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I. Listen as I read each situation. Write the letter of the word that describes your feeling under each situation.
_____1. Mother buys new clothes for you.
a. Happy b. sad c. mad d. angry
_____2. You lost your favorite toy.
a. Happy b. sad c. mad d. angry
_____3. Someone hits you with a big stone.
a. Happy b. sad c. mad d. angry
_____4. You saw a big snake.
a. Happy b. sad c. mad d. angry
_____5. You come to school late.
a. Happy b. sad c. shy d. angry

II. Fill in the blank with the correct adjective. Write the letter of the correct answer.
_____6. My grandfather is (a. old b. young c. new d. pink).
_____7. The rabbit is (a. fast b. slow c. wild d. dangerous).
_____8. Here is a canal. It is (a. clean b. dirty c. pretty d. neat).
_____9. The rose flower is (a. tall b. odorless c. fragrant d. dirty).
_____10. An apple is (a. orange b. violet c. red d. black).

III. Write the appropriate pronoun for each sentence. Write He or She on the space provided.
11. Mrs. Gutierrez is a teacher. _____ is my favorite teacher.
12. Do you know who Sarah Geronimo? _____ is an actress and singer.
13. I love my mother very much. _____ always takes care of us.
14. He is Mark. _____ is my best friend.
15. My sister is Princess. ____ is beautiful.

IV. Put a check inside the box if the pair of words have the same middle sound and cross out if not.
16. men – son 18. Hog – moon 20. Cat – lap
17. cup – mug 19. Win – pig

V. Read the sentences below. Find what is likely to happen. Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank.
___ 21. The baby is sleeping. The animals are noisy.
a. The baby will wake up. b. The baby will sing c. The baby will play with the animals
___22. The moon is shining brightly. The children are still awake.
a. The children will go to sleep b. The children will take a bath c. The children will play under the moonlight
___23. Ben does not study his lessons. He does not do his homework. He only plays and plays.
a. He will not learn much b. He will stop going to school c. He will become an honor student

VI. Study the pictures. Write the missing letter.

24. m __ n 25. __ irl 26. Bal__ 27. __ encil

28. __ ose 29. __ un 30. __ raser

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Teacher I