You
C++ abstract keyword can also read more about selectivity
and cardinality in these links:
Pure Virtual Function
cardinality and selectivity.
Lvalues and Rvalues in C

Inline vs. Macro

Diamond Problem

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24/8/2017 Cardinality vs. SelectivityCardinality versus Selectivity - Programmer and Software Interview Questions and Answers
Noche de hotel con desayuno
How Vtables Work
para dos - Granada
Virtual Destructors 01 Best Technology Jobs ›
Friend Classes in C++

How do you call C functions from C++?

02 Marine Engineer › 59 €
What is a memory leak in C++?
Clic aquí
What is the difference between delete
and delete[ ]? 03 Employment Search ›
What’s the difference between a class
variable and an instance variable?

Can static function access non-static

04 Engineering Training Programs ›
members of class?

Execution order of constructor and

destructor in inheritance
05 Best Computer Engineering Programs ›
Does C++ support multiple inheritance?

Can you change the “this” pointer? Hiring? Job Hun ng? Post a JOB or your RESUME on our JOB BOARD >>
Function Templates in C++ example Subscribe to our newsletter for more free interview questions.
C++: The compiler and function
templates Follow @programmerintvw
C++: Function template with more than
one type parameter

C++: #include ” ” vs. #include <>

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C++: Name Hiding
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SQL Key Definition

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Foreign Keys

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Secondary Key

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Difference between a full join and an

inner join?
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24/8/2017 Cardinality vs. SelectivityCardinality versus Selectivity - Programmer and Software Interview Questions and Answers
Difference between a left outer join and
right outer join?

Difference between a left join and a left

outer join?

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Minification vs Obfuscation

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Wrapper Objects in Javascript

PHP White House Gives Trump ‘Positive News To Keep Him Happy, Twice A Day’
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24/8/2017 Cardinality vs. SelectivityCardinality versus Selectivity - Programmer and Software Interview Questions and Answers
Difference between == and === in

How would you parse HTML in PHP?

PHP: What are magic methods?

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a cycle or ends

Preorder Traversal Algorithm

Inorder Traversal

Postorder Traversal

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Delete a node in the middle of a singly

linked list

Reverse a linked list Mom Of Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer Asks To Make Her ‘Death Count’

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Design Pattern Interview Questions and


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Excel Interview Questions

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Excel Entire Column

How to move an entire column in excel?

How to add a dropdown list to Excel

Trump Fails To Condemn White Supremacists In Charlottesville
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History of HTML5 4/14
24/8/2017 Cardinality vs. SelectivityCardinality versus Selectivity - Programmer and Software Interview Questions and Answers
Void elements HTML5

New Features in HTML5 Forms

HTML5 email form field

HTML5 Polyfill Example

What is a shiv in HTML5?

HTML5 Video Codecs

Containers versus codecs

Codec Hardware Support


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Baud rate vs bit rate

What is a MAC address?

What happens when you visit a website?

Operating Systems

Operating System Interview Questions

How Virtual Memory Works

Cleveland Browns Kneel During National Anthem After Charlottesville
Paging and Page Faults

Purpose of Swapping

Thread vs. Process

Swapping Versus Paging

Vmware Fusion come with Windows?

Does Parallels Desktop come with


Monitors vs Semaphores

Example of Threading and


User Threads vs. System Threads


Recursion Interview Questions

Explanation of Recursion

Can every recursive function be made


Recursion Versus Iteration

Permutations of A String

Factorial Iterative and Non Recursive

Find nth Fibonacci number

Tail Recursion

Tail Call Optimization

Apache Interview Questions


Is a restart to Apache required after a

change to .htaccess file?

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How to disable password protection in


How to password protect a directory

using .htaccess

Directory directive in .htaccess

Does .htaccess slow site down?

What is an Apache module?




Black vs White Box Testing

Postfix vs. Prefix

Is String A Palindrome Function?

CSS id vs. Class

CSS Sprite Example

Recursion Interview Question 5/14
24/8/2017 Cardinality vs. SelectivityCardinality versus Selectivity - Programmer and Software Interview Questions and Answers
Is array access in Java expensive
compared to C++?

Java Method – Calculate Factorial

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Five years?

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24/8/2017 Cardinality vs. SelectivityCardinality versus Selectivity - Programmer and Software Interview Questions and Answers
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24/8/2017 Cardinality vs. SelectivityCardinality versus Selectivity - Programmer and Software Interview Questions and Answers

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24/8/2017 Cardinality vs. SelectivityCardinality versus Selectivity - Programmer and Software Interview Questions and Answers

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24/8/2017 Cardinality vs. SelectivityCardinality versus Selectivity - Programmer and Software Interview Questions and Answers
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24/8/2017 Cardinality vs. SelectivityCardinality versus Selectivity - Programmer and Software Interview Questions and Answers
What is GoF in design patterns?

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Problems with the green revolution?

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24/8/2017 Cardinality vs. SelectivityCardinality versus Selectivity - Programmer and Software Interview Questions and Answers
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