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AT No. 13 Indira Dock, Mumbai

Nature of Survey : Pre Despatch Inspection of Windmill Components

Date / Place of Survey : No. 13 Indira Dock, Mumbai

30th August to 1st September, 2016
SMS/R-405/2016 14th September, 2016

MV “PAC ALKAID” at Mumbai

Predespatch Inspection of Windmill Components
We the undersigned Marine & Cargo Surveyors did, at the request of M/s. TATA-AIG as the
Insurers and M/s SHRENIK INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD., Kolhapur on 30th August 2016 and on
subsequent days attended at No. 13 Indira dock, Mumbai whilst MV “PAC ALKAID” lay starboard
side alongside in order to carry out loadout survey of Windmill components.

We now report as under :

AA] CARGO DESCRIPTION : (Please See Annexure ‘A’)


GAT Nr. 355, Sangli-Kolhapur road, Majale,


1, River road,
NY 12345, USA.

CARGO DESCRIPTION : Windmill Tower Kit,

Tower 2.0-2.3 80M HH, 60Hz.,
CWE, C3UL, Cold Weather Extreme, C3,
Corrosion Coating,

NO. OF PACKAGES : 12 SETS (3 Sections, 1 Tower) [TOTAL 36 PACKAGES]


Each Tower comprised of 3 sections – Top, Mid and Bottom.
Each section was an unpacked unit provided with end fixtures.

The ends were covered with orange coloured pp sheets, some loosened at places.
Each tower section was mounted on 2 saddles. An additional temporary saddle was provided on
the trailer as the rear saddle was overhanging the rear o the trailer bed..

SMS/R-405/2016 2|P a g e 14th September, 2016


Pursuant to our appointment on 30th August, 2016, we contacted the vessel’s local agents M/s.
JM Baxi & Co..
We were informed that the vessel had already berthed at No. 13 Indira dock, Mumbai and cargo
operations were to commence shortly.
Following arrival timings were conveyed to us :

30th August, 2016

0012 hrs. : Vessel arrived at Outer Mumbai roads

0148 hrs. : Vessel anchored
1028 hrs. : Pilot boarded
1336 hrs. : Vessel all fast starboard side alongside at No.13 Indira dock, Mumbai.

We were in attendance at the berth from 1500 hrs. on 30 th August, 2016.

We met the Agents and advised them of our appointment on behalf of cargo interests and their
underwriters. We were informed that as per the Carriers’ policy no 3rd party Surveyors were
permitted onboard. No instructions specific to our appointment was made known to them by
their Principals. We reported the matter to the Shippers’ representative at the wharf and the
matter was also taken up with the Owners representative / Superintendent onboard.
Despite all the efforts and repeated requests with the agents and Owners’ representative in
attendance onboard, we were denied permission to board the vessel and had to restrict our
attendance at the wharf.
There was delay in cargo operations due to pending documentation formalities.
Loading of Tower sections commenced at 1745 hrs.

Our inspection at the storage yard, 30th August, 2016 :

All the cargo comprising of 36 Tower sections had arrived and were at the open storage yard off
the No. 13 dock. Few units were on the low bed trailers and others offloaded and on the
uneven ground. Each unit was covered with dust and heavily stained at places from rain
probably enroute from the Shipper’s works to Mumbai port. Light scratches were observed on
the main units. Additional labour was engaged for cleaning and repairing the side pp covers
found torn at places possibly in transit. We also observed few packages were stored in the void /
cable spaces in the tower sections.
SMS/R-405/2016 3|P a g e 14th September, 2016

Each end fixture comprised of a bottom section, two side uprights and a top frame.
The bottom frame was provided with lifting lugs on their sides.
Several units were observed with only the bottom frames at the end fixtures, without the side
uprights or the top fixtures. Some units were observed with the complete framework in place.
24 items forming parts of the end fixtures were stowed in vicinity of the tower section units..

Cargo Operations

Our Surveyors were posted in continuous attendance at the wharf throughout the loading
operations since commencement at 1745 hrs on 30th August, 2016 until completion at 1600 hrs
on 1st September, 2016.
Total 61 packages were loaded as follows - 12 Top Sections; 12 Mid Sections & 12 Bottom
sections; Addtionally 25 packages accessories. Few packages were stowed in the void/cable
spaces of the tower sections.
The units were transported from the storage yard to the shipside on trailers.
Each unit was loaded onboard with 2 ship’s cranes operated in tandem, space bars and wire
slings secured from the trunnions and or web slings.

As permission to attend onboard was denied to our Surveyors, we are unable to comment on
suitability and compliance of vessel’s stability condition, stowage, lashing and securing onboard.

Vessel sailed from Mumbai on 2nd September, 2016 / AM hours after lashing and securing of all
cargo completed. Draft on departure – 8.73 Mtrs. Forward and aft.

The loading statement is enclosed as Annexure ‘B’.

Cargo Damages :

The Shipper’s representatives informed us on 6th September that the bottom flange of 8 of the
12 top sections had severe damages at the top surfaces whilst in transit, enroute from the
shipper’s works to the port.
The damaged units were identified by - GEE-8000-001; GEE-8000-002; GEE-8000-004;
GEE-8000-005; GEE-8000-006; GEE-8000-008; GEE-8000-010; GEE-8000-011;
These damages were on the top surfaces and concealed by the end covers or not accessible.
The damages are evidently impact damages and appear to be of a recent nature.
At our request, photographs were forwarded to us by the Shippers M/s. Shrenik Industries.
The transporter was notified of the same. Please see Annexure ‘C’.
Response of the transporter was not known.
No joint inspection was carried out prior loading.

SMS/R-405/2016 4|P a g e 14th September, 2016

Photographs obtained during our continuous attendance at the time of loading operations are
enclosed with this report as Annexure ‘D’.

Photographs of the damaged top flanged surfaces of the top Tower sections are enclosed as
Annexure ‘E’. These photographs were forwarded to us by Shippers, M/s. Shrenik Industries.

For Stellar Marine Services, Mumbai

Capt. Satish G. Kulkarni

Principal Surveyor
SMS/R-405/2016 5|P a g e 14th September, 2016


Annexure ‘A’ - Packing List & Invoice

Annexure ‘B’ - Loading Statement
Annexure ‘C’ - Intimation of notice to the Transporter
Annexure ‘D’ - Photographs during loading
Annexure ‘E’ - Photographs of damage in tranisit
SMS/R-405/2016 M.V. "PAC ALKAID"
ANNEXURE - 'B' at 13 Indira Dock, Mumbai.
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Sr.No. Loading Date Shift Package No. Section Trailer No. Loading Time Stowage
1 30.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-008 Bottom Section HR-55-J-4188 1745-1755 Hold No. 3 Tween Deck
2 30.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-012 Bottom Section HR-55-P-8279 1805-1820 Hold No. 3 Tween Deck
3 30.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-007 Bottom Section HR-55-J-4188 1825-1840 Hold No. 3 Tween Deck
4 30.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-010 Bottom Section HR-55-P-8279 1850-1930 Hold No. 3 Tween Deck
5 30.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-009 Bottom Section HR-55-J-4188 2055-2120 Hold No. 4 Tween Deck
6 30.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-011 Bottom Section HR-55-P-8279 2130-2140 Hold No. 4 Tween Deck
7 30.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-003 Bottom Section HR-55-J-4188 Hold No. 4 Tween Deck
8 30.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-004 Bottom Section HR-55-P-8279 2215-2230 Hold No. 4 Tween Deck
24 Accessories / boxes / loose packages Hold No. 4 Tween Deck
9 30.08.2016 IIIrd Shift GEE-8000-012 Middle Section NL-02-N-4057 0500-0530 Ondeck Aft Part
10 31.08.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-011 Middle Section HR-74-4223 0920-0940 Ondeck Aft Part
11 31.08.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-011 Top Section HR-74-4223 1030-1045 Ondeck Aft Part
12 31.08.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-008 Top Section HR-55-N-5801 1410-1425 Ondeck Aft Part
13 31.08.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-010 Top Section HR-55-Q-0171 1430-1450 Ondeck Aft Part
14 31.08.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-001 Top Section HR-55-N-5801 1530-1550 Ondeck Aft Part
15 31.08.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-003 Top Section HR-55-Q-0171 1610-1645 Ondeck Aft Part
16 31.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-004 Top Section HR-55-N-5801 1835-1855 Ondeck Aft Part
17 31.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-003 Middle Section HR-74-4223 1900-1915 Ondeck Aft Part
18 31.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-002 Middle Section NL-02-N-4057 1917-1945 Ondeck Aft Part
19 31.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-002 Top Section HR-55-Q-0171 2040-2100 Ondeck Aft Part
20 31.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-009 Top Section HR-55-N-5801 2110-2140 Ondeck Aft Part
21 31.08.2016 IInd Shift GEE-8000-006 Top Section HR-55-Q-0171 2210-2230 Ondeck Aft Part
22 31.08.2016 IIIrd Shift GEE-8000-010 Middle Section HR-55-J-4188 0030-0115 Ondeck Aft Part
23 31.08.2016 IIIrd Shift GEE-8000-005 Middle Section HR-55-P-8279 0210-0220 Ondeck Aft Part
24 31.08.2016 IIIrd Shift GEE-8000-001 Middle Section HR-55-J-4188 0230-0245 Ondeck Aft Part
25 31.08.2016 IIIrd Shift GEE-8000-006 Middle Section HR-74-4223 0250-0310 Ondeck Aft Part
26 31.08.2016 IIIrd Shift GEE-8000-001 Bottom Section HR-55-J-4188 0520-0540 Ondeck Aft Part
SMS/R-405/2016 M.V. "PAC ALKAID"
ANNEXURE - 'B' at 13 Indira Dock, Mumbai.
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Sr.No. Loading Date Shift Package No. Section Trailer No. Loading Time Stowage
1 Accessories Metal boxes
27 01.09.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-002 Bottom Section HR-55-P-8279 0900-0940 Ondeck Aft Part
28 01.09.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-005 Top Section HR-55-N-5801 0950-1030 Ondeck Aft Part
29 01.09.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-007 Top Section HR-55-Q-0171 1050-1120 Ondeck Aft Part
30 01.09.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-012 Top Section HR-55-N-5801 1120-1150 Ondeck Aft Part
31 01.09.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-007 Middle Section NL-02-N-4057 1350-1410 Ondeck Ford Part
32 01.09.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-008 Middle Section HR-74-4223 1415-1430 Ondeck Ford Part
33 01.09.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-005 Bottom Section HR-55-J-4188 1430-1450 Ondeck Ford Part
34 01.09.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-006 Bottom Section HR-55-P-8279 1450-1510 Ondeck Ford Part
35 01.09.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-009 Middle Section NL-02-N-4057 1515-1530 Ondeck Ford Part
36 01.09.2016 Ist Shift GEE-8000-004 Middle Section HR-74-4223 1535-1600 Ondeck Ford Part
Total 36 unpacked units & 25 Accessories packages loaded onboard.

General Remarks all 36 packages.

1 All unpacked units stowed / stacked in open storage areas Mumbai port premises, exposed to weather & elements / rain.
2 All packages was found outer surface mud / dirt / dust & black stains.
3 All packages found outer side forward & aft section handling / lashing gear marks.
4 Lifting points section some paint off / paint scratched; light paint scratches locally re-painted at wharf side.
5 Unit lashed with 2 nylon belts & stowed on fixed saddle at forward & aft ends, temporary saddle used on mid section of the
6 All packages safely loaded onboard tandem operation.
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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Swapnil Madnaik <>
Date: Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 11:15 AM
Subject: FW: Quote for Wind mill Tower section
To: "" <>
Cc: Ramesh Mascarenhas <>

Dear Sir,

As discussed over phone Pl find below notice mail sent to the NTC transporter about transit
damage of the sections.

Pl revert with your feedback so that we can prepare for further claim.

Thanks for your big support.

Page 2/2
From: Swapnil Madnaik
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2016 7:59 AM
Cc: 'Vinoth_Ntc Wind'; Padmakar Patil; 'Jayasimmhan'; Ramesh Mascarenhas; Pedro Velasco Allende;
''Raja.N''; 'Mr. Dhayananth'; Iker Loizaga San Emeterio; Parit Sunil Mallappa; 'Sridhar';
Subject: RE: Quote for Wind mill Tower section

Good Morning Alex,

We would like to bring your notice during our yesterday’s inspection we have observed one of
the serious issue that Top section bottom flange of 8 sections out of 12 found heavy damages
during transportation.

We have physical shown to Mr. Raj and also attached pics as an evidence for your ready
reference. We are really surprised and seriously concerned due to flanges are the most critical
components of GE as far as the quality is concern.

At this moment we are really not sure about impact of this issue which will only came to know
us after GE inspection at sight.

Also we are asking inside the cleaning of all the sections from last one week but No progress, as
you know section loading will be start effectively from 1st half and before loading sections must
have to clean inside to avoid any more issues at Houston port as well as at site. Rework cost will
be encored by you if any.

Thanks in advance.

This email comes from outside of the Group, therefore it can not have been sent by an

This email has been scanned by the Symantec Email service.
PAC ALKAID – Preloading survey of Windmill components

Photo Nos. 1 to 6: Tower sections at the open storage area off No. 13 Indira dock, Mumbai
Assembled end fixtures Partly assembled end structures

End covers loose / adrift

General condition off the wharf

PAC ALKAID – Preloading survey of Windmill components

Photo Nos. 7 to 12: Marks & Nos. displayed on the units

PAC ALKAID – Preloading survey of Windmill components

Photo Nos. 13 to 18:

Unassembled end fixtures were loaded as breakbulk. (24 packages)

Cleanup prior loading / Labour deployed End covers loose / adrift at places.

Loading with 2 cranes in tandem; spacer bars; wire slings secured from trunnions / lifting lugs on
the bottom frame.
PAC ALKAID – Preloading survey of Windmill components

Photo Nos. 19 to 24:

Web slings were also used during loading.

Loose packages stored in void / cable spaces in the tower sections.

PAC ALKAID – Preloading survey of Windmill components

Photo Nos. 25 to 30:

Light scratches, gear handling marks, light to heavy stains.

View from the wharf on completion of loading.

PAC ALKAID – Preloading survey of Windmill components
Damages to Tower sections during road transit to Mumbai

Photo Nos. 1 to 6: Marks & Nos on the damaged top sections. Damages reported by Shipper’s
representative; not verified by us as damages were covered or not accessible during loading.
PAC ALKAID – Preloading survey of Windmill components
Damages to Tower sections during road transit to Mumbai

Photo Nos. 7 to 12: