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Ashley Panton

4578 Deer Springs Ct— Rochester, MI 48306

248-882-1405 —

Hope College- Holland, MI Expected Graduation: May 2018
Bachelor of Arts in English Education
Minor: Math Education
Michigan Provisional Teaching Certificate with endorsement to teach English (BA) and Mathematics (EX), grades 6-12
Cumulative GPA: 3.51/4.00

Classroom Experience
Student Teacher- Middle School Math January 2018-May 2018
Harbor Lights Middle School- Holland, Michigan
• Educate 6th graders in daily math lessons
• Manage responsibilities of a full time teacher
• Successfully fostered a productive and independent learning environment using classroom management skills that
resulted in an increased ability to work independently
Student Teacher- Middle School English January 2018-May 2018
Harbor Lights Middle School- Holland, Michigan
• Educate both honors and regular, 7th grade, English class
• Design lessons to successfully teach curriculum to meet all learners needs that align with Common Core Standards
• Collaborate with other English teachers to create an effective curriculum
Teacher Assistant- Middle School Math August 2017-December 2017
Harbor Lights Middle School- Holland, Michigan
• Modeled teaching after watching my mentor teacher
• Effectively taught small group math lessons targeting students’ needs in order to improve students’ understanding
of math concepts
• Gained experience facilitating full math lessons on a weekly basis
Teacher Assistant- High School Math June 2017
King David High School- Liverpool, England
• Monitored classes to understand what makes a beneficial lessons
• Formed lessons that accurately articulated the material
• Established presence in the classroom that engaged students
Teacher Assistant- High School English January 2017-May 2017
Calvary High School- Holland, Michigan
• Observed instruction techniques to understand which methods work best for students
• Constructed lessons that reinforced what makes a lesson effective in the classroom
• Developed confidence to teach the assigned material in an engaging manner
Teacher Assistant- High School Math August 2016-December 2016
Pioneer Tech- Holland, Michigan
• Collaborated implementing lessons to better understand the teaching process
• Assisted students on homework to improve their understanding of the content
• Held students accountable through homework, assignment, and execution
Tutor- Step Up January 2016-May 2016
Hope College- Holland, Michigan
• Mentored a student at Hope college’s mentoring/tutoring program for at risk students
• Supported homework, through positive reinforcement, to improve understanding
• Created foundational relationships in order to become a mentor for the students
Teacher Assistant- Sophomore Geometry August 2015-December 2015
Holland High School- Holland, Michigan
• Reinforced students understanding of Math homework through daily worksheets
• Aided in the grading of students work in order for them to check their progress
Panton, 2

Nanny January 2008- January 2016
Rochester, Michigan
• Built strong organizational skills by organizing daily activities for the children
• Mentored early reading skills of children as they worked on their daily homework
Administrative Assistant January 2013- May 2016
EDP Management- Troy, Michigan
• Managed the technical support of sales and presentations
• Managed accounts receivable and accounts payable, including invoicing
• Supported in the creation of PowerPoint presentations for meetings and conferences

College Involvement
Sigma Tau Delta- English Honors Society January, 2017- Present
Hope College- Holland, Michigan
• Volunteered for local community events to build relationships with one another
Committee Member of The Michigan Big Read Fall 2016 – Winter 2016
Holland, MI
• Facilitated events to ensure successful events for the greater Holland area to discuss the chosen book
• Covered events for the Big Read blog to share with the community discussions that took place

Volunteer Work
Kensington Community Church- Troy, Michigan January 2010-January 2015
• Lead a small group of middle school girls on the discussion of topics about the Bible
• Assisted in setup and teardown for Sunday services
• In charge of a group of girls on retreats, forming long-lasting relationships
Mission Trip Leader
Kensington Community Church- Troy, Michigan July 2011-April 2014
• Traveled with a group of 60 middle school students to places in the United States
• Volunteered at a variety of locations to gain long lasting leadership roles
• Kept students accountable to help them achieve their goals on the trip

Research and Presentations

Research- Bringing the community to the classroom; Exploring reading with others
Hope College- Holland, Michigan June 2017-November 2017
• Worked with Deb Van Duinen and one other student to explore what it is like weave together the community and
the classroom
Presentations- NCTE
St. Louis, Missouri November 19, 2017
• Presented at research to other English teachers at NCTE’s yearly conference
• Attended other presentations in order to gain knowledge about current research other teachers have conducted

Professional Development
Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics August, 2017- Present
• Participated in online professional development for Mathematics, attaining knowledge on recent growths in the
field of education
National Council of Teachers of English August, 2017- Present
• Partook in online professional development for English, attaining knowledge on recent growths in the field of