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Application for Consideration of Mitigating Circumstances

Please read the accompanying guidance notes carefully to assist you with the completion of
this application form. The application should be submitted as a hard copy, accompanied by
the appropriate evidence, to the School Office (or other specified office as described in the
School’s guidance or handbook) of your home School. All material must be submitted in a
sealed envelope marked ‘Mitigating Circumstances—Private and Confidential’. Overseas
students studying on distance learning programmes should contact the School Office about
possible alternative submission arrangements.

Name Dhruva Kumar

Contact phone number 07404405230

Matriculation number 150024249

School Education and Social Work

Programme of study MEd- Leading Learning and Teaching

Mode of study (e.g. full Distance Learning

time, part time, distance

Year of study 2017-2018

Adviser of studies (or Ann Robb, Dianne Cantali


Which assessments/examinations were/will be affected? Please list below.

Module title and code1. Assessment/examination Date of examination or

item(s) assignment submission date
Research Methods for Submission 22nd January 2018
professional Inquiry

Details of the circumstances that have significantly affected your performance (see
guidance notes). Please provide details of the impact for each element listed above.

For programmes that are not modularised (e.g. the MBChB and BDS) write ‘not applicable’.
Initially delay in completing matriculation in September 2017. I had problems with login
and registration to the correct course. At that time, I had notified Dianne, and she helped
me to get matriculated, though I nearly lost four weeks of study.
During Nov & Dec, I was under high work load and my teaching commitment, though I am
at senior member of staff within faculty of Nautical studies. I had to travel abroad to
conduct an external exam at one our partner university- AMET University, India. I am
attaching the time-table of my teaching commitment and travel itinerary.

The period(s) of time that From: Sept 2017 To: First week of Oct
you were affected 2018

From: Nov 2017 To: Dec 2017

From: To:

Have these circumstances been allowed for in other ways No

(e.g. disability adjustments)?

If yes, please provide details:

Evidence provided in support of your application (see guidance notes). Note whether
attached or to follow.
1. Email conversation with Dianne Cantali
2.Travel Itenary
3.Teaching Time-table

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the information I have provided is correct and
complete, and consent to this information being used by the Mitigating Circumstances

Signed: Dhruva Kumar Date:17/01/2018

The deadlines for submission of applications for consideration of mitigating circumstances

(AY 2015-16) are described in the relevant student handbooks or in specific guidance
provided by the School and made available on My Dundee.

If your circumstances are of an exceptionally delicate or personal nature and you do not wish to
document them in detail you should contact your Adviser of Studies for advice.

Appendix 1

For use by the School

For use by the School Office

Received by: Date:
Supplementary information from the School (where relevant/required)

For use by the Mitigating Circumstances Committee

Date: Impact rating:
Penalty applied for late submission of coursework (where applicable):

Outcome agreed by the Board of Examiners