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Starting Fresh for Fat Loss

I often get asked a lot of easier to stick to the diet and this can also mean old music I know for a fact I’ve gotten
questions about fat loss, and I’ll more fun to train, then you are if that’s what you prefer. The certain items over the years, and
admit that I’ve answered most on your way to success. point is to refresh your playlist for some reason a particular item
of them from the position of a First, clean out your and jazz it up with some music sometimes tells you when to
competitor with a never-say-die kitchen! This is the first thing that will motivate, excite, and wear it. I’ve had many “leg day”
attitude. Not a lot of room for anyone looking to make big energize you. I’ve been listening shirts over the years: right kind
sympathy in any of my answers. changes needs to do. Try to time to a lot of the same stuff for of baggy, right kind of fabric,
Get to work! Stop being lazy! I’d your shopping so that you run decades, but it still makes it just the right shirt for legs. Don’t
eat dirt to get ripped! All typical out of junk food when it’s time fresh again when it gets rotated even get me started on shoes; I
answers when the person asking to make the shift into the new back into my workouts after a swear some people only go to
is actually looking for some kick- plan. Don’t restock the cookie few years of not hearing it. the gym because they have to
ass motivation. jar, and don’t buy a bunch more This might sound silly wear all their shoes somewhere.
However, sometimes I’m crap to put in the cupboard for coming from a pro, but never However, if that gets them to the
asked advice about fat loss— movie night. Keep the fridge full underestimate the power of a gym, then it’s worth it.
real life-changing fat loss—by of better options. Life will be new hoodie. Getting some new I get asked such specific
someone who isn’t a hardcore much simpler when you come training threads that you really questions sometimes that it’s
bodybuilder. Maybe they go home from the gym Friday after like wearing can also make a nice to remind everyone of
to the gym but aren’t seeing work and find lean protein, difference for some simple basics that
the results they need. They’re healthy fats, and unprocessed some people. apply to a lot of people
feeling like they’re spinning carbs as your choices. out there struggling
their wheels. I realized that I’m Next on my list is to get leaner.
capable of giving a much better something I do whenever
answer to people like that, and I I start a new phase of
wanted to share it. training: new music. Now,
Keep in mind, you want to
make sure you make it easier
to stick to the entire plan. Not
just diet. Not just gym. Not
just rest and recovery. You
have to make sure that
obstacles don’t keep
popping up out
of nowhere. If
you make it

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Ron Partlow is a champion bodybuilder and IFBB

pro, training coach, and host of The MUTANT Lab
Report. With over 23 years in the iron game, Ron’s
experienced the evolution of bodybuilding firsthand.


The saying was made famous by
eight-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney.
What he meant by this was that
you don’t have to absolutely kill
your muscles with 30-plus sets
just to encourage growth. By
working smarter, not harder,
you can achieve the same re-
sults. American sport scientists
looked at over 490 studies compar-
ing the effects of different training frequen-
cies (how often muscle groups get hit). It was concluded
that hitting a muscle group more frequently per week
produced greater gains than just hitting it hard once
a week for many sets and reps. “Training two times
per week promote(s) superior hypertrophic outcomes
compared to one time … Major muscle groups should
be trained at least twice a week to maximize muscle


This is an age-old question that has many
different answers, but it’s about time that
researchers looked into this a little more
because, as hardcore trainers, we need to know
when the best time to hit the gym is to maximize
gains. According to Finnish sports scientists,
participants who trained between 4:30 p.m.
and 8:00 p.m. who either started with cardio
or started with resistance (it doesn’t matter)

observed an increase in muscle mass after 24

weeks compared to the group who trained
between 6:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. Not only was their
muscle mass increased, but their endurance
capacity was higher as well, as long as they
started with cardio and did strength after.




Big mistake. When you are wearing a pair of shorts
this summer, having killer calves will really make

your wheels stand out.
While genetic potential plays a huge part in
what kind of calves you can build, everyone can get

Calf Raises
substantial positive results from training them hard.
And since your calves get so much work on a
daily basis just from walking and climbing stairs, they
can benefit from training them more often than you
What’s Worked: Gastrocnemius (medial and lateral would other body parts. It is not uncommon to see
heads), Soleus, Achilles tendon, Peroneals. calves trained two or three times a week.
Exercise Type: Isolation Force: Push While there are several calf exercises you can do
(included seated calf raises, toe presses on leg press,
and donkey calf raises), we are taking a look at the
the most popular—the standing machine calf raise.

Points on Execution:
• Stand with the balls of your feet /toes on the platform
and your heels hanging off the end of the platform.
• Adjust the calf raise machine pads to fit your height
and put your shoulders under the pads and straight-
en your legs. Lift the weight clear of the support.
• Keeping your back and legs straight (a slight bend
at the knee is fine), inhale as you slowly lower your
heels as far as you can, pause and allow for a full
stretch of the calf muscles. This is your start position.
• Push straight up on your toes as far as possible while
exhaling until you reach the apex. Hold and squeeze the
contraction of the calf muscles at the top of the move-
ment briefly, then lower to the start position. Resist
making any bouncy movements at the bottom. Instead,
control the movement throughout each rep.
• Perform 3 sets of 20 to 30 reps.



The secret is out.
There is an elephant in the room that many competitors don’t want us to
talk about. It’s the supplement industry’s dirty secret of "prop blends.”

Many brands use these proprietary blends to hide the fact that their
formula contains very little of the key active ingredients. Some brands will
create the illusion that they use proprietary blends to prevent competitors
from stealing the details of their “exclusive” formulas. If their formulas
were so great, wouldn’t they want customers to see them?

You spend your hard-earned money on supplements expecting to get

what you’re paying for. You deserve to know exactly what you are putting
into your body.

As an innovative world leader in sports supplements with 100%

transparent formulas and clinically-dosed ingredients, we are dedicated to
disrupting the industry and empowering consumers to be able to choose
potent supplements that actually contain what they say they do.

Discover the truth:

melt fat I training
• Do your interval-training workouts • As your body fat approaches


on your heavy lower-body days. That very lean levels, recovery
way, your legs have more complete is at a premium. Consider
rest days per week. Doing them on switching to less intensive
your off days or upper-body days forms of cardio, such as lon-
gives your legs less recovery time, ger duration intervals, which
and you run the risk of localized by nature are less intense and
overtraining of your legs. therefore not as hard on the
central nervous system, and

INTERVAL more steady-state cardio.

Traditional steady-state cardio gradually
moving into low-intensity interval training

20 seconds on/60 seconds off × 8–10 repeats
30 seconds on/90 seconds off × 6–8 repeats
60 seconds on/180 seconds off × 3–4 repeats

30 seconds on/60 seconds off × 8–10 repeats
60 seconds on/60 seconds off × 6–8 repeats
90 seconds on/90 seconds off × 4–5 repeats
plan to fail I training

IFBB Pro and
Mutant Athlete




training I plan to fail
Symptoms of Over- Your lack of progress turns into The top athletes in weight Then the following week,
training and Fatigue frustration, so yet again, you lifting, powerlifting, and change it up a bit.
Chronically overtrained people push even harder. bodybuilding know that you
Monday: Train medium
are always tired, emotionally Sadly, pushing harder or need to train hard, but that you
Tuesday: Train hard
drained, and physically and working harder isn’t the best don’t need to train to failure or
Wednesday: Rest/recover
mentally exhausted. Instead of thing to do in this situation— fatigue every single workout.
Thursday: Train medium
getting stronger, you’ll end up it’s the worst thing you can do. You’ll get better results by not
Friday: Train light
getting weaker. Once you’ve Training to failure shouldn’t doing this. Instead of always
Saturday: Train hard
reached this state, going harder be the goal in training. Don’t training harder, you need
Sunday: Rest/recover
in the gym won’t make things chase fatigue or soreness; to understand that training
any better. If anything, it will chase progress and results. harder isn’t as important as If you go pretty hard for
just make things even worse. It might be time to change training smarter and thinking two out of seven days, that’s
This may have happened direction and think differently long-term about your results great. Just keep in mind that
to you before: Training is going about training all-out and and progress. the lighter days and medium
great. You’re getting stronger, going to failure too often to If you want results, you days are important so that
hitting PR’s, building muscle, get results. have to learn that training you can make the most of the
and feeling amazing. You keep for size and strength isn’t a heavier days. You can’t go hard
pushing harder and harder, and How Hard Should sprint—it’s a marathon. To get and heavy all the time. Chase
then the inevitable happens. You Train for results, you need to respect and progress, not fatigue. Don’t
You hit a plateau. Optimal Results? value ups and downs, highs train to failure and don’t seek
Most of the time, the It’s been proven that submax- and lows, and the importance failure in your sets.
first thing that goes through imal training is the best way of rest, light days, medium
your mind is that you need to to get long-term results in size days, and heavy days. If You Want to Make
train harder or push harder. and strength. A perfect quote Remember, the stimulus Progress, Should
So you end up pushing harder, to remember from strength for strength and muscle is You Train to Failure?
lifting more, and taking fewer legend Bill Kazmaier is “Always the training, but the progress When it comes to basic
deload/recovery days, and all leave a little in the tank.” happens when you rest, adapt, powerlifting movements such
of a sudden, your plateau turns a n d c o m e b a c k s t r o n g e r. as squats, bench press, and
into something worse. Pushing harder means you deadlifts to make progress
You end up going back- need more medium days, light it’s a good idea to not train to
wards in size and strength. days, and rest days. You can’t failure very often.
More than likely, you get go all-out all the time. To make Going all-out all the time
frustrated and push harder. progress, you need to respect on these exercises shouldn’t be
You think that to get stronger and understand that not every the goal. If you max out all the
and build more muscle, you workout needs to be “insane.” time, you’re chasing fatigue
need to push harder. It’s good to have medium days, and not progress, and you have
it’s good to have light days, a much higher chance of injury.
and it’s very good to have rest Big compound movements
days. will give you the best results
Let’s put this into a for size and strength, but to
sample week of training. achieve progress, you don’t
Monday: Train hard need to go all-out or to failure.
Tuesday: Train medium For progress, you want to focus
Wednesday: Rest/recover more on technique and volume
Thursday: Train light and not chase PR’s or go to
Friday: Train hard failure very often.
Saturday: Train medium Yo u s h o u l d l e a v e a
Sunday: Rest/recover workout feeling good, not
exhausted. If you had a good
If you go “all-out” on a workout, you should leave
Monday, then if you train on feeling better after the workout
Tuesday, it’s good to have a than when you went into the
“medium day.” Don’t push too
hard on Tuesday. On Wednesday,
take a rest day or a “active rest”
day where you do some light
conditioning. On Thursday, do a
lighter day, on Friday, go pretty
AZARIA GLAIM hard again, and on Saturday, do
Canadian IFBB Figure Pro a medium day.


plan to fail I training
workout. If you push your body to isolation exercises and more If you have a hard deadlift to failure all the time, but
to the limit and you’re broken “bodybuilding type exercises,” workout, you’ve pushed your you can train your muscle to
and exhausted from a single you can go to failure and push muscles to the limit, but fatigue more often. No one
workout, you didn’t do your a little harder. I know lots of underneath the muscles, the ever got exhausted physically
body or your results any good. people who have ruined their controlling factor for your and mentally from a set of
This is testing your body and backs pushing too hard on a strength is your nervous biceps curls, so you can train
your limits, not improving on deadlift, but I don’t know many system. your muscles to failure more
them. people who have destroyed Have you ever seen lighter often than you can push your
People who train this their bodies doing dumbbell powerlifters lift insane heavy nervous system to failure.
way will only be able to do it flyes or leg extensions. weights? How are they capable A hard, demanding squat or
so long before physically or It’s important to build a of deadlifting 300 to 400 deadlift workout can push
mentally breaking. Everyone base with compound strength pounds or more when weighing your CNS recovery to seven to
thinks they’re unbreakable m o v e m e n t s, b u t a l w a y s about 150 pounds? They don’t 14 days. This is why you don’t
until they break. Don’t be that remember not to train to failure have a ton of muscle, so how want to push the compound
person. Think about long-term with the big movements. can they lift such insane weight movements too hard too often,
progress over short-term gains. and have so much strength? but when it comes to accessory
CNS Fatigue vs. The big reason is that they’ve moments, you can push these
When Should You Muscle Fatigue trained their central nervous to failure more often.
Train to Failure? If your goal is to build muscle systems. The CNS is the CPU Always remember when
Although I think it’s a good and get stronger, you need of your body when it comes to it comes to the big exercises
idea not to push too hard on to understand the difference strength. to leave a little in the tank,
the big compound lifts and that between central nervous The key to progress on respect light and medium days,
you need to chose your sets system (CNS) fatigue and the big lifts is understanding and don’t push too hard too
and reps wisely, when it comes muscle fatigue. that you can’t push your CNS often.

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on the cover I jason poston

Adversity & Adversaries Are No Match for This Pro
The name Jason comes from the Greek word Iason, meaning “healer.” In Greek mythology, Jason
the Argonaut was a Thessalian hero who led his shipmates on a quest for the Golden Fleece, the symbol of
authority and kingship. After acquiring it, Jason took his rightful place on the throne of an ancient city in
Greece. Our story isn’t about Jason the Argonaut; it’s about Jason Poston, the IFBB pro. Though there are
thousands of centuries and cultural differences between them, both battled adversity. Both were pioneers.
And neither gave up. Now, I’m not implying an IFBB pro has the same status as a Greek hero, but their physi-
cality certainly bears some similarities, and their “triumph over tragedy” stories also bear resemblances.
Maybe by the end of this interview, you’ll see everything he’s overcome, and how his never-say-die attitude
could in fact, make him a mythological hero, too.

MUSCLE INSIDER: Talk to held me back; I didn’t know at MI: How you eventually end only about molding the body,
us a little bit about your the time, but in high school, up choosing men’s physique not performance. So I got
background getting into I was slowly going blind in as “your” category? back the body of the athlete
training, competing and the one eye, and it messed up JP: Competition is very important I had before, but I was bigger
fitness industry in general. my depth perception. Kera- to me; it’s the heart and soul and had the shape they were
You started getting serious toconus is a disease where of who I am. I love competing looking for.
about sports in high school, tissue forms layers over the in all sorts of things. I always
right? eye and creates a football wanted to challenge myself MI: How do you feel about
JASON POSTON: I trained shape over the pupils. It’s es- physically to see if I could the evolution of the category,
to be the best athlete in sentially like looking out of beat a friend or opponent. It and the direction in which it’s
any sport. I studied and re- plastic or something opaque. was just something instilled in going, in terms of bringing
searched sport-specific train- It happened gradually, but by me. When competitions came in classic physique, changing
ing, powerlifting, Olympic the time I got to senior year, around [i.e., when they became the posing suits, and having a
lifting, and cross-training I couldn’t run a slant route or popular with the mainstream], weight limit?
(now CrossFit). I read a lot of short route and catch a foot- there wasn’t anything for a guy JP: The evolution is absolutely
books because I took it seri- ball, I couldn’t hit a three- with my build, the guy with great for the world, not just
ously. I read the Encyclopedia p o i nt e r f a c in g t h e b a s ke t the fitness model look. After bodybuilding. Now you’ve got
of Bodybuilding, Chris Aceto because my head was facing my diabetes diagnosis, once more people concerned with
and Charles Poliquin’s books, sideways. We caught it even- I decided to get back on the their physiques, more people
and got certified in every- tually, but high school was training and diet, it all just concerned with their health
thing. I wanted to be a jack of done, and then I never really came together. It was easier and their diet. You have a new
all trades. I found through fit- got a chance to excel at the for me to grow at that point genre in fitness. It’s like how
ness, anyone can defy genet- two sports I was good at— too, because I wasn’t running every new genre of music is
ics; the small guy can grow wrestling and hockey—be- up and down a basketball going to bring in a different
and end up beating people at cause I didn’t pursue them. So court all the time anymore. I crowd of people to a concert;
competition. I grew up small what I did to fill that void was wasn’t playing sports six days this is going to bring a whole
and thin, and although I was start to lift at 19. As I became a week. I was doing more of different crowd of people to
athletic, I wasn’t gifted at all. more of a fitness guru in the the bodybuilding strength the fitness expos, to the gyms,
I had different ailments that gym, I started to get bigger. training, and the cardio was to supplements, to magazines,


jason poston I on the cover



on the cover I jason poston
etc. These are people who come up to me who are differ- lightened up the bodybuilders. been through the beginning
never used to care, and now ent than others because they They’ve seen how loose we are, when I’ve had just very basic
you’re starting to lift up these work harder, and aren’t in it they’ve seen how much fun sponsors, until now, when I’m
average joes who are taking it for themselves. They share the we’ve had. They see that they traveling all around the world
to a whole other level. Putting same mentality as I do that can’t walk around like grumps and getting e-mails constantly
100 percent into any goal or none of us are as strong as all anymore with their head down. from different continents. It
passion, you’re going to ben- of us. There are a lot of people We all walk around at 3 per- keeps building, but the fact
efit from it. who get caught up in doing cent, we’re all dieting, but it’s is, if someone loves you,
things for our own betterment, not an excuse to be negative. they’re going to support you
MI: Who do you look up to? and we forget that we share no matter what. They want
Who motivates the guy who this world with everyone. MI: How do you feel social you to be happy. It really isn’t
motivates everyone else? media has changed the game hard for us because we’ve
JP: Fitness isn’t my whole life. MI: Are the men’s physique for athletes like yourself? both determined that this is
Fitness is just a spoke on the athletes close? Do you guys How do you stay on top of what we want to do, so I’m not
wheel of life. I look up to dif- keep to yourself for the most your own accounts and be a going to let it get in the way of
ferent people outside of the fit- part, or is it like a frat house full-time trainer and IFBB pro? our relationship, and she’s not
ness industry, like T.D. Jakes and backstage? JP: With social media, you can going to let her frustrations get
Joyce Meyer. Their passion for JP: I tend to have my group get a good idea of how your in the way of our relationship
spreading positivity and bring- of people that I know really favourite people truly are. If either. You want to have the
ing people closer to God is mo- well. I do want to know ev- someone intrigues you in the perfect relationship, but the
tivating to me. I’m inspired by eryone, so I try to lighten up fitness world, you can see what truth is, there isn’t one. You
little kids who are working hard backstage and get everyone they’re doing in their daily life, have to mold and adjust; so if I
towards their goals, people who talking. At the Arnold, I went and I think the athletes who have to leave for a week, then
and did a Snap of every single are genuine will boost their I’m going to leave for a week.
person and what they were go- followings as a result. It’s your
ing to eat right after they got chance to put your life out MI: What factors go into
offstage. I just wanted to get there and say, “This is what I’m deciding which sponsorship
different perspectives from all all about. This is what I love. opportunities you’ll take
these people from all around This is who I share a life with.” versus which ones you pass
the world. It’s much more Some people gear it towards up? How does a guy at your
friendly than bodybuilding, I business, and that’s good for level decide what to lend his
feel. The physique division has them, but you also have to name to?
learn how to balance using JP: Right now, it’s really about
social media. I have to back off what can fit in my schedule.
sometimes; I turn my phone off Sometimes they ask for too
at certain hours of the day, and much time, and I don’t have
my girlfriend definitely stays a ton of it anymore. So if a
on top of me with that. You can company wants me to endorse
get pulled in a million different them, then a huge percentage
directions at all times of the of my revenue is going to have
day, if you let it. You have to to be subsidized. It also has to
have your office hours, your be a product that I personally
social media hours, and your like, that I wear, or that I take.
life on top of that. You need to The products have to work for
know tips and tricks to posting a person with diabetes. If I
pictures, captions, and making can’t take it, then I won’t say
sure you’re putting out stuff that I take it. My heart has to
that people want to see. be into the product.

MI: Does the constant MI: What’s next for you in

travel, attention, and being terms of life and competing?
surrounded by beautiful JP: I’m building other avenues
people ever put a strain on and revenues. I’m planning my
your relationship? apparel line. It’s not happen-
JP: No. I think it can put a ing just yet, but it’s definitely

strain on a lot of relationships, in the pipeline. I’ve registered

but what it’s going to do is the name, and we’ll roll that
help you find out really quickly out soon. We’re rebuilding the
whether or not you’re going website, and I’m also in talks
to work with someone. We’ve to open a gym. It’s been a long


jason poston I on the cover
time coming, and I wanted just gave me another avenue it wasn’t even a cramp, it was yourself in the fitness industry,
to do it when the timing was to show people that I could muscle spasms. Insulin has and I want people to enjoy all
right. Building my own gym overcome any obstacle. I gave a neural effect where it can of them.
and having a place for people up alcohol, started eating im- cause muscles to spasm, and
to come to for results. I’d hire maculately, and just committed so it was just really bad luck JASON POSTON
the best trainers and get peo- to the process. I learned how for that to happen to me at ON NUTRITION
ple the best results—just give to scale my insulin use with the Arnold right before I went I am a master of macros.
them a nice, positive environ- carbohydrates, proteins, and onstage. This came after I was
ment to come to every day. fats. At first, they just teach diagnosed with diabetes,
Lastly, I’d like to continue to you carbs, but I quickly found MI: What kind of legacy and it was perfect timing
boost my international travel out that protein and fats also would you like to leave on because all these people
schedule this year. impact insulin levels. Water the sport, and what kind of now are into IIFYM, and
I was on the bandwagon
I’m still undecided about intake is also essential for me message do you want to send
way before anyone else.
whether I’ll do physique or to keep the insulin flowing in to people?
You have to realize you
classic physique this year. I my body. I can’t be dehydrated JP: The number one goal is for
can’t just look at calories;
might jump into a classic show onstage like other competitors. people to understand that we it’s all about your macros
before or after the Olympia, or For example at the Arnold, the can all defy genetics, and we each meal and the timing
even petition for an invite so I insulin that I used the morn- can all overcome obstacles. of each meal. You have to
can do classic physique at the ing of prejudging pulled a lot There’s nothing that’s insur- eat the perfect amount of
Olympia. We’ll see. I’m quali- of water out of the muscle tis- mountable. But also, when each macronutrient for six
fied for the O in men’s phy- sue, so it almost furthered the you are at the top and you’re or seven meals a day. There
sique, so the IFBB would have dehydration, but at that point being looked up to, you need are certain things that just
to approve me to do classic. to remember to give back. You don’t work for me, you
I’m training legs hard, though, have to spread that passion know, like higher carbs.
and praying about it, and and use your platform to lift
really talking to a lot of people up from all different
mentors about whether obstacles of life. At the same BREAKDOWN
3 days on, 1 off split
I’d even fit in that cat- time, you have to keep striving
egory. It just comes to be one of the best physiques
DAY TWO: Chest
down to the separation of all time. There are so many DAY THREE: Arms
in my legs, based on the directions that you can take DAY FOUR: Off
fact that I’ve been putting DAY FIVE: Back
insulin in my legs (because DAY SIX: Legs
they’ve been covered by board DAY SEVEN: Delts
shorts) since I was diagnosed. DAY EIGHT: Off
Most diabetics put insulin in
their abs, but obviously I can’t
do that. I’ve started to inject at
the top of my glutes now just
in case, so you may just see me
with a Kim Kardashian butt by
the time I get to the Olympia!

MI: You’ve struggled with

diabetes since you were in
your late 20s. How have you
had to adjust your life and
your competition plans as
a result?
JP: I got diagnosed with
diabetes at 27; I lost a lot of
weight, and lost the energy
and motivation to train. After
about nine to ten months of
being sick, though, I decided

to come back. I realized I just

needed to take the medication
and figure out how to bal-
ance insulin with diet. I was
already driven, and competing


supplements I whey to get ripped


whey to get ripped I supplements

In the Battle of the Bulge Whey Protein May
Be the Key to Preserving Muscle & Losing Fat.
What is Whey?
Whey is a complex milk-based ingredient made up of
protein, lactose, fat, and minerals. Protein is the primary
macronutrient in whey and is made up of many smaller
protein subfractions such as beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-
lactalbumin, immunoglobulins (IgGs), glycomacropep-
tides, bovine serum albumin (BSA), and minor peptides
such as lactoperoxidases, lysozyme, and lactoferrin.
Each subfraction has its own unique biological prop-
erties. Modern filtering technology has improved
dramatically in the past decade, allowing com-
panies to separate some of the highly bioactive
peptides—such as lactoferrin and lactoperoxi-

dase—from whey. Some of these subfractions are

only found in very minute amounts in cow’s milk,
normally at less than one percent (such as lactofer-
rin and lactoperoxidase).

supplements I whey to get ripped
Whey and Hormones u s i n g h u m a n vo l u n t e e r s c o m -
Human hunger and appetite are pared the effects of whey versus
regulated by a complicated set of casein (another milk-based pro-
overlapping feedback networks, tein) on appetite, CCK, and other
involving a long list of hormones, hormones. 1 The first study found
psychological factors, and that energy intake from a buffet
physiological factors, all of which meal was significantly less 90 min-
are still being interpreted. utes after a liquid meal containing
Researchers are particularly whey, compared with an equivalent
focused on the hormone amount of casein given 90 minutes
cholecystokinin (CCK) for possible before the volunteers were allowed
solutions to obesity. Several decades to eat all they wanted at the buf-
ago, researchers found CCK largely fet. In the second study, the same
responsible f or t he feel i ng of whey preload led to a plasma CCK
fullness or satiety experienced increase of 60 percent (in addition
after a meal. It partially controls to large increases in GLP-1 and
appetite, at least in the short term. glucose-dependent insulinotropic
Cholecystokinin (CCK) is a small polypeptide) following the whey
peptide with multiple functions in preload compared with the casein.
both the central nervous system People who took whey before
and the periphery (via CCK-B and they were allowed to eat all they
CCK-A receptors, respectively). wa n t e d a t a b u f f e t s h owe d a
Along with other hormones, such decrease in the amount of calo-
as pancreatic glucagon, bombesin, Research seems to conclude that ries they ate as well as substan-
glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) whey may in fact have some tial increases in CCK compared to
amide, oxyntomodulin, peptide YY unique effects for weight loss. casein. Subjectively, it was found
(PYY), and pancreatic polypeptide there was also greater satiety fol-
(PP), CCK is released by ingested tein, and carbohydrates) eaten, lowing the whey meal. Researchers
food from the gastrointestinal tract the amount of each eaten, and the concluded, “These results impli-
and mediates satiety after meals. composition of the meal, all which cate post-absorptive increases in
Researchers also consider the affect which hormones are released plasma amino acids together with
effects of “master hormones” such and in what amounts. both CCK and GLP-1 as potential
as insulin and leptin. The release mediators of the increased satiety
of these hormones depends on the Whey and Food Intake response to whey and emphasize
concentration and composition W h ey p ro t e i n m ay h ave s o m e the importance of considering the
of the nutrients ingested—that is, unique effects on food intake via impact of protein type on the appe-
the type of nutrients (i.e., fat, pro- its effects on CCK and other path- tite response to a mixed meal.”
ways. Many studies have shown Several animal studies have
that protein is the most satiating also found that whey appears to
macronutrient. However, it have a pronounced effect on CCK
also appears all proteins and/or satiety over other protein
m ay n o t b e c re a t e d sources. 2 Although studies find
e q u a l . Fo r e x a m - protein to be the most satiating of
p l e, t wo s t u d i e s the macronutrients, certain pro-
tein sources (e.g., egg whites) may
Studies actually increase appetite, 3 so pro-
suggest tein sources appear worth consid-
taking whey ering when looking to maximize
before a weight loss and suppress appetite.
workout is How whey achieves this effect is
superior for not fully understood, but research
suggests it’s due to whey’s high
gaining lean
glycomacropeptide and alpha-lact-
body mass
albumin content, as well as its high

and maintain-
solubility compared to other pro-
ing fat burn-
teins, and perhaps its high percent-
ing during
exercise. age of branched-chain amino acids


whey to get ripped I supplements
Whey on Body Fat, Insulin and that whey protein is more effec-
Sensitivity, and Fat Burning tive than red meat in reducing body
So we have some studies suggesting weight gain and increasing insulin
whey may have some unique effects sensitivity.”
on hormones involved in satiety Other studies suggest taking
and/or may reduce energy (calorie) whey before a workout is superior
intake of subsequent meals, but are for preserving/gaining lean body
there studies showing direct effects mass and maintaining fat burning
of whey versus other proteins on (beta oxidation) during exercise over
weight loss? In animals, at least, other foods taken prior to a work-
whey has looked like a promising out. The study 5 came to some very
supplement for this. interesting conclusions. One thing
Although higher protein we know is the composition of the
diets have been found to improve pre-exercise meal will affect sub-
insulin sensitivity, and may be strate utilization during exercise
superior for weight loss than higher and thus might affect long-term
carbohydrate-lower protein diets, it’s changes in body weight and compo-
unclear if all proteins have the same sition. That is, what you eat before
effects. One study compared whey you work out can dictate what you
to beef 4 and found whey reduced use for energy (i.e., carbs, fats, and
body weight and tissue lipid levels or proteins), which alters what you
and increased insulin sensitivity burn (oxidize) for energy.
compared to red meat. Rats were fed Researchers made groups of rats
a high-fat diet for nine weeks and exercise two hours daily for over five
then switched to a diet containing weeks, either in the fasted state or
either whey or beef for an additional one hour after they ingested a meal
six weeks. As has generally been enriched with a simple sugar (glu-
found in other studies, the move to a cose), whole milk protein or whey
high dietary protein reduced energy protein. The results were telling. You can’t beat the convenience and
intake (due to the known satiating Compared with fasting, the glucose protein-packed punch of a quick whey
effects of protein compared to carbs meal increased glucose oxidation shake straight out of the blender.
or fat), as well as reductions in and decreased lipid oxidation dur-
visceral and subcutaneous body fat. ing and after exercise. Translated, more than the whole milk protein
However, with the rats getting the rats burned sugar over body fat meal, most likely because whey is a
the whey, there was a 40 percent for their energy source. In contrast, “fast” protein that is absorbed rap-
reduction in plasma insulin concen- the whole milk protein and whey idly due to its high solubility.
trations and increased insulin sensi- meals preserved lipid oxidation and As one would expect, by the end
tivity compared to the red meat. Not increased protein oxidation, mean- of the five weeks, body weight was
surprisingly, the researchers con- ing that fat burning was maintained greater in the glucose, whole milk
cluded, “These findings support the and they also used protein as a fuel protein, and whey-fed rats than in
conclusions that a high-protein diet source. Not surprisingly, the whey the fasted ones. But here is where
reduces energy intake and adiposity meal increased protein oxidation it gets interesting. In the group get-


supplements I whey to get ripped
ting the glucose or the whole milk
protein, the increase in weight
was from body fat, but in the
whey-fed group, the increase
i n we i g h t wa s f ro m a n
increase in muscle mass and
a decrease in body fat! Only
the rats getting the whey
before their workout increased
muscle mass and decreased their
body fat. The researchers theorized
this was due to whey’s ability to
rapidly deliver amino acids during
exercise. Is this the next big find in
sports nutrition or anti-aging mus-
cle preservation? It’s hard to say
based on studies with rats, but if
we can transfer the conclusions to
humans, it would indeed be a break-
through in the quest to add muscle
and lose fat.

Stagger your whey protein
Taken in isolation, none of these
consumption throughout the day.
studies are so compelling that peo-
ple should run out and use whey as References:
some form of weight-loss magic bul- 1. Hall WL, Millward DJ, Long SJ, Morgan LM.
let. However, taken as a total picture, Casein and whey exert different effects on
the bulk of the research seems to plasma amino acid profiles, gastrointestinal
hormone secretion and appetite. Br J Nutr. 2003
conclude that whey may in fact have
some unique effects for weight loss. 2. Bowen J, Noakes M, Clifton P, Jenkins A,
More studies are clearly needed. So Batterham M.Acute effect of dietary proteins
what is the practical application on appetite, energy intake and glycemic
response in overweight men. Asia Pac J Clin Nutr.
of all this information and how do
you put it to good use? Given that 3. Anderson GH, Tecimer SN, Shah D, Zafar TA.
the appetite-suppressing effects of Protein source, quantity, and time of consump-
whey appear to last approximately tion determine the effect of proteins on short-
two to three hours, it would seem term food intake in young men.
J Nutr. 2004 Nov;134(11):3011-5.
best to stagger the intake through-
4. Damien P. Belobrajdic, Graeme H. McIntosh,
out the day. For example, breakfast and Julie A. Owens. A high-whey-protein diet
might be one to two scoops of whey reduces body weight gain and alters insulin
and a bowl of oatmeal, and perhaps sensitivity relative to red meat in Wistar rats.
J. Nutr. 2004 Jun;134:1454-1458.
a few scoops of whey taken between
5. Bouthegourd JC, Roseau SM, Makarios-Lah-
lunch and dinner. ham L, Leruyet PM, Tomé DG, Even PC. A preex-
ercise lactalbumin-enriched whey protein
meal preserves lipid oxidation
and decreases adipos-
ity in rats. Am J Physiol
Endocrinol Metab. 2002
contest I arnold classic

The 2017 Arnold Sports Festival

in Ohio this year was another huge success.
The Expo had been elevated to new heights
and the amount of different events you could
take in truly mind blowing. The highlight of
the weekend for bodybuilding fans is al-
ways the Arnold Classic—and this year
was no different. There were a lot of
new champions crowned. In fact, there
is only one athlete who retained their
title from last year. But a picture is
worth a thousand words, so check out
our photo highlights from the event!






TEIXEIRA Betty Weider was
BIKINI WINNER honoured at the event.


contest I arnold classic








Cedric McMillan
Arnie’s selfie.








The ALLMAX booth at the Arnold Sports Festival Expo
was exploding with activity all weekend long. The
crowds were gobbling up free samples of ALLMAX’s
new Birthday Cake ISOFLEX that debuted at the event.
Many of ALLMAX’s top athletes—including Steve
Kuclo, Amanda Latona, and Chase Savoie—were
onhand to meet the fans and join in the celebration!





DATE: MARCH 3 & 4, 2017
No Arnold Sports Festival would be
SPECIAL EVENTS complete without an after party! MUSCLE
INSIDER was not only onhand, but we
were the official media sponsor of the big
event. Many big names
came out do dance the
night away and we
were there to brush
elbows with the stars.


some Canadian muscle
of it’s own to Winnipeg,
Manitoba. We had pow-
erlifters, hardcore fitness
buffs, and IFBB Pros come
out to hang, lift, learn
and have a great time.
superior shoulders I training


training I superior shoulders
MUSCLE INSIDER: Has the MI: Now that you’re a pro, MI: Do you feel like being from really. There’s a lot I still have
reality of earning your IFBB do you have bigger plans Canada or living in Canada to accomplish onstage, but
Pro card hit you yet? What is than just competing—e.g., puts you at an advantage offstage as well; I want to
that feeling like? your own supplement line, or disadvantage on the inspire people, make them
REGAN GRIMES: I think it franchising your gym, a international stage? want to become better, and
has now. The reality has sunk clothing line, etc.? RG: I think there are more continue that journey. I’m not
in, and it’s a dream come true. RG: I would love to have my opportunities in the US as far sure what the future has in
I’m excited to compete in the own show one day, promote as having more professionals store, so I’m willing to just wait
Pro League, but I know there’s my own bodybuilding show. So there and more shows in and see what happens.
a lot of work to do. I’m still that’s something I am working general. But I have my business
working with Chris Aceto, and towards, even though there are here, so I plan on staying. MI: Do you feel intimidated
we want to put about 15 more a lot of shows in Ontario already. having to go up against the
pounds of muscle on me before There are a ton of plans I have, MI: What does it feel like to older pros like Fouad Abiad
March. I want to be bigger and a lot of things I want to do, be so young and have your pro and Ben Pakulski in the Pro
now that I’m a pro, but bring but at this time in my career, I card and your own gym? You’ve ranks, or do you think it’s time
the same conditioning that I want to focus more on building already done so much—where that young guns like yourself,
brought before. If I can do that myself and a bodybuilder as do you go from here? Dallas McCarver, and Cody
and keep my waist tight, I’d be opposed to the business side. I RG: Well, I just want to Montgomery start taking
happy. think I’ll do that later on. become a better bodybuilder, over?


“I basically turn my elbows so that my
pinkies are out, and when I raise the
dumbbells, my arms are slightly bent. I
have my elbows above my hands; I lead
with my elbows so that there’s more
tension on the actual shoulder. I almost
do them like a variation on the upright
row, but slightly different. I usually hold at
the top for one to two seconds, and do two
seconds up, two seconds down. You can do
these sitting down, too.”


superior shoulders I training
RG: It’s crazy to think that Kai work hard. I also want to be have me answer live. Next, I’ll MI: What advice do you have
Greene and I could be on the able to teach people how to be working with them at the for competitors who come
same stage. I probably have work out properly; for example, Olympia this year. so close to getting their Pro
a few years before I get that maybe one of my little tips in I like their isolate protein cards and just need a little
density and mature muscle this shoulder workout can help (S’mores flavour), and I’ll also inspiration?
that they have. I feel like the someone in some way. use their multivitamin, which RG: It takes a loser to become
new generation is coming, but also contains caffeine and a champion. It takes a loss to
also some of the older guys are MI: What is it like working with gives me a nice little boost in win. It’s just a matter of putting
starting to retire, so things will BPI as your sponsor? What is the morning. I use their BCAAs, in the work every single day. I
change soon. your typical daily stack when creatine, and glutamine after got smoked at the Canadians,
you’re prepping for a show? my workout. I also always so I worked harder and put
MI: What kind of impact do you RG: BPI is great! I did my first use their pre-workout, 1MR, in my work because I didn’t
want to leave on the sport? event with them at the Toronto all the time. They have a test want to lose again. Just keep
RG: I want to be remembered as Pro, and it was really fun. Every booster/hardening agent and your head up and keep trying.
someone who inspired others Friday at 1 p.m. I take over a fat burner, which I will use I know I’m never going to be
to be better bodybuilders, but their Facebook Live and do a for my Arnold Classic prep. If the biggest guy, but maybe
also in all aspects of life. I live workout. That’s a really they come out with any new the judges will like someone’s
want to remind them that their cool opportunity and chance products between now and shape better. So just keep
dreams can come true if they for people to ask questions and then, I’m sure I’ll try those too! trying and doing your best.


“There’s not much to this one other than controlling
the weight. I never just throw it up and do a partial
range. Some people do a shorter movement
because it incorporates the triceps more, but I like
to get a full extension of the arm on this movement.
I don’t lock out completely, but I go pretty high.”


training I
OLYMPIA This is one where I go
ASPIRATIONS up fast and then take
MI: With the Olympia about three seconds
coming up, do you have to bring it down. I
also change up the
any Olympia goals in your
angle from which I
sights for the next three, lift the weight. So
five, 10 years? sometimes I’ll start
RG: I really want to be with the dumbbells
on the Olympia stage. The behind my body,
goal for 2017 is to get fifth beside my body, in
place at all three Arnold front of my body.
Each set I’ll do from
C l a s s i c e v e n t s, w h i c h a different position.”
would hopefully entitle me
to enough points to make it
to the Olympia.

MI: What would it mean to

you if you made it to the
Olympia in your first full
year as a pro?
RG: That would just be
crazy [ laughs ]. That would
just be another dream
come true.

MI: Would you consider

going the classic physique
route? You can obviously
add the size, but would
that division be better
than the 212 or open?
RG: I’ve thought about EZ-BAR UPRIGHT
doing Classic Physique, but ROWS:
not 212. I would be way “With this one, I like to
lean over just slightly, and
too tall for the 212s. When I
then basically just lead
won my Pro card, I was 232 with my elbows. Because
at six feet, so for me to lose I’m bent over just a little,
all that weight, I think I it pulls in the rear delt at
would get smoked because the start of the movement,
those guys are shorter then the medial delt at the
top/finish. I pull right to
and jacked. The Classic
my neck on these.”
physique is a really cool NOTE: These can also
division, but again, I would be done with dumbbells,
have to compete under 200 ke e p i n g t h e p o i n t s o f
pounds for six feet, so it execution similar—i.e.,
would never happen. But my hands shoulder width
goal is to bring those same apart, keeping your
elbows above your wrists,
classic lines to the Men’s
bringing the dumbbells to
Open division. the chin.


“I turn the dumbbell inwards as I raise
it forward, almost like I’m pouring out
a bucket of water, so my thumbs will
go lower than my pinkies. I also bring
the dumbbell across my body.”

“I treat this one almost like a
back row. I like to keep the dumb-
bell closer to my body, so that it
puts more tension on the rear delt.
My tempo is two seconds up, two
seconds down for this one too.”


profile I muscle insider

How Nichelle Laus Transformed Her Life and
Made a Career Out of Transforming Others.
IT CAN BE SAID THAT THE And your typical mom of four. And always athletic growing up, she now
fi tness industry, by and large, turns your typical go-getter entrepreneur. craved something more physically
out a lot of the same product; whether And typical competitive kickboxer— challenging that would also empower
it’s supplements, bodybuilding maybe upon further review, there’s her and give her the skills to defend
shows, or even fitness models, there’s nothing typical about Nichelle at herself, should anything happen
a formula for how things are done all. Her journey begins in her youth, to her again. Enter the world of
and how they’re run. Every once in a when she was subject to severe kickboxing. While on a routine stroll
while, however, there’s a company, or physical trauma by an abusive down the streets of Montreal where
a competition, or a personality, that stepfather. While some would use she grew up, Nichelle stumbled upon
completely breaks the mold. this as a (valid) excuse to roll over, a dirty, grungy kickboxing studio. To
Nichelle Laus is one of those find an unhealthy vice, or even just say it was love at fi rst sight was an
public figures that seems to have give up on life, Nichelle used this understatement—she was a natural-
been cut from a different cloth than experience as a catalyst for change. born killer in the ring.
her colleagues in the industry. On At 14, after seven years of abuse,
“Literally from that first class in
the outside, she’s your typical blonde she finally said enough was enough
kickboxing, my world changed. That’s
bombshell. and decided to take control of her
why, even now, I’m so passionate
life. Unfortunately, things had to
about it. I was allowed to channel my
get worse before they got better; the
negative energy into positive energy by
police found out about the situation
pounding the f— out of that bag.”
and got involved, which only drew
—Nichelle on kickboxing
negative attention to her and her
family. This affected her grades, her
Taking care of
popularity at school, and, despite
four growing
being one of the best athletes, her
boys keeps
sport performance.
Nichelle very
She sunk into an all-time low
but knew she needed to claw her
way out. She’d been a
survivor once; it was
time to draw from
that strength again.
Although she was

muscle insider I profile
Her coach knew nothing about But her life doesn’t stop there— success for granted. She knows that
her past or why she had ended up she’s also a coach. She’s been training if you want something done, you give
at his gym, but he didn’t need to; women for going on seven years, and it to a busy person, and she is defi -
he saw her potential and coached she prides herself not only on the nitely that proverbial “busy person.”
her to be one of the elite athletes in number of competitors she’s put Nichelle acknowledges that organiz-
the gym in a short period of time. It onstage but also, more importantly, ing her life and work and prioritizing
was there that her passion, ambition, on the number of women whose lives family are paramount to her suc-
and physical fi tness fl ourished. She she’s transformed by empowering cess, and that knowledge and her
started competing but couldn’t go them in the gym through strength “no excuses, no bullshit” attitude are
too far because she had to help training. She appeals to all different what have gotten her this far. So next
support her single mom. So she types of women, because she herself time you see Nichelle in her posing
worked a series of part-time jobs and wears a number of different hats, suit, just remember that not every
eventually got a job as a police officer so whether you relate to her as a superhero wears a cape.
in order to “give back and change the fitness model, competitor, mother, or
world.” School and kickboxing were entrepreneur, Nichelle has a lifestyle-
her life in Quebec until she moved training program for everyone from
to Ontario in 2000. It was there any walk of life.
that she worked in the police force
“I like the lifestyle transformations
and met Dave Laus, photographer
because while the hardcore crowd is
extraordinaire and fellow cop.
really nice, they’re too hard on them-
“Not only does Dave love me uncon- selves. With the transformations,
ditionally, but he is there every step everything is just easier. They’re enjoy-
of the way and supports all my crazy ing the journey more, they love their
ideas.” body at every stage, and there’s less
—Nichelle on her husband, Dave stress. As soon as you change that
mentality into competition prep,
Once she started having kids,
they start beating them-selves
Nichelle realized that kickboxing
and boxing were too much of a time
—Nichelle on transforma-
commitment but also too potentially
dangerous. Now a mom, she felt her
priorities shifting and knew she had Nichelle says there
to be there for her family. She went aren’t any secrets or
to her best friend’s fitness model shortcuts to getting
show and, on a whim, decided it was everything done. She
something she wanted to try. Her has the same 24 hours
fi rst show was in 2005, and she fell in a day as everyone
in love with the process. Competing else, but she’s superb at
is always her go-to when she feels multitasking and prides
stressed, so needless to say, she herself on how hard she
thrives on the discipline required for grinds. Nothing was
the physique sport and also found ever handed easily to
that it was compatible with her this woman, and she
lifestyle. doesn’t take any of her

Mother, police officer, kickboxer, fitness competitor, author and

coach. There is nothing Nichelle can’t do. She is truly inspiring. 87
interview I ryan terry

MUSCLE INSIDER’s Interview with Britain’s
Hottest New Export, IFBB Physique Pro Ryan Terry
Isaac Newton. J.K. Rowling. The Who. Manchester United. Britain has given us many
incredible gifts over the years, from incredible rock and pop music to Harry Potter to James Bond. However, what often
goes under the radar is its contribution to the bodybuilding scene. The UK has given us legendary IFBB Pros such as
Albert Beckles, Bertil Fox, Reg Park, and, of course, six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian “The Shadow” Yates. But most recently,
a new kid in town has been making a name for himself, and actually earned the title of the first Men’s Physique
pro from the UK. Enter Ryan Terry. Born in 1988 in Great Britain, Ryan got his start as a plumber, and while a noble
profession, it wasn’t exactly where his heart lay. He took up modeling and competing in 2010 and never looked back.
From humble beginnings to a second-place finish at the 2016 Olympia and a win at the 2017 Arnold Classic, Ryan’s
story is unique from the start … and he still has more chapters to write.


MUSCLE INSIDER: Let’s talk MI: When did the switch flip Then I represented Britain in pose a bit differently. In North
about your origins a little bit. that made you decide to go the worlds, which was called America, size counted quite a
When and why did you get the physique route? Mr. International and held lot, and the physiques were
into training? RT: I used to be a plumber, so in Indonesia. There were 41 a lot bigger. So size-wise, I
RYAN TERRY: I started when every night after work, I used competitors from 41 countries, realized I was quite far behind
I was 14 years old, and the to train. It was my passion. and I won that too. That’s how compared to some of the other
reason for that was because I loved every minute of it. I ended up in the industry and guys.
I was always a very sporty When I was 20 years old, a getting sponsors. It’s how I Basically, I never wanted
kid; my main sports were few misfortunes happened, went from being a plumber to change my outlook on the
swimming, gymnastics, and and I was looking for a way to training as a hobby to being a sport; I always wanted to keep
softball at the time. I was gain confidence and a way to full-time athlete. the athletic and health side
very active but developed push myself. I found the stage most important. I wanted to be
a problem with my Achilles because I’ve already trained MI: What are the differences, functional in my training. So I
tendon. What happened was at bodybuilding gyms in very if any, between competing in didn’t want to put myself out
that after I got my foot caught hardcore environments, but I Europe and North America? for two years and become a
and snapped my Achilles, I was never wanted to be that big. RT: In 2010, I was modeling, fat off-season bodybuilder. My
wheelchair-bound for eight I got into bodybuilding to be and it wasn’t really about goal was to meet the judges’
weeks. However, I was eating more aesthetic; size wasn’t size; it was just about looks needs, but over a longer period
the same food as I did when the goal for me. So at 20, the and conditioning. But in of time rather than trying to do
I was active, so I gained a lot opportunity came about to 2013, when Men’s Physique anything drastic. I didn’t want
of weight and developed a compete—it was more of a came out, it was the perfect to ruin my shape by rushing
complex. Once the casts were male beauty pageant than a opportunity for me to step into things. I said to myself that I
off, I went to the gym just to physique show, really. Physique more hardcore shape. Even wanted to grow into the class.
lose the weight I’d put on. But wasn’t around in 2010, so I just starting out, it was more That was our game plan: to
after that point, I got addicted, went down the modeling route about condition than size, and have a break in between every
and I’ve been training ever and won Mr. Great Britain that’s what Europe was about. show and grow gradually and
since. out of 1000 competitors. They’re smaller framed and aesthetically.


ryan terry I interview


MI: What was it like to win

the Arnold Classic?
RT: It’s still a bit surreal. I amateur champion (which I
stepped offstage, and I’ve been got), and to make the move so that was my next goal. I RT: I’ve not competed in a
working every day. It’s only to America. I achieved that, managed to achieve that too. lot of things, maybe 14 or
hit me recently that I won. then decided I wanted to break My next goal is obviously to 15 shows in total, and I had
My goal when I first started the top five at the Olympia (I win the Olympia. a very good run—i.e., never
in 2013 was to look at things placed fourth), and obviously had any problems. The thing
that people hadn’t achieved my next goal was to beat top MI: You had a parasite in the with me, though, is that I’m a
yet. I wanted to be the first four (I got second my next 2016 Arnolds and mentioned yes-man. I’ll never say no to
Men’s Physique pro from the year). As it turns out, no one this year was a tough prep, my sponsors. Last year, when
UK (which I achieved), be has won the Arnold Classic including hospitalizations. I was two weeks out from the
the Arnold Classic European as an amateur and as a pro, What happened? Arnold Classic and everything


interview I ryan terry

was on point, my main spon- I didn’t want to highlight
sor wanted to take me on a that, because after the show,
tour of South Africa. I told it would’ve just sounded like
them I was nervous and that I me making a ton of excuses.
couldn’t really book anything I didn’t want people to think
RYAN ON CARDIO at two weeks out, but they had that I was copping out, so I
“When I’m on prep, I’ll start prep 12 weeks out. And the last say, and I was thrown didn’t tell people what hap-
what I’ll do is, the first few weeks, I’d do 30 minutes out there. I managed to catch pened until after this past
fasted cardio. Then as we get closer, maybe eight one parasite and three bacteria Olympia.
weeks out, I’ll increase that to an hour every morning, there: Amoeba, Candida, and Then this year’s Arnold
fasted. Quite basic. On my off-season, I’ll probably two others. So I got extremely Classic came around, and I
have a meal and do 30 minutes each morning, easy ill, and I couldn’t get any treat- was ready to make amends
walk.” ment going into the show. I for last year. The first three or
tried to back out, but there was four weeks were brilliant, but
RYAN ON TRAINING too much money and expecta- then I was hospitalized on
“I go six days a week when I’m on-season and we’ll tions involved. Despite every- New Year’s Day. I had a cyst
do single body parts at a time, and throw in the extra thing, I went in, and while caused by stress or rich food,
day for a weak muscle group, which are arms now. So backstage, I didn’t realize that or stuff my body hadn’t been
I’ll have two arm days. As I get closer to the show, sugar aggravated parasites. So used to for a long time. I had
depending on where I’m sitting weight-wise and body there I was pumping up with flu symptoms, lost my appetite,
fat-wise, I’ll drop it down to a full-body weight circuit raisins and sugar, and before I and kept ignoring it until it
usually on a Sunday or on the weak muscle day. That knew it, I was keeled over on spread into my leg and I knew
will be a high-intensity, cardiovascular workout.” the floor. It really knocked my I had to go into hospital. My
confidence like you wouldn’t girlfriend took me into hospital
RYAN ON NUTRITION believe. I placed fourth, but I after I collapsed, and all of this
“Our philosophy has always been to keep the food in as could’ve been so much better. happened eight weeks out. It
much as possible, and increase our expenditure at the I managed to treat that, and was pretty intense. I saw this
gym instead. The people who keep food in are then just got back on the as a blessing, because when
a bit more 3-D. There comes a point where plan for the Olympia. I I came out of hospital, I was
you have to dip into your food, and that’s really had a new ap- three weeks behind prep—it
only something we do at the last minute if preciation for good di- really set me back. So I knew I
we need to. For me, I always give myself 12 gestion and good food. had to get back in the trenches,
weeks on any prep, even if I only need seven My Olympia prep was train my ass off, eat more
or eight weeks. I give myself enough time to perfect. clean, and just made me work
play around with food and come in better. harder. The last seven weeks
I do high carb, low fat. Because were a dream though.
I have such a fast metabolism
and I’m grumpy if I don’t MI: What does you think
feel full, we always about your chances in Vegas
go complex carbs and at the Olympia?
high fats. On my off- RT: I’ve always been the guy
season, we try to in- who said, “I hope I can,” but
crease my fats a lot this time I want to go in with
more and keep my confidence—not arrogance,
carbs the same just just confidence. I’ve really got
because in Men’s to push this year. I was very
Physique, it’s about reserved with how I went into
keeping your mid- the Olympia last year because
section as tight as I had a parasite at the Arnold,
possible, so I don’t and it really lowered my
want to overload confidence. I was cautious, did
my stomach with things differently, and wasn’t
vast amounts of at my best. So this year I told
carbs just to keep myself that I had to work hard,
my calories up. The beat my all-time best, and be
p ro t e i n s t a y s t h e more 3-D. 2017 will be a big
same all year too.” year.
I won’t compete again
until the Olympia because al-
though I love it, I don’t want


ryan terry I interview


to be bagged for
the biggest show THE OLYMPIA.”
of the year. I want to
go in with my best, and it’s
very hard on the body to com-
pete a lot. But also, I’m moving
to Florida in June. So that’s go-
ing to take a lot of time and
energy. I didn’t want to move
my whole life to America while
I’m lost in prep.

MI: Are you going to keep

yourself in physique, or
maybe consider bumping
yourself up to the Classic
Physique category?
RT: I would love to try Clas-
sic one day because I was
brought up in a body-weight
era. My stepdad was a super-
heavyweight bodybuilder, and
my training partner is an open-
class bodybuilder. I’ve always
been around it; I just never
wanted to look like it. So with
Classic, I get the aesthetic phy- also representing them all over
sique with the balance of also the globe. I’ve got a few busi-
being bigger and training your nesses and properties, always got into bodybuilding, it was
legs. I also love the Golden Era trying to add to my portfolio. for more my own reasons (the
posing. But I’m not going to I want to make the most of confidence building), so for me
be silly; if I do it, I’m going to it while I can; I know careers to put a topless picture out is too far. It’s a good avenue to
grow into it so that I’m not one aren’t long in this sport, so I would’ve been the worst thing promote yourself, but there’s a
of the smaller guys onstage. I want to have my hand in other for me to do. To be honest, limit.
don’t just want to be a num- ventures that will help me stay going through the first few
ber; I obviously want to be a around as long as I can. I have years of my career, it’s not that MI: Final thoughts?
contender. If I do it in a few to build a name for myself so I refused to promote myself, I RT: I just want to say thank
years, it’ll only be if I can put that I’m known in the industry, just didn’t focus that much on you to everyone. Obviously,
the size on. but in a different capacity than it. For me, it was just about coming in as a foreigner, I
just as a competitor. competing and training—I really want to say thank you to
MI: What are your goals both never saw this as a business. my North American followers.
in and out of the sport? MI: What are your thoughts In the last two years, I’ve got I came here as an outsider,
RT: Basically, I’m going to on social media being the my head around it, and as and it was very hard at first
move to America and give that new platform athletes use long as you realize there are to break into the American
a go. I’ve got a lot of work to promote themselves to pros and cons to social media competitive scene, but over the
prospects, and certain things find sponsors, photographers, and balance everything, you’ll years, everyone has been really
coming up there that I’m ex- etc.? How important is it to be okay. I’ve seen a lot of respectful and supportive of
cited about. With the compa- you right now for your brand? people and athletes seclude me. I really just want to say
nies I work with, it’s not just RT: Truthfully, I never really themselves because of it and thank you to everyone for their
about promoting them but got into social media. When I become reclusive. That, to me, feedback and everything.


insider I industry leaders


It’s hard for a supplement company to “wow” consumers in 2017. People can see
through labels, companies, and individuals who are fake and just out for a quick buck. Gossip and news spread
like wildfire in the industry, and your reputation is the only thing you have; one bad class-action lawsuit, and you
can say goodbye to your status. Finding a company that has been around for a while is like trying to find a needle
in a haystack; with that said, sometimes you get lucky. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was founded in 1994 and is a
Georgia-based supplement company located just north of Atlanta. If you haven’t heard of Hi-Tech, you may have
heard of one of the 10 supplement companies it also owns, including APS, Innovative Laboratories, Formutech
Nutrition, Gaspari, iForce, ALR Industries, Sports One, LG Sciences, to name a few! Not only is it one of the few
supplement companies to actually manufacture its own products but it also makes supplements for many other
companies. In fact, it’s estimated that Hi-Tech makes approximately one third of all sports supplements found in
the specialty channel in the United States! Its plants can manufacture 35 billion tablets, 10 billion capsules, 500
million bottles, 250 million blister packs, and 150 million pacquettes on an annual basis.

Vertical Integration Hi-Tech Also Manu- quality control inspections by gossip about Hi-Tech and its
Hi-Tech has its own manufac- factures Over-the- the FDA, and, as many readers CEO, Jared Wheat, suing the
turing facilities, brands, sales Counter Drugs know, it’s always more than FDA over its attempt to remove
force, marketing team, and One of Hi-Tech’s manufac- willing to fight with regulatory DMAA (1,3- dimethylamyla-
state-of-the-art in-house sup- turing facilities is actually bodies to ensure that consum- mine) from the US market. Af-
ply chain management capa- approved by the FDA to man- ers get the strongest supple- ter MUSCLE INSIDER publisher
bilities. As a result. it can make u f a c t u r e o v e r- t h e - c o u n t e r ments legally available. It was Scott Welch interviewed Jared
its own products in all catego- drugs. It actually holds a drug one of the first companies who Wheat, we’ve learned that his
ries, such as liquids, powders, manufacturing license issued introduced DMAA to the pub- lawsuits with the FDA have
pills, and tablets, which allows by the state of Pennsylvania’s lic, and it’s gone to bat against been centered around Hi-Tech
it to keep costs down while Food and Drug Branch. It’s also the FDA in order to keep ingre- wanting consumers to be able
delivering a highly potent end registered as a food and drug dients such as ephedrine on to buy any supplement that is
product. This is also why it establishment with the FDA in the market in 2004, and more technically legal at this point
manufactures other compa- Pennsylvania. In an industry recently, DMAA. in time. If the FDA bans some-
nies’ products for them. Hi- full of companies whom you thing, Jared has an obligation
Tech has four US production can’t always trust as far as you Hi-Tech Pharmaceu- to stop selling it, which he
facilities and two warehouses can throw them, everything Hi- ticals vs. the FDA openly agrees to do. Rules are
with over 400,000 square feet Tech does is above the table. Like many in the supplement rules. But if the FDA doesn’t
of total area. It has a perfect record with industry, we’ve heard a lot of ban something but instead


industry leaders I insider

sends a warning letter telling Quality Control turing process. It’s been audited Science—and
companies in the future they Consumers aren’t stupid; now 16 times by the FDA, and it’s the Hi-Tech—Never
might ban something, Jared more than ever, with so much only company that has a perfect Stands Still
believes the public has the access to information online record. The slogan of Hi-Tech Phar-
right to continue buying the and in print, consumers are on maceuticals is “where sci-
supplement until the day it’s the cutting edge of science and Supporting e n c e n e v e r s t a n d s s t i l l .”
banned. We respect his view- research products. They know the Independent After reading how much
point and agree with it. If the what to expect from their sup- Channel pride it takes in its manu-
FDA sets a rule, companies plements before they even buy Hi-Tech prides itself on work- facturing facilities, how it’s
must respect that rule, but so them, and as a result, they also ing with independent channel always on the cutting edge
must the FDA. Jared Wheat want transparency in terms of retailers to support their busi- of research and science with
compares people who attack labels, and information about ness, protect them against its ingredients and products,
the supplement industry to the quality control companies MAP pricing, and offer them and how it stays honest and
a schoolyard bully: “If you use. Hi-Tech is open about its cutting-edge products you transparent in an industry
know you’re right and you procedures and advertises the won’t find at a Costco! As our full of companies that hide,
hit him back, then he might fact that each ingredient it uses readers know, the bricks and it’s no wonder Hi-Tech Phar-
not come at you again. In is subject to as many as 20 tests mortar supplement stores are maceuticals never stands
this case, if you know you’re for purity and potency. It tests where the most innovative still! Great leaders will al-
right and you believe you can for everything from microbes to products are always found and ways set the bar high and
win, then you can impact the purity to identity, as well as do- where the most knowledgeable keep pushing the envelope
whole industry.” ing testing during the manufac- staff make their living. forward.




Can Water Help You Lose Body Fat? “So how is

water actually
Most athletes underestimate ergy, like a carbohydrate, it’s very usable energy. If the liver is busy han-
the significance of water to the important to normal body functions dling the work of the kidneys, less fat related to
body. Sure, they know it’s important. and, therefore, indirectly related to can be metabolized, so more of it is fat loss?
However, it’s often overlooked as energy. stored for energy reserves.
a key factor in achieving better Another great benefit of water Here are a few important cul-
performance and recovery. The for dieting is that it helps to sup- prits that can contribute to dehydra- dehydration
simple fact is that proper hydration
is critical to an athlete’s health and
press your appetite. Anytime hun-
ger starts is setting in, try drinking
tion. The biggest two are caffeine
and alcohol. Both work as diuretics,
or a decrease
performance. But can drinking water about 16 ounces of cold water and quickly leading to significant wa- in water
also help with losing body fat?
Remember, approximately
watch what happens. A recent study
showed drinking about 8 ounces of
ter loss. Another is increased stress,
along with hot environments. Obvi-
60 percent of the human body is water before going to bed showed ously, we already know that physical hinders the
composed of water. Furthermore, that 98 percent of the subjects didn’t activity promotes sweating and wa- effectiveness
the brain and heart are 73 percent have midnight hunger pangs, thus de- ter loss, so that’s why it’s critical to
water, our lungs 83 percent, our skin creasing the urge to have the dread- hydrate during training sessions. of the kidneys,
64 percent, and muscle tissue 79 per- ed midnight snack. Studies have also Along these same lines, be very resulting in
cent. Those simple percentages alone shown that decreasing your water careful when using too many energy
should make it pretty clear just how intake on a regular basis will cause drinks or pre-workouts during the some of its
important a role water plays in the your body to increase fat deposits, day as most of them contain caffeine, duties being
human body. and the opposite was shown with which will dehydrate you. Besides
Mild dehydration is one of the subjects increasing water intake, in water, you could look to powdered
pushed to
main causes of fatigue. If you’re tired, whom fat deposits decreased. products such as Karbolyn® Hydrate the liver. ”
it’s very difficult to exercise. And we So how is water actually related to assist you with hydration.
know that exercise increases your to fat loss? Remember, dehydration Now let’s now discuss how
metabolic rate, enabling your body or a decrease in water consumption much water is enough. This is re-
to metabolize fat for energy. Even hinders the effectiveness of the kid- ally a personal thing you must figure
though water doesn’t neys, resulting in some of its duties out, but my rule of thumb is eight
directly provide en- being pushed to the liver. One 8-ounces glasses daily, minimum. For
of the main roles of the liver elite athletes, this will obviously be
is metabolizing stored fat into more. A couple of important things to
remember are that it’s best to space
out your water consumption and to
avoid drinking large amounts during
The bot-
tom line is
that water is Dr. Jeff Golini is
vital for both the founder and
fat reduction chief formulator
and the nor- of All American
mal functions Pharmaceutical.
of the human He is best known
body, so let’s for his ground-
stay hydrated. breaking inventions
Kre-Alkalyn® and


Follow Dr. Golini on social media:



supplements I dawg house reviews


MUSCLEMAXX: Pre-Apocalypse
MuscleMaxx is a supplement company distributed throughout North America in places such as,
Muscle & Strength, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, iHerb, A1Supplements,, and others. Its flagship
product is one of the most delicious protein bars out there, but it’s also known for its gainer and protein powder.
MuscleMaxx doesn’t do much in the way of marketing, but that allows it to reduce the price to consumers. If you can
get a good product at a great price, you’re a happy shopper; MuscleMaxx has nailed this formula.
MuscleMaxx by the end of the Arnold recommended doses, or just (2:1 ratio), half a gram of
Pre-Apocalypse S p o r t s Fe s t i v a l w e e ke n d plain common sense! I mixed tyrosine, 133 milligrams of
At this year’s Arnold Sports from being on my feet for 15 Pre-Apocalypse with 21 ounces caffeine, taurine, arginine AKG,
Festival, I tried a prototype hours! Right away, I loved of cold water, which created and loads of B vitamins for
bottle of MuscleMaxx’s new the name, as it just sounded the perfect taste. I chugged the ATP production! If you took
pre-workout, Pre-Apocalypse. h a r d c o r e, e x p l o s i v e, a n d whole thing at once because I three scoops, you’d be getting
The bottle had no label, no military-like. The flavour was wanted it to hit my bloodstream massive doses of each active
formula revealed, no frills —it Red Punch Napalm, which all at once. Sipping your and one container would last
was apparently just the best further solidified that this pre-workout while you train for about 16 workouts.
tasting pre-workout ever, and stuff was gonna kick my ass! instead of consuming it before
gave you a great workout. So your workout is a mistake MuscleMaxx Pre-
why not give it a shot? Pre-Apocalypse because you never get enough Apocalypse Rating
Experiment actives in your bloodstream to Overall, taste and mixability
What’s an Most guys do well on one or maximize performance. Down it of this product is as good
Apocalypse? two scoops, so I took three and get set to destroy the world, as it gets. Energy was solid
An apocalypse is “the end because I wanted to experience or at least your one-rep max! and consistent for a good
or destruction of the world,” the maximum power this bad 90 minutes, and I didn’t feel
which was how I was feeling boy had, regardless of price, Pre-Apocalypse exhausted afterwards. This
Taste & Energy is a refreshing drink people
BY SCOTT WELCH Pre-Apocalypse tastes better can sip throughout the day
than Kool-Aid and hits with an to stay alert, energized, and
amazing energy rush that tells hunger-free. Stimulants such
you this stuff definitely ain’t as caffeine have an anorectic
Kool-Aid! Within 15 minutes, effect in the body, which is
you feel alert, hyped, and why you rarely feel hungry
ready to go to war! My energy after drinking a cup of coffee
peaked at the 30-minute mark or taking a fat burner.
and continued for my entire
workout. I even had enough
gas left to do cardio after SUPP DAWG SAYS:
training legs. My brain was alert MuscleMaxx doesn’t throw
from the stims, and I had no money around on flashy
appetite during training, making m a r ke t i n g c a m p a i g n s
it useful for dieting too. or signing top-name pro
athletes. Instead, it produces
MuscleMaxx Pre- good products and passes
Apocalypse Value the marketing dollars on as
Each serving (1 scoop) contains savings to you. In terms of
6.4 grams of powder, 1.1 grams taste, energy, and overall
of beta-alanine, 1 gram of value, I give MuscleMaxx
c r e a t i n e m o n o h y d r a t e, 1 Pre-Apocalypse a 5-star
gram of citrulline malate rating.


new products I muscle gear


We take care of ourselves, take supplements religiously, and eat clean
in order to ensure our bodies look aesthetic and perform at the optimal
level. We train hard and pound our bodies into the ground day after
day; with that kind of training, protein and BCAAs can only take us so
far. Enter Fixation, the newest pharmaceutical joint care supplement
by Magnum. It contains a blend of ingredients to alleviate pain, reduce
inflammation, improve flexibility, and accelerate healing. With only
the most effective, scientifically backed, clinically dosed ingredients
(including methyl-sulfonyl-methane, Cissus quadrangularis, and
boswellia extract), Fixation promises to reduce the type of inflammation
that slows you down. Also included is a groundbreaking, optimal
absorption ingredient (CurcuWIN Proprietary UltraSOL) for enhanced
delivery. Just two capsules twice
a day, and your bones, joints, and
tissues will thank you!


Supplement store shelves abound with the “latest and greatest” BCAA
supplements; at the end of the day, most of them are similar in that
they contain leucine, isoleucine, and valine, and maybe one or two other
amino acids. This is industry standard, and there’s nothing wrong with it.
But Mutant doesn’t have a reputation for being a standout, cutting-edge
supplement company because it’s “industry standard.” Leave it to Mutant
to instantize 7.2 grams of BCAAs, add five more amino acids as an “amino
support blend” to enhance the anabolic effect, include an absorption
agent so that the BCAAs get to your
muscles faster, and, lastly, recognize
the importance of electrolytes as
they relate to training, recovery, and
rebuilding. This is so much more than
just a BCAA supplement; it’s an all-
in-one recovery product.


Natural, performance-centered amino acids. Every day, as hardcore
fitness addicts, we put a ton of supplements in our bodies: pre-workout
powders, intra-workout supplements, protein, and BCAAs, among many
others. With everything we consume, and so many different ingredients
making their way to the market, it’s of the utmost importance to invest as
much as we can in clean, natural, supplements that are free of artificial
colours and sweeteners. Enter GAT’s Muscle Martini. This BCAA product
comes in four great-tasting flavours, each containing 8.7 grams of amino
acids and a powerful antioxidant blend. This non-GMO and gluten-free
amino acid powder is delicious, stim-free, and totally natural. It supports
general health, nutrition, athletics, lean muscle mass preservation, and
post-workout recovery.


flex appeal I get inspired





$2,000 EXPOSURE!

3 CLASSES FOR 2017: DATE: Saturday, July 8, 2017

Women’s Bikini Model WHERE: 2 pm at the
Men’s Muscle Model (NEW!) Expo stage during the
+35 Women’s Fitness Model (NEW!) Vancouver PRO/AM




How Far Out from a Show Should “If you’re

You Start Your Pre-Contest Phase? who’s
I’m often asked when a
competitor should start his or her
are you’ll need 12 months to be
ready! I’ve had clients take as
What Kind of Lifestyle
Do You Live?
contest preparation phase. It’s long as two years before they I f y o u ’ r e s o m e o n e w h o ’s on the go
a difficult question to answer were ready to hit the stage. I may constantly on the go because of because
generally, because for the most be known as the “Freak Maker,” career and family responsibilities,
part, it’s subject to many elements but I’m no magician! Your body you’re going to need more time of career
that must be considered. Here can only lose body fat so fast to prepare for the show. In cases and family
are a few points I look at when without sacrificing muscle or like these, I recommend you start
determining when it’s time to start: risking your health. earlier just in case life throws you responsibil-
On the other hand, if you a curveball and you get derailed ities, you’re
Where Are You have an athletic background, from the plan. When you have
Starting From? have a few years in the gym, have extra time, you’ve given yourself
going to need
If you decide that you want to been able to build an adequate some insurance that if shit more time
compete as a bodybuilder, at 12
weeks out if you look like the
muscular base, and now want
to try your hand in a bikini
happens, you have extra time to
recover and get back on plan with
to prepare
only sport you could compete competition, it’s quite possible minimal impact on the final result. for the show.
in is the couch potato Olympics,
then you’re dreaming. Chances
to start your contest prep at 16
weeks out and be successful.
In all cases, I’d want to make
sure you know in advance what
In cases
will be expected in regard to time like these, I
Elite pros like
Steve Kuclo
and effort, and I’d have you make recommend
a real assessment of your life to
have contest see if you can commit. I’ve seen you start
prep down to it happen too many times where earlier just
a science. stress from everything becomes
so overbearing that the body in case life
stops responding because it has throws you
gone into survival mode and the
competitor has to pull out.
a curveball
I guess what I’m trying to say and you get
is that you should only consider
competing when it’s right for you.
derailed from
Don’t try to force yourself to start the plan.”
a contest preparation plan if you’re
not ready to take on the task.
Ultimately, if you’re someone
who has had a very productive Darren Mehling,
off-season, has kept your body BA, CSCS, has
composition in check, are been involved in
healthy to start a prep, and the Canadian and
have no events that will cause international body-
building scenes for
a substantial interruption
over 20 years. As the
in the full execution of your
President and CEO of
contest preparation, then
I’d generally recommend that has helped coach his
16 to 20 weeks out, for most clients to hundreds
competitors, is sufficient time to of Novice, Provincial,
start your contest diet. National, and IFBB

Pro titles.
Follow Darren on social media:
@Darren Mehling