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Motivation Letter

After acquiring H.S.C (Higher Secondary Certificate) in Pre-Engineering group, I became

interested in telecommunications engineering and I planned to apply for admission in
engineering university. At that time, there was a telecom boom, this emerging technology
was getting more and more advanced rapidly attracting a lot of people to enter in research.
Besides, plenty of career opportunities were also opened in this field. Keeping these things in
mind, I selected this field as my career choice.

During my undergraduate studies, I came to know what wonders telecommunication has

given us and what are the hidden secrets behind those wonders. Therefore, I found telecom
quite appealing. During my four years study of bachelor’s degree, my interest in this field
became stronger day by day and my curiosity to explore this vast field also increased. So I
decided to do Masters in my chosen field.

There are lots of factors, which have motivated and influenced me to apply for
M.S (Communication Engineering) at RWTH Aachen and I have some plans after
successfully achieving M.S (Communication Engineering).

The major driving force that influenced me to continue my studies further is the thirst of
knowledge. It always motivates me to continue education, achieving academic excellence
further, enhancing further skills, thereby becoming an erudite well being. I realized my
knowledge gaining skills and want to expand and share with other people.

Second motivating factor is that master’s degree will enable me to pursue my career in
R&D (Research and Development). It will provide me opportunities to expand my research
work by opening the opportunity of doing Ph.D degree. I will build up sufficient research
skills which are necessary for doing Ph.D degree by pursuing master’s degree at leading
research university of Germany.

Third reason is that there is opportunity of 18-weeks internship in company in third semester
and the faculty of RWTH Aachen has good industrial experience. This internship opportunity
and this technically trained faculty will dramatically enhance my technical expertise and
hence will enable me to make a place in job market.

Fourth cause of doing master’s from German University is that I will experience German
culture, traditions and lifestyle and I will also learn German language which is widely spoken
in many European Union (EU) countries. This will reduce my cultural barrier and my
attained linguistic skills will enable me to work in Germany and other EU countries.

Last but not least, most of the people around me encourage me and make me realize my
intelligence and competence. I am capable of doing research and achieving more in my life.

On completion of graduate studies from RWTH Aachen, I will use my engineering and
research skills for doctorate degree. This degree will help me to further enhance my skills and
thus enabling me to contribute in society productively either by educating future engineers in
an erudite way or by incrementing a technically skilled engineer in telecom sector.