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1. Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving,
original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Describe how you express your
creative side?

Being a creative person is a fundamental part in me because it allows me to create new

opportunities in life and have a more realistic view of the world around me. Creativity is a
original way to express ourselves because the different ideas and concepts help us to have new
conclusions. We create an individual vision and this original though is born from our own
imagination which show us a new way to complete the projects that we have to built in life.
I can say I have a creativity personality, because I like to have a open mind and that provide
me to be able to apply it in every moment in my life. I have a particular way to express my
creativity, I like to adapt the environment to my personality as if it reflected the passion and
energy that I want to emit to others. When I felt bored I could create a more fun place, I
innovated my ideas because my creativity emerges at any moment. Sometimes I didn’t like
doing my homeworks, but the problem was that I was bored with the place where I did my
homeworks. I like to feel comfortable when I have to finish my assignments, and in my work
area I started to order everything. I put more decoration, my computer and a sunflower because
it is my favorite flower, also I put a speaker in a box because I like to have some music. This
helped me to do my homeworks with more interest and have time to concentrate.
Personally in less than a year I became more creative because I started to know myself and I
discovered the way to fulfill my goals. I like give my best when I have to make decisions. My
creativity is related to my career because my professional habits and my work area have to be a
place where I feel happy and my goal is to always keep my creativity developed and aware
every day, because I want to try to use it for a better quality of life.

2. What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and
demonstrated that talent over time?

I have the ability to communicate my ideas in public with political leadership, because I’m a
person who adapts easily to the different points of view and when I have to debate about
politics, I can be able to act with ethics and integrity. My qualities have a lot in common with my
profession because I can contain my feelings and self-control, I can’t focus in my negative
emotions and I have be fast in my decisions. I like to debate and prove myself, because If I have
good ideas, I have to be able to communicate them.
When I was 14 years old and still studied in Peru, my school made a contest about politics. I
have to compete in a debate and it was about the political situation in the government. We were
6 candidates who ran for presidential position, I felt that I was really in a debate for being
president. The teachers created tribunes, we had to argue and debate about the Peruvian
government and find a solution because the debate was directed at politics and democratic
power. This contest was a very important for me because I could understand that I was really
good for the politics. I won and I felt happy with my development in the debate and my speech
was clear and strong in my position as a democratic side. Now with this experience I’m sure
about what I want to be in life.
This ability means a lot to me because it is related to my career and that helps me to have
more facility to finish my profession successfully. I have to improve this ability and be more
effective when I communicate ideas because I should trust in my own statements. I have
international experience because I studied in Argentina and here in the United States, but I had
the opportunity to travel to other countries as a tourist and I learned about other cultures. This
helped me to have an emotional intelligence and global vision with good values to be the person
that I want to forge in me.

3. Think about an academic subject that inspires you. Describe how you have furthered this
interest inside and/or outside of the classroom.

An academic subject that inspired me was civic education, because this allowed me to know
my role as a Peruvian citizen and have respect for the national values. Civic education helped
me to be successful as a citizen of a country because this course inculcates values that I can
take to be a more intellectual person and develop my ability to find solutions to problems. When
I was in Peru, I took this subject in school because it is a course required by the Ministry of
Education. I always had a special interest to learn about politics, constitutional laws, human
rights and democracy in Peru, because I feel as a leader and I know that I can create a positive
change in my country.
I want to study political science and my qualities are related to my future profession, because
the ethical values that I learned in this subject influenced in my decision. Civic education was a
good learning base, helped me control my emotions because if I want to be a leader of a
country, I can not mix feelings and I have to be strong. I really like politics and face social
problems in my community. My career is totally related to the civic education. I still remember
the values that the teacher taught me which were respect, appreciation for human dignity,
freedom, justice, equality, solidarity, tolerance and honesty. I will never forget this values
because they are necessary in my career and in my life.
Civic education prepared me to be a responsible citizen and a person who is able to
participate in a democratic government with all the concepts about politics. I couldn’t continue
this course more deeply because I had to leave my country and I didn’t learn more about the
civic education of my Peru. However in the United States, I learned about the American laws,
the constitution or the government which are very similar to Peru, because both are countries
with freedom. This helped me to understand the theoretical concepts of the politics and the right
that may exists in a democratic government.

4. What have you done to make your school or your community a better place?

I’m a person who helped a lot to the develop of my city, I learned to take action in my
community because it is the place where I was born and I have to take care of it. Every year, I
returned to Peru in the summer time to visit my family and friends because I couldn’t be far from
Peru for a long time. When I returned to Peru, I was happy in my true home with the people I
love, but something was not right. I do not know what happened, but leaving Peru helps me to
discover things that we were doing wrong, what I'm trying to say is that I change my perspective
and that made me see its negative side.
I started to understand that my city needed help, because many places has poorly
maintained such as parks, streets and schools. The government never gives us support and we
have to do all the work because in Peru the government only serves as a lie, they only help the
richest people and the poorest areas don’t receive help. If the government will take action I
know that my country would be a better place and this inspired me to act, because I can’t stay
without doing nothing and only see more corruption by the government. I decided to create a
change and with the help of all my neighbors, we were able to implement more security and we
obtained the necessary money to improve the park green areas.
Everyone in my neighborhood understood the importance of keeping the green areas clean,
now it is a better place and I know that we could create development and awareness in each
person. My family and I went to the other neighborhoods to contribute in the development of the
green areas, we found it very important because we have to be responsible and take care of the
environment. It was difficult but together we can finish it successfully because we had to work
as a team and finally we ended up making a positive change in our community.