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CTKweens and King

 Underlined words are the general questions and those below them are follow up

Final Focus Group Discussion Questions

1. Questions about transportation and travelling in general.
a. DO YOU THINK THAT travelling to your destination is part of the experience
when GOING ON A VACATION? escape the HUSTLE and bustle of the city?
WOULD you want IT TO BE? to encounter?
i. Do you have a specific experience in mind?
ii. Describe your “perfect” travel getaway. What does it consist of? What
should it have? (IE food trips, accommodating hotels, unique tourist
spots, IG-worthy sceneries, etc)
iii. Where are the places you want to go to in Luzon if you were to travel
by bus? Why? What makes these places unique from the others?
b. Have you ever travelled by bus? If so, what is your impression of it?
i. Did you enjoy the experience on the bus?
ii. Did you enjoy the features of the bus?
iii. What can be improved on?
iv. What factors determine the type of transportation you take while on
v. What do you consider are the barriers to taking the bus for travelling?

2. Questions about vacations.

a. Who initiatives? USUALLY INITIATES the vacation discussion? or Who
USUALLY makes the travel decisions?
i. Why are they the initiators?
ii. Who do you usually travel with?
iii. When do you usually travel?
iv. Why do you travel with these people (or if you’re solo, why do you
travel alone?
b. What information tools or resources do you use or do you see to make travel
i. Are they effective? Why or why not?
ii. Do you follow bloggers / vloggers who travel? Why do you follow
c. What are the factors do you consider before you book or decide on a place to
go to?
i. How much time do you usually allot of booking online decisions?
ii. Do you book right away or do you consider other people?
iii. Have you gone on spontaneous and impulsive trips?

3. Ending Questions.
a. What do you think is the future of travelling by bus will be in the next 5 to 10
b. Are there any other comments you would like to make ON VACATIONS? ON
about your vacation plans while travelling TO A VACATION by bus?