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Before using this product, read the Important Safety and

Legal Information pamphlet and follow its instructions.
1 Your Headphones' Battery 2 PAIR 3 Your Headphones & Audio Device
Before using your HT820 for the first time, Your headphones are successfully paired
You can use your HT820 headphones Before you can use your headphones with a with a device and ready to use when the
Start Here > > > simultaneously with a Bluetooth A2DP charge the headphones for 2 hours: Bluetooth enabled product, you must pair it blue indicator lights changes from steadily lit,
enabled audio device and your Bluetooth cell with that product. To pair: flashes rapidly, and then slowly flashes.
Insert Charger
phones! Charger Here
1 Make sure your headphones are turned off To confirm they are operating properly:
Listen to music, hear a beep, and transfer to Music Button (see Turning On and Off ) and press and
take the call on the headphones. Hang up the Indicator
call with a push of a button and your music Light hold the left side Call m button for 6 1 Place the headphones on your head. See
HT820 (Right Side) seconds until the indicator light turns on and Wear the Headphones in this guide.
automically continues playing.
Bluetooth® remains steadily lit.
Any Bluetooth
HT820 1 Plug the Motorola charger into the 2 Start playing music on the audio device. If
Stereo Headphones Enabled Audio headphones. The indicator light turns on your headphones are successfully paired,
Call Button with
Device* when the battery is charging. When the
headphones' battery is fully charged, the Indicator Light you will hear music in the headphones.
(Left Side)
indicator light turns off. Note: You may need to wait several seconds before
hearing music in the headphones while the devices
2 Disconnect the charger. 2 Next, put your Bluetooth Enabled audio connect.
Bluetooth device in pairing mode so the devices can
Enabled Note: Headphones do not function while charging.
Ready to make it work? Phone "talk" to each other. See Music Controls for information about
You can also use a Motorola Original™ using the HT820 volume and playback
- Charge your Headphones for 2 Hours (CHARGE) Vehicle Power Adapter to charge your For details about putting Bluetooth controls.
- Pair headphones & audio device (PAIR) headphones while in your vehicle. Enabled devices in pairing mode, refer to
- Pair phone & headphones (back side of this guide) the device's User's Guide for directions. After successfully pairing, you do not need to
A fully charged battery provides repeat these initial setup steps each time you
- Listen to music and take calls! approximately: 14 hrs of music listening, 17 Note: To pair the headphones with your phone, see "Pair use the headphones. Just power on both
*The Bluetooth Enabled Audio Device must be A2DP compatible
hrs of talk time, or 500 hrs of standby time. with your Phone," on the reverse side of this guide. devices and they automatically connect.

Consumer Advocacy Office
To turn your headphones on, press and hold Left Side
1307 East Algonquin Road Simultaneous connect your headphones Volume
Schaumburg, IL 60196 USA the left side Call m button until the indicator Buttons Are you having sound interruption or
with a music device AND your phone! connection issues?
light flashes 3 times (about 3 seconds). Then, Call Button
Indicator Right Side release the button. Pair the headphones to the music device
1-877-MOTOBLU (PAIR). Then pair the headset with your Skip Reverse
 Bluetooth as a wireless technology could
1-800-331-6456 (United States) phone (backside of guide). Power your be subject to interference of other
To turn your headphones off, press and hold Skip Forward
wireless traffic existing in your
headphones off and then back on. After a
1-888-390-6456 (TTY/TDD United States for the left side Call m button until the indicator few moments it will connect with both the
environment. Try turning your headphone
hearing impaired) light flashes rapidly and then turns off (about 3
Jack Music Button

1-800-461-4575 (Canada) music device and phone. off and back on. This automatically resets
seconds). To adjust the volume, press the + or the connection.
- buttons on the left side of your
To conserve battery power, turn off the Any Bluetooth  If you experience audio interruptions while
Enabled Audio
headphones when you will not be using it. Device* the headphone is connected to both
To Skip Back to the previous song: Press music source and a Bluetooth phone,
the Skip Reverse Button < on the right disconnecting the phone will eliminate the
WEAR THE HEADPHONES side of your headset. audio interruptions.
Your headphones are designed to be worn To Skip forward to the next song: Press the
6809496A47-A comfortably with the neck band positioned Bluetooth Skip Forward Button >
behind your head. Phone To Play, Pause, or Stop music: Press the Support.
MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Music Button M to play, pause, or stop the
Patent & Trademark Office. The Bluetooth trademarks are The microphone is located in the right ear-piece. music. If you need more help, contact us at
owned by their proprietor and used by Motorola, Inc. under Digital Signal processing is used for clear pick- Note: The remote control functions only 1-877-MOTOBLU or visit us at
up of your voice during voice calls. To connect non-Bluetooth Devices to your and click
license. All other product or service names are the property of work when the headphones are directly headphones: Use the headphone jack and
their respective owners. © Motorola, Inc. 2005. connected to source device. via Bluetooth. the included cable. Support.
Features and with YOUR PHONE
A Step B
SET THE PHONE TO LOOK FOR Your Headphones & Phone

Functions Guide START BLUETOOTH Feature

Make sure your headphones are turned
For most Motorola phones:
Your phone and headphones are now paired
Your phone's Bluetooth feature is off by and ready to make and receive calls. To confirm
HT820 Bluetooth® off. If your headset is on, turn it off by
default. So, to use your headset, you must
pressing and holding the left side Call m 1 Select M (Menu ) > Settings > Connection > they are operating properly, make a call:
Stereo Headphones turn on the Bluetooth feature in your phone.
button until the indicator light flashes 3 Bluetooth Link > Handsfree > Look for Devices. 1 Place the headphones over your ear. See
times (about 3 seconds). Wear the Headset on the reverse side of
For most Motorola phones: The phone lists all Bluetooth devices it finds. this guide.
1 Select M (Menu ) > Settings > Connection > Music Button with
2 Select Motorola HT820.
Bluetooth Link > Setup. Indicator Light 3 Press OK or Yes to pair (link) the handsfree 2 On your phone, dial the number you want
device. to call and press the Send key.
(Right Side)
IMPORTANT: 2 Scroll to Power. 4 Enter the passkey 0000 and press OK. 3 If your phone and headphones are
Be sure to first follow the Note: Passkey cannot be changed successfully paired, you will hear ringing in
3 Press Change. from 0000. the headphones.
See Make Calls for details regarding
4 Scroll to On. Call Button with
When your headphones are successfully paired answering and ending calls using the
Quick Start Guide with your phone, the blue indicator light rapidly headset.
Indicator Light flashes and then resumes regular flashing.
5 Press Select to turn on the Bluetooth
on the reverse side feature. Bluetooth feature remains on until
(Left Side) After you have successfully paired your phone
3 and headphones, you do not need to repeat
of this guide you turn it off. Note: For more details, see "Pair," Step 1 on the reverse Note: These steps are for most Motorola phones. For other these initial setup steps each time you use the
side of this guide.
to complete initial setup Note: These steps are for most Motorola phones. For 4 phones, see your phone's user's guide. headphones. Just turn the power on and they
other phones, see your phone's user's guide. will automatically connect.
of your HT820.

YOUR MOTOROLA HT820 Function Action The indicator light provides information about The audio tones provide information about your
Visit us at and your headphone status. headphone status.
click Support. Make a voice dial call Short press left m Function Action
button & speak the Audio Tone Headphone Status
name after the tone Use Call Waiting Long press left m With the Charger Plugged In
SUPPORT button, 1st call put Single high tone when Volume at minimum
Headphone Indicator Status
If you need more help, contact us at End a call Short press left m on hold. 2nd call pressing volume button or maximum
1-877-MOTOBLU. button becomes active. On (steady) Charging Five rapid high tones Low battery
Off Charging complete repeated every 60 sec.
Receive a call Short press left m Join a 3-way call Press both volume
button (Note: Feature is phone/ buttons + - No audio indications; Out of range
network dependent.) at the same time. With No Charger Plugged In deteriorating quality
Reject a call Long press left m Both calls become Ring tone Incoming call
active. Headphone Indicator Status
button until ringing
stops. Call ignored. Off Power off Single high tone Pairing confirmation
Put an active call on Long press left m
On (steady) Pairing mode Single low tone Voice activation
Redial last call Long press left m hold or resume a call button
button on hold 10 rapid flashes Pairing successful Dual high/low tone Voice tag not
Answer a second Press and hold the Mute a call Press the volume Slow pulse Connected
incoming call Call button (places buttons + - .
Single high tone End call
first call on hold) at the same time. Low to high tone Phone network
This symbol on a Motorola product means the product To turn off the indicator lights, press both < not available
Note: Your HT820 supports both Handsfree and Headset Unmute a call Press either the
should not be disposed of with household waste. Please and > at the same time. To turn the
do not dispose of mobile telephones or electric Profiles. Accessing call functions depends upon which + or the - indicator lights back on, press both <and Two tones Mute on / off
profile your phone supports. See your phone's user's guide to unmute the mic.
accessories, such as chargers or headsets, with your
for more information. > at the same time. Single tone Power on / off
household waste.